Review – Scam or Legit? Read this First!

If you reading this review, likely you have seen these crazy ads posted all over craigslist. If that is the case then you are wondering if it a legitimate way to make some honest money as a mystery shopper or is it just another SCAM! Keep reading to see what I discovered!.. review

What to Expect In This Review

I am writing this review today because I wanted to give you the truth about this scam based on my personal research.

My first encounter with mystery shopper online job scam was through a search on CL I made a few days again. Interestingly it was titled ” Undercover Shopper” with the following ad body:

“We are seeking Secret Shoppers to help assess customer service. 

It needs to be excellent. Only a few hours daily, a weekend.

To Apply come visit us:
www.gain.gaininstantly.comIf You Are Approved you will receive our instructional guide and will start your duties within 24 hours.

Rate of pay is $15 an hour”

When following the link that was in the CL ad, it forwards to

With the exceptional of the purple ink skinned site, everything appears to look legit, but it’s not. They even have an embedded video that features an excerpt from GMA about mystery shopper jobs. If you watch the video through, you will note that GMA does NOT promote this company nor their site above. They simply mention that the concept is a good idea. Why is this important?

It is true that there are many legitimate companies that seek REAL mystery shoppers to try their products and check on staff periodically. However, it’s also true that legitimate companies that are hiring provide you with ALL the real details including contact info. The only contact info that I found on the site was an email address for support. There is no business number to contact, nor physical address for the company which screams scam in my mind.

Also, when you click on the YT video on the website that girl who posted it is named Jennifer Johnson. She has a few other videos all of which advertise these woman who supposedly no longer have to ask their husbands for money because they found “”. Yeah right. Not convincing at all and totally scripted. When you actually go to the website that tails with “jobs” above, it is no longer online. This kind of reminds me of another scam I wrote a review on some time ago called

Should You Use to Make Money? No Way

Based on online complaints & what I have personally found & revealed in this review, I would recommend that you stay 1000 miles away from this company. It will NOT make you any money. Think, any time a person must submit info BEFORE you can dial and speak to a live person is never a good idea.

Ways to Make Money Online As Mystery Shoppers 

In the past I used to work with a legitimate mystery shopping company that I found via a temp services years ago. My job consisted of simply going inside of a specific chain of gas stations and then picking up a case of beer or wine and walking to cash register to see if they would check my ID. If they checked my ID, I gave them a green card & if not I gave them a red one that they had to give to their manager.

Although, I was of age, it’s surprising how many cashiers just assume & don’t ID you.  This is a huge risk and liability for ANY establishment selling alcoholic beverages. I made good money with the temp service as a mystery shopper.

If you are looking for a way to make some real honest money with legitimate mystery shoppers, try searching in your local community for local employment agencies or temp services that offer these. Being these types of jobs tend to be part-time, many companies will outsource these positions and hire through an agency that screens seekers.

There are a lot of money making opportunities online, but abundant are the scams and is one of them.

Thanks for reading this review. Have you had any experiences with this company? Now it’s your time to talk to us below in the comments..

Skinny Body Care Business Opportunity Review – What You Don’t Know About Skinny Body Care Business!


skinny body care business opportunity review

Read my honest Skinny Body Care Business Opportunity Review where you will learn if you can really make money with the Skinny Body Care business opportunity or not? If the Skinny Fiber business is really worth your time or not?  Are their weight loss & anti-aging products worth sharing with others? Take a quick minute to read an overview of all you need to know before you join the Skinny Body Care business opportunity!

[Please see my disclaimer page here. Will open in separate tab]

What is Skinny Body Care? The Company

If you made it to this site today it’s because either you have seen perhaps a classified ad online or been approached by SBC distributor. The company was founded in 2011 by Ben Glinsky & offers 6 top weight loss and anti-aging skin creams for those wanting to lose weight and look younger.

In this Skinny Body Care business opportunity review, we will discuss more in detail about the products below.

Is the Skinny Body Care Business Opportunity a Scam or Really Legit? 

