SiriusXM Radio Review: Do My SiriusXM Radio Complaints Go Ignored?


If you are reading this SiriusXM review, you probably have tried them, hate them or have a legitimate complaint to rant like me. If so, keep reading to see why I would NEVER signup with these people nor try their car radio services.

When it comes to sales and telemarketers we all have had our complaints and 2 cents. There are a few things that I absolutely hate that you would no doubt agree with if you have had any communication by SiriusXM Radio:

Receiving repeated unsolicited calls, emails or mailings from them.

How did it start? I don’t know. But what I can say is that I NEVER signed up with these guys, but they have called me several times at all hours and emailing me trying to convince me to subscribe to their radio. After the repeated calls by SiriusXM Radio representatives, I started getting emails below. NOTE: I never provided my email to SiriusXM Radio, yet I got these below:

SiriusXM Emails:


New Email Confirmation — Action Required!

Why did I get this email?  You are receiving this notification because your email address was recently provided to SiriusXM.

 » Confirm Your Email Address

We respect your privacy.  This email was sent to you from SiriusXM Satellite Radio. For more information about this email, please visit our Corporate website at

Email #2

This is Your Last Call: Your SiriusXM Trial is Ending


Dear (name),

We just want to remind you that your SiriusXM® trial subscription will expire on 4/25/16.

If you would like to keep listening, click here or call us at 1-855-205-4449.

SiriusXM Listener Care

siriusxm radio

siriusxm radio

These emails are merely 2 of many that I have gotten from them.

After several calls and emails, I told SiriusXM customer service to remove me from their list please as I never signed up nor subscribed to their radio service. The calls stopped which was great, NOT. Although the rep told me that I would be removed, they then started sending sales mailings every week.

Are these people crazy? People have and should be able to exercise their right to not receive unsolicited sales-related calls, emails and mailings.

Today I got yet ANOTHER mailing from SiriusXM Radio for one of my cars. Do these people ever rest? How do they even know that a person’s car is equipped or supports SiriusXM Radio or not? How do they get this info if not provided directly from the source?


These are some of my personal SiriusXM Radio complaints that go unheard by the company that I wanted to mention in this brief SiriusXM Radio review..

Has this been your experienced with SiriusXM Radio? Do you get unwanted mailings, calls, or emails from them that you never signed up for? I have seen online that others complained about billing issues and more.

What SiriusXM Radio complaints do you have? Your turn to talk below…



5 Simple Ways To Make Your Computer Run Faster In 1 Hr!

Question from readers:

What are some ways to make your computer run faster?

No matter how long you have had your computer, nor your preferred brand used, all computers and laptops start to slow down on speed at some point. So versus simply canning your PC or selling it online, what are some simple ways to make your computer run faster?

What I will do in this brief article is cover at least 5 quick & inexpensive simple ways to make your computer run faster in as little as 1 hour!

Now to apply these tips, you don’t have to worry about being be tech or a computer geek. You simply need to be willing to learn to do some simple things that can make a world of difference.

  1. Download a antivirus or PC tool to cleanup your computer. By not having a good antivirus or PC cleanup tool installed on your computer could be the biggest mistake you every make. It is proven that unprotected computers are more likely to be exposed to viruses and other material such as malware that could compromise your computer’s files and memory. With a good antivirus installed, your computer will perform daily checks to clean your computer and run faster.
  2. Learn how to create zip files to better organize your files and documents. Just like a closet full of clothes, the closet looks better and can be accessed if everything is organized and put in its place. When you create zip files, it is almost as if you are making your files/documents smaller, but better accessed via 1 file versus from several different ones that just absorb more space and memory and slow your computer down.
  3. Review installed programs that you have not used in more than 6 months. This will help you to reevaluate if you really need certain programs or not. Programs not being used just do 1 thing ad that is take up space. For Windows, you can do this by going to your Start Menu, then Settings, then to the Control Panel and finally clicking on Add or Remove Programs link. Look under your programs installed on your computer. Once the list of programs finishes populating, it will provide you the dates of the last time you used each program and if it rare, often or never used.
  4. Buy a USB flash drive to transfer any videos, media, pictures, etc not being used. You can buy them for cheap in places like Walmart, Staples, Office Max and just about any department store. Some may range anywhere from $5 to $30 depending on the amount of Gigabytes (GB) you want for storage. You can get them with 32GB or even as much as 64GB, you decide. Amazon has far more brands and designs to chose from and the best deals that I seen on USB flash drives here. I had to do this with lots of videos that I made and pictures taken from old trips. By freeing up all that memory, my computer ran faster. Buy making this simple inexpensive USB purchase this will free up your computer’s memory.
  5. Stay on top of any computer updates with your software. Every so often, depending on what type of system your computer runs, you may need to perform updates to Microsoft, Internet Explorer, or even Chrome. By installing the latest software provided by your system, this also helps your computer to run faster.

