PocketMoneyCash.com Review – Scam or Legit? Read This First!

A Honest Pocket Money Cash Review

If you are considering PocketMoneyCash.com with the possibility of making money from home, then you better read this brief Pocket Money Cash Review first before giving any of your personal information on this website!

Today I happen to be surfing CL trying to help out a friend of mine who was looking for a job when I came across a money making advertisement for an internet job.

What is PocketMoneyCash.com?

Pocket Money Cash, online at pocketmoneycash.com is a scam looking website online that supposedly offers unlimited jobs positions, making up to $500 per day and up to $10,000 a month requiring no experience at all. Per their website, it takes 5-10 minutes and a person can make money every 10 seconds performing these “unknown tasks” on the internet. Need I say more?

What is interesting that leads us to conclude that Pocket Money Cash is a scam is the whole way the website is setup. The only contact info on the pocketmoneycash.com website is an email address provided for support. Second, the style and way the site is written has a lot of grammatical errors. The site provides no actual real information about what type of tasks or work a person will do on the internet before signing up. What’s even crazier is that a person has to reach high payout of $300 to receive payment for work done via Paypal, Cheque, Money Gram, Payza, Moneybookers, or a by bank transfer at the end of the money.

Any seekers of real and legitimate money making opportunities should be leery about sites like Pocket Money Cash. While you are reading the Pocket Money Cash review, please ask yourself the following questions…

  • Why should anyone promote any products, services or affiliate links and have to build up $300 before getting paid?
  • How long does it really take a person to generate those $300?
  • What exactly will I have to do to make money with this company?
  • Why can’t I know what job I will be performing BEFORE I signup for an account?
  • If I need help or customer support, is there a phone number to speak to a real person?

Not only is there no company info on the pocketmoneycash.com website, but also none of these questions above are answered on the site which for me spells like a scam. So to conclude, please save your time and energy. Do not signup or promote something that is vague & likely will not work nor make you any money.

Thank you for reading this brief Pocket Money Cash Review. I hope that is was helpful to make a wise decision.

If you like this review and have already tried Pocket Money Cash, what have been your personal results, if any? Your comments below.


Hosting24 Black Friday Sale: Up to 75% Discount on Hosting24 Web Hosting!

If you are looking for good web hosting to build your site, then you need to take advantage of this Hosting24 Black Friday Sale!

In case you have not heard yet, Hosting24 is hosting a nice Hosting24 Black Friday Sale online that will end on November 29th where you can up to 75% on all of Hosting24 Web Hosting Plans.

With this weekend Hosting24 Black Friday sale, you will be able to save on shared web hosting, reseller web hosting and vps web hosting plans. To take advantage of these lifetime discounts for all web hosting plans you will have to enter the promo code BLACKSALE at checkout on their official website here.

One of the great benefits of Hosting24 Web Hosting Services is that when you signup, you will get a free domain to register. Also each year when it’s time to renew your domain, it is free as long as you remain with Hosting24. As when with most web hosting services, you get features such as cpanel and website builders that makes web design easy. There is also 24/7 customer support in case you may need assistance with their services. I currently have the Hosting24 Gold package hosting this domain learnanet.com. With this particular package, you get SEO tools, custom nameservers, unlimited bandwidth, disk space, dedicated IP address, can add on unlimited domain and more.

With this Hosting24 Black Friday Sale, the Silver web hosting plan with be $3.99/month versus $7.99/month. The Gold package will be $6.99/month instead of $10.99/month which represents a 50% discount saving alone here!

However, if you are interested in buying the Reseller web hosting, then look to save 35% and for 26% on VPS hosting plans. This Hosting24 Black Friday deal will only last until Sunday November 29th.

To signup for any of these discounted web hosting deals for the Hosting24 Black Friday Sale, you can do so by visiting their official website here!

Hostgator Customer Service Review: Read My Recent Experience Today With Hostgator!

If you looking for a Hostgator customer service review, please read this one below before you buy Hostgator web hosting services!

So as you guys know, this blog learnanet.com reviews different services and products on the web. Although this blog is hosted by Hosting24, I decided yesterday to start another blog using Hostgator web hosting services.

Now I must say upfront that at the time of this post, I have not started to build on the new domain of this new site yet that will go live soon, but will get it up and running soon. I thought that I would take the time out to write this quick Hostgator customer service review to tell you about a really professional, courteous and helpful customer service service representative named Charles that helped me out today. I wanted to give him kudos and a thumbs up for his great service with a particular problem that I experienced the night prior when I purchased my Hostgator web hosting package.

The Problem?

When I arrived to the Hostgator checkout page, I filled out all of the required info and then scrolled down to the end of page to hit the submit and realized only after that I made a big mistake. If you are anything like me and also are a blogger or run an online business of some sort, you probably have more than 1 email address that you use. Well, it looks like I mixed one of the emails and their extensions (yahoo.com vs gmail.com) and none of the cpanel instructions arrived to my inbox after paying as expected. Of course this was not Hostgator’s fault, rather my doing because I was typing fast and was excited about trying their services.

How did Hostgator customer service help me to fix this problem? 

When I contacted the Hostgator customer service number at 713-574-0519, CSR Charles assisted by helping me to reset my password and then reset my primary billing email which ONLY can be done by Hostgator. After Charles asked me some required security questions, my account was up and running again now allowing me to login with my correct email address and receive my cpanel credentials which every webmaster needs to build on domains. The entire process took about 10 minutes from beginning to the end to fix this problem and I was totally satisfied with the results of this first Hostgator customer service experience by Charles.

