Google Top 10 Rankings – The Hot Diggity Truth About How To Get Google Top 10 Rankings Fast!

When it comes to getting Google top 10 rankings you don’t have to go to far to find an abundance of videos and info by marketers about how to get to the 1st page fast in search engines. If you are reading this post on How to Get Google Top 10 Rankings fast, then you are probably looking for quick yet effective ways to not only increase your web traffic, but get traffic that converts.

I wrote this article because it can be really hard online to sift & sooth thru all of the myths, fluff and hype that out there. Something that I discovered recently that I going to share today might rock your world and make you look at SEO marketing a little differently. At least it did with me.

You see, when it comes to discovering how to get Google top 10 rankings fast, some people may think that it’s as simple as building a website and that everything it just going to happen overnight in a question of minutes. Not true! Before a person builds a website or blog online, or even buys web hosting services, one should understand more about SEO techniques & how to use these to get to the first page. This requires some real time and work.

Why do I say this? Because if you are anything like me and you have ordered products online and tried to promote them online via MLM, networking business opportunity or an affiliate marketing program, then you know that they all promise the same thing that you will make big money overnight. But this is not true. Most people are really not looking for the product that you are promoting. However, they will most likely be searching on Google using keywords that relate to your product. And the truth is that’s once people have in mind what they are looking for the usually stop and select from whatever appears on the first page of what results in Google top 10 rankings. Most people will jump at the first thing that appears versus continuing to surf through other pages for more results.

Something that I learned and came to appreciate that helps to see how to get Google top 10 rankings & really improve SEO was the importance of using long tail keywords when promoting products. Long tail keywords are typically phrases that are 3-5 words long that searches use to find things online. They key with ranking is knowing not only what terms searches use to find products and services, however how you can tap into the mind the mind of potential customers with your marketing techniques.

LongTailPro is an awesome SEO tool that helps you to find keywords that are less competitive, yet generate lots of targeted free traffic to your website to get you into Google top 10 rankings fast. Another great keyword software to use is Power Suggest Pro.

Long tail keywords these days are what really help you to capitalize on less competitive searched terms that the bid wigs are not after and get to the 1st page faster although your website many not have the weight, age and authority as others.

When you really think about it, if it was so easy as many paint marketing to be, then everybody would already be successful & in Google top 10 rankings, right? But that’s not the case because it does require real work to achieve it.

Have you tried and used Longtail Pro to rank with Google top 10 results? If you so, please tell us in the comments section how you have benefited from using it or other good tools that have helped you to rank and get traffic.

How to use press releases to advertise a business 101

How to Use Press Releases to Advertise A Business

Press releases have long been used for many media outlets around the world and also by companies to deliver updates and broadcast news. But did you know that you can also use press releases to advertise things such as your products and business services? Buy how?

How to Write a Press Release

When writing, there are usually 5 basic sections that you will want to have to really see how to use press releases to advertise a business:

1.The heading with the title – As press releases are designed to be more informative, the heading and title should be eye-catching to motivate a viewer to read further, yet still presented as news versus a sales pitch.

2. Summary of the article – the summary section of the press release will provide a quick brief overview of what a viewer can expect to learn in your press release.

3. The body – the body section of a press release if where you give the meat and deliver the actual news that you would like to inform the public of. For example, one may notice how companies may announce a new product or service that will be available on a specific date to the public. Again this information is here to provide details & benefits about these products with some specific specs such as prices, however delivered in an informative manner.

4. Press contact – this info should a maybe your company spokesman or representative who can answer any further questions about your company and products. By including perhaps a name along with direct phone number, then may drive calls to your business.

5. Info about the company – this portion of the press release is also an informative section that is very important that will include some details about how long your company has been in business, the markets it covers and perhaps a website link if your company has an online presence or storefront where consumers can visit to discover more about your brand. Having a professional website where you can point your potential clients also helps to establish your credibility of company.

Press releases will give you the opportunity to share with the public valuable news about your business and products. When writing press releases, you want to keep in mind that they are designed to be more informative to your audience versus presenting a sales pitch.

Where Do I Start Publishing?