SBC offers real products that actually work. The business opp is 100% legit and definitely NOT a scam. It’s worth joining if you want to work from home to help other people lose weight. Honestly, if you don’t have the mindset to want to help others, then this is NOT if for you because you will NOT make any money with it. Skinny Body Care is a real business that requires The company has been around for quite some time and has Skinny Body Care distributors and customers in some 149 countries around the world.

Is the Skinny Body Care Business Opportunity for You?

I don’t know. Only you can really decide if you are serious or not. What I can say is that the Skinny Body Care business opportunity is designed for anyone who is looking for an honest way to make money from home with high demand products. Think about a few figures to see the huge need for the weight loss & anti-aging products that Skinny Body Care offers.

According to Americans spend about $60 billions dollars a year on weight loss. Everybody wants to lose weight and look slimmer. Also, according to GlobeNewsWire, people spent $140.3 billion in 2015 the anti-aging market. These statistics show that people are no doubt searching for products that Skinny Body Care offers.

The biz opp gives you an opportunity to share it with others who want to either:

1) Lose weight or look younger or

2) Make money from home doing #1 & helping others also.

Does that make sense to you? If so, next in this Skinny Body Care business opportunity review, we need to talk more about the products. Hit play below to watch the video to learn about Skinny Body Care products.

The Products

How to Make Money Making with Skinny Body Care Business Opportunity

In this Skinny Body Care Business Opportunity Review, we have already established that SBC is 100% legit. However, you should understand that with any home business, income generated is dependent on a distributor’s personal efforts. With that said, let’s take a glance under the hood.

The first thing that you want to do is to test the system for yourself to see how it makes you money before you actually spend any. You can pre-enroll by visiting the site of any independent distributor. What this means is that you are getting a free temporary distributor position with the company before you actually join the biz.

Why is this? Every Thursday, SBC has what is calls a “cutoff” day. This cut off day looks at everyone that has been placed in your powerline (downline) by your team since the day you pre-enrolled. Anyone who joins as a customer under you during this period will earn you a commission. You receive an email each and every time someone joins your powerline. This allows you to see ahead the power of the system with your team before you have even put 2 feet in to the business opportunity.

For more info on the Skinny Body Care comp plan, click play!

To help you make money from home with Skinny Body Care business, the company gives you a FREE corporate affiliate link, several lead capture landing pages along with instructive videos and team training.

To get started with business opportunity, you must simply buy 1 bottle of product + a $10 one-time affiliate fee to start generating fast start commissions and building residual income.


In my opinion, there are NOT many if ANY legitimate biz opps out that will actually let you test the system out before actually shelling out any money from pocket. That’s the truth that I can tell you outright based on my experience working from home. If you join the right now, you will have the opportunity to make money from home & build residual income over time with the fastest Skinny Body Care team that will help you build along the way.

In this Skinny Body Care business opportunity review, I have given you a lot to consider to make an informed decision today. The next step would be to reserve a free spot to test the SBC system out for yourself. Remember, all products come with a risk-free money back guarantee.

Have you tried or thought about joining the Skinny Body Care Business Opportunity? Have you had any success with it? Leave your comments below please. Review – Scam or Legit? Read This First!

A Honest Pocket Money Cash Review

If you are considering with the possibility of making money from home, then you better read this brief Pocket Money Cash Review first before giving any of your personal information on this website!

Today I happen to be surfing CL trying to help out a friend of mine who was looking for a job when I came across a money making advertisement for an internet job.

What is

Pocket Money Cash, online at is a scam looking website online that supposedly offers unlimited jobs positions, making up to $500 per day and up to $10,000 a month requiring no experience at all. Per their website, it takes 5-10 minutes and a person can make money every 10 seconds performing these “unknown tasks” on the internet. Need I say more?

What is interesting that leads us to conclude that Pocket Money Cash is a scam is the whole way the website is setup. The only contact info on the website is an email address provided for support. Second, the style and way the site is written has a lot of grammatical errors. The site provides no actual real information about what type of tasks or work a person will do on the internet before signing up. What’s even crazier is that a person has to reach high payout of $300 to receive payment for work done via Paypal, Cheque, Money Gram, Payza, Moneybookers, or a by bank transfer at the end of the money.

