Hostgator Web Hosting Review – How to Save Money On Hostgator Web Hosting Plans?

When it comes to web hosting, Hostgator web hosting is one of the #1 leaders for hosting for WordPress & also saving on domains. In this brief Hostgator web hosting review, I will show you why you should use Hostgator web hosting for your blogging and website development. Also I will explain how to save money on Hostgator web hosting.

Periodically Hostgator will have special flash sales where you can save big on new hosting packages. You can see one that I wrote about on a recent post here. As with all major sales, there coupons code that you must enter at check to get the discounts and I will provide one for you below.

However, when it comes to buying web hosting services, I think that it’s always a good idea to compare & then purchase web hosting at a few years at a time versus by month to month which can cost you more in the long run. See the illustration for the baby plan to see what I mean.

Hostgator Web Hosting Plans at a Glance:

hostgator web hosting

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How To Save Money On Hostgator Web Hosting

A great way as mentioned before how to save money on Hostgator web hosting is buy your hosting in lump sum versus going month to month.

As you can see above with the hatchling plan you can pay a little at as $3.96/month for 3 years. This beginners Hostgator web hosting plan is nice if you just want something really simple and do not plan building any more sites. However, if you want to to be able to have several add-ons and host unlimited domain for your blogging and difference niches, etc, then forget about the hatchling plan & choose between the baby and business Hostgator web hosting plans because these will better suit your needs. Once you select your plan, use the drop downs tabs that allow you to select how many years you want to purchase.

Now when you signup for Hostgator, you will get access to your cpanel. This backoffice will give you access to how to use tutorials, SEO tools and more! You can use their tools or take advantage of SEO tools offered through WordPress when setup.



However, as a cool incentive or bonus from me to you as a thank you for visiting my site today, I will setup a FREE Wordpress installation just for you if this is your first time using Hostgator web hosting services.  With this free installation for your new blog I will install the top 5 WP plugins that I feel you should have to get your blog off to a good start. However to take advantage of this cool bonus, then you must get your web hosting using this Hostgator here and then contact me for your WordPress installation.

I know that Hostgator web hosting services are for you, but why would I set up your new blog installation for FREE? One simple answer. Hostgator pays me a modest commission for referring you to their web hosting services. So in an essence, outside your selected hosting package, there is nothing out of pocket for you to pay to get your blog up and running.

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Nationwide Advertising Review: Great For Nationwide Newspaper Advertising or Not?

Is Nationwide Advertising Newspapers a good option to add to your marketing plan?

Well, today in this post we will provide some reasons in this Nationwide Advertising review that will show you why you should consider adding newspaper outlets like to your current marketing plan.

When it comes to advertising any business, a business owner should consider and be open to a wide range of advertising methods to get the most exposure to products and services. Today’s entrepreneur should not throw all eggs into 1 basket.

Nationwide Advertising based in Orlando Florida, at is what a business owner and marketer could call a one stop shop for nationwide newspaper advertising. With them, you can expose your business across the country in some 21,000 newspapers and reach an upwards of 1 million readers. Nationwide Advertising also specializes in magazine ad placement for many recognizable top brands. You can view some brands here.

Why Should You Consider Nationwide Advertising Newspapers For Your Marketing?

#1 Although the great majority of people today conduct searches online using Google, Yahoo & Bing for products and services that they want to buy using their smartphones and computers, there are still yet millions of people who prefer the old fashion way of getting things.

#2 The great thing about Nationwide Advertising Newspapers is that you can not only place ads in newspapers for specific cities or states, but you can use them for online classified newspapers. This means that you can tap into both markets and not overlook a potential buyer who may be searching for your products and services using these sources.

#3 Another reason to give them a try is that they are very reputable company that has been around since 1999 and also very affordable. Also, Nationwide Advertising has a grade A+ report here with the BBB.

#4 If you have somewhat of a shoestring budget, you can start off advertising using their pennysavers & thrifty nickel newspapers.