Today we have discussed only 5 simple ways to make your computer run faster.

To discover some other effective and simple ways to make your computer run faster, please visit HERE!

What are some other simple ways to make your computer run faster have you implemented recently? We would love to hear your thoughts below.

Cheap HP Laptops For Sale Under $100 – The Best Deal Ever For Cheap HP Laptops For Sale Under $100 Only at Amazon!

So today I was looking online searching for cheap hp laptops for sale under $100 & stumbled across some really awesome deals on Amazon here that I couldn’t overlook. It’s very hard to really good laptops with good brands for cheap these days. On Amazon they have a wide range of HP brands such as Notebooks, Pavilions, Minis, and Compaq.  It doesn’t really matter if you want to buy a cheap HP laptop under 13 inches or even a 17incher, with webcam and all the perks, Amazon has a really nice selection to choose from that will not break the bank.

I thought that I would share this Amazon deal online because my current HP that I have had for ions is starting to die on me 🙁  so I needed something newer and faster and went on my search online and came across these. See a few cheap HP laptops for sale under 100 below.


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Note: With any new computer purchase, big or small, it always recommended to install a good antivirus to protect your software. For information about how to get the best antivirus for your new laptop or PC, click here!

Top 10 Best Antivirus 2015 for Windows XP and Macs In My Honest Opinion!

What Are The Best Antivirus 2015 for Windows & Mac Computers?

You are probably wondering what is the best antivirus 2015 for Windows XP and Macs that I can install? If you are asking yourself that question, then great because many use and surf the net just hoping that nothing will damage their computer or worst. Wrong!

Why find the best antivirus 2015 for Windows XP?

It’s no secret that having an antivirus installed on your PC is a no brainer. Antivirus Software are equipped and designed to shield and guard your computer from malware, viruses (not the flu), adware and other potential cyber threats that may be encountered surfing online. Most computers are infected by users who download or click on links in emails or on popups from unknown sources which in turn take over your PC. Believe me, it’s not fun :(.

Also when you download an antivirus on your computer it will help to make your computer run faster being that it constantly performs periodic cleanups for you.


While there are a lot of FREE antivirus 2015 for Windows XP for users to test the waters so to speak, they are sometimes limited in what they offer and the protection provided for your PC. And as the old saying goes which is definitely applicable to buying an antivirus software, “you get what you pay for”. For this reason, I don’t recommend sticking with FREE antivirus forever. Rather, I recommend that you just get it out of the way and get a paid version with longer protection and better customer support.

How to Find the Best Antivirus 2015 for Windows XP & Macs?

You can to your local Walmart, Staples, OfficeMax, Target or even Amazon to find antivirus software. But what I have done for you today to save you some time is compile a list all in one place of the top 10 best antivirus 2015 for Windows XP and Macs that I recommend. All of these listed are well-known , reputable and trusted names on the market.

To discover more information about each antivirus, their features and prices, simply click on each hyperlink below.

#1 AVAST Pro Antivirus

#2 McAfee Total Protection 2015

#3 Norton Security Antivirus

#4 Internet Security Complete 2015 by Webroot

#5 AVG Antivirus 2015

#6 Kaspersky Antivirus 2015

#7 ESET NOD32 Antivirus 2015

#8 Malwarebytes Anti-Malware Premium

# 9 Bitdefender Total Security 2015

# 10 Fix Me Stick – Virus Removal

These are my top 10 best antivirus 2015 for XP and Macs in my opinion that you can purchase & download to get the best 24/7 protection against viruses and malware. Although these are the best antivirus 2015 for XP, it is extremely important to NEVER go unprotected while using your computer.

What are the best antivirus 2015 for XP or Macs that you prefer to use over others? If you have an antivirus already installed that you are using, what has been experience? Do you recommend it to others? If so, we would love to here your comments and thoughts below.