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Bluehost Affiliate Program Review – Legit or Scam? Read this first!

If you are reading this Bluehost affiliate program review, likely you are wondering if you can really make some money with this cat or not? Or if Bluehost web hosting plans are really better or not? If so, sit back and relax because what I have to tell will knock your socks off!

The Bluehost affiliate program is probably the one the hottest web hosting affiliate programs out. Let me explain why.

What to Expect in This Bluehost Affiliate Program Review

In this Bluehost Affiliate Program Review I will tell you about my personal experience that I have had with them, what I really think about them, and some practice ways you can make some extra money with Bluehost.

Some months ago, I was looking for another stream of income to monetize my website and decided to take at web hosting affiliate programs. If you don’t know what an affiliate program is, it’s a program that allows you to promote links of products on your site in exchange for a commission.

There are tons of web hosting affiliate programs, however decided to join the Bluehost affiliate program. This decision was based largely on the affiliate payouts and their low web hosting plans.

 How to Promote Bluehost Affiliate Program

There are several that you can promote the Bluehost affiliate program. Once you signup from their program at the bottom of the Bluehost website you will see a link for “affiliates”. After creating your free account, then it’s time to put the pedal to the metal.

Bluehost does provides affiliates with links and banners to promote. Also, once you are subscribed you will receive periodical promos for special deals such flash sale, etc. See an example here. Bluehost hosting plans normally start at $3.95/month, however from time to time your web hosting visitors can get it at $2.95/month. During this flash sale previously mentioned, the payout was raised to $100/signup!

There are several other ways that you can make money promoting their hosting plans. There’s blogging, email marketing, solo ads, banner ads on sites with high traffic, video marketing, and more.

However, rather than bore you with a boat load of marketing tips, I will tell you in this Bluehost affiliate program review exactly what I did to make $65! I thought I would run a test campaign using my blog to see if the Bluehost affiliate program was legit or not. I conducted this test in January 2017 to see if it would work to monetize my site or not.

It is true that you can make money blogging about this, however I thought I would setup a quick campaign online to drive traffic to a one post using a specific source. While focusing on some specific long tail keyords, I was able to get a 50% conversion on the 2 first clicks received.

bluehost affiliate program review

I used a video along with an ad and surprising made my first $65 commission in January! All of this with a simple video and post that included my personal Bluehost affiliate link.

Things To Keep Mind When Promoting Bluehost Affiliate Program

Now, let’s be real. Marketing can and is expensive if not done the right way. What I learned by this small test convinced me that Bluehost affiliate program is 100% legit and not a scam. This is a great program to join:)

However, before you join, you should know that according to the Bluehost affiliate terms, an affiliate gets paid $65/ referral and that you must reach $100 in commissions before payout.

Also, it’s against their agreement to bid on trademark or misspelled terms in your PPC marketing nor use these in domain names. If you use these, you will lose commissions and no longer be able to participate in the Bluehost affiliate program.

Also, it is important to always lists your disclaimer in posts and outlets that you use to promote Bluehost. This is in accordance with FTC. See my disclaimer page.

Should You Use Bluehost Web Hosting Personally Or Not?

Let me tell you that the purpose of this Bluehost Affiliate Program Review is not to tell you what to do. Nor is it to guarantee that you will personally make money promoting Bluehost web hosting plans. Your earnings will be solely dependent on your personal efforts and marketing strategies.

What I can say is that if you have a site with lots of targeted traffic, then this is great for you. If you are new to affiliate marketing, then you need to learn how to advertise using various methods to provide the most exposure to your Bluehost affiliate links and banners.

I hope that this review of the Bluehost affiliate programs helps you to make a decision about promoting it or not. They are a very reputable company with reliable web hosting services. They are definitely worth your time if you would like to supplement your blog’s income:) I recommend that you signup with Bluehost web hosting here to see for yourself, then start promoting their affiliate program to make some extra money.

After reading this Bluehost affiliate program review, what do you think? Do you think that Bluehost is a good stream of income or not? Your comments below please.


