Skinny Fiber Pills at Walmart: Don’t Buy Anything Before You Read This First!

Can you buy Skinny Fiber pills at Walmart? This is a question that many want to know including yourself if you reading this. However, I am really afraid to hurt your feelings by telling you that Walmart unfortunately DOES NOT sell them! But before you buy anything online, I want you keep reading to learn about other weight loss products that I have founded online that are better and cheaper than Skinny Fiber diet pills that you might want to consider!!

There here is no need to feel bad or be stuck on buying Skinny Fiber pills at Walmart because if you really want to lose weight Walmart DOES sell a lot of high quality weight loss products that are very effective & far more reasonable on price that won’t break your pockets. In fact, I bet that you didn’t even know that although Walmart doesn’t have Skinny Fiber pills, it does have it’s own “skinny products“. You can learn about a few that I found by watching my YT video below. Just hit play.


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I took the time to write this post about Skinny Fiber pills at Walmart because just like you, I too want to lose weight and have tried the “Skinny Fiber pills”, but unfortunately decided to return them recently because I didn’t like them.

Let me give me the truth on SFP. The Skinny Fiber diet supplement is really expensive for most pockets. It’s $59.95/bottle! What I discovered is that the natural ingredients found in the Skinny Fiber supplement can be purchased individually for far less money. I have seen similar weight loss products at Walmart and other well known locations online like Target that cost far less than the Skinny Fiber diet pills. These products range anywhere from $7 and up, yet far less than the $59 bottle of Skinny Fiber!

Visit the Target site below and type the words “weight loss” in their search bar & click go. This will give you several great weight loss options to choose from to help you reach your weight loss goals.

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Why should you consider other alternatives to the Skinny Fiber supplement? With the exception of the business opportunity that pushes the Skinny Fiber pills by Skinny Body Care, would there be any other reason to spend $60 bucks per month on the fiber supplement to lose weight? No, I don’t see any reason to do that. Again you can buy these same ingredients found in other effective weight loss products online such Walmart or Target that don’t require any auto ship of any kind.


Although you understand that you can not buy Skinny Fiber pills at Walmart in this brief consideration, I have given you some other options of great reputable places online that you can buy effective products to help you lose weight. I wish you all success in all your endeavors to lose weight. When you select a Walmart or Target weight loss product using the links above, let me know in the comments area what you think about them!

Weight Loss Home Business – Top 6 Things Every Weight Loss Home Business Has!

Are you looking for the best weight loss home business?

How can you find the best one to make money from home? What should you look for in a weight loss home business? May you have about from a friend, on Craigslist or some other source and thinking about joining. If so, keep reading to discover 6 key things to look for BEFORE joining or promoting any weight loss home business!

weight loss home business

If you did an internet search today on Google for “weight loss home business” you would see that over 70 millions results pop up. That’s astronomical! What this means is that weight loss is a huge concern in on the minds of millions of people.  What it also means is if you have the right weight loss home based business with products that people are looking for then you will be able to help them reach their weight loss dreams.

No doubt every weight loss home business out there has its own vitamins, liquid supplements, diet pills, and programs accompanied by their compensation plans. However, how do you decide which one is best one to joint to make money from home? To answer this, I will go over a few things that I think the ideal opportunity must have.

#1 Good Weight Loss Products

The weight loss home business opportunity is only as good as the products are because these are what drive the business. So with this at heart, money making is important, however choosing good quality weight loss products that you can actually stand behind is even better! Obviously the best way to know this is to try out the product(s) yourself. If you yourself have good results, it will be far easier to share your weight loss products with others.

#2 The Costs of Weight Loss Products

How much do they costs? The weight loss products that you will promote should be affordable for all that want to lose weight. Some MLM’s or network marketing companies jack up the prices of their products just to justify their comp plans. Don’t fall in this trap!

#3 Money-Back Guarantee

A money-back guarantee confirms the confidence that a weight loss home business has in its products & that a customer’s investment is 100% protected if not satisfied. Although it’s not the case for all, some customers may be allergic or have reactions to certain ingredients in your products, however may not discover these until after purchasing them. So in the invent the product product does work for them, they feel confident with their trial period and being able to get  a refund if requested.

I have seen that some companies offer sometimes a 7-day or even 30-day money back guarantees. However, if a company offers at least a 60 or 90 day money back guarantee this will allow your new customers and/or weight loss distributors to really measure and see the results of the weight loss products.

#4 The Science Behind Weight Loss Products

Okay guys, this one is the absolute most important factor that really backs up any weight loss products. We know that the FDA does not approve not endorse weight loss products. Nor are they designed to diagnose, treat or cure. However, what science and studies have been conducted that prove that these weight loss products offered by the company actually work? In the MLM world, there is a lot of hype, but the reality is that SCIENCE speaks volumes.

DISCLAIMER: Before you try any weight loss products, it is suggested to consult with a doctor first.

#5 Weight Loss Product Testimonials & Good Reviews

Another step to take before joining a weight loss home business is to do a thorough check with our friend Google for company reviews & testimonials. This is another way to perform due diligence to see if a product really works or not. By searching for “company X reviews”, you can discover what others have experienced using the products or what they think about the weight loss home business in question. Also take a trip over to and see what they think about the company you are thinking joining.