Why do I take the time to write this Hostgator customer service review?

Well, for starters, I think that when people do a great job in customer service, then others should know about it and receive kudos or recognition for it. Web Hosting is web hosting, but when you can chat or pickup the phone at any point to contact a company and get not only get a courteous and professional customer rep, but someone who is also knowledgeable, then that should be mentioned. I should also mention that I took a super quick 2 question survey at the end of my call with the Hostgator customer service representative Charles.

Why did I decide to try Hostgator Web Hosting Services Anyway?

As I mentioned before in this Hostgator customer service review, this domain learnanet.com is currently hosted through Hosting24. However, I decided to tryout Hostgator web hosting services because I would like to compare their services. Also I would like to branch out to build some other sites for some specific niches in the near future and also will migrate my current domain over to Hostgator. Also I am trying their web hosting to draw a real comparison of which one really is better.

All in all, I just want to state that I had a great experience with the Hostgator customer service today and hope to have many more.

If you are interested in trying out Hostgator web hosting services today, you can visit their official website by clicking here.

Again, I want to thank you for reading this brief Hostgator customer service review today. Please leave your comments below. Thank you:)


Spanish Tutoring Services for Students: Try SpanishTutoringServices.com

Are you looking for the best Spanish tutoring services for school? Then maybe you should consider a website I just came across online at www.SpanishTutoringServices.com!

Learning Spanish in school may be very difficult if it’s your first time learning a language or you live in an area where you are not exposed to Spanish everyday. Although Spanish classes in school are an effective way to learn Spanish, you may require additional help to improve your speaking, reading, writing and comprehension skills.

Searching for best Spanish tutoring services are an awesome way to get one on one dedicated time with a Spanish tutor from the comfort of your home. Just performing a search online using Google, the very site for spanishtutoringservices.com comes up on the 1st page. It’s a really cool site with some good resources, ideas and tips for fun ways to learn Spanish for Kids, Spanish language software, online Spanish tutoring services via Skype and more!

I think that SpanishTutoringServices.com is the best Spanish tutoring services because of its affordability for students. Cost is an important factor to consider. When you do you some research make comparisons with other major Spanish tutoring services online, you may notice that some charge $40, $50 per hour. However, students can receive the same services and save money at SpanishTutoringServices.com by paying $20 which is a 50% savings for those who need help after school hours!

To find out more information about how to improve your reading, writing, speaking and comprehension skills with Spanish tutoring services, simply contact a private Spanish tutoring by visiting www.SpanishTutoringServices.com today!

I hope that today’s share helps you if you are learning Spanish in school and need help. Feel free to share it with others who may need help with Spanish in school. Also if you have any other suggestions, please leave your comments below.

Google Top 10 Rankings – The Hot Diggity Truth About How To Get Google Top 10 Rankings Fast!

When it comes to getting Google top 10 rankings you don’t have to go to far to find an abundance of videos and info by marketers about how to get to the 1st page fast in search engines. If you are reading this post on How to Get Google Top 10 Rankings fast, then you are probably looking for quick yet effective ways to not only increase your web traffic, but get traffic that converts.

I wrote this article because it can be really hard online to sift & sooth thru all of the myths, fluff and hype that out there. Something that I discovered recently that I going to share today might rock your world and make you look at SEO marketing a little differently. At least it did with me.

You see, when it comes to discovering how to get Google top 10 rankings fast, some people may think that it’s as simple as building a website and that everything it just going to happen overnight in a question of minutes. Not true! Before a person builds a website or blog online, or even buys web hosting services, one should understand more about SEO techniques & how to use these to get to the first page. This requires some real time and work.

Why do I say this? Because if you are anything like me and you have ordered products online and tried to promote them online via MLM, networking business opportunity or an affiliate marketing program, then you know that they all promise the same thing that you will make big money overnight. But this is not true. Most people are really not looking for the product that you are promoting. However, they will most likely be searching on Google using keywords that relate to your product. And the truth is that’s once people have in mind what they are looking for the usually stop and select from whatever appears on the first page of what results in Google top 10 rankings. Most people will jump at the first thing that appears versus continuing to surf through other pages for more results.

Something that I learned and came to appreciate that helps to see how to get Google top 10 rankings & really improve SEO was the importance of using long tail keywords when promoting products. Long tail keywords are typically phrases that are 3-5 words long that searches use to find things online. They key with ranking is knowing not only what terms searches use to find products and services, however how you can tap into the mind the mind of potential customers with your marketing techniques.

LongTailPro is an awesome SEO tool that helps you to find keywords that are less competitive, yet generate lots of targeted free traffic to your website to get you into Google top 10 rankings fast. Another great keyword software to use is Power Suggest Pro.

Long tail keywords these days are what really help you to capitalize on less competitive searched terms that the bid wigs are not after and get to the 1st page faster although your website many not have the weight, age and authority as others.

When you really think about it, if it was so easy as many paint marketing to be, then everybody would already be successful & in Google top 10 rankings, right? But that’s not the case because it does require real work to achieve it.

Have you tried and used Longtail Pro to rank with Google top 10 results? If you so, please tell us in the comments section how you have benefited from using it or other good tools that have helped you to rank and get traffic.