#5 For internet marketers that want to tap into magazine and tabloid classified ads, then Nationwide Advertising would be a great option to test your targeted your market. You can select and place classifieds and banner ads in a number of magazines like:

  • Entrepreneur Magazines
  • Income Opportunities Magazine
  • National Enquirer
  • The Opportunity World Magazine
  • Money n Profits
  • Multilevel Marketing Magazine
  • Start Your Own Business Magazine
  • Parenting Magazine
  • Essence
  • American Baby Magazine & more!

These are just a number of the many benefits are using Nationwide Advertising to expose your business to more prospects and potential buyers of your products and services. The truth is that it doesn’t what type of business you own. If you are not constantly exposing your business to everything that breathes by every means possible, then you could been bypassing or overlooking a huge market of buyers who searching, would otherwise not find you.

My Conclusion On This Nationwide Advertising Review 

So in conclusion, although employing  methods like SEO, Youtube, email marketing, blogging, social media.. (just to name a few) are the most trending types of marketing today, do not underestimate the power and effectiveness of newspaper advertising. Whether your business operates and caters to a local market or services other markets, I definitely recommend adding Nationwide Advertising your marketing nest egg!

To find out more information about giving Nationwide Advertising a test drive today, you can visit their official website here!

Have you tried Nationwide Newspaper Advertising before? And if so, what have been some of your personal results as a business owner? I would be glad to hear your comments below.

What to do when bank tellers make mistakes with your money?

What To Do When Bank Tellers Make Mistakes?

What would you do if you went to the bank to make a deposit and realized later that the bank teller made a mistake with your deposit? Let’s say that you made a deposit for $100, yet noticed only later that your receipt reflected a $1,000 deposit made? Or you cashed a check for a specific amount and the amount received was way more than the expected amount? Or perhaps a person made a transfer to your account by mistake? Although these mistakes may not be a daily occurrence at your bank, they in fact do happen once in a while.

If you have experienced firsthand or heard of someone who has, what is best thing to do when bank tellers make these mistakes? Well, bank tellers just as anybody else are imperfect. It’s not if they will make a mistake, it’s more about when it will occur.

It really doesn’t matter how old nor how much experience bank tellers have, it’s always possible to cross or transpose figures when making deposits, cashing checks and performing other business transactions in rush. I mean think about it. Try to count really fast to 50 and see if you don’t have to start over because you got distracted with something. However, when this does happen to you at a bank, what should you do?

I am covering this on my blog today because at some point or another you may be faced with this issue.

Banks use very sophisticated software on computers that when bank tellers balance their drawers at the end of each day, it will show outages and shortages that bank tellers have. This analysis performed along with research show what contributed to these differences. What does this mean for you? Well, simple. No matter how tempting it may be nor what others may say or think about keeping the money or looking the other way, it is always best to do what is right. Why?

The answer falls in what “integrity” really means. Integrity means in a nutshell doing what is right even when nobody is watching. Some have also described it having the willingness to stick to our values and standards. I liken it to listening to that ringing conscience that all we have that constantly reminds one of the right thing to do.

Some may reason that a bank will not miss that extra money that I received. If you in fact received the extra money by mistake and failed to return it after notified, you could have your account debited for the overage. Think about this for a minute. What does it really say about a person’s integrity and what he really stands for if he knows that he received more than expected?

How to Help Minimize Mistakes Made by Bank Tellers

Although it’s very tempting and often unavoidable, while bank tellers are counting your money, try not to interrupt them with too many unnecessary questions. Try to wait until your bank teller finishes counting your money.

Now, as for deposits, this also helps bank tellers avoid making mistakes of entering or transposing numbers due to undue distraction. Remember that it is always a good rule of thumb that upon finishing a transaction that a customer should always check their bank receipts. Also, reconcile your bank statements at the end of each month. Don’t expect that your bank will always be right posting transactions. If you notice that something is wrong or was not processed correctly, report it immediately to your bank teller so it can be fixed quickly. When bank tellers make these types of mistakes and they are not corrected & reported by customers in a timely manner, it could results in losses.


