How to use press releases to advertise a business 101

How to Use Press Releases to Advertise A Business

Press releases have long been used for many media outlets around the world and also by companies to deliver updates and broadcast news. But did you know that you can also use press releases to advertise things such as your products and business services? Buy how?

How to Write a Press Release

When writing, there are usually 5 basic sections that you will want to have to really see how to use press releases to advertise a business:

1.The heading with the title – As press releases are designed to be more informative, the heading and title should be eye-catching to motivate a viewer to read further, yet still presented as news versus a sales pitch.

2. Summary of the article – the summary section of the press release will provide a quick brief overview of what a viewer can expect to learn in your press release.

3. The body – the body section of a press release if where you give the meat and deliver the actual news that you would like to inform the public of. For example, one may notice how companies may announce a new product or service that will be available on a specific date to the public. Again this information is here to provide details & benefits about these products with some specific specs such as prices, however delivered in an informative manner.

4. Press contact – this info should a maybe your company spokesman or representative who can answer any further questions about your company and products. By including perhaps a name along with direct phone number, then may drive calls to your business.

5. Info about the company – this portion of the press release is also an informative section that is very important that will include some details about how long your company has been in business, the markets it covers and perhaps a website link if your company has an online presence or storefront where consumers can visit to discover more about your brand. Having a professional website where you can point your potential clients also helps to establish your credibility of company.

Press releases will give you the opportunity to share with the public valuable news about your business and products. When writing press releases, you want to keep in mind that they are designed to be more informative to your audience versus presenting a sales pitch.

Where Do I Start Publishing?

There are many high ranked press release sites at your disposal that you could use to publicize your content. is a good place to start if you are new to the idea. FPR even gives you a free how to tutorial to get you off to good start.

To see a list of free press release sites that you can also submit your articles, take a glance at a great list that I found online at

Benefits of Learning How to Use Press Releases to Advertise A Business

One of the many benefits of learning how to use press releases to advertise a business is that they can also help you to build backlinks for SEO & drive a substantial amount of targeted traffic for your business when picked up on search engines like Google and Yahoo. You may have noticed that when you are performing searches online, search engines may display in their results press releases right the first page. PR sites have high authority from a search engine like Google’s point of view so this means that they will on many occasions give preference to these types of sites.

Press releases are just one of the many marketing techniques that you could add to your basket of eggs to advertise your business. They have helped many to succeed with getting more exposure and leads to their businesses online and can do the same for you if you give them a try.

If you have tried or are using presently press releases to advertise your business, what results have you experienced from using them? I would love to read your comments below 🙂 And thanks again for reading this quick article on how to use press releases to advertise a business!

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