Hostmonster Review 2019: Is Hostmonster Hosting Worth It or Not? Read This First!

If you are reading this Hostmonster review, likely you are curious to know is Hostmonster any good or not legit to create websites? How is Hostmonster support and customer service? How does Hostmonster pricing on web hosting compare with competitors? If you want to know the truth, sit back and relax because this Hostmonster review will knock your socks off!

This Hostmonster review will be one of the most honest & straight forwarded that you will find online. Keep reading to see why. If you don’t, you will regret it later!

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What to Expect in This Hostmonster Review

Today you will everything you need to know BEFORE spending a dime with Hostmonster! Some marketers want to sell you on buying something, but I just want to give you the hard cold facts and truth that you MUST know before buying! It’s never a good to buy something that later you repent having done. There are many resources online to help you create & manage websites. 

What Is Hostmonster Anyway?

Hostmonster is US based web host provider owned by EIG that is located in Utah. They have been in business for over 20 years & offer products such as free domain names, unlimited disk storage, email, unlimited GB of site transfer, support for international domains and more.

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In addition to Hostmonster, Endurance International Group owns several brands like Hostgator, Bluehost, iPage, Fat Cow hosting, JustHost, amongst others. You may or may not be familiar with these sister companies, but they are owned by the same company that owns Hostmonster.

Hostmonster Hosting Plans: The Pricing

Watch this video to learn about the real costs and pricing of Hostmoster web hosting & how I really feel about their official page at

If you do decide to get started, the best web hosting plan to take a chance on to create a website would be their Basic plan here.

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Hostmonster Support

Currently, they have customer service by phone and 24/7 live chat support to assist customers with web hosting questions. However, the thing that I don’t like about their live chat service is that you have to navigate through so many prompts just to get the chat session started 🙁

With Siteground, A2 Hosting, Pressidium & WPX Hosting for example, I am typically used to simply clicking on one button and connecting with a rep within seconds, but with Hostmonster chat support it’s very different.

What Others Think About Hostmonster Customer Service?

If you were to Google right now “Hostmonster complaints” you will see mixed feedback.

Some like Hostmonster cheap web hosting while others hate it. I saw on 3 respected websites a lot negative feedback.

For example, some current and past users on Yelp state that they have had problems with things like billing, frequent downtime and account deletions without notice.

According to Complaintsboard, some complained also about the web hosting, security issues and not being able to reach support due to phone lines being busy.

All web hosting providers have unhappy customers, but I think that these Hostmonster complaints are very substantial & should be considered about the web hosting BEFORE using them.

Also if you take a look at other reputable websites like, you will notice something interesting. There you will notice that Hostmonster has only a 2-star rating out of 5. This is pretty low in comparison to Siteground and WPX Hosting who have an amazing 5-star ratings!! 

I think this is largely because these 2 web hosting providers are not owned by EIG, and also excel in customer support with its customers. 

For more details on Siteground, go here:

For more details on WPX Hosting, go here:

Site Migration & Transfers

Most web hosting companies provide free site migrations and transfers of files to their platforms. However, I want to clear in this Hostmonster review on how it works for them.

Hostmoster does move websites, however it is not clear if this is a free service or not.

According to their website transfer agreement, on point 4.1 under “Services“, they state that this is provided “AS IS“and that “Hostmonster website transfer assumes no responsibility for errors, omissions or other problems related to the website transfer service”.

This is something that you should know in this Hostmonster review BEFORE deciding to transfer your website to Hostmonster. It is always recommended in general to backup your WordPress website before transferring and always have a copy of your site data before migrations.

So if you are thinking of using Hostmonster web hosting to create a website today, then you should take this step before signing up.

Money Back Guarantee

In this review of Hostmonster you should know that they offers customers a 30 day money back guarantee on its web hosting services. This refund policy is right in line with most policies that its competitors offer such as A2Hosting, Siteground, Namecheap, JaguarPC, Scala Hosting, just to name a few.

But many of Hostmonster’s competitors offer longer refund policies on their web hosting packages. One example is Pressidium who gives customers 60 day money back guarantee on their managed WordPress hosting.

Dreamhost gives 97 days, while Mochahost that runs under $2 offers a 180 money back guarantee! So they definitely give Hostmonster a run for their money! 

Hostmonster Phone Number

In the event you need to contact support for anything they are available 24/7. There are 2 essential phone numbers that will be of use to you for your web hosting:

Hostmonster Main Line/Billing Issues: 1-866-573-4678

Outside US: 1-801-494-8462 

They are located in Orem, Utah. 

What You Should Know About The Refund Policy

Hostmonster gives you a free domain for your 1st year of hosting. However, if you cancel your service within the 30 days, then you will be charged $15.99 for the domain. This charge is to KEEP your domain in the event you want to use it somewhere else. It also covers their costs for issuance and having registered it to you.

Is this a bad thing? Not at all to be honest! This is a common practice for most web hosting do this and it is quite common. For this reason I prefer to buy my domains FIRST at Namecheap, then point the nameservers to the actual web hosting provider that I will use to create the website. By doing it this way you always control ownership of domains and never risk losing them no matter where you host them.

Also, I buy the domains at Namecheap because they are way cheaper and also is the only domain registrar to date that gives you domain privacy for FREE for LIFE.

Also, you should know that you can not transfer your domain away from Hostmonster before 60 days have passed. Again, if I own the domain from the get go and want to transfer it, I don’t want to have to wait to transfer it to another web hosting provider.

But all in all, the 30 day money back policy is still pretty standard in the industry. Nothing special here.

Hostmonster Review Conclusion

I hope that this review of Hostmonster web hosting services helps you to make a solid decision about using them or not. Although they provide many web hosting services for entrepreneurs, they are not the cheapest web hosting provider. They also don’t have the fastest servers.

Would I use their web hosting personally? No. Why? Because I need fast web hosting that allows for multiple website creation for cheap.

Their Plus/Prime plans at $6.95/month are slightly overpriced in my opinion. You can get a far better value for unlimited resources with either here with the A2 Hosting Swift or Siteground Growbig hosting in my opinion.

For A2 Hosting, go here:

For Siteground web hosting, go here:

If the pricing of Hostmonster hosting plans is not that important to you and you really care more about just getting your business online, then Hostmonster may be okay to create your site today. However, if you care more about getting the best for your money, security, superior customer support then Hostmonster is not for you.

If you do get started with Hostmonster here, you can start with a web hosting plan that best suit your personal needs. Although most people according to them seem to buy their Prime plan with all of the unlimited resources, you may be better off just getting the Basic plan for only $4.95.

Remember that the basic plan is ideal for entrepreneurs that just need to create 1 website online. You can get started with Hostmonster web hosting by visiting the official website here:

To finish up this Hostmonster review, I would like to ask you a question. What do you personally think about Hostmonster web hosting? Have you used them in the past? Or if you are new to web hosting, would you use them to create a website based on today’s review? Your comments below..

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