5 Bluehost Competitors and Alternatives That Will Knock Your Socks Off!

Are you searching online for Bluehost competitors or Bluehost alternatives? If so, then I am super glad that you stopped by today! If your current domain is hosted at Bluehost and you are thinking about migrating your site, then keep reading this Bluehost review…

Millions of people just like you search for reliable web hosting services to start a website. And I know that was the case for you because you are doing some due diligence by checking out some other possible options before signing up with Bluehost.  I commend you for doing some extra research.

What Bluehost Offers?

Bluehost has been around for years and has been credited as being the #1 recommended host by WordPress.org. However, is Bluehost your ONLY option for web hosting or are there some other Bluehost alternatives that should consider today?

To answer this question for you, I have done a lot of searching online and compared prices of different web host to give you to best options to choose from.

Currently, Bluehost hosting plans usually start about $7.99/month, however per my last check on their official website www.bluehost.com this month they are running a $3.49/month deal for new years(limited to January 2017). This is not bad to get a new website started, however take a look at what are some  Bluehost competitors to consider.

5 Recommended Bluehost Competitors To Start A Website

Bluehost Competitors #1 iPage

iPage starting at only $1.99/month (More Info) (Best Value)

With iPage, you get:

  • $100 Google Adwords offer
  • $100 Bing Credit
  • Free YP.com listing
  • Site Analytics
  • 24/7 phone, email & chat help
  • 30-day money back guarantee
  • cPanel
  • Unlimted Disk Space
  • Unlimted Domains allowed & more!

For more on iPage hosting plans visit iPage website.

Bluehost Competitors #2 Siteground

Siteground starting at $3.95/month (More Info)

There are 3 plans with Siteground. The Startup plan a $3.95/month gives you:

  • One website
  • 10 GB Web Space
  • Suitable for ~10,000 visits monthly
  • All Essential Features

The Siteground Growbig plan at $7.95/month

  • Host Multiple Websites
  • 20 GB Web Space
  • Suitable for 25,000 Visits Monthly
  • All Essential Features
  • Premium Features

The Siteground GoGeek plan at $14.95/month

  • Host Multiples Websites
  • 30 GB Web Space
  • Suitable for 100,000 Visits Monthly
  • All Essential Features
  • Premium Features
  • Geeky Advanced Features

For more on Siteground hosting plans visit Siteground website.

Bluehost Competitors #3 Hostgator

Hostgator starting at $3.95/month (More Info)

Hostgator has 3 hosting plans currently. The hatchling plan starts at $3.95/month. However, the Baby & Business plans both start at $5.95/month.  Some time ago I had a great Hostgator customer service experience. For more info, read this Hostgator hosting review.

Bluehost Competitors #4 InMotion Hosting

Inmotion, as the top Los Angeles web hosting company has 3 hosting plans:

Launch at $2.95/month, Power at $4.45/month, and Pro plan at $7.49/month. At the time of this post, these hosting plans were at at 50% discount.

For more info on what these Bluehost competitors offer, see this original InMotion Hosting Review I wrote some some time ago.

Bluehost Competitors #5 Dreamhost

Dreamhost starting at $7.95/month and offers a 97 day money back guarantee. This host gives you a free domain for your first year, free domain privacy protection, unique IP address, no setup fees and more!

For more info on the benefits of Dreamhost, visit the official Dreamhost website!

The Cheapest of Bluehost Competitors?

Now as you see above with iPage that is listed, this little guy has web hosting starting at only $1.99/month. This is the cheapest Bluehost alternative that I could find that was super affordable for all budgets.

If you currently host your site with Bluehost and want to move it, then you can so by visiting the iPage website today. iPage has great uptime, customer support and cpanel for easy site building.

Bluehost Competitors I Would Avoid

Although WP Engine also is one of the top Bluehost competitors, I didn’t include them above on our list. To see why, read more about WP Engine . Some time ago I did a review on WP Engine and why I don’t particular favor them for their web hosting prices.

