Thredup Review: A Scam or Legit? Read this first!

If you are reading this Thredup review, likely you have bought, sold or tried to sell clothes on this consignment store website. Or maybe you want to make a few bucks by cleaning out your closet. On any note, if you are curious about using Thredup, then you are wondering if it’s a scam or not. If this is the case, then keep reading..

thredup review

What to Expect In This Thredup Review

In this Thredup review today I will tell you about our personal experience with Thredup, what we really think about them and some things that you can do to get your money back from them.

Recently, my wife ordered 3 dresses online that totaled about $85, but with a coupon code would have been around $25! This is not the first time that she has bought clothes and things online, rather the first time that resulted in headaches using this company Thredup.

When the dresses arrived, she didn’t like it and wanted to request a refund for item. The problem? Thredup does NOT have a direct customer service phone number available on their website:(

Was that your case also? If so, I want to hear your experience in the comments below. We have searched all over their website for contact us links and the only way to reach anyone is via email. Crazy!

What kind of company offers customer service via email only? Very impersonal. My wife emailed them and got no answer. She emailed again and still didn’t get any response for when she would get her refund. Still waiting after 2 weeks of returning the items.

Should You Use Thredup to Sell or Buy Your Clothes?

The purpose of this Thredup review is not to tell you what to decide. Simply we just want to warn you of our personal experience and that of others who had no success communicating with the company per our research.

People have complained about a number of things such as the listed cost of items posted on their website versus what they were paid for selling them to Thredup. Also, many complain about no live customer support, being charged to receive clothes back in the mail that could not be purchased, etc.

One thing that I did is conduct a search for Thredup phone numbers online. Of course, if you are reading this Thredup review you already know that their website doesn’t have any contact numbers visible on any of page links.

Finally, I found this number: 617-575-9676 on their Better Business Bureau file online.[Link will open another tab]

As you will see on their BBB file there are 185 negative complaints that have already been filed against this company. I wish only we would have known this prior to using Thredup.

Being that we live in the era of BEWARE, and after having this experience with a lack of customer service and no refund to date, we would NOT recommend using Thredup. Save yourself the headache.

What To Do?

There are many legit consignment and clothing stores online that are reputable and don’t have bad reviews online.

If you really want to find great deals on quality clothes and things online, I recommend just sticking with reputable sites like EtsyeBay an Amazon. You can not only buy clothes, but also sell your them on these websites.

If you really want to make money some extra money by cleaning out your closet, then I think it would be better to list your items yourself versus using scam like companies like Thredup!

Recently I came across 23 more sites to sell clothes online here

If you really want to make money by cleaning out your closet, then I think it would be better to list your items yourself versus using scam like companies like Thredup!

After reading this Thredup review, do you think it’s worth your time and money? I don’t. But that’s just my personal opinion.. Let me hear your thoughts below..

Skinny Body Care Scam Review – Why I Divorced Skinny Body Care!! Read this First!

Today we will completely expose this Skinny Body Care Scam for what it really is!

If you were thinking about joining Skinny Body Care, then you better stop and read this review FIRST before wasting any of your money!

Perhaps you are curious about SBC due to a friend who told you about them. Or maybe you saw one of their famous videos on their Youtube channel. Whatever the case, don’t be fooled by these guys! They almost got me!

There are a lot of reps that want to get you into the company whether to buy their weigh loss products or to promote the business opportunity and just leave you hanging!

So before you try this opportunity or buy ANY of their its wellness products there is some that you know.

What to Expect In This Skinny Body Care Scam Review

In this Skinny Body Care Scam Review today I will not be selling nor recommending ANY personal products to you. I was an old distributor for them some years, but QUIT. So this review will be 100% honest and unbiased for your benefit. I will tell more about this scam and why you should avoid if you really want to make money or improve your health.

Skinny Body Care Scam?

If you don’t know much about Skinny Body Care, their weight loss products can be found at

Ben Glinksy is the founder behind the Skinny Body Care wellness company and this guy has been involved in a number of money making opportunities such MyWorldPlus, Pro Wealth Solutions and others.

MyWorldPlus was a company that he started that provided supposed discounts for shopping and savings with merchants. Where is MyWorldPlus today? Out of business!! The official site is offline!!

So when it comes to creating new companies this is definitely NOT something new for Ben Glinksy. But it maybe new to you so watch out!

So Why This Skinny Body Care Scam Review Today?

Well, as I mentioned before I used to be a distributor for about 10 days total until I decided to do more research based some additional info I found after I joined.

