Uhaul Truck Rentals Review: Why We Never Use Uhaul Again! Read this first!

It’s not often that one must move, but when you do then most think of renting a truck or van to do so.. Uhaul has been around from decades and we have used Uhaul truck rentals several times, but my last 2 experiences have made us just go to their competition!!!

What to Expect in This Uhaul Truck Rentals Review? 

Today I will tell you about our experience using their services and what we think about today.

If you are thinking of using Uhaul truck rentals to move, I think you better read this review first! When it comes sharing experiences online I am not one to bash companies nor focus on the negative, but when a company makes a clear mistake and blames you for it, then that’s a problem:(

Today I wanted to share 2 experiences that me and my wife had while using Uhaul truck rentals. I am firm believer that we all have bad days and that we deserve a second chance, but sometimes customers lose trust in companies and decide to go elsewhere.

Our Uhaul Truck Rentals Experiences..

Some time ago, me and my wife rented a Uhaul truck to move some items between 2 states. We booked everything online as usual, but decided to drop off the Uhaul to a different location from the pickup location. If you have ever rented a Uhaul truck before, then you know that this is not uncommon. After the service rep printed out our rental contract and all, we left with our Uhaul truck.

However, something interesting happened after finishing with the truck. We were driving using GPS to the drop off location that was listed on the uhaul.com which for some reason DOES NOT EXIST?? Me and wife are like..how is it that a location is listed on a website that actually doesn’t exist?

What do we do to drop off this truck? We contacted the Uhaul customer service and the rep claims that we have it all wrong and says that they will charge us $$ if it is not dropped off X address (address that doesn’t exist). This would have equated to leaving on the side of the bypass. Why?

Through our research, it turns out that the Uhaul office was closed down and the building was no longer at this given location. However, this was not updated on the uhaul.com website. We decided to drop it off at the next closest location which took us out our way and guess what? You would think that these guys would consider this inconvenience. No, nothing. They were going to charge us for dropping at another Uhaul location. It’s irritating when you when you speak to a “rep” on the phone who tells you that a place exist that doesn’t exist? Empty lot.

Another Bad Experience..

Our second experience occurred in Virginia using Uhaul truck rentals. This time, versus booking online, we decided to CALL Uhaul customer service and speak to a live person. The female representative quoted us a price over the phone that we thought was a deal, but we would have to drive a distance to get it.

We located this Uhaul truck dealer who rang us up and all and noticed that the price printed differed a lot from what was quoted over the phone. The quoted price was $118. The cashier rang the reservation up at $128 vs $118 + other charges which brought it to about $169? We asked the cashier why is it not $118 as promised? He replied that this is way it comes up in the computer and can’t change it?

We contacted Uhaul customer service to complain about this matter. The representative said that the difference was supposedly for taxes and this money can not be refunded? You mean to tell me that for a $118 truck rental it has that much in taxes? It doesn’t make sense at all. If you quote a customer a price by phone and give a confirmation for it, then we should be charged that amount and nothing more. I expect to pay takes on items anywhere I go, but how does this service jump from $118 to $169?

Thinking about these experiences and other reviews found at BBB, Consumer Affairs, and PissedCustomer.com make me appreciate one thing that someone has always told me.

“Going CHEAP is not always the BEST way”.

Do you agree with this statement? I’m sure you do if you have had a similar experience.

Sometimes it’s better to spend more money upfront on quality if it means you will get the service right the first time. Going the cheap route trying to save money and cut corners only finishes with headaches as was our case. Having to move is already stressful enough, but dealing with bad customer service is a headache.

It actually cost us more money to book using Uhaul truck rentals than if we would have gone with their competitor Penske that actually was closer to us. Sometimes you want to be loyal to a brand that you know, but that’s not always the best decision.


After all is said and done, we finished our move and are all settled in our new place. But what I must say is that when a company has customer service that doesn’t respect its customers and doesn’t reveal or disclose information that may help a consumer to make better informed decisions, then it is not good.

