Dreamhost Reviews: An Honest Dreamhost Review You MUST Read First Before Joining!

If you are reading this Dreamhost Review, likely you are wondering if Dreamhost premium web hosting is really reliable or not? If that is the case, then you are not alone. If fact, millions of people just like YOU each and every month are in search for web hosting that is dependable, trustworthy and affordable.

I decided to write this Dreamhost review to give you some clear straightforward information to help you determine if Dreamhost web hosting is right for you or not. Today, we will go over the company, the hosting plans, money back guarantees, uptime and more! Hopefully with this you will be able to clear any doubts about Dreamhost and know if it’s a great place to create your website today or not.

Starting a new website should not be hard. Unlike some other Dreamhost reviews, in this one I will show you how to do it the right way.

Dreamhost Review: The Company

Dreamhost, at www.dreamhost.com has been around since 1997 and currently host over 1.5 Million websites & is based in California. Considering this fact also with over 2 decades of experience in this industry they obviously know what they are doing. To learn more about what they has to offer, please watch this video..

Dreamhost Web Hosting

Go right here to www.dreamhost.com to get started!

dreamhost review

Which Dreamhost Web Hosting Is Best For You?

The $2.59/month Starter plan is best for beginners in my opinion. If you are new & looking for a great deal with just enough resources, then the starter plan is great for you. If you simply need to host 1 website for your business, then it’s great. However, remember that with the Starter, you pay $9.95 for your domain.

However if you are like some bloggers who require more unlimited features and resources, then the starter shared may not be best. Perhaps the “Shared Unlimited” plan would be best to give you more leverage. It’s also good for those who are working from home with money making opportunities such as affiliate marketing, network marketing or MLM. With this plan it will allow for creating multiple websites to promote your products and services. Also, with the unlimited plan you get a FREE domain.

Dreamhost Security

Having good security for your website is extremely important. This is so important that if you overlook this aspect of your business it could expose your website to data breaches, malware and other dangers. Dreamhost web hosting is a very solid premium host with great security. As a freebie, they give out free SSL certificates.

As mentioned in video above, Google’s blog stated some months back about the importance of having SSL certificates for websites. These are particularly beneficial for online stores, eCommerce, and sites the collect information. If you don’t have one, then Google will flag your site unsecured.  Dreamhost has you covered on this by giving you a FREE SSL certificate.

So if want to create a website that sells products, having one just makes sense and reassures customers that their credit card info is secure. There are just a handful of hosting companies like Siteground, and A2 Hosting that provide FREE SSL’s. Dreamhost also understands this for business owners.

Dreamhost Refund Policy

Dreamhost in my opinion has the absolute LONGEST refund policy for web hosting that I could find online. Currently, they give an amazing 97 day money back guarantee on their web hosting plans. How do they compare to others?

Dreamhost Competitors?

Bluehost, Siteground, A2 Hosting, Inmotion and iPage give 30 days.

Hostgator offers 45 days.

WP Engine and Pressidium who also specialize in managed WordPress hosting give 60 days.

But again Dreamhost beats them all with a full 97 day money back guarantee!

What does all this tell about their web hosting? That they are more than 100% confident about their services and guarantee it! Can other web hosting providers say the same? I haven’t been to able to find anyone else online who provides a longer money back guarantee than Dreamhost. Have you?

Next in our Dreamhost review, let look at uptime.

Dreamhost Features

How is Dreamhost Uptime?

Amazing Dreamhost has great servers for web hosting. They maintain 100% uptime for their web hosting which is very impressive. There are too many web hosting providers if any that I know who maintain such a high and consistent uptime. Uptime is something that is extremely important for any online business. When people search for you online using your keywords, if your website is down then they will click away. This means that you will lose money and sales.

dreamhost review

dreamhost review

Results don’t lie. Think on another note why uptime is important.

Today you searched likely for “Dreamhost review” and landed on my website. If you clicked on web page and got an error, unavailable message, or under maintenance notice, perhaps you would have left & gone to another listing in Google right? Of course, that’s what I would do if a website was down:(

When a visitor clicks on your website and then leaves, this sends a signal to Google that your website is not a good result for a specific keyword. As a result, Google will rank your website lower in its listings which essentially hurts your sales. So having a web hosting provider with good uptime like Dreamhost jusy makes sense.

When you get signed up here with Dreamhost web hosting, this is one aspect of your online business that you will not to worry about. Dreamhost has solid uptime which also contributes to great website performance.

Should You Use Dreamhost Web Hosting To Create a Website?

The purpose of this Dreamhost review is not to tell you what to do. However, when looking at Dreamhost’s 20 year + longtime reputation and stability, they are definitely worth a try!

Although its has many competitors like Bluehost, Siteground, A2Hosting and InMotion, Dreamhost web hosting provides far more value for your dollar than they do for web hosting & managed needs.

Also, when you consider refund policies, the latter only give 30 day money back guarantees on hosting services whereas Dreamhost gives 97 days!

When you look and compare uptime, the latter have an average of 99.97 – 99.99% which is not bad, but Dreamhost maintains 100% uptime.

Dreamhost Review Conclusion

Dreamhost web hosting is a great choice to create your website. They are very experienced, have great customer support, security and uptime. These 4 avenues are extremely important for any web hosting company that host your data. However, it’s hard to find all of these in every web host. Dreamhost has it all and with 1.5 million people that have already host with them. The question now is, will you?

After reading this Dreamhost review, what do you think? Will you get started with the Starter Shared plan for $2.59/month or the Unlimited for $7.59/month? Talk to me below in the comments area.

Get started today here at www.dreamhost.com! 


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  1. This is the great article. Thanks for a very interesting post. That is an extremely smart written article. DreamHost is a good choice for home users who need to host multiple domains. What is an issue to me is the slow ticket response times and also their price is a bit on the higher end but you can also opt for the cheaper host if you can’t afford their plans. Overall, I think DreamHost is an outstanding hosting service that has surpassed its expectation. Give it some consideration and see what it has to offer. Look for other DreamHost reviews and see what they have to say.

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