Namecheap WordPress Hosting Review 2019: Untold Truth About EasyWP! Read this First!

Want to know if EasyWP is you or not? In this Namecheap WordPress Hosting Review, we will be talking about what’s under the hood of EasyWP. Also, you will learn what to expect BEFORE getting started with Namecheap!

Sometime ago I decided to start buying domains at Namecheap being they are way cheaper than Godaddy. But also I realized that they also offer a new product for WordPress hosting called EasyWP. Of course if you want to create a website today using WordPress, you are probably wondering if this is a good to create it or not. I applaud you for taking out to time to research and get more information about before signing up with EasyWP.

For me, when it comes to any web hosting, there are mainly 3 things that matter most. The company that I host with must have good uptime, great customer service and affordability. All of these areas are covered very well with Namecheap.

Namecheap WordPress Hosting Review: The Pricing?

The following costs represent a 50% discount of the regular WPEasy pricing.

EasyWP Starter Pricing: $14.88 per year


  • 10 SSD Storage
  • 50,000 visitors per month

This plan is best for beginners in my opinion.

EasyWP Turbo Pricing: $34.88 per year


  • 50 SSD Storage
  • 200,000 visitors per month

This plan is better for bigger websites and small businesses.

EasyWP Supersonic Pricing: $49.88 per year


  • 100 SSD Storage
  • 500,000 visitors per month

This plan is best for large website and enterprises.

What You Should Know About NameCheap EasyWP Hosting

There are a few restrictions with EasyWP hosting that you should know before getting started with it. In this Namecheap WordPress hosting review, I want to give you the good with the bad.

First, you can ONLY use domains that are registered through Namecheap. If you have a domain somewhere else that you prefer to build on, I recommend that you transfer it to Namecheap first.

This is something important to know BEFORE signing up. I mention this because usually when you buy domain names you simply have to point your name servers to the host that is providing the web hosting. However, with Namecheap EasyWP (not shared hosting), the domain must be from Namecheap to use this WordPress platform. This could be good or not for some wanting to create a website.

This in my opinion is NOT a real game changer if it’s setup right, but something that you should know to plan accordingly.

NameCheap WordPress Hosting Review: Any Competitors?

Although Namecheap WPEasy is a great product for WordPress hosting & pricing, it does have a lot of competition to contend with. Consider a few examples below:


A2 Hosting is primarily known for its turbo speeds, great customer service and affordable web hosting.

namecheap easywp review


  • starts at $3.92/month – for 1 website hosted
  • unlimited transfers
  • unlimited web space
  • free ssl certificate & ssd
  • great for beginners to create a website


  • starts at $4.90/month – unlimited websites
  • unlimited databases, storage
  • free ssl certificate & ssd
  • great for bloggers, small businesses, affiliate marketing, etc


  • starts at $9.31/month – unlimited websites
  • A2 site accelerator
  • 20 times faster speeds
  • unlimited databases, storage
  • free ssl certificates & ssd

A2 Hosting Offers 30 Day Money Guarantee!

For more details about creating a website today with A2 Hosting, get 51% OFF NOW by visiting here:


namecheap wordpress hosting review

Siteground just like Namecheap has been around for a long time and offers 3 WordPress hosting plans. When it comes to WordPress hosting, I also like what Siteground has to offer. I actually use their GrowBig hosting plan also on some other blogs as well that I have created.

This what Siteground offer at a glance for shared web hosting.



  • starts at $3.95/month – 1 website hosted
  • 10GB Web Space
  • Allows 10,000 monthly visits


  • starts at $5.95/month – unlimited websites hosting
  • 20GB Web Space
  • Allows 25,000 monthly visits


  • starts $11.95/month – unlimited websites hosted
  • 30 GB Web Space
  • 100,000 monthly visits

Siteground Offers 30 Day Money Back Guarantee!

For more details on creating website with Siteground, please visit here:

How Is EasyWP Security?

When it comes to security Namecheap has put in place some really great measures to keep websites secure. This is extremely important to look for in ANY web hosting provider.

SSL Certificates

When you get today with Namecheap WordPress Hosting website, you can get SSL certificates. These are great for a number of reasons. Google made an announcement recently that requires them on websites.

SSL certificates encrypt your website and protects sensative information such as credit/debit cards info from your customers that buy products & services on your website.

With Namecheap WordPress hosting, you can get SSL certificates on your websites to protect them.

Website Backups

Also, for the Stellar and Stellar Plus WordPress hosting plans, you get backups of your website 2 times a week. However, with the Stellar Business plan, you 6 times/day + weekly backups.

Why is this good for you? I mentioned it in this Namecheap WordPress hosing review because as an experienced I realize how important this is for websites. Websites each and every day are bombarded with spam, malware and hackers. So having the ability to backup your website is great to protect your data and files. In addition to this, I recommend using a good anti spam blocker such as CleanTalk.

Domain Privacy

When you purchase your domain you will get FREE WhoisGuard.  This protects your personal information (name, email, phone number, address, etc) from being displayed publicly on the whois directory.

Why do you need this for your website domain?

Well, in short if you do not have domain privacy for your website, you will get tons of spam email everyday. On top of that your phone will ring off the hook & be flooded with sales calls everyday from so called SEO experts who want to offer you web design services.

This will all result from not having domain privacy (whoisguard) where your personal is protected from spammers, hackers and people trying to  get your info. That’s why I love Namecheap WordPress Hosting being they offer this service for FREE on your domains for LIFE! Most web hosting providers like Godaddy and Bluehost charge for it, but at Namecheap it’s free.

Site Migrations

namecheap wordpress hosting review

If you are currently hosting with another web hosting provider that you do not like and really looking for a good alternative to save money, then Namecheap offer free site transfers.

If you would like to migrate your website and domain to Namecheap WordPress hosting, there is a very easy process that make your transition seamless. Once you enter in the domain that you would like to transfer, you will prompted to enter some details of your current host including domain privacyEPP code.

Namecheap WordPress Hosting Review Conclusion..

I mentioned 2 of many Namecheap competitors above. However, even if you took the most expensive plan EasyWPSupersonic that cost $49.88 per year, you will still save more money with Namecheap than with the above mentioned web hosting companies.

Namecheap WordPress hosting excels in what it is known for most: Cheap web hosting! It’s an awesome provider for both beginners and experienced marketers online who would like to create a website using WordPress.

So if you are trying to create your very first website for your business or even for personal use, then Namecheap is a great platform to use. They have a 30 day trial period where you test it for just $1! With this low price, there is frankly no reason why you shouldn’t start creating your WordPress website today, is there?

You can get started with their basic Starter plan to get started. As you build and create content for your website, you will notice your website traffic growing over time. They have all the web builder tools you will need in your control panel. At your own pace, you can simply scale up when ready.

If you are ready to get started right now with EasyWP Namecheap WordPress Hosting simply click the banner below.

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