WPEngine vs Bluehost Review 2018: Brutally Honest Truth, 400% Cheaper Secret?

Wondering if you should get WPENGINE or BLUEHOST to start your new website? If so then read this WPENGINE vs BLUEHOST review first!

Choosing the right web hosting is not easy. But selecting the wrong one could not only be a huge headache and but cost you big! At $29/month, WPEngine is not cheap at all. There has got to something more affordable for WordPress hosting you ask yourself, right? Well, there is! Keep reading…

What To Expect In This Review of WP Engine vs Bluehost?

In this honest WPEngine vs Bluehost review today, you will learn things like:

  • The Company
  • Web Hosting Plans & Pricing
  • Customer feedback
  • Website speed & Servers
  • Our Personal Recommendation

Today I wanted to give my personal experience with both of these web hosting companies to give more of idea what to expect from them BEFORE getting started. I would hate for you get started with WP Engine before considering all that you can get from Bluehost web hosting for less. Don’t believe me? See here www.bluehost.com!

Some time ago I did a review of 12 WP Engine Alternatives that may interest you also. However, today we will simply focus on Bluehost to keep it simple, okay?


Both Bluehost and WPEngine have been around for quite some time making their marks in the web hosting industry.

Bluehost is recognized as the #1 recommended host by WordPress.org. WPEngine is known for its premium managed WP hosting.

Although both companies offer great WordPress hosting services, only ONE can win this WPENGINE vs BLUEHOST battle.


Bluehost web hosting has been given an excellent 5 rating by top users online, while other respected & authoritative sites like ShoutMeLoud and MatthewWoodard don’t like WPEngine services for very valid reasons.

Many complain about WPEngine and don’t think it’s really worth the investment for its managed WordPress hosting. I agree.


Both Bluehost and WPENGINE have good website speeds and great servers. Both have great uptimes for website performance. So real no complaints here.


Although there are many WPEngine reviews online, these are mostly from individuals who are just affiliates of the company and get huge commissions of $200/referral! This means that the reviews that you see are highly biased. Let me inform you that I am not an employee of WPEngine nor Bluehost hosting. Simply today I wanted to draw comparisons based on my personal research and experience.

So now I will just point blank tell you who I prefer and why. Bluehost web hosting!

Why? The starting Personal plan for WPEngine is $29/month. Check out this WP Engine Price Update Here.

wp engine vs bluehost

They have a lot of restrictions with this WP Engine Personal Plan that you don’t have to worry about with Bluehost Prime & Plus plans.

As you can see above, you only get:

  •  1 install (site)
  • 25,000 visits per month
  • 10GB local storage

However, with Bluehost Prime & Plus plans starting at $5.95/month, you can get:

  • UNLIMITED domains!
  • Unlimited bandwidth as seen below..

wpengine vs bluehost

I am no crazy about math, but one thing that I can see clearly is that I save a heck of a lot of money per money with Bluehost web hosting!

Look at this…WPEngine vs Bluehost Pricing =>  $29/$5.95 = 4.87!

This is over 400% Savings in web hosting costs!

WP Engine Pricing $29/month X 12 months = $348 per year spent on web hosting!

Buying web hosting with Bluehost gives you a huge 400% savings over WPEngine.

Bluehost also has a step up recommended WP Standard plan (below) for 19.99/month. The 2 major benefits of this over WPEngine is that it gives you:

  • 100 million visits/month
  • 30 GB storage

wpengine vs bluehost

Remember with WPEngine, even with their TOP Essential Plan, you only get 400K visits/months, but get same 30GB local storage space.


Okay, enough with the math stuff. But you get the point. I think that Bluehost frankly knocks their socks off with pricing and web hosting features.

So depending on the type of site that you already have or would like to create will determine which Bluehost hosting plan you buy. But either way you are getting way more features and wiggle room for your hard earned money and that is what matters most.

Thank you for reading this WPEngine vs Bluehost Review for 2018! I hope that this info will help you to make a very wise decision today.