Also, I think it’s a good idea to stay far away from FREE web hosting services because they are a waste of your time. Being FREE, they may place unrelated ads on your site that may direct your customers away from your site. They also have terrible downtime and are not 100% reliable.

Conclusion on Bluehost Competitors

I know that you came to my website today because you wanted to know about some great “Bluehost competitors” to scope out. You may currently have Bluehost and probably considering a switch and just wasn’t sure which options you have. These Bluehost alternatives that I have mentioned above are all great web hosting companies to start or migrate your website today.

If you are interested in getting started with any of the above mentioned hosts, simply click the “More Info” link above and it will take you to the official website of that web host.

I know that selecting a web host is not easy. But If you are with a web host and not content or thinking about trying another today, then the ball is in your hands.

I have done my best to share with you my top 5 recommended Bluehost competitors & alternatives to help you make a solid decision about where to start your next site.

Tell me, which of the 5 listed will you start your website with today? Select your choice by clicking the web host below and then starting your website.








Bluehost Review 2017: Best Web Hosting 2017 or Not? You Decide

Welcome to my Bluehost Review 2017!

I have been hearing a lot of buzz about this company so I decided to investigate it myself to confirm if it is the best web hosting 2017 or not..

As a matter of fact, I chose to get the Bluehost prime plan so I could actually write a proper review for you…

I have seen a lot of phony Bluehost reviews online that don’t tell you everything that you need to know..

Today, I am going to review the company, the web hosting plans, and Bluehost customer service support so you can make the right decision to use Bluehost to start your website or not..

First in this Bluehost Review 2017, let’s take a look at the company..


Website: www.bluehost.com

bluehost review 2017


Visit www.bluehost.com for details

Bluehost Review 2017 – The Company

In 2003 Bluehost was created by Matt Heaton and Danny Ashworth in Provo, Utah. Since then 13 years later they are running strong hosting over 2 million websites worldwide.

When it comes to top premier hosting providers available globally, you can go too far online without hearing the name Bluehost.

They have earned an amazing feedback especially due to their superior hosting for WordPress.

When it comes to WordPress hosting, they are the #1 preferred web hosts to use starting websites. They give away a lot of advertising freebies, SEO tools, and support for users.

So now we are going to dig a little deeper in this Bluehost review 2017 to give you more spaghetti and meatballs,lol. Check out some interesting things under the hood.

  • Once you get started, you receive up to two hundred dollars in credits to market your website on search engines.
  • Easy add-on features with cPanel, domain redirects, website builders, 1-click installs for WordPress and other CMS platforms
  • Start building your blog or website for as low as $3.95/month which is way better than the typical $7.99/month which is still cheap for the quality hosting.
  • Get as many as 100 email accounts with the starter plans and unlimited with the business plans.

Visit here www.bluehost.com for more details.

Bluehost Review 2017 – The Bluehost Hosting Plans?

bluehost review 2017


bluehost review 2017

Now all of this looks gravy, right? Of course, but there is something that you should know before you buy Bluehost web hosting. Let’s discuss next in this Bluehost Review something that is extremely important that you should consider.

Bluehost Review 2017 – Bluehost Customer Service?

Interesting when it comes to customer service Bluehost has 24/7 help via chat support and their phone number 844-303-1810. You can call anytime and get help with any issues with your web hosting.

I tested their chat support service on their main page just to see how long it take to reach a live person around 11 pm EST and took about 2 minutes. Is this time bad or good in my opinion? Actually when considering the company’s size and that it powers over 2 million websites, I think this response is pretty good. Bluehost Customer service is very helpful, knowledgeable and professional. This is definitely a great aspect for any web host that you should look for before you signup.

Bluehost Review 2017 – Any Bluehost Complaints?

Keep in mind that in this Bluehost Review I will give you the good, bad and the ugly. I won’t hold anything back. Although I mentioned that my personal experience was positive with Bluehost customer service, you will find some Bluehost complaints online. Although Bluehost BBB report displays an A+ rating and 3.68 out of 5 stars.

