Living Language Spanish Review 2018: Crazy Honest Truth Using Living Language Spanish!

Living Language Spanish Review: Is Living Language Spanish Good or Not to Learn Spanish?

Are you wondering if the Living Language Spanish course online is all that crack to be as it claims? Are you serious about learning Spanish, yet curious if it’s worth buying Living Language Spanish or not?

If you answered yes either of these 2 questions, then you better this Living Language Spanish Review FIRST before buying the Spanish course!!

What To Expect In This Review of Living Language Spanish?

Today in my Living Language Spanish review, I will discuss:

  • The Company behind the name
  • What Living Language Spanish program cost
  • My personal experience using it , and what you should know before buying it.

Ready? Okay, let’s dig in..

The truth is that if you really want to learn Spanish and really master the language using the Living Language Spanish or any Spanish language software, then you must apply what you learn daily and force yourself to use it each and e veryday. No excuses!

There are tons of people who take Spanish in school, learn Spanish online or buy language software to learn Spanish, but at the end of all, they don’t speak a lick. Why? Because they don’t use it daily and may lack the right motivation of what it means to learn Spanish.

Living Languages, created 2 university friends has been in business since 2004 and has over 1,200,000+ satisfied users of its 12 language learning software in Living Language Spanish!

Living Language Spanish Review: My Experience Learning Spanish Using Living Language?

living language spanish review

In this Living Language Spanish review, I will NOT focus on all of the details of the different editions offered by Living Language such as Platinum Edition here, rather on the course that I actually used to learn Spanish.

When I first started to learn in Spanish, there was a cool program called Living Language Spanish that I can say was really key in helping me to learn in Spanish. However, let me tell you that although I purchased the Living Language Spanish software that was recommended to me by a Colombian friend of mine, I still had to force myself to speak Spanish with natives as I was learning it.

My Motivation to Learn Spanish?

One of the main reasons that I wanted to learn Spanish was to be to communicate with other Spanish speaking individuals that lived in my area. There were many Puerto Ricans, Dominicans, Cubans and South Americans that I had a hard time understanding.

So I thought, why not learn Spanish? By taking this initiative, it can also help you to land a bilingual job, travel abroad to other Spanish speaking countries or simply be able to know what others are saying in Spanish.

As a result, I have been to Puerto Rico, Panama, Spain and a few other places.

How Living Language Spanish Helped Me Learn In Spanish

The Living Language Spanish Software is an very inexpensive & program broken down into several short lessons which was great for me. I think this method is also great for those who are learning a language for the first time.

When I first bought the program, it came in audio cassette form, however the same info is available to help you learn Spanish using audio CDs imaged above which makes it more convenient to learn on the go & actually hear native speakers.

After some time I found myself not only reading in Spanish using the exercises, but also THINKING in Spanish which is a huge hurdle and accomplishment when learning a language. I think that when a person gets to the point of thinking in Spanish and formulating questions and thoughts in the language, then that is when one can say that he is just about reaching a point of comfortableness if even that is a word :).

Click here to buy Living Language Spanish Software!

What To Expect From Living Language Spanish

When you start to learn Spanish using the Living Language Spanish Complete Edition Software, you will be very happy with it. If anyone that I know wants to learn Spanish or any language, I recommend using Living Language first! It’s a great program to give you the basics and gain a good foundation with the Spanish language.

There are many Spanish language learning methods & software that are really effective such as Rocket Spanish, but the Living Language Spanish software will give you the same results for cheap. It ideal for beginners in my honest opinion.

There is even an advanced Platinum version  should you decide to graduate to this one after trying the basic one from the link above to continue to learn in Spanish.

Who Should Not Buy Living Language Spanish?

If you are simply window shopping and not really 100% serious about learning Spanish, then the Living Language Spanish, nor any other Spanish language software is for you. Versus buying an effective & proven method to learn Spanish like this, you should save your money & time if you are not serious and dedicated about learning.

My Concluding 3 Cents About How to Learn Spanish with Living Language

Being a linguist today allows me to not only be able to communicate with other Spanish speakers, however to also build blogs in Spanish, write articles like this one that you are reading right now in Spanish if I want to. By learning Spanish, you help yourself and also others. You owe it to yourself to learn another language starting today!

Thank you for reading my Living Language Spanish Review! I hope that this has helped you to determine if Living Language Spanish is for you or not. It’s a 100% effective way to learn Spanish on your own! But don’t take my word for it, try it yourself…

Click Here To Learn In Spanish Using Living Language Spanish Software!

Now it’s your time to talk, tell me below why do you want to learn Spanish?..

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