Stellar Namecheap Review 2020: Dirt Cheap Hosting but Really Reliable? Read this First!

If you are searching on Google for a Stellar Namecheap Review and arrived to my site, then you probably want to know about using Namecheap Stellar web hosting to make a website.

Thousands of new entrepreneurs and beginners like YOU want to know about the benefits of it also. Perhaps you are on a tight budget, but at same time looking for reliable web hosting. I have been searching online for quite some time for dependable web hosting services that is also cheap for beginners. Thankfully, I found one that performs really great and I wanted to share it with you today in this review.

Disclaimer: This page contains affiliate links. If a purchase is made via these links, I may receive a referral. This doesn’t affect your pricing at all, rather gives an awesome discount on Namecheap web hosting.

Before you signup with Namecheap, read this entire post to learn what you MUST know before getting started. This will hopefully answer all of your questions and save you lots of time so you can create your website with Namecheap Stellar hosting.

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What to Expect in This Stellar Namecheap Review

When  it comes to buying domain names, Namecheap is known globally as the cheapest domain name registrar hands down. You will not find ANYBODY online that has better sales on domain names. Of course, buying a domain name is the absolute first step to creating a website online and what better to star that with a discount!

Also, across the board they beat everybody on prices on web hosting with the exception of Hostinger. Hostinger web hosting typically costs only $0.80/month for the beginner plan versus Namecheap Stellar which is $2.88/month. This is still not bad for beginners and is super duper affordable for beginners.

Although this website is hosted by Hostinger, I typically buy ALL of my domains at Namecheap FIRST being they save me lots of money. I then point the nameservers to the web host and then start creating the site thereafter. This step is really simple to do. If you want to know how to do this, then just drop a message below in the comments area.

But again today in the Stellar Namecheap review I will tell you about all of its benefits and why you should get started today!

Stellar Namecheap Review: The Shared Web Hosting Plans

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What you guys will notice off back about Namecheap web hosting is that there are 3 tiers that you can select from to create your website today. There is the Stellar, Stellar Plus and Stellar Business plans.

Each of these Stellar shared hosting plans has its own benefits for creating websites. They also Managed WordPress hosting called EasyWP that supports high volumes of traffic.

What I recommend you to do right now is to think about what you personally need to create your personal website or blog. Only you can decide, not me. Once you determine which of these 3 Stellar hosting plans that will work best for you, then select below accordingly.

Stellar Plan

  • 20 GB of SSD Disk Space
  • Unmetered Bandwidth
  • Can create 3 websites/blogs

Stellar Plus Plan

  • Unmetered Disk Space
  • Unmetered Bandwidth
  • Can create unlimited websites

Stellar Business Plan

  • 50 GB of Pure SSD Disk Space
  • Unmetered Bandwidth
  • Can also create unlimited website

Which Plans is Best For Your Online Business? 

As mentioned above, only you can decide this, but I will help you a bit. If you a total beginner online and have NEVER had a website or blog before, then you use the the 1st tier Stellar plan for only $2.88/month. Although you may need to create just 1 website, blog or store, you will have the capability of creating 3 websites total.

However, if you are quite experienced and are pursuing things like affiliate marketing, then I highly recommend using their Plus or Business plans as these will allow you to create multiple websites and add domains to expand your online business.

Namecheap uses cPanel which is pretty transparent will all web hosting services online. You will have access of course to different website builders to create your website(s). Or if you are a like me and most bloggers out there, you will want your website using WordPress. There are other CMS platforms and scripts such as Joomla & Drupal that you will have access to in order to build your website, but I just recommend using WordPress because it’s very user-friendly and great for beginners.

Shared Hosting - from $2.88/mo

Money Back Guarantee/Refund Policy

So you will pleased to know that Namecheap offers a nice 30day money back guarantee on the Stellar web hosting plans. This means that your investment is guaranteed and if for some reason that Namecheap web hosting is not for you, then you can get a 100% refund!

I have been using Namecheap web hosting and domain on 3 other websites that I have created over this past year. I haven’t looked back and I feel that they are a very reliable web hosting provider that is also super affordable for beginners. But again, the money back guarantee is there is request it. Just wanted to mentioned this in my Namecheap Stellar review.

This refund policy is pretty standard and right in line with many others such as WPX Hosting, Siteground, Cloudways, A2 Hosting, Kinsta and Liquid Web just to name a few.

What Some Namcheap Competitors Offer..

Although I love what Namecheap offers in the way of domain name sales and web hosting, there are some competitors who offer longer money back guarantees.