To start creating your new website today with Bluehost web hosting, take advantage of a special discount of $2.95/month by clicking here now!

How Much Does It Cost to Host a Website for a Year? (2018) Read this First!

Many ask online how much does it cost to host a website for a year? This is a really great question, yet also very broad and hard to answer in one breath. So today, what I would like to do to help you answer this satisfactorily is break this question down into a few categories:

  • Web Hosting Providers
  • Costs Per Month vs Per Year
  • Which Web Host to Choose For Your Website

I mentioned in the beginning that this question of how much does it cost to host a website for a year is very broad being that there are hundreds, if not thousands of web hosting providers around world.

So I want to be honest and state up from that we don’t have time to cover them all today because it could take an eternity to review them all. Webhostingbuddy listed 100 companies, while hostingkingdom.com had a very extensive list of 500 web hosting services. Again, as I said time won’t allow to examine ALL of these. However, what is important is to know what to look for in a host.

There are several reliable web hosting services that will be more than happy to host your new website today such as:

How Much Does It Cost To Host A Website For A Year?

For the purpose of today’s article, I will only consider 6 web hosting providers that are well know in the industry that I personally recommend. As mentioned before, there are hundreds, if not thousands of web hosting companies so we don’t have time to consider what each charges per year for services.

When considering what web hosting cost per year there are a number of factors that you must considers such as plans, features, add-ons or even optional upsells such as Domain Privacy, Sitelock, google indexing services etc at checkout.

Web Hosting Cost:

Bluehost has 3 shared hosting plans: Basic, Plus, Prime [$3.95/month, $5.95/month, $5.95/month] Offers 30 Day Money Back Guarantee!

how much does it cost to host a website for a year

Visit Here To Signup =>  www.bluehost.com

SiteGround has 3 shared hosting plans: Startup, GrowBig, GoGeek [$3.95/month, $5.95/month, $11.95/month] Offers 30 Day Money Back Guarantee!

how much does it cost to host a website for a year

Visit Here To Signup=> www.siteground.com

A2 Hosting has 3 shared hosting plans: Lite, Swift, Turbo [$3.92/month, $4.90/month, $9.31/month] Offers 30 Day Money Back Guarantee!

how much does it cost to host a website for a year

Visit Here To Signup => www.a2hosting.com

Hostgator has 3 shared hosting plans: Hatchling, Baby & Business [$3.95/month, $5.95/month, $5.95/month] Offers 45 Day Money Back Guarantee!

how much does it cost to host a website for a year

Visit Here To Signup => www.hostgator.com

Dreamhost shared hosting plans cost is $11.95/month if billed MONTHLY; $9.95/month if billed EVERY YEAR; $7.95/month if billed EVERY 3 YEARSOffers 97 Day Money Back Guarantee!

how much does it cost to host a website for a year

Visit Here To Signup => www.dreamhost.com

Pressidium Managed WordPress hosting has 4 plans: Personal, Professional, Business, and Business Plus:

Cost – [ $42/month, 125/month, $250/month, $500/month respectively]  (2 Months FREE on Annual Plans) Offers 60 Day Money Back Guarantee!

how much does it cost to host a website for a year

Visit Here To Signup => www.pressidium.com

Which Web Host to Choose For Your Website?

Another factor to determine how much does it cost to host a website for a year is selecting the right web hosting service for your new website. This step is an extremely important decision that should be taken seriously. This is why ALL of the 6 web hosting services mentioned are super reliable and have great uptime on its servers.

Reliability and website speed are far more important that web host pricing. People today hate slow loading websites. Also sites with bad uptime are not good either because you actually LOSE money when your website is not online. Amazingly ALL of the web hosts listed above are super reliable, affordable and come with money back guarantees.

My Personal Favorite..

My personal favorite to start websites for beginners is Bluehost web hosting. They have great 24/7 customer service and very reliable hosting services. They also have a very user friendly cPanel with 1-click easy install WordPress and video tutorials for beginners.

