Free WhoIsGuard: Namecheap or Godaddy? Here Why I Prefer Namecheap!

Wondering where you can get Free Whoisguard? If you are about to create a website, this is probably a good question that you want to answer! So many people just like search online for ways to save money with websites. Thankfully, as a blogger, I understand exactly how you feel.

What have I done for you today? I have searched long and far to find this answer for you. In today’s post, you will learn not only where to get Free whoisguard for your domains, but also how to get started creating your website today!

What is Whois Protection? 

Is WhoisGuard (Domain Privacy) Worth It?

I don’t want you to make the same mistake that I did by trying to save money. I initially would purchase this protection using Godaddy. But I remember what it was like not having it  I started getting unsolicited calls from marketers. My email was flooded with junk from so-called SEO experts that want to help me build or create websites.

Your info is made available on the public domain when you don’t have Whoisguard protection on your domains. So it is definitely worth having it on each domain that you purchase to avoid this undue frustration.

Why I No Longer Buy Godaddy Domains

free whoisguard

I no longer buy my domains at Godaddy for a couple of reasons. One, the prices of domains constantly change and cost more for some TLDS.

Secondly, they charge $7.99/year per domain for domain privacy (whoiguard) I know that they are the most popular guys on the block, but there is no reason to pay for it if you can get it for free here at

NameCheap Web Hosting

In the process of buying your new domain name, you may want to just grab your web hosting there also. They have 3 shared hosting and the cheapest starts at only $2.88. They also offer Managed WordPress hosting if you prefer it over shared web hosting. Namecheap’s web hosting is pretty reliable and great uptime.

However, if you simply would like to use Namecheap as a domain registrar, then you could buy your domains there & host them with another provider.

Some great web hosting alternatives to point your name servers to are Bluehost, Siteground, Dreamhost or A2Hosting. They are also very affordable and great for creating websites.

Either way guys, it doesn’t matter what web hosting provider you use, you will still get Free WhoIsGuard with your domain forever!

After reading this WhoisGuard review, are you ready to get started with Namecheap? Will you buy your domains & web hosting here? Or will you simply buy your domains and then host them somewhere else? Talk to below guys..I want to hear your voice and thoughts:)

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