What Is The Difference Between Bluehost Basic and Plus?

Hey guys in this review today I will help you to see what is the difference between Bluehost Basic and Plus hosting plans. If you want to create a website today, then it’s important to select the right web hosting plan for your needs.

Disclaimer: This page contains affiliate links. If used, learnanet may receive a referral commission. This doesn’t affect your costs at all, rather gives you the best available discount on Bluehost web hosting.

Who is Bluehost? 

To kick this Bluehost review off with a good start you should know that Bluehost has been for a very long time. In addition to shared web hosting, they also specialize in VPS hosting, WordPress hosting and even Reseller hosting.

It is also noteworthy that of all of the web hosting services that you will find online, there are only 3 recommended by WordPress.org. Yes, you guessed it, Bluehost is on that list with Siteground and Dreamhost tailing them. They are on this WordPress.org list because they are great hosts for WordPress performance.

This is extremely important to know up front especially if you want to create a WordPress website or blog for your business. More than 1/3 of the websites online are powered by WordPress and its great to go with a provider that performs well.

What is the Difference Between Bluehost Basic or Plus Hosting?

In this Bluehost review, I want to tell you about the benefits and disadvantages of using the Bluehost Basic and Plus. Hopefully by considering these things you will not only the real difference between them, but also which hosting plan will be ideal for your business needs.

As a blogger, I have always felt that it is important to find a web hosting solution that providers exactly what you need. It’s never necessary to buy unlimited resources if you don’t actually need them. However, as your business grows and website traffic increases over time, then you can always easily scale up as needed.

When you really consider & look closely at the real difference between Bluehost Basic and Plus, only 1 package will be BEST for you.

What Is The Difference Between Bluehost Basic and Plus

There are 3 shared hosting plans that you can choose from to create your website online with Bluehost.

The Bluehost Basic Hosting plan normally runs about $7.99/month for this package. However, if you use this special link here, then you can get it for only $2.95/month!

With the Plus and Choice Plus offer some similar features and benefits for unlimited web hosting. The Plus normally runs $10.99/month and Choice Plus is $14.99/month.

However, when you use this special link here, then you can both for only $5.95/month.

But again, what is the difference between Bluehost Basic and Plus?

Bluehost Basic

  • Can create 1 website
  • 50 GB SS Storage
  • Unmetered bandwidth
  • Free SLL Certificate
  • 5 Parked Domains
  • 25 Sub Domains

Bluehost Plus

  • Unlimited websites
  • Unlimited SSD Storage
  • Unmetered Bandwidth
  • Free SSL Certificate
  • Unlimited Parke Domains
  • Unlimited Sub Domains
  • Spam Experts
  • 1 Office 365 Domains  [Free 30 Days]

Bluehost Choice Plus

  • Unlimited Websites
  • Unlimited SSB Storage
  • Unmetered Bandwidth
  • Free SSL Certificate
  • Unlimited parked Domains
  • Unlimited Sub Domains
  • Spam Experts
  • Domain Privacy Protection
  • Site Backup – CodeGuard Basic
  • 1 Office 365 Mailbox [FREE 30 Days]

What is the difference between Bluehost Basic and Plus Pricing? 

You will notice that Bluehost across the board offers really great prices that are very affordable. The low rates of $2.95 & $5.95 per month for these hosting plans are introductory rates. This means that they are special limited deals that will run for a short period. When it comes to buying web hosting in general, it’s always BEST to buy more years or months to save the most money.

What You Should Know..

Whether you decide today to buy the Bluehost Basic or Plus hosting to create your websites, these are really great deals. Web hosting at Bluehost is termed at 12, 24, 36 and 60 months. There are no  month to month hosting plans.

Once you buy your web hosting and the term ends, then your web hosting pricing will revert back to what the current pricing is: $7.99/month, $10.99/month or $14.99/month.

What I always recommend that you purchase at 12 months of web hosting. This way you will save more on your web hosting.

Also, when you arrive to checkout there will several upsells which are totally “optional”. However, there is one feature and benefit that I feel EVERY website online should have called Domain Privacy.

Domain Privacy is a life saver for any business owner being it saves you a HUGE headache of unsolicited sales calls, spam related emails.  It also privatizes your private info on the whois directory so hackers and other don’t steal your info. The 0.99/month that Bluehost charges for this service is well worth it! You would be crazy by not getting this feature when buying your domain. You will thank me later and yourself!

Should You Use Bluehost Basic Web Hosting? 