I contacted the Skinny Body Care customer service via email as this is the only way you get someone and request a refund on the product. And by the way the product that I ordered was Skinny Body Max which was nasty. I couldn’t down it and it didn’t work for me.

Secondly, I am writing this Skinny Body Care Scam Review because these guys continue to email me over and over again although I have unsubscribed, discontinued my membership! These guys are crazy!! I have gotten 8 emails since January 9th, 2018!! Crazy!!

Supposedly Ben Glinksy, per 3 of these emails that I received wants to reach out OLD REPS to give them another chance to take advantage of this supposed wonderful business opportunity? NOT! No thank you buddy. Not interested. SBC is in NOT for me nor for anybody who is serious about making money money from home.

These are 2 videos that were sent to me in emails that I received.

[Personal home videos recordings promoting some new matrix…]

Crazy right? Yupo!


And even if you are not looking to make money from home with SBC and yet just simply interested in their weight loss products, let me give you a secret!

You can get the same products online at AMAZON way cheaper!! I mean for the same Skinny Fiber Pills product that they sell for $59.99 on their site, you can get for them for $19.95 on AMAZON!! This represents a 300% savings on the product if you really just want to lose some weight.

skinny fiber pills

If you don’t believe me, then just go to save at AMAZON:

I have also noticed that you can get other Skinny Body Care products also for way cheaper.


I say that the Skinny Body Care Scam is centered around the business opportunity. Being that the company pays out huge commissions to its distributors, the weight loss products are way overpriced on the SBC site.

The reality is that if you have a real problem, you can not pick up the phone and speak to a live person. YOU MUST EMAIL THE COMPANY. Very impersonal experience.

When I got started with company, I felt abandoned and without support. People on the top make money off of you, but I realized that they are not so interested in others, just another commission.

This is something that I learned only after fact that is very typical with all of Ben Glinksy’s present and past companies:(

And for this reason I couldn’t stand behind this company nor promote its biz opp if we still can call it that. In my opinion, this Skinny Body Care Scam should be avoided at all all costs. You could do better with something else that’s really worth your time and money. Review – Scam or Legit? Read this First!

If you reading this review, likely you have seen these crazy ads posted all over craigslist. If that is the case then you are wondering if it a legitimate way to make some honest money as a mystery shopper or is it just another SCAM! Keep reading to see what I discovered!.. review

What to Expect In This Review

I am writing this review today because I wanted to give you the truth about this scam based on my personal research.

My first encounter with mystery shopper online job scam was through a search on CL I made a few days again. Interestingly it was titled ” Undercover Shopper” with the following ad body:

“We are seeking Secret Shoppers to help assess customer service. 

It needs to be excellent. Only a few hours daily, a weekend.

To Apply come visit us:
www.gain.gaininstantly.comIf You Are Approved you will receive our instructional guide and will start your duties within 24 hours.

Rate of pay is $15 an hour”

When following the link that was in the CL ad, it forwards to

With the exceptional of the purple ink skinned site, everything appears to look legit, but it’s not. They even have an embedded video that features an excerpt from GMA about mystery shopper jobs. If you watch the video through, you will note that GMA does NOT promote this company nor their site above. They simply mention that the concept is a good idea. Why is this important?

It is true that there are many legitimate companies that seek REAL mystery shoppers to try their products and check on staff periodically. However, it’s also true that legitimate companies that are hiring provide you with ALL the real details including contact info. The only contact info that I found on the site was an email address for support. There is no business number to contact, nor physical address for the company which screams scam in my mind.

Also, when you click on the YT video on the website that girl who posted it is named Jennifer Johnson. She has a few other videos all of which advertise these woman who supposedly no longer have to ask their husbands for money because they found “”. Yeah right. Not convincing at all and totally scripted. When you actually go to the website that tails with “jobs” above, it is no longer online. This kind of reminds me of another scam I wrote a review on some time ago called

Should You Use to Make Money? No Way

Based on online complaints & what I have personally found & revealed in this review, I would recommend that you stay 1000 miles away from this company. It will NOT make you any money. Think, any time a person must submit info BEFORE you can dial and speak to a live person is never a good idea.

Ways to Make Money Online As Mystery Shoppers 

In the past I used to work with a legitimate mystery shopping company that I found via a temp services years ago. My job consisted of simply going inside of a specific chain of gas stations and then picking up a case of beer or wine and walking to cash register to see if they would check my ID. If they checked my ID, I gave them a green card & if not I gave them a red one that they had to give to their manager.

