A2Hosting Swift Plan Review 2020: The Good, Bad and Ugly You Must Know First!

Are you wondering if the A2Hosting Swift plan is the best hosting plan to create your website today? If so, then I’m giving you today an A2Hosting Swift Plan Review. Likely you have looked hard online and found my blog on Google’s 1st page. The reason why this A2 Hosting review is on the first page of Google is for a good reason. It’s because it is the BEST! Keep reading to see why and you will thank me later!

What to Expect in This A2Hosting Swift Plan Review?

Today, I’m going to talk about the company, customer service, features of the A2Hosting Swift plan and why I think this plan is for you as a business owner. Hopefully by the end of this review, you will have enough info to know everything you need to know about the Swift plan to get started. When it comes to web hosting, there a few things that matter most to me: Affordability, Customer Support, Uptime, and Security. I will discuss each of these this review to help you to appreciate all that A2hosting offers.

A2 Hosting does have 3 shared hosting tiers, but today you will hear about the 2-tier, Swift.

Disclaimer: This page includes affiliate links. When clicked and a purchase is made, site owner receives a commission. This does affect your pricing at all, but gives you best discount on your A2hosting today.

A2Hosting Swift Plan Review: Features

A2 Hosting has been around since 2001. This means that they know what they are doing. They are very knowledgeable and experienced when it comes to web hosting. The number one staple are their turbo servers, something that not many other web hosting providers can compete with. Speed is something they pride themselves on and understand how to deliver it. But let’s see what’s under the hood of the Swift plan.

What’s unique about A2Hosting Swift Plan Pricing?

a2hosting swift plan review

As you can see in the chart above of shared hosting plans, the 2nd tier Swift hosting plan starts at $4.90/month. This is not a bad price at all for web hosting because this plan has unlimited features.

  • You can create and host multiple websites.
  • You get unlimited storage, bandwidth, email accounts and more resources.
  • This is a great plan for entrepreneurs, work at home, home business owners, etc.
  • This plan gives you more flexibility and features for website creation and management.

A2Hosting Swift vs Lite vs Turbo Plan


A2 Hosting Swift Plan Competitors? 

There are many alternatives and competitors of A2hosting that can be used for creating websites.

Kinsta here at www.kinsta.com is a great provider that specializes primarily in managed WordPress hosting. It is ideal for entrepreneurs that have high volumes of web traffic on their websites. They have amazing speeds and performance.

Hostpapa at www.hostpapa.com is a Canadian web hosting provider that also has some great performance with servers. Right now they have a special with their Business plan starting at only $3.95/month which will allow you to create unlimited websites just like the A2 hosting Swift plan.

Siteground Web Hosting has a GrowBig plan that starts at only $5.95/month which allows you to create multiple websites online for businesses. With this plan I have personally created 12 websites online. It has many of the same features as A2 hosting Swift plan with the exception of cap offs on web traffic [25,000 web visitors/ per month]. They are recommended by WordPress.org. More details here at www.siteground.com

Bluehost Web Hosting is $5.95/month for Plus plan which also has unlimited features for creating websites! Just like Siteground, Bluehost is recommended by WordPress.org due to their great WordPress performance online. Get more details here at www.bluehost.com

What’s Good About A2 Hosting Swift Plan?

  • Ultra Reliable Servers
  • Free to Migrate Your Site
  • Have a Money Back Guarantee (30 days)
  • Uptime 99.99% Guarantee
  • Great 24/7/365 Customer Service & Chat Support
  • Free SSL & SSD
  • cPanel
  • Have Joomla, WordPress, Drupal, Windows & Linux
  • Ecommerce for online stores [OpenCart, Magento, Prestashop & more!]
  • Have a A+ BBB Report
  • Cheapest Hosting Plan Starts at $4.90 per month which is very competitive
  • Has Data Centers in Michigan Asia, Singapore & Amsterdam
  • Uses FREE Hackscan Protection to help block hacks to your site
  • A2 Hosting Swift plans is $1 cheaper than Siteground GrowBig plan here for $5.95/mth.  Bluehost Plus here is  also $5.95 per month. [$1.05 savings with A2 Hosting]
  • You can pay your web hosting for the entire year or go month to month. [Most web host make you it all at once]
  • When installing WordPress and CMS platorms, A2hosting does hardening which provides an extra layer of security to your websites. This protects your website against hackers, spammers, and malicious attacks.

What’s Bad About A2 Hosting Swift?