Yes and only yes if you want to create just 1 website, blog or eCommerce store online. If you are a newbie and have never had a website before, then I highly recommend stating with the Bluehost Basic web hosting package. This ideal for beginners and has more than enough got you to get started online. As your website traffic grows over time then you can simply scale up as  needed.

If Bluehost Plus Web Hosting for You?

Yes and yes only if you are doing something like affiliate marketing, network marketing, mlm, etc. With these you will always be in a position to add on domains and create multiple website for your business & niches. You will have more unlimited resources and flexibility with your account. This is my I personally prefer the Plus over the Basic hosting plan. But again, it’s your decision as which of these 2 will work best for your business.

Get started with Bluehost right now with this special link here!

Bluehost Money Back Guarantee

Bluehost offers a 30 day money back guarantee on their web hosting. This means in that in the even you feel that Bluehost is not for you, then you can request a 100% refund. Their refund policy is directly in line with most web hosting services like Siteground, A2 Hosting, Hostpapa, Kinsta, Coolhandle, WPX Hosting & others.

Wrapping This Review Up…

Now that you understand what is the difference between Bluehost Basic and Plus, the next step is to get started with your website now.

I want you to realize that no matter which hosting plan you create your website with today, all are super reliable with great customer support. Bluehost has been around for over 20 years and recommended by WordPress.org due to their amazing performance. They are also super cost effective and affordable for all pockets allowing new entrepreneurs to get online businesses started easily.

2020 is YOUR year. Why not start off your business online the right way? Get started right now with Blusehost by using the banner below! I hope you much success online with your business!

CoolHandle Hosting Review 2020: Really Cool Web Hosting or Not? Read this

If you googled looking for a CoolHandle hosting review and made it here to this blog then it means that you are curious about using CoolHandle to create your website.

Millions of people just like YOU search everyday start businesses and want to create website. The question is, how reliable is Coolhandle? Are they the best web hosting provider for your business? Keep reading this CoolHandle hosting review to see what I discovered!

Disclaimer: This page contains affiliate links. If a purchase is made, I may receive a referral. This doesn’t affect your costs, rather gives you a deep discount today. Also, it lets me make my favorite peanut butter and jelly sandwiches:)

coolhandle hosting review

What to Expect In This CoolHandle Hosting Review

Before you signup with CoolHandle today, this review will reveal both the good and bad that I feel you MUST know BEFORE spending your money! You will thank me later:)

You will learn all about the benefits of using CoolHandle and how is it that they compare with their competitors online. Recently, I decided to get an account with them and checkout their pricing, uptime performance and customer support. These 3 areas are extremely important to me as a blogger and wanted to share with you today what I think in this CoolHandle review.

The Pricing of CoolHandle Hosting:

There are really 3 web hosting plans that CoolHandle offers you to create websites: Starter, Business & Pro. I will go them briefly and then let help you to see which one will be best for your business needs today.

coolhandle hosting review

Starter hosting plan is the cheapest and starts at only $3.95/month. The Starter plan is probably best for newbies online wanting to create their very 1st website or blog. It allows you to create just 1 website online which is great to start out online.

What do I LOVE about the Coolhandle Starter hosting Plan? 

In the past 10 years I have been able to create tons of websites online and something that I have noticed with many beginner web hosting packages for providers is that they only give you 10 GB of web space. While 10 GB of web space for a website is not terribly bad, Coolhandle hosting gives you 50 GB of storage space!

Also I love that they give you 5 email accounts that you can create along with “UNLIMITED BANDWIDTH“. Some web hosting providers will cap you off and have restrictions, but it’s unlimited with Coolhandle which is COOL!

What I don’t love about the CoolHandle Starter plan? 

As a beginner or newbie using this plan you will not get any marketing credits or priority support. This is not a real game changer in my opinion. But I do think it’s important to have the marketing credits. This way you can use it towards PPC Marketing to drive targeted traffic FAST to your new Coolhandle website. But if you get this plan, there are other ways to drive FREE web traffic to your new website. If you would like to learn about some that I recommend for beginners, drop me a comment below.

Coolhandle’s Business hosting plan is $4.95/month and is their most popular package and also the one that I recommend. I will tell you why shortly.  With it you will get:

  • Unlimited storage space
  • Can create unlimited websites
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Can Unlimited email accounts
  • Can create unlimited sub-domains

What do I LOVE about CoolHandle Business Hosting?

First off, unlike the Starter plan EVERYTHING is unlimited! Also, you get $250 in marketing credits that you can use to promote & drive your websites online fast. This is an awesome value that makes it worth every penny!