So again, as you seen in this brief post, although bank tellers have a huge responsibility of managing and minimizing risks, while at the same time performing good customer service, remember that they are imperfect and do commit mistakes. However, customers can also help banks by cooperating and reporting any mistakes made.

Have you ever been faced with any of these situations before with bank tellers? Has anyone every given you too much money, not enough money in a bank transaction? If so, how did you handle it? Feel free to leave your comments below.

Living Language Spanish Review 2018: Crazy Honest Truth Using Living Language Spanish!

Living Language Spanish Review: Is Living Language Spanish Good or Not to Learn Spanish?

Are you wondering if the Living Language Spanish course online is all that crack to be as it claims? Are you serious about learning Spanish, yet curious if it’s worth buying Living Language Spanish or not?

If you answered yes either of these 2 questions, then you better this Living Language Spanish Review FIRST before buying the Spanish course!!

What To Expect In This Review of Living Language Spanish?

Today in my Living Language Spanish review, I will discuss:

  • The Company behind the name
  • What Living Language Spanish program cost
  • My personal experience using it , and what you should know before buying it.

Ready? Okay, let’s dig in..

The truth is that if you really want to learn Spanish and really master the language using the Living Language Spanish or any Spanish language software, then you must apply what you learn daily and force yourself to use it each and e veryday. No excuses!

There are tons of people who take Spanish in school, learn Spanish online or buy language software to learn Spanish, but at the end of all, they don’t speak a lick. Why? Because they don’t use it daily and may lack the right motivation of what it means to learn Spanish.

Living Languages, created 2 university friends has been in business since 2004 and has over 1,200,000+ satisfied users of its 12 language learning software in Living Language Spanish!

Living Language Spanish Review: My Experience Learning Spanish Using Living Language?

living language spanish review

In this Living Language Spanish review, I will NOT focus on all of the details of the different editions offered by Living Language such as Platinum Edition here, rather on the course that I actually used to learn Spanish.

When I first started to learn in Spanish, there was a cool program called Living Language Spanish that I can say was really key in helping me to learn in Spanish. However, let me tell you that although I purchased the Living Language Spanish software that was recommended to me by a Colombian friend of mine, I still had to force myself to speak Spanish with natives as I was learning it.

My Motivation to Learn Spanish?

One of the main reasons that I wanted to learn Spanish was to be to communicate with other Spanish speaking individuals that lived in my area. There were many Puerto Ricans, Dominicans, Cubans and South Americans that I had a hard time understanding.

So I thought, why not learn Spanish? By taking this initiative, it can also help you to land a bilingual job, travel abroad to other Spanish speaking countries or simply be able to know what others are saying in Spanish.

As a result, I have been to Puerto Rico, Panama, Spain and a few other places.

How Living Language Spanish Helped Me Learn In Spanish

The Living Language Spanish Software is an very inexpensive & program broken down into several short lessons which was great for me. I think this method is also great for those who are learning a language for the first time.

When I first bought the program, it came in audio cassette form, however the same info is available to help you learn Spanish using audio CDs imaged above which makes it more convenient to learn on the go & actually hear native speakers.

After some time I found myself not only reading in Spanish using the exercises, but also THINKING in Spanish which is a huge hurdle and accomplishment when learning a language. I think that when a person gets to the point of thinking in Spanish and formulating questions and thoughts in the language, then that is when one can say that he is just about reaching a point of comfortableness if even that is a word :).

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What To Expect From Living Language Spanish

When you start to learn Spanish using the Living Language Spanish Complete Edition Software, you will be very happy with it. If anyone that I know wants to learn Spanish or any language, I recommend using Living Language first! It’s a great program to give you the basics and gain a good foundation with the Spanish language.