Although I LOVE their web hosting and highly recommend them to you, I want to keep this A2 Hosting Swift Plan Review 100% honest. To do this, I wanted to share with you what others think about their web hosting services and that way you will have a bigger picture.

But before I do, you should know that there is only 1 thing that you don’t get with the Swift plan which is the 20X Turbo speeds. That feature is only available when upgrading to the Turbo plan for $9.31/month. But if you want to know about some secrets to speed up your web hosting without upgrading to Turbo, let me know in the comments area below!

Of course the Turbo plan comes with additional unlimited resources and perks, however some beginners may not need all of these extras. To learn more about the Turbo hosting plan, go here: www.a2hosting.com

I have done some extra research online & found lots of positive feedback about A2 Hosting web packages on Trustpilot.com. [Link will open in another tab]

When you check out their rating system for Trustpilot, you will notice that A2 Hosting has a 4 out of 5 star-rating based on A2hosting reviews left by clients.

  • 81% say that A2 Hosting is Excellent
  • 3% say that they are Great
  • 1% say that they are Average
  • 2% say that they are Poor
  • while 12% feel that they are Bad web hosting

By this rating system, you can see more about what some users feel about A2 hosting and their services. Why do I share this with you today? Because unlike MOST A2 hosting reviews that you will find online, they are not honest. In all of web hosting reviews I always aim to give to good with the bad that way you know what to expect.

Another reason that I share these stats in this A2 hosting Swift Plan Review is because whether you are beginner online or someone advanced, it’s important to know that EVERY web hosting has complaints or something that a web host does or does not do. Obviously A2 hosting is not the exception in this equation. If you like and appreciate honesty, then let me know in comments area below please.

But all in all, as a blogger and entrepreneur myself, I highly recommend using A2 hosting to create websites, blogs and eCommerce stores. They are super reliable and great customer support that is fast.

Get started right now by visiting here:  www.a2hosting.com

Is A2Hosting Hosting Swift Plan Best for You?

Only YOU can decide if it’s best for you or not. Again, I wanted to highlight in this A2 hosting Swift plan review that A2 hosting is known most for its turbo swift servers and great customer service. This is something that not many hosts can say. This is something great that I look for in every web host from the get go.

To help you…Let me tell you who this A2 Hosting Swift plan is NOT for:

  • It’s NOT for people who just need to host or create 1 website. If you just need 1 website, go with the Lite plan here.
  • It’s NOT for people who don’t need a lot of resources..[unlimited storage, bandwidth, multiple email accounts, etc] Again the Lite plan is best!

The Swift Plan Is for People who…

  • It’s for people who need to be able to build multiple websites. [For example with affiliate marketing, network marketing, eCommerce stores, etc.
  • For those that need more unlimited features and don’t want to worry about too many restrictions.

If you are just getting started and totally new to web design, then I think that the Lite plan for $3.92/month is best. This basic plan is great if you are on a budget and are honestly just looking to host 1 site. This Lite hosting plan is also slightly cheaper than starter plans of its competitors. Starter packages for competitors like Coolhandle, Hostpapa, Siteground and Hostgator all start at $3.95/mth. However, when it comes to speed, then A2 hosting is the better option.

If you are a blogger like me and need to be able to add multiple domains, then maybe the A2 hosting Swift or A2 hosting Turbo plans would definitely be better for you.

Either way, the decision is up to you. But all packages come with a 30 money back guarantee so it’s 100% risk free to try! Get 51% OFF of your web hosting!

Site Migrations

Do you have a website that you would to move to A2 hosting today? If so, then the awesome thing is that A2 hosting has a FREE site migration service and they will transfer it for you when you get started today.

A2Hosting Swift Plan Review Conclusion: 

Now that you that you understand more about the A2Hosting Swift plan and who it is designed for, the next step is to select your domain name & start creating your website in minutes! To get started now and sign up with the A2Hosting Swift plan is to go here right now to www.a2hosting.com.

a2hosting swift plan review

After reading this A2 Hosting Swift Plan Review, what do you think? Are you creating your website with A2 Hosting today? Will you personally test their web hosting services? You better! Get your business off to awesome start right now with A2Hosting!

Thanks for reading A2 Hosting Swift Plan Review today.  I hope that the information helps you to make a great decision.




A2 Hosting WordPress Tutorial Review: Learn How to Create a WordPress Website Fast!!