#6 Marketing Systems & Team Support

If you want to make money & be successful online with any weight loss home business opportunity, great marketing systems and team support are key. Things like conference calls, FREE websites with lead capture capability and landing pages are great if provided. These are great tools that will work for you 24/7 selling & presenting your products and performing followup.

Wrapping this up..

As mentioned before there are many weight loss business opportunities online, however there are only a short few that fulfill all of these requirements. Try to cut corners nor get too excited about the hype or money side of things. If a company’s products are really all that and a bag of funyuns, then the money will follow.

Of course, with any opportunity that you join, you must be will learn how to market, brand and position yourself in front of others. One thing that helps a great deal is starting your very own website or blog. You can do this by getting your own web hosting and by doing some in depth keyword research to come up with a good name for your new website. A great keyword tool that I came across is Longtail ProWith it, you can search for more specific targeted long tail keywords that relate to your new weight loss home business and products and then write material about them to drive traffic.

As I said before the weight loss industry is a great industry to be a part of, however take the time to do your research FIRST before you join any weight loss home business!

Have you already started a new weight loss home business recently and having success with it? Which product? Your experiences with it? I would love to read your responses below in my comments area:).

Where to buy Skinny Fiber Pills? At Amazon or Skinny Body Care? Read this First!

Want to know where to buy Skinny Fiber pills? If so, then you have come to right place!

Everybody seems to be very curious about these Skinny fiber diet pills for weight loss supplement and want to know how to get their hands on a bottle. There is more than one place to find them. One place is from a Skinny Body Care website & the other that I saw was Amazon. Some even wonder can you buy Skinny Fiber pills at Walmart, but the answer is no.

Which is better for you to save the most money in the long run? Skinny Body Care or Amazon? Keep reading this post because that is precisely what we will answer. On your mark, get set, hit the play button to here about how to buy the Skinny Fiber pills using the Skinny Body Care site!

Where to Buy Skinny Fiber Diet Pills for Weight Loss

One option to buy Skinny Fiber diet pills is to go to the Skinny Body Care website of an Independent Distributor. You can not buy it directly from their official site because it will prompt you to enter the referrer’s name to proceed with purchase. (No, I am NOT a distributor).

Once at the distributor’s website, you can buy Skinny Fiber by the bottle. However, you can also save a bit of money if buy more bottles at a time. They are offering what’s called the Skinny Fiber 90 day challenge for this weight loss product.

Why should you try the Skinny Fiber 90 day challenge?

The Skinny Fiber 90 day challenge is a great weight loss step to help you see the true benefits of the product over time. During this 90 day challenge the company says that you will eat less and feel full. Isn’t that what you really want, right? Of course, that’s why you wanted to find out more about the Skinny Fiber pills by visiting my site. Just like me, it will help you lose weight and reach your goals.

Alright, What Does Skinny Fiber Cost by Skinny Body Care? 

Get ready. One bottle of Skinny Fiber cost $59.95 plus shipping & handling. This is a 30 day supply where 2 Skinny Fiber diet pills are taken daily with at least 8 ounces of water before meals. Once you order the Skinny Fiber supplement from the company and test it out, you can get a money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied with your results. So there is no need to worry as your investment is 100% refundable.

Now all of this sounds really good, but guess what? Recently I discovered where to buy Skinny Fiber pills on Amazon for less!!

AMAZON SKINNY FIBER PILLS – What’s The Real Difference?

There is no difference. If you go here, you will notice on Amazon something very interesting. You will see the very same Skinny Fiber pills for ONLY $23.50! Honestly, this blew my mind when I realized that I spent $59.95 initially for the same weight loss product:(. And if you have Amazon Prime, then this means you get FREE Shipping! That works out to more than a 50% savings if you buy the Skinny Fiber diet pills on Amazon. Don’t make the same mistake that I made! That’s why I am sharing this with you to help you save money.

Another benefit of buying from Amazon in addition to the HUGE savings is that you are NOT obligated to do an autoship for the product. Amazon gives you a money-back guarantee also on their products so you not only save more money than buying it directly from a Skinny Body Care distributor, but you also get a money back guarantee.

Hmmm..where to buy Skinny Fiber pills?..


What To Do Before Your Skinny Fiber Arrives

After you order from Amazon, let me give you a couple of quick suggestions. Measure yourself first. This would obviously make sense to do before you start taking the Skinny Fiber weight loss pills. Take before and after pictures of yourself. Grab a tape measure to check your love handles and everything. As the weeks go by you can periodically remeasure yourself to see how many inches & weight you have lost.

With the Skinny Fiber 90 day challenge, it’s good to tell others about your weight loss goals. This will motivate them to check on your weight loss progress and to hold you to your new goals. You know how it is, be real. If you don’t tell someone, you likely will stay motivated nor stick to it.


Let’s wrap this review up.. Where to by Skinny Fiber Pills? 

From this brief consideration today you now know where to buy Skinny Fiber pills for weight loss.  You can either buy them at an distributor’s site for $59.95 + shipping & handling or…you can save more than 50% by buying it from Amazon for $23.50 with FREE shipping & handling! You decide if you want to spend more or less for it.

Know this:

The one thing I can say is that Skinny Fiber pills are 100% legit for weight loss and not a scam. However, know that the price is marked up a bit on the Skinny Body Care website because their independent distributors make a cut as a commission for sharing it with others. However, the same product is available on Amazon much cheaper. So it is pretty clear at this where to buy Skinny Fiber pills if you really want to start on your journey to losing weight.