WP SpamShield: Best anti spam WordPress plugin in my opinion

Are you considering the WP SpamShield? Then read this brief review first to see why you should install this gem today!

If you have just started your blog online with WordPress, there is one big problem that you will face after you submit new posts or articles – SPAM!

How do you stop or block spam comments as a new blogger using WordPress? By installing the best anti spam WordPress plugin – WP SpamShield!

What is spam? Well, it’s not that potted meat stuff you eat that comes in the can. Rather, it is something that all bloggers absolutely hate. Spam are comments that come mostly from bots or viruses. They also can be comments that are submitted by human visitors that go way off topic or have absolutely nothing to do with your theme that you have written.

Having the best anti spam WordPress plugin is a must have for any self-hosted blog. How do you get a good spam blocker? If you are logged in to your WordPress dashboard, then first you will click on your “Plugins” tab on left panel, then on “add new“. From this next page you can search in the tool bar for the term “anti-spam” and hit the search key. You will then see many plugins available for download for anti-spam blockers for WordPress.

Now, picking the best anti spam WordPress plugin to install for your blog is important because it will determine how effective it is in combating spam comments. I recommend that you view and select from those that have:

1) the most downloads

2) plugins that have been updated

There is a good reason for this. Obviously, you do not want to waste time everyday deleting trash comments that really don’t make any sense. Your time is far more valuable to do that. If you see for example that lots of people have downloaded an anti spam blocker and that recently it has been updated, chances are that the author of this listens to customer feedback and makes corrections. This is good because the better the anti spam plugin, the less work you will have do. You will now be able to focus the majority of your time on your blog material, reading and approving comments that actually complement your material.

The best anti spam WordPress plugin that I have found was WP SpamShield. It’s a really cool plugin that eliminates the need for captcha fields. It’s like having firewall that deletes comments that appear to be spam even before they arrive to your queue. Although this WordPress plugin is just one of many that you can choose to install to get rid of spam comments from your plugins section, it’s #1 for all of blogs!

I hope that you have enjoyed this brief review of the WP SpamShield plugin.

Do you already have WP SpamShield installed? What do you think about this plugin? I would love to read your comments below.

2 Comments to “WP SpamShield: Best anti spam WordPress plugin in my opinion”

  1. Vinay says:

    Very nice and wise collection of words to describe the importance of anti-spam plugins.
    I am running a video website. And when I started it, the Akismet was already installed. I want to ask is it necessary to install more anti-spam plugins to protect my website. I mean, professionally how many anti-spam plugins should be installed if you want 100% protection.

    1. learnanet says:

      Thanks Vinay for your comment. Askimet is a great anti-spam plugin to use. This particular one that I use that I reviewed here has worked perfectly for me. Vinay,there is no need to download more that 1 anti-spam plugin for your site. The more plugins you install to your site that you are not using could actually make your site run slower. The WP Spamshield is free & doesn’t require registering for a API key to use it and personally it has save me a lot time in blocking spam. Hopefully this answers your question.


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