Uhaul truck rentals was our preferred go to truck rental product in the PAST, but now we will look to other truck rental companies going forward. Uhaul, you have lost a good customer:(

After this reading this Uhaul review, what have been your experiences using Uhaul truck rentals? Have they been favorable or do you have an experience to share with us? Your thoughts below…

What is the Highest Paying Hosting Affiliate Program? Read This First!

What is the highest paying hosting affiliate program?

Recently I conducted a test & did some research to figure out what is the highest paying hosting affiliate program online. Today in this review, I will share with you what I discovered!

If you have a blog or website, you are probably looking for the best web hosting affiliate programs to monetize your site. Frankly, there are over 500 web hosts that I searched online, but today I will go over the one that pays the most. [See some web hosting services here]

Disclosure: I am not an affiliate of WP Engine. This Review is for informational purposes only & makes no guarantees of income potential.

Although I don’t particularly care for WP Engine hosting, they are currently the highest paying hosting affiliate program.

At present, the affiliate payout is $200/signup or 100% of first month’ payment (whichever is higher)! They also will pay $50 per sale for each of your affiliates that you refer.

However, this is considering their web hosting plans start at $35/month web hosting plan. The hosting prices used to start at $29/month, but recently skyrocketed up to $35/month for the Startup plan.

How To Sign Up for WP Engine Affiliate Program

The WP Engine affiliate program is currently managed by Shareasale.com. ShareASale is simply the platform that provides you the banners, affiliate links that you can use to promote WP Engine.

There are 2 ways to sign up for the WP Engine affiliate program. If you are on www.wpengine.com, simply drop down to the bottom of the page and click “affiliates”. Or if you are already registered with shareasale.com, then search for “WP Engine” under merchants and the add them. Once approved, you can start promoting the WP Engine affiliate program.

How to Promote The Highest Paying Hosting Affiliate Program

There are several ways to promote WP Engine affiliate program. Once you sign up for their program, you will have access to banners and affiliate links. After creating your free account, then it’s time to go to work.

Since the recent changes with their web hosting pricing, the Startup plan begins at $35/month. To promote these you can use:

Things To Keep In Mind About When Promoting WP Engine Affiliate Program  

Before you get started, you should know that according to the WP Engine affiliate terms, you can not bid on any trademarked terms for PPC marketing amongst other things. But, this is the case for ALL web hosting affiliate programs including other popular ones like Bluehost, SiteGround, A2Hosting, iPage, Dreamhost, etc.

It is extremely important to read the affiliate terms BEFORE starting to promote the program. Although WP Engine has the highest paying hosting affiliate program, you don’t want run into any trouble in this area. This could lead to your account getting suspended!

Wrapping It Up..

Although I am not an affiliate of WP, I just wanted to share with you what is the highest paying hosting affiliate program out there. It will be solely up to you personally to decide IF and only IF you will join their program or even use their web hosting services.

I personally don’t believe in paying $35/month for web hosting when I can get all of the same services & features for under $4 here at Bluehost or SiteGround.

What do you personally this about the WP Engine affiliate program? Is it it for you? Will you add it to monetize your site or not? Do you know of any other web hosting affiliate programs that have higher payouts? Comments below..

EPS Prosperity Hotline Review – A Scam or Legit? Read this first!

If you are reading this EPS Prosperity Hotline review, likely you have seen a small business ad on CL or somewhere on the web. Perhaps you are wondering is EPS legit or just a another SCAM to avoid? If so, then you better read this entire EPS Prosperity Hotline review to discover what I found!

eps prosperity hotline review

What to Expect in This EPS Prosperity Hotline Review:

In this review of EPS Prosperity Hotline I will tell you about some deep research I conducted on EPS Prosperity Hotline, what I really think about them and some things that you should to avoid a tremendous headhache!

Recently, I was looking on Craigslist under their “small biz ad” section when I came a small classified ad titled “Work At Home In Your Spare Time!!” Of course, this is not the first time that I have seen headlines like this, but the first that I encountered this EPS Prosperity Hotline. This scam sort of reminds me of a PocketMoneyCash.com Review.