Any seekers of real and legitimate money making opportunities should be leery about sites like Pocket Money Cash. While you are reading the Pocket Money Cash review, please ask yourself the following questions…

  • Why should anyone promote any products, services or affiliate links and have to build up $300 before getting paid?
  • How long does it really take a person to generate those $300?
  • What exactly will I have to do to make money with this company?
  • Why can’t I know what job I will be performing BEFORE I signup for an account?
  • If I need help or customer support, is there a phone number to speak to a real person?

Not only is there no company info on the website, but also none of these questions above are answered on the site which for me spells like a scam. So to conclude, please save your time and energy. Do not signup or promote something that is vague & likely will not work nor make you any money.

Thank you for reading this brief Pocket Money Cash Review. I hope that is was helpful to make a wise decision.

If you like this review and have already tried Pocket Money Cash, what have been your personal results, if any? Your comments below.


How Do Bloggers Make Money on Youtube? 5 Things To Consider First To Make Money On Youtube!

Have you wondered how do bloggers make money on Youtube? Is it really possible to do or just a waste of time?

Recently I wrote a post about how to make money blogging here, but today I will provide some brief suggestions specifically about how do bloggers make money on Youtube.

I always find it really interesting to see on Youtube how so many funny and rare videos just go viral online and become overnight sensations! Sometimes these viral videos may be about silly things young kids say or do that is unbelievable, or sometimes things that are trending. Whatever the case, these Youtube grab the attention of the masses. How can bloggers do the same? Well consider a few things below that are important to help you appreciate really how do bloggers make money on Youtube.

#1 Be Yourself When Making Youtube Videos

BE YOURSELF. We all have seen YT videos online about supposed products that a marketer has tried and used and now is recommending to you. We can often and quickly notice if the person is lying or really telling the truth usually by the tonality and delivery of the material.

As a blogger, I think it is always good to actually buy and use a product before making a video about it online because you can provide your Youtube audience firsthand with “YOUR PERSONAL EXPERIENCE” that does not have any hype and your review will be expressed in your own sincere words which all of us really appreciate at that end of the day. Viewers will actually visit your website if you mention it in the video and want to buy want ever it is that your recommending because you actually took time to personally connect with them.

#2 How Long Should A Blogger’s Video Be on Youtube? 

I hate videos that are too long and know that most people’s attention span is about 5 minutes long before getting distracted with something that’s more interesting.

Have you noticed that most of the videos on YT that get a lot of views are those that typically last anywhere in the ballpark of 3-5 minutes. This is great timing because with most viewers that are searching for information on a topic want an answer or their curiosity satisfied quickly. If your videos are way too long, in many cases the viewer may get tired or distracted & will likely stop the video and click away to look at something else that may peek their interest. So keep the videos short, sweet and to the point always drive traffic to your personal blog or website.

#3 How Do Bloggers Make Money Youtube By Buying The Best Video Cameras?

Most of the Youtube videos online get the more hits due to the quality of the camera used. Smartphones have really revolutionalized that way today’s viewers access material and make it easy to view in the palm of your hands. However even with smartphones, you have to hold in your hand steady while filming. I hate seeing a video where the person is filming themselves and the camera is like constantly shaking and the voice quality is not so clear. It makes you dizzy right? If you are blogging and promoting a product on YT and a viewer can not even see or hear you, they will likely not be so interested in clinking through to your link.

There are some great cameras online to help you make money on Youtube. You can search on Amazon and find some really great inexpensive HD quality cameras with stands or tripods to make your videos to upload to your channel or blog.

 Click Here To View & Buy A Quality Camera On Amazon Today!

#4 How Do Bloggers Make Money on Youtube with Google Adsense?

There was a video some time ago that I saw online that went viral and resulted that the owner of the channel was to now send her 8 yr old kid to college due the earnings she made from Google Adsense on the video. His video got like 1.3 million plus views and counting! These means that he will make money for the rest of life every time people see his video about toys. I mention this quick because you blogger and share videos on Youtube talking about anything. You never know what video might catch the eye of the viewer 🙂

When you signup to participate in the Google Adsense program, please bear in mind that there is no guarantee of a set income to expect. All income generated is solely dependent on the clicking of the little ads from your Youtube viewers that are conveniently placed at the of the videos and advertisements during the videos. So this is another avenue that helps you to see how bloggers make money on Youtube.