I say this not only for all of the “unlimited features”, but also for the fact that when you start a business it can be hard to get the word out if you don’t have the resources as a beginner. You can use this $250 credit towards pay-per-click marketing on Google which will help you to drive targeted visitors fast that get you sales on your website!

What I don’t love about CoolHandle Business Hosting? 

There is only 1 thing that you don’t get just as with the Starter plan, Priority Support. But in general, I think that their customer support is super fast even with the Business hosting. But again, you should know this.

The Professional Web Hosting is only $8.95/month and has Unlimited resource across the board with the fastest performance & Priority Support! The Pro plan is designed for websites that have higher volumes of web traffic.

Click Here to Get up to 81% CoolHandle Hosting Right Now!

How to Save The Most With CoolHandle?

When it comes to buying domains and web hosting, I always recommend buying more web hosting upfront to save money on both the front and back-end. What do I mean by this? Every web hosting service on the planet has a super discounted introductory price and the regular price when the plan renews.

For example, to get the Starter hosting plan to create your website, it normally costs as much as $20.95/month. However, if you click this special link right here,  you can up to 81% OFF CoolHandle web hosting at only $3.95/month! This is a HUGE monthly savings to you today and for this reason I wrote this Coolhandle hosting review.

However, the true reality is that when your term ends, then it will renew at $20.95/mth. So what do I recommend that you do to save the most for your business? I suggest that you buy 36 months of web hosting. Believe me, you will thank me later!

Example of Costs for Terms on Starter Plan: 

6 months for  $7.95 per month

12 months for $5.95 for month

24 months for $4.95 per month

36 months for $3.95 per month [BEST Value]

How Is CoolHandle Customer Service?

When it comes to customer support is really important to have a web hosting provider who responds FAST and knows how to fix problems. Today, I contacted Coolhandle customer service and was really impressed how fast my rep Beverly answered my questions.

The truth is that I don’t really consider myself a guru nor an expert with Coolhandle. But it’s also true that you don’t have to be the expert at everything, You just need to know who to when you do need one. It’s really cool to know that I can chat or call a specialist 24/7 and always get through.

What’s pretty nice also that I wanted to mention in this Coolhandle hosting review is that Coolhandle has a A+ rating with the BBB.

[Click here to see their report as it will open in another tab for you. There you find a lot of positive Coolhandle reviews].

Benefits of Using CoolHandle Hosting

There are many benefits of using Coolhandle hosting to create a website for your business. They are very competitively price with more than enough resources when compared to many of their competitors. When you look what you are getting on each of the 3-tiers, you are getting far more value than others like WP Engine, Bluehost, Siteground, A2Hosting, and Hostpapa just to name a few.

Which Coolhandle web hosting is best for you to create your website today? The purpose of this Coolhandle hosting review is not to tell what to do.

Although I personally prefer their Business hosting plan, you may differ. Why do I say this? If you are beginner and newbie online and this will be your 1st website, I highly recommend you buy the Starter hosting plan here.

However, if you are a blogger with a need to create multiple or unlimited websites, then I think it’s best to go with the Business or Pro plans. These in my opinion are better and ideally for affiliate marketing, network marketing, developers and people who need more resources under one account. The great thing is that all of Coolhandle web hosting plans have great uptime guarantee performance of 99.999% and better!

coolhandle hosting review

I have been online for several years and been able to create multiple WordPress websites online. So for me, the Business plan is ideal for what I need and allows me to reach my goals. How about you? Which hosting plan do you think is best for your online business? Let me know in the comments area below!

Get started creating your website now!

CoolHandle Refund Policy

Coolhandle offers a 30 day money back guarantee on web hosting packages. This is quite standard in this industry and right in line with others. You can simply get in contact with their customer support at 866-200-2828 to request refunds.

CoolHandle Complaints

I want to be 100% honest in this CoolHandle hosting review and give you the GOOD and the BAD that you deserve to know. Why? You work hard for your money and should know all about any oil leaks in a car before buying it from a car lot.

Many web hosting reviews online don’t inform readers of both sides of the coin. They only paint the good to get you to buy a product or service. That’s not the case with learnanet.com.

You should know that EVERY web hosting provider online has complaints or things that clients don’t and Coolhandle is NOT the exception.

For example, if you are searching online you will see a few Coolhandle complaints on reputable websites like RipOffReport. Some have complained about billing issues and losing site data on servers. In my opinion, I think people lose data when they don’t pay for their web hosting. But again, that’s my opinion. I mean think, who lives in an apartment without paying rent?