So many entrepreneurs are going crazy about creating WordPress websites using A2 Hosting. Do you want to learn how to create a WordPress website fast today for your business? If so, the you read this A2 Hosting WordPress Tutorial for 2020!

People are saying that it’s the fastest web hosting provider to create websites and blogs on the internet. But is there a sweet secret that you don’t know about A2 Hosting? To help you to discover the truth, I decided to buy A2 web hosting services to create WordPress websites and today you will learn how to do it also with a few simple steps. 

According to online performance & stats, A2 hosting is actually 20 times faster than other shared web hosting and considered one of the best WordPress hosting to use for beginners. I have personally tested A2 hosting and wanted to share with you guys my personal thoughts.

The web hosts mentioned above are widely known across the web by the masses. So if you have never even heard of A2 Hosting prior to today, then it’s quite understandable and you shouldn’t feel bad.  The truth is that I didn’t know anything about them at all either until I took a look under the hood for myself. What I think about them overall will be revealed in this A2 Hosting WordPress Tutorial review..

a2 hosting wordpress tutorial

Disclaimer: This page contains affiliate links. When used, I receive a modest referral commission. This allows me to test web hosting to write reviews like this A2 hosting WordPress tutorial review. Best discounts provided by using these links.

Who is A2 Hosting Anyway?

Although unknown to some, A2 Hosting is Michigan based web hosting company that has been around for 17 years, but was formally known by this crazy name Iniquinet. Glad they decided to changed their name. That would be extremely difficult for most to pronounce it, even for me:)

If you made it here today it is because you want to not only learn how to create  WordPress website or blog using A2 Hosting, but also to confirm that their web hosting speeds are actually up to 20 times faster than others as they state? The short answer for A2 Hosting WordPress review is YES! But I will explain why later so keep reading this review..

A2 Hosting WordPress Tutorial: The Pricing, Hosting Plans & Some Quick Facts..

Let’s look at the plans first..

There are several A2 Hosting plans that could be used to create WordPress websites fast. I think that each hosting plans offers something very unique for every budget whether you are a beginner or advanced. In this A2 Hosting WordPress Review, I want to highlight the 3 types they offer next.


a2 hosting wordpress tutorial

Why Use A2 Hosting Shared Web Hosting?

Shared web hosting is what most beginners use when creating websites. They tend to be the most affordable & offer great resources for entrepreneurs although several may share the same server.

As for A2 Hosting, there are 3 shared hosting plans to choose from as showed in the graph above: Lite, Swift & Turbo.

The Lite is the cheapest plan starting at only $3.92 per month. It’s particularly great if you just want to create only 1 website. The Lite plan in my opinion is really better for beginners to create websites. As your business grows and have to a need of more resources, the go Swift!

The Swift is $4.90 per month with unlimited options. This plan is better for bloggers and entrepreneurs wanting more unlimited resources. It’s also ideal for affiliate marketing to create multiple websites for different niches. It’s also the most popular plan that most entrepreneurs use to get online. Will you? 

However, the Turbo hosting is $9.31 per month and has up to 20 times faster speeds! This plan is better for larger websites.

Get started right now here=> www.a2hosting.com


Do you have a website that currently get thousands of visitors each day? If so, then maybe you should considering using a VPS hosting plan to host your website. 

VPS is a virtual machine that runs its own copy of an operating system allowing customers to install any software that runs on that OS.

When it comes to Virtual Private Servers, A2 Hosting has not only the fastest, but also these cheapest prices online that I ever seen! The main benefit to having your very own VPS is that you get better performance and you have more control. 

A2 Hosting has 3 VPS hosting plans: Managed, Unmanaged & Core VPS.

  • Prices are $5 per month for Unmanaged hosting.
  • $32.99/month for both Managed and Core VPS hosting plans.
  • The real difference between the latter is the root access ability and power.  

a2 hosting wordpress tutorial

Get VPS hosting right now here=> www.a2hosting.com


Do you want to start your very own web hosting business? If you want to sell web hosting to your customers for a profit, then maybe you should consider using the A2 Hosting reseller hosting! 

The 4 plans are: Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum.

  • $13.19 per month for Bronze
  • $18.74 per month for Silver
  • $24.41 per month for Gold, and
  • $40.91 per month for Platinum plan.

a2 hosting wordpress tutorial

The great thing about their web hosting in general is that you can scale up as your web hosting grows by simply upgrading. 

For more on other web hosting such Dedicated Hosting, Linux Hosting & Windows Hosting, visit here www.a2hosting.com

Do We Recommend A2 Hosting? 