The ad is just like all the others where they try to appeal to heart quickly by asking questions…

If you are unemployed? Out of options? Do you have a plan B? Get Paid Daily! This Works Like Crazy!”

Do these words sound familiar to you? Was this or something similar what you have seen regarding EPS followed by a redirect link pointing to “www.epsprosperityhotline.com?

What is www.epsprosperityhotline.com?

EPS Prosperity Hotline, at www.epsprosperityhotline.com is a very catchy site that offers a money making opportunity “processing emails for cash”. Supposedly, when a user gets started, they must send $25 via Paypal to the referrer or sponsor on whose page they arrived. They offer what appears to be “email processing jobs” that require posting 3 ads per day on CL.

Should you use EPS Prosperity Hotline or Not to Make Money? 

The purpose of this EPS Properity Hotline review is not to tell you what to do.

As a blogger, I have seen several money making opportunities online. However, although this not technically MLM, it does encourage you to signup other people to make money.

However, remember that ALL legitimate work at home gigs require REAL WORK using REAL PRODUCTS that actually benefits people. Is that what EPS Prosperity Hotline provides and promises? No! Their website www.epsprosperityhotline.com doesn’t really provide any real information about what exactly you will doing.

It appears that your job is to repost the same 3 spammy ads that they are doing. They call it a “email processing system” that you will be paid supposedly $25 each. They claim that you can make 1,000’s per week just processing email 4 cash? Per the website, you can make a potential of $273k+ per year? Really? This smells like a scam!

Being that we live in the era of BEWARE and scams are abundant, you should stay clear of this email processing for cash.

Also you should know that their website clearly states that there is NO REFUND POLICY.

You are placing ads over and over again basically encouraging work at home seekers to send “YOU” $25 dollars via Paypal. This is their business :((

This company doesn’t have a real product that truly benefits people and is just another ripoff as other email processing 4 cash scams.

EPS Prosperity Hotline Review Conclusion

Although the idea of processing emails 4 cash sounds like a lot of fun and easy money, the only one that will be making money in this equation are the scammers behind EPS Prosperity Hotline.

Think about this for a second..

Can you really make $25 per email you check? $273k+/year doing nothing but posting 3 ads/day pointing to the same website that provides absolutely no information about real products or how this really works??  It doesn’t even sound logical, right?

Remember that the old saying still applies. “If it sounds too good to be true, then it isn’t true”. Real money making & work-at-home opportunities always offer real products and services that truly benefit others.

Has this EPS Prosperity Hotline review helped you today? If so, let me know in the comments below. I hope that this review saves you a headache. You should save your $25 and invest it in something else that really works.

How does Bluehost affiliate program work? Is Bluehost good for affiliates?

Wondering how does Bluehost affiliate program work?  Wondering if it’s a good additional income stream to add your blog or not? Is Bluehost good for affiliates or not?

If you are scratching your head asking yourself these questions, then keep reading to see what I discovered about this web host and their web hosting affiliate program! This was a question that I had myself that I had to answer…

how does bluehost affiliate program work

Bluehost just like any other web hosting offers what’s called an affiliate program. An affiliate program is a program that pays a sale or commission each time the affiliate (you) refers someone who buys the product or service. On their site, they detail how does Bluehost affiliate program works, and how you can take advantage of this to make money from home. But one thing that I really like is that provide support and tools to help you all the way.

Why I am discussing how does Bluehost affiliate program work today?

  1. I am an affiliate of the Bluehost affiliate program and,
  2. I have made money promoting this affiliate program. So it is very appropriate that I share with you a few things that I have learned about the affiliate program.


How Does Bluehost Affiliate Program Work?

When you signup for FREE with the Bluehost affiliate program their official website, they will give you a free affiliate link that includes your user name, banners to embed on your site such as seen on this site. Basically you will drive traffic to these links and banners to refer to Bluehost. All of your sales are tracked and calculated by their system.  Payouts are accumulated and issued once per month by Paypal. Whenever a click-thru from your affiliate links results in a sale by the customer, then you get paid a commission.