Why do I share this with you on my Coolhandle hosting review? For 2 simple reasons:

One, ALL of my web hosting reviews are 100% honest giving you both the good and the bad.

Second, I highly value your trust and know that you don’t want to waste your time or money on something that may or may not work for you. If you like and appreciate honesty and don’t come past it everyday, then let me know below in the comments area. I would love to hear your feedback.

What About CoolHandle Competitors?

There are many competitors of Coolhandle that might give them a run for their money.

For example, if you are looking at cheap deals on web hosting Hostinger WordPress hosting here starts at only 0.80 per month to host 1 website!

Namecheap web hosting is only $2.88 per month.

Dreamhost is $2.59 per month.

And Mochahost is only $1.95 per month!

When it comes to money back guarantees, Inmotion hosting offer a 90 day money guarantee. For more info, checkout this Inmotion hosting review here.

Dreamhost mentioned above offers a 97 day refund policy. For more info, go right here to Dreamhost.com!

Mochahost which is only $1.95/mth beats them all with an amazing 180 day money back guarantee!

CoolHandle Hosting Review Conclusion

I know that you clicked through my website to read an honest CoolHandle hosting review. So I have worked really hard to put this information together today to save you both some time and frustration.

As a blogger and entrepreneur, I understand how hard it is to find a reliable web hosting to create websites online. So today you got my honest take on Coolhandle web hosting services and what I really think about them. I want you to realize that frankly with EVERY web hosting provider you will find something that you like or don’t about what they do. But when you look at the BIG picture, is Coolhandle really reliable and good for your online business? I think so and recommend using them to create your website today. But don’t take my word for it.

The purpose of this Coolhandle hosting review is not to convince you about their web hosting. It’s only to inform you about what’s available to you and their true value. Now that you have all of the info that you need to get started, which Coolhandle web hosting plan do you think will be best for you? What are your personal thoughts of this review?

I hope you guys much success in your business online!

Siteground.com Pricing Review [2020] Are they too expensive or just right? Read this first!

Do you wan to create a website or blog with Siteground, but not sure which web hosting plan is for you? If so, in this Siteground.com pricing review I will go over all of Siteground web hosting packages. In this review

What is Siteground.com?

If you are looking to create a website online with a very reputable web host, you can’t go too far and not hear something about Siteground. They are a European based web hosting provider with over 2 MILLION customers worldwide. WHen it comes to WordPress powered websites that have optimum performance, Siteground comes highly recommended by WordPress.org. In fact, there are only 3 web hosting services that you will see that are recommended for WordPress websites in addition to Siteground and that’s Bluehost and Dreamhost. Both of these hosts are great, but I think that Siteground is superior being they have faster around the clock customer support.

At Siteground.com you will notice that in addition shared web hosting, they also have dedicated hosting, woocommerce hosting and even cloud hosting. All of these are competitively priced and great for creating both small and large websites online with different needs.

How is Siteground.com Pricing?

Siteground has 3 main web hosting packages that you can use their shared hosting platform. Each of these web hosting plans has its own benefits for bloggers and entrepreneurs wanting to create websites online.


siteground.com pricing


You will notice that the Startup hosting plan is the 1st tier that Siteground offers. This plan is ideal for beginners online who need to create or build just 1 website, blog or eCommerce site online. It gives you 10 GB of web space and can handle up to 10,000 monthly visitors that arrive to your website.

This is great for starting out online and especially for newbies that don’t need many resources. However, as your online business grows, you can easily scale up without any problem.


The Growbig hosting plan is the plan that I prefer and use. This Siteground pricing of this particular web hosting plan is only $5.95/month. The awesome thing about the Growbig plan over the Startup is that you will have more wiggle room by being able to create unlimited websites online. This can be particularly awesome for bloggers, affiliate marketers and people doing network marketing. Is this you? If so, then the Growbig hosting plan is for you!

The great thing about this 2-tier Siteground web hosting  plan is that you will get 20 GB of web space and website traffic leveraged up to 25,000 monthly visitors! It’s definitely worth the $2 extra bucks for the Growbig hosting plan.


The Gogeek web hosting plans gives 4 times the amount of monthly website visitors [100,000] and only cost $11.95/month. With Gogeek, you will get 30 GB of web space which is more than enough for most websites online.

How is Siteground’s Uptime & Service Performance?

