Siteground Growbig Review: Is Growbig Any Good or Not? My Thoughts After 1 Year!

Are you wondering if Siteground GrowBig plan is best for you? What should you really go with the Gogeek or Startup plan? Which of these plans is best to get started and to create your next website? In today’s Siteground GrowBig review we’re going to give you all the details that will helped me to make a solid decision on Growbig plan. Are you ready to get started?

What to Expect In This Siteground Growbig Review

In today’s review of Siteground Growbig web hosting I will talk about all of the features, uptime and my personal experience using this plan for this past year.

Although the Startup plan is the cheapest plan that Siteground offers for creating websites at only $3.95, this Siteground Growbig review reveals why I prefer using Growbig over the Startup or Gogeek plans.

Growbig Web Hosting Plan:

siteground growbig review

The Costs & Features

Costs: $5.95/month Deal [normally $19.99/month]


  • Can host unlimited websites
  • 20 GB web space
  • Great for 25,000 monthly visits
  • Free Website Builder
  • cPanel & SSH Access
  • 24/7 Technical Support
  • SSD Storage
  • Free Auto Daily Backups
  • Free CMS Install
  • It’s great for affiliate marketing, network marketing, MLM, small businesses, eCommerce
  • Unlimited Email Accounts & Databases
  • Free Let’s Encrypt SSL’s
  • Free Cloudflare CDN
  • GDPR compliant

Siteground Growbig Money Back Guarantee VS Competitors?

The Growbig web hosting comes with a 30 day money back guarantee! This is great in the event you decide to request a refund. But you won’t need it. Believe me!

The refund policy in place that Siteground has on its web hosting is right in line with its competitors online. But what do they offer that is different? Although I love Siteground web hosting, you know about what some competitors offer also.

A2 Hosting Swift plan for $4.90/month is known primarily online for its fast speeds here at also offering a 30 day money back guarantee.

This A2 Hosting offers unlimited features in their 2nd tier whereas the Growbig is capped off at 20 GB of space and 25,000 monthly visitors.

More details here at!

siteground growbig review

Fat Cow, another competitor found at also offers a 30 day money back guarantee on it web hosting packages. The difference is that Fat Cow hosting is $3.15/month also with all unlimited features.

More details here at!

WPX Hosting, known also for its turbo speeds & managed WordPress platforms offers a 30 day trial period.

siteground growbig review

WPX hosting has servers in both the UK & US. These guys have really fast servers also just like Siteground, but specialize ONLY in WordPress and costs $24.99/mth.

More details here at!

By mentioned these competitors in this Siteground Growbig review, I wanted be honest & give you the truth. Creating websites is not hard, but what can be hard is picking the right web hosting provider. I have created 10 websites using the Growbig and I love their interface, platform and features. But I included these 3 previous competitors to help you to see what they offer also to be fair.

Siteground Growbig Uptime

In addition to fast 1 second page loads on my Growbig websites, Siteground has extremely great uptime. I am very proud to say that I haven’t had any issues with my websites being down.

I mentioned this because it doesn’t really matter how much you pay for website hosting, if your websites are down and not visible on Google and search engines when people search, then it’s simply a huge waste of your money! Even with this website, today you googled looking for honest Siteground Growbig review. What if this website was down or under maintenance when you clicked through? Likely you would have bounced off my website and just went somewhere else, right?

That is why I love Siteground because they always have great uptime and super reliable web hosting.

Site Transfers

Do you host with another provider and would like to migrate your website over to Siteground? If so, then Siteground offer FREE site tranfers to customers. If you get started with them today, they will have your website moved over pretty quick. This will ease your transition over to their platform.

More details here at!

Should You Use Siteground Growbig or Startup or Gogeek Hosting Plan?

The purpose of this Siteground Growbig review is not to tell you want to do. However, to help you to decide which plan is best, consider “your personal web hosting needs”.

For example, with me in January 2017 I started using Siteground web hosting. At the time my personal goal was to have a reliable inexpensive hosting provider that would allow me to create multiple websites. I didn’t really care too much about all of the unlimited features that some hosts offer. I just focused on being able to create several blogs and websites for personal & business use. For this reason I chose to get the Siteground Growbig hosting plan due to these specific resources.

Also, another reason that moved me to join Siteground was the emphasis on security. Siteground, unlike most of its competitors are heavy on Security.

In fact, once I got started, I had access to great customer service, but also glad to know that Siteground scans “ALL” of my websites “DAILY” and sends me a report that my files are clean. Their SG Site Scanner performs these daily scans to block and protect your websites from malware & DOS attacks. I really love this feature that Siteground and really appreciate how much they care.

You will notice that with the Startup plan you can only host 1 website. You also only get 10 GB of web space with a package supporting up to 10,000 monthly visits. Is this such a bad thing? Not really. This may all that you need if you are a beginner and creating your 1st website. Whereas with the Gogeek plan for $11.95/month allows you to create unlimited websites, 30 GB of web spaceand supports up to 100,000 monthly visitors.

The truth is that you may not need the Gogeek plan. Perhaps you need multiple websites, but have not peaked that volume of monthly visitors yet. In this case, I recommend creating your website using Siteground Growbig plan.

The good thing of all of this is that if you decide today to get the Startup plan to create a website, you can always upgrade and scale up to Growbig when your website traffic grows over time.

As a beginner, the Startup plan may be all that you need to get started today online.

Siteground Growbig Review Conclusion

I hope that this Siteground Growbig review helped you make a solid decision of how to create your website today. It is very encouraging to hear when people start new business and want to get online.

In addition to Growbig hosting, you have access to many free site builders, marketing tools for SEO and more!

The impressive that Siteground that I really appreciated when I got started with them in January 2017 is that they even have a Starter guide for beginners that walks you step-by-step to install and create your website within minutes! It walks you through installing WordPress plugins, themes and more. Of course, I didn’t need this guide to create sites being I have done several times over, but it’s still great to note that Siteground is the only host that I have used to walks beginners by the hand. If you are new, this is another powerful to get started with them today!

Siteground across has been around for over 20 years with a great reputation of over 1,800,000 happy customers. There are many positive reviews on social media like Facebook of happy customers.

They have 24/7 customer support and even come highly recommended by They are rated as of the top 3 best web hosting providers to create websites which is impressive! This is another to start your business website with them today for 2019!

Why not started your business website right now with the Siteground Growbig web hosting plan? You will thank me later for taking out the time to right this Siteground Growbig review!

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