Although, I was of age, it’s surprising how many cashiers just assume & don’t ID you.  This is a huge risk and liability for ANY establishment selling alcoholic beverages. I made good money with the temp service as a mystery shopper.

If you are looking for a way to make some real honest money with legitimate mystery shoppers, try searching in your local community for local employment agencies or temp services that offer these. Being these types of jobs tend to be part-time, many companies will outsource these positions and hire through an agency that screens seekers.

There are a lot of money making opportunities online, but abundant are the scams and is one of them.

Thanks for reading this review. Have you had any experiences with this company? Now it’s your time to talk to us below in the comments..

See the Top 10 Holiday Scams for 2015 to Watch Out for This Season!

I know that a lot of people are always excited about the holidays and snagging deals on and offline that only happen around these times of the year. However, these are the Top 10 Holiday Scams for 2015 that you should keep an eye out for this holiday season.

Black Friday Deals
Black Friday and Cyber Monday are the busiest on-line shopping days and the bad guys are out to get rich with your money. Don’t buy anything that seems too good to be true.

Complimentary Apple Watch 

Watch out for the too-good-to-be-true coupons that offer complimentary watches, phones, or tablets on sites all over the Internet. Don’t fall for it. Make sure the offers are from a legitimate company.

Postal Delivery Holiday Scams
Watch out for alerts via email or text that you just received a package from FedEx, UPS or the US Mail, and then asks you for some personal information. Don’t enter anything. Think Before You Click. These carriers will never ask you for your personal information via an email, only scammers do this. If you are in fact expecting a package one of these services, contact them directly.

Fake Refunds Holiday Scams
There is a fake refund scam going on that could come from an online merchant, a hotel, or a retail chain. It claims there was a “wrong transaction” and wants you to “click for refund” but instead, your device will be infected with malware.

The Grinch E-Card Greetings
Happy Holidays. Your email has an attachment that looks like an e-greeting card, pretty pictures and all. You think that this must be from a friend. Nope. Malicious e-cards are sent by the millions, and especially at the office, never open these things as they might infect your workstation.

The Fake Gift Card Trick Holiday Scams
Internet crooks promote a fake gift card through social media but what they really are after is your information, which they then sell to other cyber criminals who use it for identity theft. Here is an example: A scam offering a complimentary $1,000 dollar gift card to a well known & trusted merchant for the first 20,000 people who sign up for their fan page (the merchant), which is a malicious copy of the original. This is not from the real merchant, rather some scammer posing as such.

The Charity Tricksters Holiday Scams
The holidays are traditionally the time for giving. It’s also the time that cyber criminals try to pry money out of people that mean well. But making donations to the wrong site could mean you are funding cybercrime or even terrorism. So, watch out for any communications from charities that ask for your contribution, (phone, email, text, and tweets) and make sure they are legit. It’s a good idea to contact the charity to make sure the request did in fact come from them. It is safest to only donate to charities you already know, and refuse all the rest.

The DM Holiday Scams 
You tweet about a holiday gift you are trying to find, and you get a direct message (DM) from another twitter user offering to sell you one. Stop! Look! Think! This could very well be a sophisticated scam. If you do not know that person, be very careful before you continue and never pay up front.

The Extra Holiday-Money Fraud
People always need some extra money during this season, so cyber fraudsters are offering work-from-home scams. The most innocent of these make you fill out a form where you give out confidential information like your Social Security number which will get your identity stolen. The worst of them offer you work where you launder money from a cyberheist which can get you into major trouble.

The Evil Wi-Fi Twin Holiday Scams
If you bring your laptop/tablet/smartphone to the mall to scout for gifts and check if you get it cheaper somewhere online. But the bad guys are there too, shopping for your credit card number. They put out a Wi-Fi signal that looks just like a complimentary one you always use. Choose the wrong Wi-Fi and the hacker now sits in the middle and steals your credit card data while you buy online. When you use a Wi-Fi connection in a public place, it is better not to use your credit card.

These holiday scams for 2015 mentioned above are some very common ones that scammers are using to steal your info. Please share these tips with your friends, family and people that you love so that all may take practical measures to protect themselves and their private information. Every year scammers get even craftier and create even more holiday scams that attract the masses. Remember that if some deal sounds too good to be true, then it is NOT true.

Are there any other holiday scams that you know about that you would like to share with others? Feel free to drop your comments below and thanks for reading this post!