Uptime is an extremely important factor to consider to rank well on Google and other search engines. Having a web host that has great uptime performance means a few things. One, your visitors will have a very nice user experience and this will no doubt help your brand. Think about this for a moment. Today, you searched for a honest review to learn more about Siteground.com pricing and web hosting. Thankfully you arrived to my website today due to great uptime.

The fact is that if a website is up online you are making money. However, if your website is DOWN, you are losing money and your potential customers will just bounce off your site and go to your competition.

How is Siteground uptime performance? Siteground maintains an average of 99.9% uptime or better. This means that they are super reliable and very dependable.

siteground.com pricing review


Do I recommend Using Siteground Web Hosting?

Absolutely! I have been using the Siteground Growbig hosting plan for roughly 2 years and absolutely LOVE this plan! It has everything that I need as a blogger and is great for creating multiple websites online. Of course the Gogeek will allow you to do this as well, but I prefer Growbig being provides what I need currently. With this said, when you consider Siteground pricing in comparison with other web hosting providers you will notice that they are very competitive.

In addition to all of the SEO and marketing tools that you get in your cPanel, I really admire their great customer support. Whether by phone or chat, you can always get in touch with someone fast to answer questions and resolve any issues that you may have. This is something that I feel is extremely important to look for with ANY web hosting provider online.

What Do People Think About Siteground.com Pricing & Hosting?

To be fair in this Siteground.com pricing review, I wanted to tell you about something that I did before signing up with Siteground.

I actually decided to do some research online to see how was their reputation. To my surprise, I found several awesome reports online of happy customers. You can see one of them here on Trustpilot. [This link will open in another tab to view]

On Trustpilot you will notice that people are not only happy with Sitground.com pricing, but also with their customer support, uptime performance and web hosting services. I thought that I would include this in our Siteground review today to help you appreciate how reliable and reputable of a web hosting provider that they are. Imagined above are just a few of THOUSANDS of positive comments left by Siteground clients.

They have a 5-star rating of out 5 and with good reason! This is a higher rating than any than their web hosting competitors and definitely worth your attention.

As a blogger and entrepreneur, customer service, performance & reliability are extremely important to me and I am quite sure that you would agree also. This is something that Siteground is known for in the industry and for this reason I highly recommend using them to create websites online.

Refund Policy

You will happy to know that Siteground has a 30 day money back guarantee on their web hosting services. This means that if you are not happy with their service, then you can request a 100% refund within the 30 day period.

Site Transfers

Do you currently host with another provider that you don’t like or have been having problems with? If you so, then you can migrate your website today to Siteground for FREE! The awesome thing that I love about Siteground is that they have a WordPress plugin that does all of the work for you and migrates your websites easily to their platform.

How to Get Started With Siteground.com Today?

Getting started with Siteground web hosting is super easy to do. If you are a complete beginner and have never created a website or blog online, then I highly recommend going with their Startup hosting plan. You can get 65% OFF by using this special link here. With it, you will be able to create 1 website with 10GB of webspace and handle up to 10,000 monthly visitors.

However, if you are wanting to do affiliate marketing or network marketing and need the ability to create unlimited websites, then I recommend using either their Growbig or Gogeek web hosting. Across the board guys you will realize that Siteground.com pricing is just right for beginners to get started online in business.

Siteground.com Pricing Review Conclusion

After taking the time to read this Siteground.com pricing review, what do you personally think? Which of their web hosting packages do you think is best for you to create your website online today?

As you could see, Siteground web hosting is an awesome provider to put your website online today. They are super reliable with great performance and customer support. They have all of website building tools that you will need to create and support your website and also are super affordable. I even like that they have a step-by-step guide where they walk you the process of installing WordPress, themes along with plugins. This is something that Siteground does that no other web hosting provider does for its clients. This is why I feel that Siteground pricing is ideal and great for ever business solution.

Get started creating your website right now!


siteground.com pricing


Stellar Namecheap Review 2020: Dirt Cheap Hosting but Really Reliable? Read this First!

If you are searching on Google for a Stellar Namecheap Review and arrived to my site, then you probably want to know about using Namecheap Stellar web hosting to make a website.

Thousands of new entrepreneurs and beginners like YOU want to know about the benefits of it also. Perhaps you are on a tight budget, but at same time looking for reliable web hosting. I have been searching online for quite some time for dependable web hosting services that is also cheap for beginners. Thankfully, I found one that performs really great and I wanted to share it with you today in this review.

Disclaimer: This page contains affiliate links. If a purchase is made via these links, I may receive a referral. This doesn’t affect your pricing at all, rather gives an awesome discount on Namecheap web hosting.

