Rocket Spanish Review Scam or Legit to Learn Spanish? Get Answers!

A Complete Rocket Spanish Review: 

Rocket Spanish Review

If you are reading this Rocket Spanish Review,  likely you are either struggling to learn Spanish on your own or simply just curious to see if Rocket Spanish actually works to learn Spanish or just a scam?

Do you want to learn Spanish to travel abroad, for work or for some other reason? By googling Rocket Spanish Review, you made it to this site and I am here to deliver you the facts and information necessary to help you make an informed decision today!

There are a lot of language learning software for Spanish that will help, yet today in this Rocket Spanish review you will see if it’s for you or not! So keep reading this review below..

What To Expect In This Review of Rocket Spanish

Today in this unbiased Rocket Spanish review you will learn about my personal experience, what I really think about them, and if you should or not use Rocket Spanish to learn Spanish!

Also, I will go over everything that you absolutely MUST know BEFORE you buy Rocket Spanish online! I will also things like the company’s reputation, user experiences, and even costs. I will even go as far to discuss any Rocket Spanish competitors and alternatives in the even you don’t buy the online Rocket Spanish course!

Why go through all this trouble to write this review for you? Frankly, if you find a good product, then you share it with others, right? And if it’s bad and doesn’t work, then you share that also.

Let’s dig in and get to work!

About Rocket Spanish Review: How Does It Work?

Rocket Spanish is a very popular online language learning course offered through the company Rocket Languages designed to help individuals learn Spanish effectively. Rocket Languages was formed in 2004 by 2 friends who studied Spanish in university. They sought to find more effective ways to learn languages than the traditional ways and thus Rocket Spanish was born.

Rocket Spanish is just one of 12 languages offered by the Rocket Languages company with 3 levels. The Rocket Spanish is able to be downloaded instantly onto PCs for easy use. However, if ordered by mail, it comes with CD packs with free shipping. See details below.

What Comes with the Rocket Spanish Course?

  • Interactive audio lessons
  • Built-in pronunciation practice
  • Voice recognition phrases
  • Progress Tracker
  • Language & Culture lessons
  • Mobile app
  • Members Forum & Email Support
  • Motivational tools
  • Unlimited 24/7 Learning Support online to their team of teachers.
  • Flashcard sets & more!

Things You Will Learn In Rocket Spanish:

  • Spanish Pronunciation
  • Spanish Lessons
  • Spanish Salutations
  • Telling Time In Spanish
  • Spanish Adjectives
  • Spanish Tenses
  • Spanish Prepositions
  • Spanish Pronouns
  • Spanish Grammar
  • Spanish Culture & More!

 Mobile Options:

You can access Rocket Spanish from any computer, tablet or smartphone. The mobile app is available via Google Play for Androids & App Store for iOS. I even found it on Amazon also. Click below..

Price of Rocket Spanish Course

So the big question is what does the course cost to learn Spanish? The Rocket Spanish Course is divided into 3 levels which can be purchased separately or together.

  • The Premium Level 1 is a one-time $99.95 payment
  • The Combo Levels 1 & 2 for a one-time payment of $249.90
  • The Works includes Levels 1, 2, and 3 for a one-time payment of only $259.90

To order the Rocket Spanish course now, visit the official Rocket Languages here!

Refund Policy

The Rocket Spanish course offers a really nice refund policy for its customers. When purchased, it comes with a 60 money back guarantee if not completely satisfied. You must email Rocket Languages to receive full refund.

Customer Service Contact Info

Rocket Languages is headquartered in New Zealand, however has a US office in Hawthorne, California. Their customer service contact number is 310-601-4958. For email inquiries, customers can reach them at They have 24/7 customer support.

Reputation of Rocket Spanish 

Rocket Spanish has been in business of over 13 years and has an awesome reputation online. They have over 1,200,000 satisfied customers and also have been featured in online media such the & New York Times. Rocket Languages is a BBB member. They are a very reputable company with great customer service.

Competitors or Alternatives to Rocket Spanish? 

Although in this Rocket Spanish review we have considered primarily the RS language software, there are several other very effective competitive and alternatives courses similar to Rocket Spanish software on the market that will help you learn Spanish fast online on Amazon such as:

Living Languages Spanish Complete Edition [Only $38.75 Free Shipping] – Order Here!

Learn Spanish Like Crazy [$147.00 USD Free shipping] – Order HERE!

OUINO Spanish [ $97.95 USD Free Shipping] – Order HERE!

  Fluenz Spanish [ $177.00 USD Free Shipping] – Order HERE!

  Instant Immersion Spanish Levels 1,2,3 [ $59.95 USD Free Shipping] – Order HERE!

These are just to name a few of many that are highly recommended to learn Spanish on your own. In the event you opt to try a different software other than Rocket Spanish, these mentioned above are great for for adults to the language effectively.

Who Is Rocket Spanish Good For?

Although I love to blog about different topics, what I can say as a linguist is that Rocket Spanish is ideal people who are 100% serious about learning Spanish and embracing the culture.

If you are really goal oriented, a self starter and super motivated, it’s a great language software that REALLY works guys! It’s more than a crash course. It will give you a great foundation and understanding of the Spanish language.

Who Should Not Use Rocket Spanish?

It’s not for people who are lazy and don’t want to spend a few minutes learning and then APPLYING & PRACTICING DAILY what they learn with others. Yes it is expensive, but don’t waist your money if you are not serious about learning Spanish.

I think that is the key with ANY language learning software including Rocket Languages.

Should You Use Rocket Spanish Today To Learn Spanish or Not? 

The purpose of sharing my Rocket Spanish review today is not to tell you what to do. You are grown and make solid decisions. I already speak Spanish fluently and stand 100% behind Rocket Spanish and their products.

Rocket Spanish Review: Conclusion

By trying the Rocket Spanish program today you have absolutely nothing to lose, but a few minutes a day. They even offer a 60 money back on the language program!

With that said, I want to conclude this Rocket Spanish review today leaving you with a real challenge..

I challenge you directly to order and get started learning Spanish today! In 30 days, I want you to report back & contact us with your progress!

To start learning Spanish today with a FREE trial, please visit the official Rocket Spanish website by clicking here!

Now it’s your time to shine. Have you ever used a software to learn a language before? If so, which one? What was your experience?

Visit the official Rocket Spanish website here =>


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