There are many high ranked press release sites at your disposal that you could use to publicize your content. is a good place to start if you are new to the idea. FPR even gives you a free how to tutorial to get you off to good start.

To see a list of free press release sites that you can also submit your articles, take a glance at a great list that I found online at

Benefits of Learning How to Use Press Releases to Advertise A Business

One of the many benefits of learning how to use press releases to advertise a business is that they can also help you to build backlinks for SEO & drive a substantial amount of targeted traffic for your business when picked up on search engines like Google and Yahoo. You may have noticed that when you are performing searches online, search engines may display in their results press releases right the first page. PR sites have high authority from a search engine like Google’s point of view so this means that they will on many occasions give preference to these types of sites.

Press releases are just one of the many marketing techniques that you could add to your basket of eggs to advertise your business. They have helped many to succeed with getting more exposure and leads to their businesses online and can do the same for you if you give them a try.

If you have tried or are using presently press releases to advertise your business, what results have you experienced from using them? I would love to read your comments below 🙂 And thanks again for reading this quick article on how to use press releases to advertise a business!

Nationwide Advertising Review: Great For Nationwide Newspaper Advertising or Not?

Is Nationwide Advertising Newspapers a good option to add to your marketing plan?

Well, today in this post we will provide some reasons in this Nationwide Advertising review that will show you why you should consider adding newspaper outlets like to your current marketing plan.

When it comes to advertising any business, a business owner should consider and be open to a wide range of advertising methods to get the most exposure to products and services. Today’s entrepreneur should not throw all eggs into 1 basket.

Nationwide Advertising based in Orlando Florida, at is what a business owner and marketer could call a one stop shop for nationwide newspaper advertising. With them, you can expose your business across the country in some 21,000 newspapers and reach an upwards of 1 million readers. Nationwide Advertising also specializes in magazine ad placement for many recognizable top brands. You can view some brands here.

Why Should You Consider Nationwide Advertising Newspapers For Your Marketing?

#1 Although the great majority of people today conduct searches online using Google, Yahoo & Bing for products and services that they want to buy using their smartphones and computers, there are still yet millions of people who prefer the old fashion way of getting things.

#2 The great thing about Nationwide Advertising Newspapers is that you can not only place ads in newspapers for specific cities or states, but you can use them for online classified newspapers. This means that you can tap into both markets and not overlook a potential buyer who may be searching for your products and services using these sources.

#3 Another reason to give them a try is that they are very reputable company that has been around since 1999 and also very affordable. Also, Nationwide Advertising has a grade A+ report here with the BBB.

#4 If you have somewhat of a shoestring budget, you can start off advertising using their pennysavers & thrifty nickel newspapers.

#5 For internet marketers that want to tap into magazine and tabloid classified ads, then Nationwide Advertising would be a great option to test your targeted your market. You can select and place classifieds and banner ads in a number of magazines like:

  • Entrepreneur Magazines
  • Income Opportunities Magazine
  • National Enquirer
  • The Opportunity World Magazine
  • Money n Profits
  • Multilevel Marketing Magazine
  • Start Your Own Business Magazine
  • Parenting Magazine
  • Essence
  • American Baby Magazine & more!

These are just a number of the many benefits are using Nationwide Advertising to expose your business to more prospects and potential buyers of your products and services. The truth is that it doesn’t what type of business you own. If you are not constantly exposing your business to everything that breathes by every means possible, then you could been bypassing or overlooking a huge market of buyers who searching, would otherwise not find you.

My Conclusion On This Nationwide Advertising Review 

So in conclusion, although employing  methods like SEO, Youtube, email marketing, blogging, social media.. (just to name a few) are the most trending types of marketing today, do not underestimate the power and effectiveness of newspaper advertising. Whether your business operates and caters to a local market or services other markets, I definitely recommend adding Nationwide Advertising your marketing nest egg!

To find out more information about giving Nationwide Advertising a test drive today, you can visit their official website here!

Have you tried Nationwide Newspaper Advertising before? And if so, what have been some of your personal results as a business owner? I would be glad to hear your comments below.