Before you signup with Namecheap, read this entire post to learn what you MUST know before getting started. This will hopefully answer all of your questions and save you lots of time so you can create your website with Namecheap Stellar hosting.

namecheap affiliate program review

What to Expect in This Stellar Namecheap Review

When  it comes to buying domain names, Namecheap is known globally as the cheapest domain name registrar hands down. You will not find ANYBODY online that has better sales on domain names. Of course, buying a domain name is the absolute first step to creating a website online and what better to star that with a discount!

Also, across the board they beat everybody on prices on web hosting with the exception of Hostinger. Hostinger web hosting typically costs only $0.80/month for the beginner plan versus Namecheap Stellar which is $2.88/month. This is still not bad for beginners and is super duper affordable for beginners.

Although this website is hosted by Hostinger, I typically buy ALL of my domains at Namecheap FIRST being they save me lots of money. I then point the nameservers to the web host and then start creating the site thereafter. This step is really simple to do. If you want to know how to do this, then just drop a message below in the comments area.

But again today in the Stellar Namecheap review I will tell you about all of its benefits and why you should get started today!

Stellar Namecheap Review: The Shared Web Hosting Plans

stella namecheap review

What you guys will notice off back about Namecheap web hosting is that there are 3 tiers that you can select from to create your website today. There is the Stellar, Stellar Plus and Stellar Business plans.

Each of these Stellar shared hosting plans has its own benefits for creating websites. They also Managed WordPress hosting called EasyWP that supports high volumes of traffic.

What I recommend you to do right now is to think about what you personally need to create your personal website or blog. Only you can decide, not me. Once you determine which of these 3 Stellar hosting plans that will work best for you, then select below accordingly.

Stellar Plan

  • 20 GB of SSD Disk Space
  • Unmetered Bandwidth
  • Can create 3 websites/blogs

Stellar Plus Plan

  • Unmetered Disk Space
  • Unmetered Bandwidth
  • Can create unlimited websites

Stellar Business Plan

  • 50 GB of Pure SSD Disk Space
  • Unmetered Bandwidth
  • Can also create unlimited website

Which Plans is Best For Your Online Business? 

As mentioned above, only you can decide this, but I will help you a bit. If you a total beginner online and have NEVER had a website or blog before, then you use the the 1st tier Stellar plan for only $2.88/month. Although you may need to create just 1 website, blog or store, you will have the capability of creating 3 websites total.

However, if you are quite experienced and are pursuing things like affiliate marketing, then I highly recommend using their Plus or Business plans as these will allow you to create multiple websites and add domains to expand your online business.

Namecheap uses cPanel which is pretty transparent will all web hosting services online. You will have access of course to different website builders to create your website(s). Or if you are a like me and most bloggers out there, you will want your website using WordPress. There are other CMS platforms and scripts such as Joomla & Drupal that you will have access to in order to build your website, but I just recommend using WordPress because it’s very user-friendly and great for beginners.

Shared Hosting - from $2.88/mo

Money Back Guarantee/Refund Policy

So you will pleased to know that Namecheap offers a nice 30day money back guarantee on the Stellar web hosting plans. This means that your investment is guaranteed and if for some reason that Namecheap web hosting is not for you, then you can get a 100% refund!

I have been using Namecheap web hosting and domain on 3 other websites that I have created over this past year. I haven’t looked back and I feel that they are a very reliable web hosting provider that is also super affordable for beginners. But again, the money back guarantee is there is request it. Just wanted to mentioned this in my Namecheap Stellar review.

This refund policy is pretty standard and right in line with many others such as WPX Hosting, Siteground, Cloudways, A2 Hosting, Kinsta and Liquid Web just to name a few.

What Some Namcheap Competitors Offer..

Although I love what Namecheap offers in the way of domain name sales and web hosting, there are some competitors who offer longer money back guarantees.

Hostgator web hosting for example offers a 45day refund policy.

Inmotion Hosting gives users a 90 day money back guarantee on their services.

However, Mochahost another shared web hosting provider beats them all with an a money back guarantee longer than a DMV line of 180 days!!

Why do I take the time to share this with you guys in this Stellar Namecheap review? For a simple reasons. One, when people search online reviews, they want honesty and something that they can trust. This means that you get the good and bad of a product that you need and want to purchase.

Second, all of my web hosting reviews reflect this thinking because I really value my viewers and want to make sure that you spend your money on the best product with the most value. for your business. This way your hard earned money is spent well on a product that you actually need and will be 100% happy with!


