Mama Kwan’s Review: Best Outer Banks Restaurant for 2017 In My Opinion!

Mama Kwan’s Review

In this Mama Kwan’s review, I will talk briefly about why I rate Mama Kwan’s as the best restaurant on the Outer Banks and why you should stop there while on vacation!

If you are vacationing soon to the Outer Banks and wondering about some great places to get a bite to eat, then Mama Kwan’s Grill & Tiki Bar is a must try.

I have dined in many Outer Banks restaurants over the years, however, this is probably my most frequented spot to eat hands down!

Where is Mama Kwan’s located? 

Mama Kwan’s is located around mile post 9 situated in Kill Devil Hills. The exact physical address of this restaurant is 1701 S Croatan Highway. However, if you are new to OBX, then the mile markers are your best friend to find it.

It’s in the area of what locals often call “burger alley”. If you are not familiar with this area, it where others like FiveGuys, McDonalds, Wendys, Azteca, etc..

How Is The Service?

Mama Kwan’s is a family oriented, non-chained environment where everybody knows your name and always knows what you want. The owners and staff are always nice, courteous and very service oriented. The food & service is always great and on point every visit.

How is Mama Kwan’s Food?

The next part of this Mama Kwan’s review that I cover is the FOOD. There is not much on the menu that I have not tried. Everything that comes out of the kitchen is absolutely de-lect-able! But I must say that if you love fish tacos, then hmm, hmmm, hmmm. Mama Kwan’s has the bomb dotcom blackened fish tacos. I don’t know what’s in the Mama Kwan’s fish taco recipe, but they are the best fish tacos that I have had thus far.

mama kwan's review blackened fish tacos

The Big Kahuna, which is their grilled chicken sandwich topped with cheese, lettuce & pineapples accompanied by fries. And yes, it is tasty also.

mama kwan's review big kahuna sandwich

I think that all of the food on Mama Kwan’s menu (lunch & dinner) is priced right and very affordable for all pockets.  So it doesn’t matter if you are dining solo or with a family of kids, Mama Kwan’s is a great option to eat.

I have mentioned only 2 of my personal favorites that I love, however to learn more about Mama Kwan’s menu & food, visit online at


I hope that this brief review of Mama Kwan’s food has opened up your appetite for your next vacation to the Outer Banks.

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Dunkin Donuts in Elizabeth City North Carolina

I was traveling and decided to stop at the Dunkin Donuts in Elizabeth City North Carolina. This wasn’t the first time that I have visited this particular Dunkin Donuts store, however, will say that it will be last. We typically get our coffees and breakfast there on the weekends and started going there because it was a new store that just opened. However, this past Saturday we stopped just to order 2 light & sweet coffees and when they were served the tops (lids) of both cups were both really dirty. Also there was milk and cream on the cup.

By highlighting this bad experience that we had at this Dunkin Donuts in Elizabeth City North Carolina is not with the intent to bash restaurants. All restaurants have good and bad days. However, when a cashier or server looks at the presentation of food before delivering it to a customer and then decides to still serve it to customer, then that is just not right in book. It’s unsanitary :((

What did we do? We immediately asked for our money back and cashier recognized the obvious and returned our money. This is probably the last time that we will come to this Dunkin Donuts in Elizabeth City North Carolina.