Note: Please DO NOT click these Google ads on Youtube as this will get you banned for life from using Google Adsense and their program. As a blogger, you should know that these ads that are positioned on Youtube are there because advertisers pay for them to advertise their products and services. So do no click nor incite others to do so.

=>> Click Here To Learn More About How To Make Money With Google Adsense <<=

# 5 How Do Bloggers Make Money On Youtube By Building Subscribers?

One of the main things to never forget in a video is to ask a viewer at some point to subscribe to your YT channel before finishing your video. It’s true that with videos online, viewers will automatically subscribe for some channels with extremely funny videos, however that is not the case for all. This is important because with any new videos that you release about your niche, all of your subscribers will see them.

=>> Click Here For Help On How To Build A Youtube Audience <<=

Youtube Subscribers are like the bread crumbs to your channel that you can continue to promote your blog posts and drive even more traffic to your blog if you give them what they are searching for. Encourage your subscribers to comment on your videos and also on your blog posts by visiting your link placed in the video description area below the video. The more comments you have on your Youtube videos, the higher up in search Google displays them and gets you more traffic back your blog which means you can make more money. This will doubt help your SEO rankings also!

Hopefully this share today was great to see how do bloggers make money on Youtube and provides you with some more ideas to get your blogging off to good start on Youtube.

If you are a blogger who uses Youtube, what have been your results been and what suggestions do you add to make money on Youtube? Your comments below please 🙂

7 Ways Bloggers Make Money from their blogs in 2018? Secrets Revealed!

If you are looking for legitimate ways bloggers make money from their blogs?

This is a really good question that you are probably asking yourself if you just started a blog or thinking of making one. I had to ask myself and find the answer before I starting this blog. Today I am going to reveal to some simple ways to make money with a blog to help you get started.

Let’s start off by stating that it’s not just about throwing up a blog using platforms like WordPress or Blogspot. Anyone can pick a domain name, get web hosting for a blog & start popping out articles. But it’s not just about that.

There are some extremely important things that you must consider BEFORE you can appreciate true ways bloggers make money from their blogs online.

First ask yourself..

  • What will I name my blog?
  • Which web hosting company will I use?
  • What will I blog about?
  • Who will be my target audience?
  • How will drive traffic to my blog?
  • How will I monetize my blog?
  • How will I build my brand online?
  • How will I learn Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?

These are just a few of the many questions that should be considered before starting a blog online. Let’s talk a little bit about these questions that I have raised and how it helps you to see how bloggers make money from their blogs, okay? Alright let’s go for it!

What will I name my blog? 

This is important. One of the ways bloggers make money is by picking a good website name. Consider your main focus and determine a good simple name that visitors will remember. Also it’s a good idea to include your keywords in your domain name.

For example, if you will blog about “weight loss diets, you could buy a domain from Bluehost that includes those keywords. This will help when people search for it online.

To get your own FREE domain name, visit here:

Which Web Hosting Company Will I Use?

There are many web hosting services, but it’s important that you get a reliable provider. There are reputable providers with great uptime such as Bluehost, Siteground, A2 Hosting, Hostgator, and Pressidium just to name a few to build your new website. They are all very affordable and come with money back guarantees.

What Will I Blog About?

What do you have a passion for doing? What do you like doing more than anything else in the world? This could provide you with solid ideas that will help you see what you will call your domain (website name) and also the material that you will blog about on your niche.

For more ideas on how to pick a good niche to blog about, check out this cool book I found on Amazon:

Niche Sites With Affiliate Marketing For Beginners: Niche Market Research, Cheap Domain Name & Web Hosting, Model For Google AdSense, ClickBank, SellHealth, CJ & LinkShare (Online Business Series)

Who Will Be My Targeted Audience?

Once you decide your passion of your new blog, then think about to whom and in which geographical areas you want to target? This also helps to come up with a more targeted domain name and identifies your brand for potential Googlers online who maybe searching for you. This is an important that helps determine ways bloggers make money with their blogs.

