Postal Job Placement Services Review: Legit or a Scam?

Postal Job Placement Services, online at is a website that has tons of classified postings all over CL.

Although I still believe that Craigslist is and always has been a great place to advertise, some may use it in the wrong way. I have seen very deceptive ads claiming that this company has positions open for individuals who want “postal jobs” and that they should contact them right now to fill positions. Don’t do it!!

You can see an example below.

This ad that I saw used an image with the website which simply redirect to another url

Note Update: Their website is now offline when visited per one of our commenters below. Wonders..

This site claims that they help you find a job with the US Postal Services. The catch is that they charge a fee as a deposit for a job seeker to be able to use their services. However, there is no guarantee that you will in fact receive a job with USPS.

This is company is NOT an affiliate of the USPS, rather claims to provide tips and guidance that per them will help job seekers for postal jobs to find positions. Postal Job Placement Services say that these postal jobs pay $21/hour and that a person can make up to 70k per year without any experience with the USPS.

In my opinion, that is a lot to promise considering they are NOT a real affiliate nor representatives of the USPS. How can someone guarantee such a sizable income?

It is true that government jobs have great benefits and great salaries, however it is best to speak with someone directly involved in the hiring process who can guarantee such a salary.

What To Do

If you are serious about working with the USPS and looking for available opportunities, you should go directly to their official website to apply at

Also, consider what the FTC says about these types of classified ads and why they are not good to respond to. Click here. One of the important things on the FTC site that you will appreciate is that these government jobs are FREE and that a person should not have to pay a deposit to get a job.

I hope that this Postal Jobs Placement Services Review saves you some time and money and also helps you to land a REAL job directly with USPS. I always invite comments below and thank you for reading this post!