Let’s say that you currently host with another provider and want to migrate your website to Bluehost? What steps do you take to transfer it to Bluehost web hosting today?

Bluehost is pretty straight forward to transfer and easy to start creating your new websites. If you are ready to get started right now, I recommend that you visit the official Bluehost website below and signup!

Visit here www.bluehost.com to signup now!

As you can see, I have quite a bit of an overview to help you understand how much does it cost to host a website per year.

The main key to buying Bluehost web hosting or any of the above mentioned such as Siteground, A2 Hosting, Hostgator is to purchase your hosting ahead. It’s way cheaper to pay for 12 or 24 months of hosting in full than trying a month to month plan with other hosts.

The truth is that you don’t really save any money doing month to month deals. You are actually paying MORE money on the front and back-end by going that way.

The yearly cost for most basic hosting plans round about $65 for 12 months term. This figure takes into account that you are not signing up for any of the OPTIONAL AD-ONS or upsells at checkout. You will save a lot of money this way at checkout.

However if you do decide to select options such as Domain Privacy which is highly recommended, it will be worth the extra fee bucks. Other add-ons features like SiteLock, Search Engine Indexing are great also, but totally optional as well.

Depending on the web host and plan that you select above, if you were to add all of these optional features at checkout, then web hosting could cost an upwards of $170 per year! These are estimated costs for a 12 month shared hosting plan. Either way I think that they are an excellent option to invest in for optimum web hosting services.

For More Details Go to www.bluehost.com to Start Your Website!


Today, I have done my best today to demonstrate how much does it cost to host a website for a year. As you can see above there are several factors to consider before buying web hosting services from a provider. Hopefully by examining this brief information, you will have a better idea and feel more equipped to start your website with right web hosting company today!

Visit the official website of your favorite web hosting by clicking below to start your website today!

Let me ask you this..did this information today help to understand better how much does it cost to host a website for year? What did you appreciate most and which web hosting provider do you think is best to start your website today? Your comments below please…


Inmotion Hosting Review 2018: Best Web Hosting for Bloggers or Not? Read this first!

Wondering if Inmotion Hosting is the right choice to start your website or not? Whether you are a new to blogging or an expert, this Inmotion Hosting Review 2018 will explain all that you need to know BEFORE signing up with Inmotion Hosting services!

Disclaimer: This post has affiliate links. When a purchase is made using these links, website owner receives a referral commission. This doesn’t affect your price at all, but helps to get the best discount available.

Frankly, there are a lot of web hosting services online such as Bluehost, SiteGround, and A2 Hosting. However, considering all of these options could make it hard to know what to look for in a host.

On any note, perhaps you have never even heard of Inmotion hosting nor know what they offer. In fact, I have found that this was the case for me until I decided to finally take a look under the hood to see what they offer at www.inmotionhosting.com

So what I will do next in this Inmotion Hosting Review 2018 video below is talk to you about all of web hosting plans by offered by this Los Angeles based web host along with their features.


Visit here www.InMotionHosting.com to Get Started Now!

Just to recap in this Inmotion Hosting Review:

3 Shared Inmotion Web Hosting Plans:

Launch Plan at $5.99/month (based on 24 month)

Power Plan at $7.99/month (based on 24 month term)

Pro Plan at $13.99 per month (based on 12 month term)

inmotion hosting review

InMotion Hosting Review: The Good Features?

Next, in this Imotion Hosting Review 2018, I will review some really good aspects of this host to consider.

  • Unlimited Email
  • Unlimited Disk Space
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Free Domain
  • Free SSD Drives
  • Free Data Backups
  • Free Domain Transfer
  • 24/7/365 Support
  • 2 Data Centers in US [Virginia Beach, Virginia & Los Angeles, California]
  • Free SSL Cerificate
  • A+ Rating with BBB

InMotion Hosting Review: What’s Bad?

I read some time ago at Moz.com and Bluecorona.com how important website speed is for good Google rankings. There are many other Google ranking factors to consider, but website speed is super important.