Absolutely!! And here is why…

When comparing other web hosts, A2 Hosting knocks their off in all areas and especially in speed!

Why is this important? As you know fast loading websites are extremely important to Google and the search engines. Slow loading websites lead to bad performance & increased bounce rates which affects your rankings.

A2 Hosting had super fast & reliable servers to ensure that your website has optimum performance online.

Another thing that I like A2 hosting is they are not owned by EIG. They stand alone and have amazing feedback from users on websites like Trustpilot.com.

Also, I like how affordable they are even for beginners to get started. Some web hosting providers that have fast speeds typically are not affordable by all. One example of this is a WordPress hosting company called WPEngine. Their starter plan is a whopping $35/month! Ouch! But many people don’t like WPEngine online and I don’t recommend them either. 

That’s why I recommend that beginners get started with an inexpensive web hosting like A2 hosting for only $3.92/month to save money!

The Lite plan gives beginners everything they need to create websites for cheap!

Would you like to learn how to create a WordPress Website using A2 Hosting? If so, then watch this A2 Hosting WordPress review tutorial that will show you step-by-step how to create a website or blog using WordPress! Let me know what you think below in the comments area what you think about the video! 

How To Install WordPress On A2 Hosting


A2 Hosting WordPress Competitors?

Although A2 hosting is known online to be the fastest web hosting provider, they do have many competitors that also specialize in WordPress hosting who might give them a run for their money! Some common WordPress hosting specific providers are: Kinsta, Cloudays, Hostinger, Liquid Web, Pressidium, WPX Hosting, Siteground, Knownhost and the list continues. You can see here a A2 Hosting vs Siteground review

However, below I will review briefly 3 web hosting companies that are slightly cheaper than A2 Hosting when comparing their shared web hosting plans.


a2 hosting review

Dreamhost is a shared & WordPress hosting plans starting at $2.59/month. They have free SSL certificates, unlimited bandwidth & traffic with a 97 money back guarantee. 

Dreamhost web hosting is cheaper than A2 Hosting, but they only have 24/7 chat support. 

For details on trying Dreamhost go to the official website here: www.dreamhost.com!


a2 hosting wordpress tutorial

Namecheap has both shared & WordPress hosting plans starting at only $2.88/month. Their starter plan Stellar allows you to host 3 websites with unmetered bandwidth versus just 1 website with A2 Hosting Lite plan.

They have 30 refund policy. Something that you get with Namecheap that you get from A2 hosting is FREE Domain Privacy for Life!

Again overall Namecheap is cheaper, but A2 Hosting has faster performance & better uptime.

For details on getting 50% off Namecheap, go here: www.namecheap.com

a2 hosting review

Cloudways Cloud Hosting

Cloudways hosting is only $10/month and has the fastest managed cloud hosting platform that I have seen online! The cool thing is that they have 60 data centers around the world with 5 servers that you select from to build your website. What’s even more impressive is that they offer a FREE TRIAL on their hosting and you have to enter a credit/debit card to try them out! I must admit that with an offer like Cloudways may give A2 Hosting a run for their money! They offer a free trial and don’t require a debit/credit card to try them out. 

For details on trying Cloudways hosting go to their official website right now for your FREE TRIAL HERE: www.cloudways.com!

A2 Hosting WordPress Tutorial Review: The Good and Bad

Being that I have reviewed several web hosting providers over the years,I want to keep this review very balanced. Therefore, I want to mention some good perks and downers of A2 hosting. 

What’s Good About A2 Hosting?

  • Ultra Reliable Servers
  • Free to Migrate Your Site
  • Have a Money Back Guarantee (30 days)
  • Uptime 99.99% Guarantee
  • Up to 20 times faster speeds than other web hosts
  • Great 24/7/365 Customer Service & Chat Support
  • Get Free SSL & SSD
  • CDN
  • cPanel
  • Uses FREE Hackscan Protection to help block hacks to your site
  • Have Joomla, WordPress, Drupal, Windows & Linux
  • Have a A+ BBB Report
  • Cheapest Hosting Plan Starts at $3.92 per Month Which is Very Competitive
  • Has Data Centers in Michigan Asia, Singapore & Amsterdam

What’s Bad About A2 Hosting?

The 3rd tier shared plan Turbo is $9.31 per month. Although it has super fast speeds and page loads, this plan slightly higher than its competitors. The 3rd tier Bluehost Plus is only $5.95 per month and also lets you create WordPress websites.