Creating a safe virtual environment online is really important to Namecheap. I like that they take this very seriously with their clients.

One of the things that attracted me Namecheap initially were the cheap domain name sales. On top of that, they offer SSL certificates & FREE domain privacy for LIFE on every domain that you purchase. Domain privacy or whoisguard is great because it privatizes your name, phone number, address, email and other personal info that is typically made available on the whois directory when a new domain is purchased. Having this domain protection is great because it prevents scammers, hackers, salesmen, unsolicited calls and emails from people who see your info on whois directory.

Build Your Website with Namecheap - Get Privacy Protection Free Forever

Namecheap Customer Support

During my time that I have purchasing domains & using Namecheap Stellar hosting I have never had any issues with them. They do have 24/7 customer support that is super quick to answer your questions, but you should know that it is chat support. This means that there is no land line, 800 number or phone based support to contact support. But again, with the time that I have been using Namecheap, I have never had an issue in contacting them. Once you start a chat session a rep is there pretty fast and they have always answered my questions.

The truth is that many reputable web hosting services also only have chat-support. One such example is Hostinger mentioned in the beginning. I have been using Hostinger web hosting services on this blog and others that I have created for over 3 years and never had any issues.

Cloudways, mentioned above is based in Malta, they too only have chat-based support versus a direct local or US phone number for customer support. I mention these because having just chat support and no phone support is not a deal breaker. There are web hosting providers that actually have phone support that is terrible such as with many of EIG owned companies.

Site Migrations

If you currently host with another web host, then you can migrate your website to Namecheap for FREE. Once you get started, you can contact Namecheap customer support by using this transfer link here. It will allow to place a ticket and then allow access to Namecheap to move and transfer your website over to their platforms. There is no cost to do this and Namecheap will do the hard work for you.

Wrapping Up This Stellar Namecheap Review…

So today you have learned everything that you need to know to get started with any of the 3 Namecheap Stellar shared hosting plans. It is pretty straight-forward and really easy to understand. Remember if you are a beginner online I recommend using first the 1st tier Stellar hosting plan for only $2.88/month. As your business needs change and you require more resources, then you can simple scale up to the Stellar Plus or Stellar Business hosting plans. Now the next thing to do is to take action right now and get started creating your very own website within minutes using Namecheap!

To get started today and get a 50% OFF Discount NOW of your Namecheap Stellar shared hosting, use this special link here or click below!

stellar namecheap review



Namecheap Affiliate Program Review: Make Up to $300 as Namecheap Affiliate? Read this First!

If you are guys are reading this Namecheap affiliate program review, it’s probably because you want to become a Namecheap affiliate to make money from home, right? Or you probably ask is Namecheap web hosting really the best? If this is the case, then this review is for YOU! In fact, today I will show not only how to make money from home by promoting Namecheap web hosting but also why you should use them personal for creating websites.

The Namecheap affiliate program is perhaps the easiest of all web hosting affiliate programs out there that you will come across online. Keep reading this review of Namecheap affiliate program to very end to discover why. Okay?

Disclaimer: This page contains affiliate links. When clicked and a purchase is made, the owner of this website will receive a modest referral. This doesn’t affect your purchase at all. Also, no income guarantees are made or assumed in this review. Income potential will depend on personal efforts.

namecheap affiliate program review

What to Expect in This Namecheap Affiliate Program Review

In this Namecheap affiliate program review I will tell all about my personal dealing with them, what I really think about their web hosting & customer overall and also how much do Namecheap affiliates make. Lastly, I will go over some practical ways to you can apply today to make money sharing Namecheap web hosting with others who want to create websites online.

About a year ago, I was looking for another stream of income that I use to monetize my online business. To achieve this goal I decided to scope out some other web hosting affiliate programs. If you are new and a complete beginner to affiliate marketing, it’s simply an easy fro you to make money by sharing and promoting someone else’s product or service for a commission.

Now, did you know that virtually EVERY web hosting provider out there has an affiliate program? I decided to join Namecheap affiliate program due to their super cheap hosting & nice payouts. I think that there is a good fit because most people, if not all are looking for super cheap ways to start business online with tight budgets. That’s why Namecheap web hosting in my opinion is like the perfect marriage for Namecheap affiliates and new entrepreneurs who want to create websites or blogs online.