How do I view online reviews and complaints? Every company will generate some sort of complaint from customers. However, I think it’s important to consider the size of the company when comparing the complaint. The truth is that every web hosting has had some customer complaints. You don’t have to look too hard to prove this. Simply google for example keywords like “hostgator complaints”, “ipage complaints”, “inmotion complaints”, etc.

If you are looking for Bluehost complaints, you will find them. If you are looking for the good, you will get it. The lesson? EVERY web host has someone who doesn’t like something they do or supposedly did.

Bluehost Review 2017 – Any Bluehost Competitors?

Although Bluehost is a great and #1 recommended host for WordPress, there are many Bluehost competitors that may give them a run for their money. However, look at some their Bluehost competitors: (Click to visit the official websites below for more information)

iPageStarting at $1.99 (Visit Official Website) (Best Value)

SitegroundStarting at $3.95/month (Visit Official Website)

HostgatorStarting at $3.95/month (Visit Official Website)

InMotion Starting at $5.99/month (Visit Official Website)

Dreamhost Starting at 7.95/month (Visit Official Website)


As you can see above, there are many Bluehost competitors that provide similar features and perks. iPage is a great web host that will save you some money at $1.99/month. They have really good customer service and easy setup. For more details on how to start your website using iPage, visit here at www.ipage.com

Wrapping Up this Bluehost Review 2017..

Bluehost is a very reliable, reputable and dependable web hosting company servicing over 2 MILLION websites. I would not discredit them simply because they have a few complaints. That’s nothing in comparison with other bigger companies.

Bluehost hosting plans come with a 30 money back guarantee with 99.9% uptime. When you take a look at the $3.95/month basic plan this is really affordable for all budgets. Although the prime hosting comes with all the perks and gives more for your buck, the basic plan is great if you only need to main 1 domain. Anyway, all of their plans offer really good value and the site building features that make it simple to easily create websites for beginners.

Visit here www.bluehost.com to get more details.

Well, I think that’s enough info to handle for now in this Bluehost Review 2017. I hope that you enjoyed what I dished out to you today. Now it’s your turn, what are your thoughts on Bluehost? What type of site do you have or want to build using Bluehost now? Comments below please!

Disclaimer: The author of this page may receive a modest commission if click-thru results in purchase of this hosting service.


Bluehost Review 2016: Don’t host with Bluehost until you read this first!

My Bluehost Review 2016 

bluehost review

www.bluehost.com ,founded by Matt Heaton and headquartered in Provo, Utah, is one of the top 20 web hosting services in the world & owned by Endurance International Group. If you don’t already know, EIG, formally BizLand is a web hosting GIANT based in the Burlington, Massachusetts that has acquired a number of smaller companies worldwide including Bluehost.

Since it’s beginnings in 1996, Bluehost has trucked hard and now powers more than 2 million websites worldwide. When you compare other major web hosting services online, what are benefits of building your website with Bluehost? What makes them so unique and different from others? Keep reading this Bluehost Review 2016 to learn more..

Bluehost web hosting tons of great features that I like such as:

  • SEO Services for WP & Joomla
  • Courteous Customer Support
  • Very User-Friendly for beginners and experts
  • Cloud Sites
  • Migration Services
  • cPanel Control Panel
  • Free Domain
  • Free Site Builders
  • Easy 1-Click WordPress Install
  • Automatic Daily & Weekly Backups of Your Account
  • Very Reliable & Secure Web Hosting
  • Unlimited Bandwidth & Space (unmetered)
  • 30 Money-Back Guarantee
  • #1 Recommended Web Hosting by WordPress.org


Now in this Bluehost review 2016, let’s talk about the customer support. I think that if a company doesn’t have great customer support especially when you need them, then they are not using. The great thing about Bluehost customer service is you can always contact someone 24/7 when you need a question answered or have issues (if any) with your site. There is also live chat where you can speak with Bluehost representatives also. Also, Bluehost customer service is based here in the US.

