12 Cheaper WP Engine Alternatives(2019) Read this First!


Are you are searching for some reliable WP Engine Alternatives and arrived this my site today, then it means that you are NOT totally sold on the idea of buying WP Engine hosting for your website.

If that is the case, then you are not the only one. I thought that I would write this review to provide some cheaper WP Engine alternatives that won’t break the bank! I know that hundreds of thousands of people including YOU are looking for reliable inexpensive web hosting services to start a website today.

I have looked long and hard for affordable web hosting options that really deliver all the major features that every website needs, yet for an affordable price that won’t break your pockets. This review reveals what I found and how you can really save money for your business!

Before you signup for WP Engine, keep reading to discover below some top WP Engine Competitors that will save you a ton of money on web hosting! I believe that  you deserve better and shouldn’t settle for less!

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What To Expect In This Review of Cheaper WP Engine Alternatives?

First off, I want to state that I am not affiliated in ANY way with WP Engine. This information is 100% unbiased and honest. I will discuss the company, WP Engine pricing, if is worth it or not, and then finish by sharing 12 total cheaper WP Engine alternatives to consider!

Watch this video below to see how much WP Engine pricing has changed!

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WP Engine Pricing..Updated

WP Engine by many of today’s internet marketers is recognized for its WordPress managed web hosting. And people just like you search for WordPress hosting, the price point may stop you right in your tracks when comparing them to cheaper WP Engine alternatives like  A2 HOSTING  for only $3.92/month!

To Try A2 Hosting Web Hosting Today, Visit the Official Page Here: www.a2hosting.com

We actually recommend A2 Hosting for beginners to create websites. They have a really great cheap web hosting that works great for creating websites. They also allow you to host multiple websites if you need more features.


WP Engine pricing for their web hosting plans started previously at $29/month and went up to $249/month! Now they are $35/month$290/month! Ouch! Prices have skyrocketed!

But, if you are really stuck on having managed WP hosting, then you could even try out or either Liquid Web or Pressidium.

If you want, you can checkout either this Liquid Web Review Pressidium Review I did that shows you how their packages provide more value than WP Engine for “premium managed hosting”.

When you do the math, even with the cheapest WP Engine hosting plan you are paying $420 per year for starter plan!

[NOTE: Most WP Engine competitors costs about $60-$90 per year, but A2 Hosting costs only $3.92/month!]

The most expensive WPE plan at $290/month means you are shelling out a whopping $3480/year! Wowza!

Now I don’t know about you, but for most people that’s not affordable at all!

So the obvious question arises…

Is WP Engine really worth it and.. Are there any affordable WP Engine alternatives to consider?

Many people ask this question. Perhaps you want to start a website this year or migrate your current site to another host today. If that is the case, then you should know that currently there are several that even offer FREE site transfers!

WP Engine managed hosting is one many web hosting providers for WordPress hosting.  However, is it really the best WordPress web hosting to use to start your website? No, I don’t think so personally. But don’t take my word for it.

Consider what other authoritative blogging sites like shoutmeloud.com and matthewoodard.co.uk have to say about it. Complaints range from lost of visitors, lack of plugins available to unexpected charges of service.

TrustPilot – WP Engine Reviews

Also, on respected websites like TrustPilot.com, you will notice that WP Engine has a very poor rating by users. [See report here

There you will see that out of 5 stars, they only received 2-star rating by customers. Many of the complaints talk about overcharging for visits, and horrible customer support. Many comments simply state that you should avoid them!  

As for me, I have several blogs including this learnanet.com site and the hosts that I use are very inexpensive.

I personally would NEVER use WP Engine to host my sites. The reason is not only for the price, but also because there are far more better WP Engine alternatives to choose from that will give you more for your buck on the front and back-end for far less money. It’s all about having options and taking advantage of them.

My 12 Recommended Cheaper WP Engine Competitors to Create Websites Today

Below are 12 WP Engine Alternatives that you should consider today to start your new website. They will save you beaucoup money.