As mentioned in the video, there are tons of web hosting providers that can be used to create websites online. However, I decided to start using Namecheap due to the huge savings across the domain names, web hosting and their free whoisguard benefit. Being that I personally experienced these things 1st hand I felt really comfortable to not only join Namecheap affiliate program, but also share it their products with other like you. Also, Namecheap affiliate commission rates are great.

How to Promote Namecheap Affiliate Program

As mentioned in the video above, there are many practical ways that you can start promoting them today to make money. The true benefits that you will reap from this program will depend on your marketing efforts. Of course the true key to success with ANY website or affiliate program is to learn affiliate marketing and know SEO.

Also you must be willing to try different methods to expose and send targeted web traffic to your Namecheap affiliate links and banners. The same would be true with A2 Hosting, Bluehost, Dreamhost, Cloudways or any other web hosting affiliate program.

If you are a beginner online and want to learn SEO the right way, there are some very helpful tools that will you to do it. Some of the top recommended reads can be found on Amazon. This is one of many places where you can start your SEO Marketing education and really learn how to promote and rank high in the search engines. One example below:

Once you signup for their program on the bottom of Namecheap website where it says “affiliates“, you then will prompted to join any one of the 3 platforms that you see below. Each will provide you with Namecheap banners and affiliate links to use for advertising online.

All of these 3 platforms are 100% FREE to join and are used to pay Namecheap affiliates each month. So if you are already have an account with on of them, simply search for Namecheap under “Merchants” and add them to start promoting them. Of the 3, I use Shareasale more, but it’s your choice which platform to use.

As with many web hosting affiliate programs there are thresholds that you must meet BEFORE your monthly payout. In the case of Namecheap affiliates, the minimum threshold is $50 which for me is easy to hit. You can get paid in wires, ACH direct deposits, or even by check if you prefer.

[NOTE: Siteground affiliate program has a weekly payout of $50/referral with no threshold]

Can You Use PPC Marketing? 

YES! But you should know that there are some restrictions with doing so according to Namecheap affiliate terms. Although you can use pay-per-click advertising to drive web traffic, you cannot use or bid on trademarked terms or keywords nor use redirects. However, these are quite standard for EVERY affiliate program out there so this shouldn’t stop you in your tracks.

If you are really interested in using this marketing strategy to drive web traffic, I recommend that you create a website or blog FIRST with Namecheap here then focus on driving targeted web traffic using long tail keywords. This will save you a lot of money!!

These are just a few quick things that I wanted to mention that stand out to me that I wanted to highlight.

How are Namecheap Affiliate Commission Rates?

So across the board there is a 20%30% payout for sales generated on these platforms. However, on some busy months I have seen even 50% payout of sales that were generated. [Not typical, but possible]

Also, Namecheap has just started selling .inc domains which are ideal for corporations and businesses that want to brand themselves online with a .inc extension. These domains if purchased through your Namecheap affiliate links or banners could yield you $300!

Get .INC today. One of the best market prices!
Being that Namecheap offers a 30 day money guarantee to clients, this means you will receive your pay after this period. Right now, Shareasale for example sends out payments on the 20th of each for sales generated that have passed the 30 day threshold.

Should You Use Namecheap Hosting Personally or Not?

You should know that the purpose of this Namecheap affiliate program review is not to convince you about what to do. If you really want to make money and are 100% serious about doing it, then this is a great way to earn extra money. Also, I want to be clear with our disclaimer that no guarantees are made on this website regarding income potentials. With this said, your earnings potential will truly depend solely on your personal affiliate marketing strategies online of the Namecheap web hosting.

If you are totally new to affiliate marketing online, then you obviously have to learn SEO and other ways to drive traffic to your Namecheap affiliate links and banners provided to you. If you need some great suggestions on this, I recommend checking out this cool program online AFFILORAMA here. This will definitely help you to learn affiliate marketing online.

Namecheap Affiliate Program Review Conclusion..

Hey guys I hope that this review of the Namcheap affiliate program has helped you gain more of a clear understanding of what to expect from it. Namecheap has been around a very long time in the web hosting industry and as highlighted earlier is known most for its cheap prices.

With this said, I highly recommend that you signup first with Namecheap web hosting here to taste their serve for yourself. Although their affiliate program is FREE to join, I think that testing out their services personally will help you to share it others. They are not only the super cheap in prices, they are also very reliable for creating websites online.

Now, after reading this Namecheap affiliate program review today, what do you personally think? Do you feel that Namecheap will be an ideal fit to add to your website’s income or not? I would love to hear your comments below please..

To create a website right now for only $2.88/month with Namecheap, then click here!