Hostgator web hosting for example offers a 45day refund policy.

Inmotion Hosting gives users a 90 day money back guarantee on their services.

However, Mochahost another shared web hosting provider beats them all with an a money back guarantee longer than a DMV line of 180 days!!

Why do I take the time to share this with you guys in this Stellar Namecheap review? For a simple reasons. One, when people search online reviews, they want honesty and something that they can trust. This means that you get the good and bad of a product that you need and want to purchase.

Second, all of my web hosting reviews reflect this thinking because I really value my viewers and want to make sure that you spend your money on the best product with the most value. for your business. This way your hard earned money is spent well on a product that you actually need and will be 100% happy with!


Creating a safe virtual environment online is really important to Namecheap. I like that they take this very seriously with their clients.

One of the things that attracted me Namecheap initially were the cheap domain name sales. On top of that, they offer SSL certificates & FREE domain privacy for LIFE on every domain that you purchase. Domain privacy or whoisguard is great because it privatizes your name, phone number, address, email and other personal info that is typically made available on the whois directory when a new domain is purchased. Having this domain protection is great because it prevents scammers, hackers, salesmen, unsolicited calls and emails from people who see your info on whois directory.

Build Your Website with Namecheap - Get Privacy Protection Free Forever

Namecheap Customer Support

During my time that I have purchasing domains & using Namecheap Stellar hosting I have never had any issues with them. They do have 24/7 customer support that is super quick to answer your questions, but you should know that it is chat support. This means that there is no land line, 800 number or phone based support to contact support. But again, with the time that I have been using Namecheap, I have never had an issue in contacting them. Once you start a chat session a rep is there pretty fast and they have always answered my questions.

The truth is that many reputable web hosting services also only have chat-support. One such example is Hostinger mentioned in the beginning. I have been using Hostinger web hosting services on this blog and others that I have created for over 3 years and never had any issues.

Cloudways, mentioned above is based in Malta, they too only have chat-based support versus a direct local or US phone number for customer support. I mention these because having just chat support and no phone support is not a deal breaker. There are web hosting providers that actually have phone support that is terrible such as with many of EIG owned companies.

Site Migrations

If you currently host with another web host, then you can migrate your website to Namecheap for FREE. Once you get started, you can contact Namecheap customer support by using this transfer link here. It will allow to place a ticket and then allow access to Namecheap to move and transfer your website over to their platforms. There is no cost to do this and Namecheap will do the hard work for you.

Wrapping Up This Stellar Namecheap Review…

So today you have learned everything that you need to know to get started with any of the 3 Namecheap Stellar shared hosting plans. It is pretty straight-forward and really easy to understand. Remember if you are a beginner online I recommend using first the 1st tier Stellar hosting plan for only $2.88/month. As your business needs change and you require more resources, then you can simple scale up to the Stellar Plus or Stellar Business hosting plans. Now the next thing to do is to take action right now and get started creating your very own website within minutes using Namecheap!

To get started today and get a 50% OFF Discount NOW of your Namecheap Stellar shared hosting, use this special link here or click below!

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Namecheap Complaints: Why Some People Hate Namecheap? Read this Review first!

Are you wondering if Namecheap web hosting & domains are for you or not? Although there have been Namecheap complaints by users, today we will tell you why and what you should do!

What To Expect In This Namecheap Review?

Today, I will share with you in this Namecheap review who they are and what I personally think about their web hosting and domain sales. You will also learn about some typical Namecheap complaints that some users have about their services. Although virtually ALL web hosting companies have unhappy customers, with this info today you will now if Namecheap is good for your business or not.

How I Was Introduced To Namecheap?

As a blogger online I have come across many web hosting services and domain name registrars. If you want to create a website online, you can’t go too far without reading or seeing some ads about Namecheap.

I have been online for several years and in this time I have built many websites and blogs. For the longest time I have always preferred using Godaddy to register and buy domains. This was due to it being the most widely known & largest domain registrar globally.  To date, I have purchased nearly 30 domains through them so I know how the process works and what the costs are.

However, recently I made a change to Namecheap. Why? Due to costs mainly. Most domain names at Godaddy costs anywhere from $15 – $20 bucks per year for a .com. Then at checkout, you have the option of getting domain privacy for an additional $7.99/year per domain.

Some time ago, I saw an ad from Namecheap advertising cheaper domains and web hosting! They also offer WordPress Managed hosting if you prefer over shared web hosting. In addition to this, I discovered that this very necessary feature domain privacy (whoisguard) is actually FREE at Namecheap! This feature I always get with all domains to protect personal info online.