Next in my Bluehost review 2016 , I want to discuss their UPTIME.  Image result for uptime

In comparison with other web hosting services they are above average with uptime. If you are new and don’t understand what “uptime” is, it refers to whenever your website is up and running and visible to others online. Downtime is just the opposite and means you are potentially losing money. Being Bluehost has 99.9% uptime, this is ensures that your website will up and visible for your people searching online for what you sell or offer.

Now let’s talk about Bluehost Hosting plans for a second:

Image result for bluehost features


As you can see above, Bluehost has 3 shared plans: Starter, Plus, and Business Pro. How do you decide which Bluehost hosting plan is best for you?

Well, the starter plan is mainly designed for individuals that don’t require much and want something simple. You can always upgrade or change to a different with more options if you need to. You get unlimited space and bandwidth along with various website builders, templates & SEO tools that you can use to start building your new website once you log into your cPanel. If you want advertise using PPC, then Bluehost gives you up to $150 in offers for search engines like Google, Bing and Facebook to get even more exposure & traffic to your website.

Other Bluehost Features to Consider:

Bluehost also offers dedicated hosting servers and VPS hosting.

Bluehost Competitors

How does Bluehost web hosting compare with its competitors as for price? Is it really better on savings? Well, of course there are several other web hosts that provide similar or the same services. See below a few examples:(Simply click on the link for more details)

Hostgator – $5.56/month with a 45 day money back guarantee.

InMotion Hosting – $5.99/ month with a 90 day money back guarantee

Hosting24 – $3.99/month with a 30 money back guarantee

iPage – $3.25/month with a 30 money back guarantee

The last web host listed here iPage, they are few cents cheaper which is great, however Bluehost does give you more features for your buck. However you could still try them by visiting here if you like.

What’s Our Verdict on Bluehost? To Host or Not to Host?

Yes, to host! Bluehost web hosting just like any other company will have it’s problems. However, Bluehost, despite being a large web host has maintained an A+ rating with the BBB! This means that they are obviously doing something right and it’s definitely worth your business! For all the tools and features that you receive from Bluehost, I think it’s a really great deal that won’t break your pockets to start at only $3.95/month. With a 30-day money back guarantee, it won’t hurt to test drive and see how they work for you. If you are new to Bluehost but currently use another company, then you can also migrate your site to them.

To get started building your new website today, simply visit the official Bluehost website by clicking here!

Bluehost flash sale: Bluehost web hosting only $2.95! Read this first!

As highlighted in the Bluehost flash sale video above we will be covering Bluehost web hosting services and how you can save money with them. There is a lot of buzz on the net about their end of the summer Bluehost flash sale. When does the big sale start? The flash sale starts on September 15 & 16th and will allow you to take advantage of a unique discounted rate of only $2.95/month (for 12 months). Keep in mind that this summer deal will only run for 48 hours, so you gotta get over to their website right now here to save!

I was searching online for web hosting $5 and under and came across this amazing deal online. When you consider competitors of Bluehost such as Hostgator, Hosting24, Inmotion Hosting & others, this is lowest price for web hosting that I have seen yet! However, as mentioned before, this Bluehost flash sale will only last for 48 hours and then will revert back to the regular Bluehost rate.

There are many features that you will enjoy with Bluehost. Just to mention a few: Free domain, Free site builders, 1-click WordPress Install, cpanel, email accounts, 24/7 customer support, migration services and more. Also, I noticed that Bluehost offers a 30 day money guarantee for its web hosting services which is also very nice. I think that this in itself makes it a great web host at $2.95 to try if you are new to Bluehost web hosting.

Whether you are a novice or seasoned blogger, you could definitely save some money on your web hosting with this 2-day Bluehost flash sale offer. As the saying goes..all good things don’t last forever. For this reason I thought I would take the time to blog about this amazing sale to help you save a few bucks if you are searching for reputable web host. After the sale ends the Bluehost web hosting plans will go back to $3.45/month which is still under $5!

To find out more details about Bluehost, you can simply visit their official website here to try Bluehost web hosting services today!