This process is referred to what is know as Affiliate Marketing. Affiliate Marketing is simply where you act as a middle man between Bluehost and the the potential customer that buy through you affiliate link. All web hosting affiliate programs work in the same fashion. They only real difference is how each company pays out and the frequency.

So with that said…

How much does Bluehost affiliate program pay?

Currently, the Bluehost affiliate program typically pays out a whopping $65/ signup via Paypal! That is great considering other web hosts typically payout an average of only $50/ referral such as Hostgator. Bluehost pays above average. However, for a limited time only, Bluehost has raised it to $100 payout per signup!!

Get started here at www.bluehost.com/affiliates!

If you have any Bluehost banners on your website they will adjust according. They also provide you with affiliate links that reflect the new prices running. For example, right now there is great deal running for $2.95/month special on the Bluehost website.

Is Bluehost Good for Affiliates? 

We have already discussed in part how does Bluehost affiliate work. Now let’s talk about you. I don’t know you personally and you don’t know me. But the question..is Bluehost good for affiliates? is one that that only you can answer. It is definitely a legit way to make money from home.

NOTE: You know that the Bluehost affiliate program is NOT a get rich quick or fast money gig.

Although FREE, it’s a real business that requires real work. So if you are looking for quick opportunities, then you should not become a Bluehost affiliate.

There are so many factors that you would have to consider that I don’t have the time to cover here that have a bearing on your income.

Things like:

  • Your website content
  • Marketing techniques to drive targeted traffic to your site
  • Time Invested among other things

The truth is that every affiliate program works if you know how to work it.

According to the Bluehost website they boasts paying out over 5 million last year alone to affiliates! Will you be one of them for 2018 or going forward? Again, “Is Bluehost good for affiliates“? Only you can answer this..


I want to challenge you to join the Bluehost affiliate program here and prove to yourself that you can make money from home with this.

One thing that really helped me to understand how to promote the Bluehost affiliate program was to signup for the Bluehost web hosting itself. This is will give you a good idea of how everything works and specific things to discuss in your Bluehost reviews.

Bluehost has 3 main web hosting plans: Basic, Plus and Prime. I personally like the Prime packages and its features being that it always you to host unlimited websites. However, most people just get started with their cheapest Bluehost Basic Plan.

Now that I showed how does Bluehost affiliate program work, let me hear what you think below. Will you add Bluehost affiliate program as an additional income stream to your site today? Also, have you tried any other web hosting affiliate programs before that have made you money from home? If so, what has been your experience? Your comments below..

If you like this post today on how does Bluehost affiliate program work, share is caring.



Small Business Week Events 2018 – Web Hosting Sale with Bluehost for Small Business Owners!

Small Business Week Events

Small Business Week starts April 29th -May 5 this 2018 year! This is a time where entrepreneurs and small business owners are recognized across the 50 states and US territories.

This also is a really exciting news for all small business owners to get off to a great start online with a website!

The Bluehost Flash Sale for Small Business Week will give you the opportunity to save big on web hosting on their Basic plan.

How Does This Bluehost Flash Sale Work for Small Business Owners?

If you check out their official website for this Bluehost flash sale here, you will notice that Bluehost web hosting typically starts at $7.99/month. However, for limited time starting this Monday April 30th – May 1st, 2018, the web hosting plans will start at $3.45/month!

What does this mean for you?

First, you are saving big!

Secondly, whether you are new to Bluehost or not, you will be able to put your website online for under $4 bucks.

If you currently use another web host, then Bluehost will help you migrate your website to them. Where else can you go, get a free domain, website building tools and more for under $4?

Also you must purchase a 36 month Bluehost web hosting Basic plan. Keep in mind that this Bluehost flash sale for Small Business Week will only run from April 30 12:01 am MT to May 1st 11:59pm!

See an overview below of the Bluehost basic plan. As mentioned before, it normally goes for $7.99, but will be discounted to $3.45 per month!


Also you get:

  • 24/7 Customer Support!
  • Free Domain!
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee!
  • Cpanel
  • 1-Click WP Installation & more!

Click here to discover more details about this Bluehost flash sale for Small Business Week Events.