Free WhoisGuard with Every Domain Purchase
For me this was a no brainer in the beginner to save money. Basically, no matter what web hosting provider you use, you can point your domain’s nameservers to the host after buying it FIRST from Namecheap being domain privacy is free of charge. This is probably one of NC best features over Godaddy.

[NOTE: If you want to learn how to buy domains, this video here is helpful]

I discovered also that the average prices for Namecheap are usually in the ballpark of $5 – $8 each depending on your TLD. So that presented a huge savings for me being I love to create multiple websites for personal use and other customers.  So when it comes to purchasing web hosting and domains, I personally don’t have any Namecheap complaints. They have performed pretty good for me and I think that for buying domains they are probably the best domain registrar.

But how about you? What has been your personal experience using Namecheap? Let me know below in the comments to also inform others.

Namecheap Complaints: What People Think About Their Domains & Web Hosting

When you search online for good Namecheap reviews, you will get mixed feedback. However, on this review I will give you the good and the bad. Why? because my viewers and followers trust me and I want to maintain that trust. So although I have not had any bad experiences or complaints about Namecheap’s services, I wanted to share something new with you today.

Namecheap is one of the only web hosting providers online that doesn’t have a direct phone numbers to call for customer support. In fact, their support is 100% chat based. This has been a huge issue for many users being they are not able to contact and speak to a live person. Although I have never had any issues with their chat support, this is something that most hate about Namecheap.


namecheap complaints


According to reputable websites like, you will see that there are many mixed reviews about NC. For example, based on the 373 Namecheap reviews left by their customers have given them a 2.5 rating out of 5!

You will notice that..

  • 38% say that it is excellent
  • 8% say that it is great
  • 3% say that it average
  • 4% state that Namecheap is poor while..
  • 47% rate them as BAD!!

Better Business Bureau..

When you take a look at the BBB report on Namecheap here, you will notice many Namecheap complaints also.[BBB link will open another tab] There you will see that they have a F rating based on 81 reviews over the past 3 years.

Why do I share these with you today? Well for a few reasons as mentioned before. One, because you should know that virtually EVERY web hosting provider online that you want to create websites with has complaints by past or current users.

Second, because you work hard for your money and you should spend it where you will get the best value for your buck. I will show you where below..

Should You Use Namecheap Personally to Create Websites or Not?

The purpose of this Namecheap review is not to tell you what to do. Namecheap is super cheap for buying domains and also for creating websites with their web hosting. If you are a total beginner and newbie with a tight budget, you may be thinking of using it for primarily these reasons. But if you want to use a web hosting provider that is not only cheap but also more reputable than Namecheap, then I highly recommend using Siteground web hosting today!

I have personally been using their web hosting for 2 years & they are way better than Namecheap with faster caching & server performance, uptime, security and 24/7 phone based support.

For beginners, I recommend using the Startup hosting plan to create 1 website online for only $3.95/month. However, I personally have been using their Growbig hosting plan for just $5.95/month being that it allows me to create unlimited websites. I have created 12 other websites using GrowBig.

If this is something that you are seriously interested in right now, then you should get started with Siteground by going to their official website by clicking here:

With Trustpilot, Siteground has a 5-star rating based on 2,632 customer reviews which is amazing!! This is a huge contrast with Namcheap’s customer experience. This is why I recommend using them to build and create websites and blogs online for your business. They have FREE site migrations and will move your current website to their platform for you today! So if you currently host with Namecheap and want to move right now, then take action now!

Web Hosting

Namecheap Complaints Conclusion..

Although Namecheap is not a scam, they do have lots of complaints ranging from customer service, bad uptime, and even billing issues per some users. Of course, this is not the case for all, but many have had bad experiences.

Whether you are currently hosting with Namecheap or thinking of using their services and made it to this page, you should make a sold decision that you will be 100% happy with.

After reading this Namecheap complaints review, what do you personally think about using Namecheap? What has been your personal experience with them? Let me know below please..

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Namecheap Hosting Review 2020: Best Cheap Web Hosting or Not? Read this First!

If you googled or searched for a Namecheap hosting review 2020 and made it to my site, then it means that you are curious about using Namecheap web hosting to create your website.

Just like YOU, thousands of others wonder about the same thing. I have searched for quite some time to find reliable hosting that provides essential website building tools for beginners. Finally I found it and this Namecheap hosting review 2020 will reveal exactly what I discovered.

