Once Driven Review – A Scam or Legit? Read this first!

If you are reading this Once Driven review, likely you have received a call or 2 or 3 from these guys trying to sell you their unsolicited car selling services.

What to Expect in This Review of Once Driven:

In this Once Driven review I will tell you about my personal experience with Once Driven, what I really think about them and some things you can do to stop their car selling calls.

Recently, I placed a classified ad on Craigslist to sell one of my cars. This is not the first time that I have sold a car on the site, however the first time it has resulted with multiple calls from this company Once Driven.

The caller Aaron has phoned several times at different hours leaving the same sells-driven message about how his company Once Driven can sell my car fast with a list of buyers that they have ready to purchase my car. The first 2 calls from Aaron came from 18889416515. The following phone calls were BLOCKED with a voicemail left stating that I could call him back at 15409044838.

In one of his messages Aaron states that it won’t cost that much to get my car sold. However, in another message he says that there is a small charge of $200 which will be worth my while and get me guaranteed results! The first thing that I asked myself is..how can you deliver anyone guaranteed results on a car that you haven’t seen or driven before? Not logical.

Has this been your experience with these guys? I am guessing so if you reading my Once Driven review. Let me know in the comments section below what you think. If this has been your case, then I am quite sure that you did not solicit their car selling services.

What to do?

Whenever I place an ad on CL I always select the box at the end to specify that I do not want any sells-related calls. This usually works to avoid these types of unsolicited sells calls.

I am not sure if you are already registered on the Do Not Call List. If so, one thing that you can do is file a complaint & report Once Driven for not respecting your privacy here. Telemarketing companies have to respect this or else they face a hefty fine!

Another thing that you can do to stop unsolicited calls from Once Driven or other telemarketers is to block them on your smart phone. If you have an iPhone, when you look at your call log and then click on “Block this Caller” and it will block them.

Should you use Once Driven or Not to Sell Your Car? 

Being that we live in an era of BEWARE, I decided to do some research online to find out more about Once Drive at www.oncedriven.com. Also, I stopped by the BBB site to see what they thought about the company and to my surprise I saw this report here. (This link will open in another tab to view).

The purpose of my Once Driven review is not to tell you what to decide. If I have sold my previous cars on CL without any problem in the past, why do I need to pay someone to do it for me now?

Supposedly they have a list of buyers ready to buy per messages left, but my reasoning then is why pay nearly $200 fee ($189 per site) to list my car when I can do that myself? There is no guarantee that your car will be sold. They guarantee that they will continue to market it until it is sold beyond the 45 days. Any advertiser who places an ad on CL can repost for free. There is no charge to do this so I don’t see why I would need their car selling services, nor why they feel they have the right to call you several times soliciting unwanted business.

After reading this Once Driven Review, what do you personally think? Do you think it’s worth your time and money? Your comments below please.

Perry Buick Review: The Best Car Dealership In My Opinion

If you are looking for a great car accompanied by awesome customer service, then I recommend the Perry Buick dealership located at 6633 E. Virginia Beach Blvd, Norfolk, Virginia.

In this brief Perry Buick review, I will discuss what I love about this dealership that really sets it apart from others. Also, I will share my recent car buying experience at Perry Buick.

As a disclaimer, let me first mention that I am not an affiliate nor employee of Perry Buick, rather simply a happy customer. Me and my wife had been searching for good reliable cars online for about a month due to our previous car that died on us. We were mainly in search for something foreign as these are our preference.

A family member told us about a really nice representative who worked at this Perry Buick named Mr. Tanksley. Although this car dealership specializes in Buick makes, we contacted him about a Nissan Sentra that we saw online.

Mr. Tanksley was very professional and very helpful every step of the way. Although he has been in sales for over 30 years, we didn’t feel at any moment that anyone was trying to SELL us anything. From test driving to the actual purchase, the entire process probably took a little over 1 hr to complete which was quick considering other car dealership experiences that we have had in the past.

Why this Perry Buick Review?

I think that this type of customer service that we experienced is hard to find & is worth mentioning. I am giving kudos to them because most of the times when a person goes to a dealership to shop or purchase a specific car, most dealers want to show you several different cars that are over your budget to get you to spend more than planned. That was NOT the case at Perry Buick. We mentioned our price point along with our projected monthly payment and they gave us just that. This in my opinion is probably the absolute best car buying experience that we have ever had. We drove about 1 1/2 hours to the dealership and it was well worth it!

Concluding Words:

If you live in the Norfolk Virginia and/or Hampton Roads areas, I definitely recommend that you try Perry Buick first for your next car buying experience.

Thank you for reading this brief Perry Buick review. Your comments below.