How do bloggers make money from their blogs? What You Need To Know

If you are looking for legit way to make money online, you may want to do bloggers make money from their blogs?

This is a really good question that even I had to ask myself before I started this blog. It’s not just about throwing up a blog using platforms like WordPress or Blogger. Anyone can pick a domain name, get hosting and start blogging about whatever that comes to mind.

There are some extremely important things that you must consider BEFORE you can appreciate how bloggers make money from their blogs. Ask yourself..

  • What will I blog about?
  • Who will be my target audience?
  • How will drive traffic to my blog?
  • How will I monetize my blog?
  • How will I build my brand online?
  • How will I learn Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?

These are just a few of the many questions that should be considered before starting a blog online. Let’s talk a little bit about these questions that I have raised and how it helps you to see how bloggers make money from their blogs, okay? Alright let’s go for it!

What will I blog about?

What do you have a passion for doing? What do you like doing more than anything else in the world? This could provide you with solid ideas that will help you see what you will call your domain (website name) and also the material that you will blog about on your niche.

For more ideas on how to pick a good niche to blog about, visit here.

Who Will Be My Targeted Audience?

Once you decide your passion of your new blog, then think about to whom and in which geographical areas you want to target? This also helps to come up with a more targeted domain name and identifies your brand for potential Googlers online who maybe searching for you. For example if your passion is tutoring Spanish students, your targeted audience would likely be middle to college level students currently taking or learning Spanish in school. Also if you want to target your state or even go nationwide, then this helps your angle for domain selection.

How To Drive Traffic To A Blog

To make money, some bloggers drive visitors to their blogs by using Google and other major search engines like Yahoo and Bing. By writing very specific articles and unique content about your particular niche, then you can drive lots of FREE organic traffic to your site.

For example, you probably made it here to my blog by searching for “how do bloggers make money from their blogs?” This is a very specific query that searchers may type that we call “long tail keywords” that help to drive specific visitors to specific blog posts like these by minimizing your competition for specific. You can learn more about long tail keywords and how they will help your blogging here on an article that wrote some time ago.

Other ways to drive traffic to your blog so you can make money is by using email marketing, writing reviews on products, social media, video marketing, ppc marketing, backlinking, Yahoo Answers, and even writing articles on other blogs as a guest blogger. Article Marketing sites like,, and also help to drive traffic. There are many other effective ones as well.

How Will I Monetize My Blog? 

Bloggers make money by products and ads that are placed on their blogs.

For example, you may see sites online that have Google advertisements on the headers, above or below post titles, or even on the right shoulder of blog posts. These ads are strategically placed and targeted with the very theme of your blog. Whenever some clicks on those Google ads, the blogger gets paid. The more traffic you get to your site, the more money you can potentially make.

When bloggers make videos on Youtube and people click on those ads that are shown there, bloggers also make money from this also through Google.

Others ways bloggers make money on their bloggers is by promoting free affiliate programs. If you are new to the idea and have never even heard of an affiliate program, then let me tell you that there are little hundreds of them! But, by saying that I don’t want you get lost in the sauce! Simply find some with products that are related to your particular niche or hobby and promote those using their affiliate links. You can start out with affiliate programs like,, Commission Junction (, or even Amazon.

Amazon is probably my favorite because it’s a site that people already know and trust online. Amazon’s products come with a money back guarantees if a customer is not satisfied with it, so this makes it a good bonus for customers to buy. You can sign up for Amazon Prime here and also promote it on your new blog to make money.

Every time a visitor clicks on a link and buys something, the blogger gets paid a percentage of the sale of that product! You may see on this blog that there are banners promoting products and also Amazon related products. These are just a few ways bloggers make money by monetizing their blogs.

To Discover More Ways To Make Money On Amazon Click Here!

Learning Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Every blogger has to learn how to make their blogs and sites lovable by Google and the other search engines using keywords in your content that viewers want to see. To  also learn how do bloggers make money online from their blogs, you should also check out one the top bloggers online Darren Rowse at I also recommend that you checkout his newly released book on “How to blog your way to 6 figure income” here. Darren Rowse is a highly respected authority online when it comes to bloggers making money from their blogs.

There is so much out there that will help you to get on the right wing with your new blogging career. Hopefully by this post today you have come to see how do bloggers make money from their blogs and found some true value. Your comments below please 🙂


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