There are many Spanish language learning methods & software that are really effective such as Rocket Spanish, but the Living Language Spanish software will give you the same results for cheap. It ideal for beginners in my honest opinion.

There is even an advanced Platinum version  should you decide to graduate to this one after trying the basic one from the link above to continue to learn in Spanish.

Who Should Not Buy Living Language Spanish?

If you are simply window shopping and not really 100% serious about learning Spanish, then the Living Language Spanish, nor any other Spanish language software is for you. Versus buying an effective & proven method to learn Spanish like this, you should save your money & time if you are not serious and dedicated about learning.

My Concluding 3 Cents About How to Learn Spanish with Living Language

Being a linguist today allows me to not only be able to communicate with other Spanish speakers, however to also build blogs in Spanish, write articles like this one that you are reading right now in Spanish if I want to. By learning Spanish, you help yourself and also others. You owe it to yourself to learn another language starting today!

Thank you for reading my Living Language Spanish Review! I hope that this has helped you to determine if Living Language Spanish is for you or not. It’s a 100% effective way to learn Spanish on your own! But don’t take my word for it, try it yourself…

Click Here To Learn In Spanish Using Living Language Spanish Software!

Now it’s your time to talk, tell me below why do you want to learn Spanish?..

5 Simple Ways To Make Your Computer Run Faster In 1 Hr!

Question from readers:

What are some ways to make your computer run faster?

No matter how long you have had your computer, nor your preferred brand used, all computers and laptops start to slow down on speed at some point. So versus simply canning your PC or selling it online, what are some simple ways to make your computer run faster?

What I will do in this brief article is cover at least 5 quick & inexpensive simple ways to make your computer run faster in as little as 1 hour!

Now to apply these tips, you don’t have to worry about being be tech or a computer geek. You simply need to be willing to learn to do some simple things that can make a world of difference.

  1. Download a antivirus or PC tool to cleanup your computer. By not having a good antivirus or PC cleanup tool installed on your computer could be the biggest mistake you every make. It is proven that unprotected computers are more likely to be exposed to viruses and other material such as malware that could compromise your computer’s files and memory. With a good antivirus installed, your computer will perform daily checks to clean your computer and run faster.
  2. Learn how to create zip files to better organize your files and documents. Just like a closet full of clothes, the closet looks better and can be accessed if everything is organized and put in its place. When you create zip files, it is almost as if you are making your files/documents smaller, but better accessed via 1 file versus from several different ones that just absorb more space and memory and slow your computer down.
  3. Review installed programs that you have not used in more than 6 months. This will help you to reevaluate if you really need certain programs or not. Programs not being used just do 1 thing ad that is take up space. For Windows, you can do this by going to your Start Menu, then Settings, then to the Control Panel and finally clicking on Add or Remove Programs link. Look under your programs installed on your computer. Once the list of programs finishes populating, it will provide you the dates of the last time you used each program and if it rare, often or never used.
  4. Buy a USB flash drive to transfer any videos, media, pictures, etc not being used. You can buy them for cheap in places like Walmart, Staples, Office Max and just about any department store. Some may range anywhere from $5 to $30 depending on the amount of Gigabytes (GB) you want for storage. You can get them with 32GB or even as much as 64GB, you decide. Amazon has far more brands and designs to chose from and the best deals that I seen on USB flash drives here. I had to do this with lots of videos that I made and pictures taken from old trips. By freeing up all that memory, my computer ran faster. Buy making this simple inexpensive USB purchase this will free up your computer’s memory.
  5. Stay on top of any computer updates with your software. Every so often, depending on what type of system your computer runs, you may need to perform updates to Microsoft, Internet Explorer, or even Chrome. By installing the latest software provided by your system, this also helps your computer to run faster.

Today we have discussed only 5 simple ways to make your computer run faster.

To discover some other effective and simple ways to make your computer run faster, please visit HERE!

What are some other simple ways to make your computer run faster have you implemented recently? We would love to hear your thoughts below.