Although Inmotion hosting is super fast and reliable web hosting for any website that you want to start, it is a little bit more pricier when comparing its shared hosting plans with other competitors, but definitely worth it.

How does Inmotion hosting compare with others?

The Inmotion beginner shared web hosting Launch plan starts at $5.99/month. This plan allows you to host only 2 sites. However, if you were to step it up a notch to the next shared web hosting plan with its competitors, then this is what you would receive:

A2Hosting – $4.90 per month for Swift Plan to host unlimited domains

Bluehost – $5.95 per month for Plus/Prime Plans to host unlimited domains

SiteGround – $5.95 per month for GrowBig Plan to host multple websites

Hostgator – $5.95 per month for Baby Plan to host unlimited domains

So as for value, their competitors have Inmotion hosting beat slightly when it comes to price & some unlimited features. However, there is something that makes Inmotion really unique that its competitors DON’T have…

The 90 Day Inmotion Hosting Money Back Guarantee

Next, in this Inmotion Hosting review, it’s important for you to understand how their money back guarantee works before you get signup with Inmotion.

Unlike many of their web hosting competitors online that typically give on average 30 day money back offers, Inmotion is unique in that they take a step further by giving 90 days!

Not only are InMotion web hosting super faster and reliable, but also worth trying with this refund policy in place. However, there is only one other web hosting company that beats the Inmotion hosting’s guarantee by 7 days: DREAMHOST!

Amazingly they offer users a 97 day money back guarantee which gives them even more time to try their web hosting services. Go here to www.dreamhost.com for more details on trying them today.

Inmotion Hosting Review 2018: How Is Inmotion Hosting Uptime?

On the official website, Inmotion states having a 99.9% Uptime Gaurantee with their web hosting services. I mention it in this Inmotion hosting review because you should know how dependable and reliable they are as a host.

As with any host there is always some point where you may have some down periods, but with Inmotion, it’s nothing in comparison with competitors like iPage hosting. iPage is the cheapest web hosting provider online that starts at $1.99/month and many beginners use them. But being that it is so cheap, many later complain about its constant downtime & bad customer services. This is why as a blogger I highly recommend Inmotion hosting if you are considering their services.

They have super reliable web hosting that your website can count on.

inmotion hosting

Uptime is important with any website because it determines when your website is online or not. With Inmotion hosting they have really great uptime that really dependable.

Visit here www.InMotionHosting.com to Get Started Now!

 Inmotion Hosting Review – The InMotion Hosting cPanel

inmotion hosting

What I like about the InMotion hosting cPanel is that the setup is very similar to other web hosts such as Hostgator, A2 Hosting, Hosting24 and Siteground. You still have access to 1-click scripts such as:

  • WordPress
  • Drupal
  • Joomla
  • Prestashop
  • OpenCart
  • Magento
  • php88
  • phpList & more!

Visit here www.InMotionHosting.com to Get Started Now!


There are many Inmotion hosting reviews out there, but I hope that this info here was clear and transparent. Today I have given you a lot of information to consider to help you decide about starting your new website with InMotion hosting.

As a blogger, I realize that it’s extremely important to have dependable web hosting that is super reliable 24/7 when visitors search for you online. Also great customer support is key in the event you encounter any problems. Thankfully Inmotion Hosting has both and does stand out from the competition.

I could reason that paying for cheaper web hosting is better to start a website, but is it really? Cheaper is not always better. It’s always good to go with host that provides all the services that you need to build your new website.

Now it’s time to hear from you. Which plan will you start your website with today? What did you like most about this Inmotion hosting review? It’s your time to shine now below. Talk to me..

000webhost Review 2018: Free Hosting Scam or Legit? Read this first!

If you are reading this 000webhost reviewlikely you want to know if www.000webhost.com is a free web hosting scam or really worth using? Millions of people just like you who want to start a new website ask themselves if 000webhost is really reliable for hosting websites or just a mere headache?