For example if your passion is tutoring Spanish students, your targeted audience would likely be middle to college level students currently taking or learning Spanish in school. Also if you want you can target your city, state or even go nationwide, then this helps your angle for domain selection as mentioned earlier.

Ways Bloggers Make Money: Driving Traffic To A Blog

For bloggers to make money with their blogs, they must drive traffic using major search engines like Google Yahoo and Bing.

Also, you must write very specific articles and unique content about your particular niche to help drive lots of FREE organic traffic to your site. However, another option is to generate traffic by using methods like Google Adwords or creating Youtube Videos.

Recently, I found a really great buy on Amazon that you might enjoy. Click below to purchase.

AdWords Workbook: 2017 Edition: Advertising on Google AdWords, YouTube, and the Display Network

Also, this is an awesome video by Darrel Wilson that I really like about Youtube Promotion

Ways Bloggers Make Money Using Keywords

You probably made it here to my blog by searching for “how do bloggers make money from their blogs?” This is a very specific query that searchers may type that we call “long tail keywords” that help to drive specific visitors to specific blog posts like these by minimizing your competition for specific.

You can learn more about long tail keywords here and how they will help you while blogging online.

Other ways bloggers make money from their blogs is by driving traffic using email marketing, writing reviews on products, social media, video marketing, ppc marketing, backlinking, Yahoo Answers, and even writing articles on other blogs as a guest blogger. Article Marketing sites like,, and also help to drive traffic. There are many other effective ones as well.

How Bloggers Make Money: Monetizing Blog

Bloggers make money with their blogs by monetizing them using products and ads.

For example, you may see sites online that have Google advertisements on the headers, above or below post titles, or even on the right shoulder of blog posts. These ads are strategically placed and targeted with the very theme of your blog. Whenever some clicks on those Google ads, the blogger gets paid. The more traffic you get to your site, the more money you can potentially make.

When bloggers make videos on Youtube and people click on those ads that are shown there, bloggers also make money from this also through Google.

Others ways bloggers make money on their bloggers is by promoting affiliate programs.

If you are new to the idea and have never even heard of an affiliate program, then let me tell you that there are little hundreds of them! But, by saying that I don’t want you get lost in the sauce! Simply find some with products that are related to your particular niche or hobby and promote those using their affiliate links. You can start out with affiliate programs like,, Commission Junction, or even Amazon.

Check out this awesome video on how to make money with Amazon’ Affiliate Program:

Amazon affiliate program is probably one of the top ways bloggers make money with their blogs. They are great to promote being that people already know and trust them online. Amazon’s products come with a money back guarantees if a customer is not satisfied with it, so this makes it a good bonus for customers to buy. You can sign up for Amazon Prime and also promote it on your new blog to make money.

Every time a visitor clicks on a link and buys something, the blogger gets paid a percentage of the sale of that product! You may see on this blog that there are banners promoting products and also Amazon related products. These are just a few ways bloggers make money by monetizing their blogs.

To Discover More Ways Bloggers Make Money On Amazon Click Here!

Learning Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Every blogger has to learn SEO. It’s basically how to make their blogs and sites lovable by Google and the other search engines using keywords in your content that viewers want to see. The better SEO, the more exposure and thus more money bloggers can make online with their blogs.

I like how Brian Dean Explains SEO in this Youtube video.

To learn some additional ways bloggers make money online from their blogs, you should also check out one of the top bloggers online Darren Rowse at I also recommend that you checkout his newly released book on “How to blog your way to 6 figure income“.

Darren Rowse is a highly respected authority online when it comes to bloggers making money from their blogs.


I have given quite a bit today to work with. As you could see above, there are many legit ways bloggers make money online.

Frankly, there is so much out there that I just wanted to give a few ideas to help you get off to good right start. We reviewed things like selecting the right domain and best web hosting right up to ways to promote & monetize the blog.

Hopefully by this post today you have come to see how do bloggers make money from their blogs and found some true value with it. If so, it’s now your time to shine.

What did you like most? Which methods or ways bloggers make money online will you implement on your blog? Your comments below please 🙂