Simply click on “More Info Here” to learn more information about each web host and then signup for the plan that’s best for your needs:

  1. Kinsta Managed Hosting starting at only $30/month! Kinsta is not the cheapest WP Engine alternatives today, but it is way faster hosting than WP Engine. They have better infrastructure that uses Google Cloud Platform. They give you FREE CDN, SSL certificates, FREE site migrations, staging environments.  (More Info Here) – Get 2 Months FREE! [Great Value]
  2. Siteground starts at only $3.95/month with 60% OFF! I have personally built several websites using Siteground and love their fast 1 second page loads! They have great customer service & are really BIG on security. Their SG Scanner Plugin scans your websites 24/7 for malware and viruses and blocks them.  (More Info Here) – Great Starter Plan for beginners with 60% Off!
  3. A2Hosting starts at $3.92/month for Lite Plan with 51% OFF! (More Info Here) – TURBO SPEED SERVERS!
  4. WPX Hosting starts at $24/month for Business Plan! [For Managed WordPress Hosting] (More Info Here)
  5. Pressidium Managed WordPress Hosting starts at $21/month for Micro plan! (More Info Here
  6. KnownHost starts at only $3.47/month! (More Info Here)

As you can see above, all of these WP Engine competitors that I listed are very inexpensive and super affordable for all pockets.

The monthly prices range from $3.47/month up to about $30/month! This is a huge savings in comparison to the $35 WP Engine web hosting services.

If you were to signup today even with one of the cheapest web hosting that I have listed above such as A2 Hosting here, this represents more than 800% monthly savings over WP Engine’s cheapest plan.

For Example: $35 / $3.92 = 8.9


wp engine alternatives

If you really would like to stick to cheap hosting, then I recommend you try A2 Hosting today over WP Engine Managed WordPress hosting. They are a super solid host that had been in business since 2001!

Other A2 Hosting Features:

  • 99.9% Uptime Guaranteed
  • Free Domain Registration
  • Great 24/7/365 Experienced Customer Support
  • Website Builder
  • Free Secure Hosting with Let’s Encrypt
  • Independently owned
  • SSD’s (Solid State Drives) Faster Speeds & Caching
  • Turbo Speeds
  • Free Site Migrations
  • cPanel
  • Unlimited Website Hosting
  • Unlimited Storage and Bandwidth
  • 800% Savings when compared with WP Engine
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee 

WP Engine is ok, but A2 Hosting knocks their socks off!!

To Get More Info About Starting a Website Today With 51% Off Using A2 Hosting Web Hosting, please visit here www.a2hosting.com

Additional 4 Cheaper WP Engine Alternatives & Competitors to Consider:

In addition to the 6 above, I went even further to find 6 more very inexpensive alternatives to WP Engine for you to consider to save you money.

7. Scala Hosting – Get 6 Months of Web Hosting for the Price of 3! (More Info Here) [Best Value for Website Traffic]

8. JaguarPC Hosting for $3.96/month! (More Info Here) [35% OFF SPECIAL ]

Cloud Hosting

9. Bluehost Hosting starting at $3.95/month! (More Info Here)

Unlike WP Engine, Bluehost comes highly recommended by WordPress.org to create websites. They currently host over 2,000,000 websites online. Your website could be next? Bluehost gives you a lot of features and tools. 

  • Free domain
  • Free SSL certificates
  • Plus & Plus Choice give unlimited websites & resources. 
  • 24/7 customer support
  • 1-click  installations for CMS
  • Site Transfer Service
  • Solid Uptime on Servers (99.9%)

10. Cloud WordPress Hosting starting at $3.49 /month! (More Info Here)

11. JustHost is a great shared web hosting provider for shared that starts at only $3.95/month. (More Info Here)

12. Hostpapa is a Canadian web hosting based provider with clients globally with awesome customer support.  provides unlimited features with 70% OFF for only $3.95/month (More Info Here)

WP Engine Alternatives Conclusion..

By us taking the time to share our top 12 cheaper WP Engine alternatives, we are not bashing WP Engine. We believe that WP Engine is a great WordPress hosting service for all those that can afford to put up with it.

However, when it comes to doing business, all business owners want to SAVE MONEY, right? Whether you are experienced or a new to web hosting, I imagine that if you didn’t want to save money, then you wouldn’t be here on my site today looking for “WP Engine alternatives“.

Let’s be honest. We all want quality hosting that’s reliable, but don’t want to break the bank doing it. It’s extremely important that you select the right web hosting service that will best satisfy ALL of your needs. With this said, I hope that this review of the best WP Engine alternatives helps you to select one to start building your website today. I hope you much success!

What do you think about these Cheaper WP Engine alternatives? Which one above will you start your website with today? Your thoughts below..

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