If that is your case, then you have come to the right place because today’s 000webhost review is for you. So keep reading below to discover what you absolutely need to know before trying 000webhost!!

Hold off on your questions and comments and leave them at bottom of the review below..

Let’s get started..

000webhost review

What is 000webhost? 

000webhost at www.000webhost.com is one of the most well known providers of free web hosting services since 2007. According to their website they have over 16 milloon users globally. Likely you are trying to save a buck by using their free web hosting platform. But, is it a good idea or not?

What To Expect from this 000webhost Review?

All free web hosting services including 000webhost promise all that and a bag funions, but don’t really deliver all that most users expect for web hosting.

As the research shows in this 000webhost review below, this host has gotten a a lot of attention by the online community. But before we get into all the bad, let’s highlight a few good things about this free web hosting company. Hopefully in this 000webhost review we will answer all of your questions and clear up any doubts you may have regarding this hosting provider.

The Good Thing About 000webhost?

  • Free Domain registration
  • Free Website Builder
  • In Business Since 2017
  • cPanel with PHP & MySQL
  • Access to WordPress, Drupal, Joomla scripts..
  • Offers Free & Paid Hosting Services

The Bad Thing About 000webhost? 

Should You Use 000webhost free web hosting? 

In short, I must NO in this 000webhost review. I could say this is 4 other languages, but English is good enough. I think you get the point. The negatives far outweight the positives and it’s look way too risky to use this free web hosting company.

Do we recommend 000webhost free hosting?  

Although 000webhosting web hosting is FREE, I must say that I can not recommend them to others. Why? As mentioned before,they have way too many complaints and negative comments online by it users regarding fraud, 13 million passwords being hacked and security breaches.

As mentioned above, some have had accounts canceled without notice. This is quite common with free hosting services. This is the case because the domain, although free is NOT self hosted rather is belongs to 000webhost.

Also, although they don’t place ads or banners on users websites as most free hosting providers do, users complain about downtime & customer support.

These reasons alone move me to just get “PAID WEB HOSTING” from a quality hosting provider that is inexpensive. Paying a little out of pocket is worth wild if it means you can have a secure website. Website security is top priority when online and using free web hosting is something you should stay away from!

Selecting a good web hosting provider that is reliable should be your #1 priority when creating a website. You can have a pretty website, but if it’s not secure and visible online when customers search for what you offer, then people will go somewhere else. That’s why it is well worth spending a few bucks on a web host that is secure and provides great uptime for your website.

000webhost Review: Good Alternatives to 000webhost? 

Although 000webhost free web hosting has its good and more BAD, there are many awesome alternatives in this 000webhost review that will work great for site building.

Some really good reliable hosting are: A2Hosting, Hostgator, WPX Hosting and iPage.

But Our Top 2 Recommendations: Bluehost and SiteGround

siteground and bluehost

Bluehost hosting & SiteGround offer 100% secure and provides daily backups of your website with 30 day money back guarantees!

These hosts are very affordable allowing you to start a website for a little as $3.95/month.

If you are running a website that collects a customer’s personal info such as credit card info, etc..a SSL certificate is a MUST HAVE that you don’t get with free hosting services.

Also with SiteGround &  Bluehost you can host unlimited domains with unlimited disk space, bandwidth along with cPanel. These are features that you don’t get with free web hosting services being they have so many limitations.

But when you start your own self hosted website there is so much flexibility and wiggle room considering all of SEO features and perks you get for marketing and advertising. That’s why I recommend them Bluehost and SiteGround in this 000webhost review versus using FREE WEB HOSTING any day!

000Webhost Review Conclusion

After reading this 000webhost review, what do think about their web hosting? Are you still stuck on being cheap & using free web hosting? Or do you see the real dangers and disadvantages of using free web hosting like 000webhost?

On the other hand, which of our 2 recommended alternatives to 000webhost will you select today to create your website? Bluehost or SiteGround?

Click banners below for more information and your website started today!

Web Hosting