Siteground Growbig plan is also only $5.95/month and also gives you the ability to create unlimited WordPress websites. Details here at www.siteground.com 

The most affordable plan of A2 hosting (Lite) has some restrictions. You can only host 1 website which is super basic, but still great for beginners. Also with the Lite and Swift plans you DON’T get the 20X Turbo speeds as with Turbo.

But again A2 hosting is still a great web hosting to create a website in 2019! Although you don’t get 20X faster Turbo speeds on Lite & Swift, there are many awesome WordPress speed optimization plugins that work great to speed up your website. 

Which A2 Hosting Plan Is Best for You?

I wanted to highlight in this A2 hosting WordPress Tutorial that A2 hosting is known most for its turbo swift servers and great customer service. As a blogger, this is something that I would look for frankly in ANY web hosting when creating WordPress websites. To determine which A2 hosting plan is best for you, consider this..

Do you need to run just 1 website or multiple websites? If you are just getting started and totally new to web hosting, then the Lite plan for only $3.92/month is probably best. This basic plan is great if you are on a super tight budget and just looking to host 1 site. This A2 hosting Lite hosting plan is also slightly cheaper than starter plans of its competitors. Starter packages for competitors like Bluehost, Siteground and Hostgator all start at $3.95/mth.

However, if you are a blogger like me and need to create multiple websites and more unlimited resources for affiliate marketing, network marketing etc, then maybe the A2 hosting Swift or A2 hosting Turbo plans would be better for you.

Also, A2 hosting has lower renewal fees on hosting than others. When it comes to speed and uptime performance, A2 hosting is the better option.

The decision is up to you. It really depends on your personal web hosting needs and budget.

FREE SSL Certificates

Another reason that I recommend A2 Hosting is because they give customers FREE SSL certificates. These are very important to have especially for creating online stores. The SSL certificate is provided by Let’s Encrypt.

Google made an important announcement in 2018 about having SSL certificates on your websites. They not only help to boost your SEO rankings, but also will avoid your website from being marked insecure by Google Chrome. So you get SSLs for free and are also great for selling products on eCommerce websites. 


Do you host with another web hosting company that you hate & want to leave today? If so, then A2 Hosting has a FREE Site Transfer service! They will move your website over once you get started. There is no need to stay with a web hosting provider that you hate or that doesn’t satisfy your business needs. 

Migrate today by get started here: www.a2hosting.com

Money Back Guarantee

So A2 Hosting has a 30 money back guarantee on all of their packages. This is right in line with most web hosting refund policies on the web. However, there are some competitors who actually have longer trial periods that you should know about in this A2 Hosting Review.

Pressidium, a premium WordPress host offers 60 days and starts at $21/month.

Inmotion Hosting gives 90 days and starts at $4.99/month.

Dreamhost gives 97 days and starts at only $2.59/month.

However, Mochahost which only $1.95/month goes as far to giving its customers a whopping 180 day money back guarantee! 

So when it comes to money back guarantees & pricing, Mocahost definitely knocks the socks off of A2 Hosting & and the previous mentioned providers by a long shot!

But A2 hosting is far better with security and speed in my opinion. But if you want, you can choose Mochahost over A2 Hosting if you like. 

For more details on trying Mochahost, click here: www.mochahost.com

How to Start Your A2 Hosting WordPress Website Today?

The first step to get start making your WordPress website or blog with A2 hosting today is to signup at the official website here now: www.a2hosting.com.

Secondly, click on the orange get started button to get 51% off your web hosting plan: Lite, Swift, or Turbo.

Once your account is activated, then you can start creating your website immediately!

Although I have showed personally how to install WordPress on A2 Hosting, this is a cool service that they perform for you if desired. Being that maintaining a secure website is so important to them, they also do what’s called “WordPress hardening“. This process is extremely important & basically adds an additional layer of security to your website to prevent & block hackers. This another reason why I highly recommend using A2 Hosting to create WordPress websites, blogs and even eCommerce stores! 

Do you need help buying your domain or creating your website? If so, once you get started using my A2 Hosting my link here, then contact me.

Thanks for reading this A2 hosting WordPress Tutorial review for 2020 today.  I hope that the information in this review really helps you to have success online making money with your new A2 hosting WordPress website. Get started making money with your website right now!

To end this, I have a question for you. Have you tried A2 Hosting before? If so, what was your experience? I know that I l love their WordPress hosting, but I would like to know what you personally think?