Godaddy Domain Privacy Review: Is It Worth It or Waste of Money? Read this First!

Are you considering buying the Godaddy domain privacy, but not sure if it’s really worth it or not? Do you wonder if domain privacy is necessary when creating a site? If you are about to buy a new domain to build a website, this question is definitely one you must answer BEFORE checking out.

To find the answer, keep reading this Godaddy Domain Privacy Review to see what you consider BEFORE buying a domain!..

What To Expect In This Godaddy Domain Privacy Review

In the review of Godaddy Domain Privacy, I will tell you what it is, why it’s important and if you should or not buy it on checkout. I will give you also my personal experience of domain purchasing for this registrar.

What is Domain Privacy Protection

I want you to think of Domain Privacy Protection as having your name and address UNLISTED in your phone books White Pages. Typically this service is provided for a modest yearly fee to WP or your local phone carrier.

When you purchase a domain(s), you will have the option of adding the Godaddy Privacy Domain Protection at checkout. It cost $7.99/year and Godaddy normally will tack it on automatically as an upsell. This services blocks your personal info such as: Name, address, phone number, email, etc. Having this feature privatizes your info. 

Do You Need to Make Your Domain Private?

Only you can decide and drop the hammer on this. However, there are a number of reasons why people ask themselves this question during the Godaddy checkout screen.

The Godaddy Domain Privacy Protection is 100% optional and not required to make a domain purchase. But should you just buy it anyway? One thing that you MUST remember is that if you DON’T buy domain privacy, then your information WILL be available to the public.

There are disadvantages to not biting the bullet and adding the Godaddy Domain Privacy Protection. One, your email will be flooded with spam-like emails from web developers and other sales oriented companies offering you their services. They will constantly trying to market web design services, SEO services, etc. Your phone will also ring off the hook all day long with sales calls from out of state or unknown numbers. I say this because it has happened to me in the past.

So if you want to avoid unnecessary frustration of course prevent your personal info on the public domain, then spending the $7.99/year for Godaddy domain privacy is worth it. 

What If You Checkout, But Want Add Domain Privacy Later?

No problem. After purchasing the domain, you can simply go login and click on “my domains” tab and then click “add privacy” next to your domain. I have done this for many of the domains that I own.

Some may decide not to add it at. For example, some people buy and sell domains for profit online. This practice is called domain flipping. If your idea is to buy domains on Godaddy and flip them quickly on Godaddy auctions,, Sedo, etc, then you might bypass Domain Privacy. However, if you are buying a domain on which you plan to build a website on for the long haul, then getting Godaddy Domain Privacy Protections is definitely worth adding it.

Should You Buy Godaddy Domain Privacy or Not?  

Remember that the purpose of this GDP review is not to tell you what to do. I am not a Goddady affiliate nor employee so I have absolutely nothing to gain by telling you to buy it. Including, I own about 30 other domains that I have purchased on Godaddy. The great majority of them have domain privacy while a few do not have the yearly feature.

However, it is definitely a good feature to have on your domains from the get-go to have that extra peace of mind, decrease spam emails and unsolicited sales calls. Remember that when you select this option upon checkout, your information will be kept private on the public domain. Godaddy will display their info and then forward any inquiries to your contact email on file if some wants to contact you.

Now that you know what to expect from Godaddy domain privacy protection, do you think it’s really worth it? How has this Godaddy Domain Privacy Review helped you? I would love to read your thoughts below..

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