French for Kids Review: Can You Learn French With Penelope and Pezi?

Do you want to teach your kids to speak French? Then maybe you should go over here to try French for Kids: Learn French with Penelope and Pezi, Beginner Level 1, Vol. 1 for only $14.99 on Amazon!

The Learn with Penelope and Pezi French for Kids DVD is a very fun 3-D animated way designed to teach kids the French language.

Did you know that is one of most second spoken languages in the world? This fun DVD will help your kids to learn to use over 100 French practical phases and vocabulary using effective methods such as language games. The thing that really makes the French words and vocabulary stick are the sing along songs that kids will sing when they learn French with Penelope and Pezi. These are all a part of the fun exercises that help your kids to test their own comprehension of the French language based on the words learned and to speak.

As a French speaker, I think this is a very effective method that really works to learn languages today for kids. Often songs that we learn years ago, never are forgotten. This same concept is employed to help kids learn French words and vocabulary. Also, the Learn with Penelope and Pezi French for Kids DVD comes with a learning booklet that you can review together with your child while learning.

Being I love French, I thought that you might like this Amazon gem for language learning and wanted to share it!.

To buy theĀ French for Kids DVD now for $14.99 at Amazon, please click here!


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