How to Add Multiple Domains in cPanel and Install WordPress? Step by Step Tutorial for Beginners

Do you have a blog and would like to know how to add multiple domains in cPanel? If so, then you come to the right place! This is a really good question that many beginners ask when wanting to create additional websites.

Many bloggers that look for ways to monetize their business will create additional websites. Over the years I have created several websites to promote affiliate marketing products online. Or perhaps you just started a network marketing business and need another website. Is this the case? let me know below..

Today, I will show step by step how to add multiple domains in cPanel to create websites with WordPress and other CMS platforms. This is a very simple task that you can do easily with ANY web hosting provider that uses cPanel. It doesn’t matter if you want to create a WordPress blog with Hostgator, Hostpapa, Namecheap, Inmotion Hosting, Scala Hosting, etc.

The only real difference that you will notice with many web hosting services is the actually color and layout of the cPanel hosting dashboard, but essentially the buttons do the same thing. Besides that, I have experienced with several web hosting services that if you follow the same steps, you will easily be able to addon domains to create additional websites online for your business.

How to Add Multiple Domains in cPanel [4 Steps]

Step 1 – After you buy your domain name, you will then log into your cpanel hosting with your username and password credentials. You can get domain name from a web hosting provider that allows addons such as Siteground, A2hosting, or Bluehost, etc.

Step 2 – Once you are on the inside and can see your dashboard as pictured below, you will then scroll down to the “DOMAINS” section and click “Addon Domains“.

how to add multiple domains in cpanel


Step 3 – The very next screen that pops is pictured below. This is the place where you will actually enter in the domain name that you just purchased.

NOTE: If you purchased your domain from another domain registrar that is different from your web hosting provider, you will have to FIRST point the nameservers to your web hosting provider. Thereafter, you can addon the domain.

However, you purchase the domain directly from your web hosting provider, you are all set and simply can continue with the following step.

When you enter the domain under “New Domain Name“, Subdomain and Document Root fields will automatically prefill.

Step 4: Once you have finished, you will click on “Add Domain“.

how to add multiple domains in cpanel

After a few seconds, the next screen will tell you that your new domain has been created and added.

How to Install WordPress on Your Domain

Step 1 – To install WordPress on this domain that you have just added, you will go back to your cPanel home page and the scroll down and click on the “WordPress under “Softaculous Apps Installer“.

add multiple domains

Step 2 – After you click on the “Install Now” button, then choose your domain from the drop down. Once you finish filling out the Site Settings and Admin Account sections, you will then enter your email at the bottom and then click “Install“.

After a few seconds, your next screen will show that your WordPress website has been creates and is now live online! You will receive a confirmation of your WordPress installation to your email.



If you have a web hosting package that allows for it, this is the exact process that you will follow to add multiple domains in cpanel. This same process would also work even if you would like to create a website using other CMS platforms like Joomla, Drupal, Magento, etc.

As you could see guys learning how to add multiple domains in cPanel hosting is a quick process. Was this easy for you to follow today? Do you feel more comfortable and understand now how to addon domains to your cPanel account and install WordPress? Let me know your thoughts below.

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