Before you signup with Namecheap, keep reading this review below to find out the good and bad that you must know first! By doing do so, you will save both time and money. Also, you will see for yourself why you should use Namecheap to create your website!

namecheap hosting review 2020

What To Expect In This Namecheap Hosting Review 2020

I would like to state off back that I became a new member of Namecheap recently to try out their domains. Although I typically used Godaddy to purchase domains, I decided to go a different direction. Why? Well, I saw an ad that mentioned domains for sale for only 88 cents!! That caught my attention being I normally pay about $15 per domain at Godaddy. To my surprise, I discovered not only how cheap the domains were, but also the Namecheap web hosting offered. This is probably part of the reason that you wanted to check out Namecheap review also, right? Yup!

Namecheap as I learned is known primarily for being the top domain registrar to buy cheap domains. But if you are reading this Namecheap review, you probably want to know if buying their cheap web hosting is really worth it or not? I had to run a test FIRST to be able to write a good review for you today.

In this review, I want to cover some very important areas. For example, what will it cost you to use their shared web hosting? How is the customer service? The benefits and disadvantages of using Namecheap hosting products? And finally I want to compare some of the top Namecheap competitors to help you to see how Namecheap is superior to them in some aspects. By looking closely at these different areas, it will help you to see why Namecheap is a good to create your next website today.

The Pricing of Namecheap Hosting:

namecheap hosting review 2020

As you can see with the graph above, there are 3 shared hosting plans that Namecheap offers:

Stellar starts at $2.88/month. This plan in my opinion is the best one for beginners to create websites. It allows you to host 3 websites. It’s not much, but just what you will need to start. As your website grows in traffic, then I recommend upgrading to another tier.

  • 20 GB SSD- Accelerated Disk Space
  • Unmetered Bandwidth
  • Host Up To 3 Websites
  • Website Builder
  • US or UK Data center

This plan is great for beginners and for bloggers who needs minimal resources. It is great for those super tight budgets.

Stellar Plus starts at $4.88/month [Most Popular]

  • Unmetered SSD – Accelerated Disk Space
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Unlimited Websites
  • Website Builder
  • Us or UK Data center

This plan is the most popular of the shared hosting plans. It’s great for bloggers and small business owners who more resources. It allows you to host unlimited websites which gives you more wiggle room.

Stellar Business starts at $8.88/month.

  • 50 GB Pure SSD Disk Space
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Unlimited Websites
  • Website Builder
  • US or UK Datacenter

This plan is ideal for business hosting and creating e-commerce stores. Also, the Stellar business package is great for people wanting to create multiple websites for doing affiliate marketing, network marketing, mlm, amazon affiliates, etc.

Get up to 50% off Namecheap shared hosting Your 1st Year HERE! 

Customer Support: How is it? 

The good thing about NC is that they have great 24/7 customer service that is chat support based. I find that the reps are very knowledgeable and helpful with solving problems and answering questions. This is very important as is for any person.

I don’t consider myself as a expert with Namecheap as I am with other hosts. But that is the case with any platform that is new to you. But it’s good to know that I can chat with a representative at anytime to get help if needed.

Benefits of Namecheap Hosting

There are some really good perks that come with Namecheap that I have noticed that some other hosts don’t provide.

As a domain registrar, they give you domain privacy (whoisguard) for FREE for life.

Godaddy charges $9.99/year for each domain that you purchase. Another one of their competitors Bluehost charges .99/month ($12 bucks).

Domain privacy is an extremely important feature to keep your info safe and protected online from spammers and hackers that I think that it pays for itself. So why pay for it if you don’t have to?

In comparison with other web hosting services online, you can create a website easily for only $2.88/month! This is cheaper than Bluehost, A2 Hosting, WP Engine or Pressidium just to name a few.

You also get Positive SSL certificates, free site migrations, and the cheapest domain names.

Build Your Website with Namecheap - Get Privacy Protection Free Forever

Namecheap Restrictions

You should know that there is no phone support. Namecheap has chat and email support that is really fast and knowledgeable that I love.

They have an awesome new Managed WordPress hosting platform called EasyWP.

EasyWP is cloud-based. If you go cloud, then you will not have free email hosting as you get with the shared hosting plans mentioned above.

Also another not so hot thing about them in the beginning when it initially came out in beta is that you could only use Namecheap registered domains or “easywp” subdomains for this cloud based hosting. This meant that if you bought domains at other registrars you had to transfer them FIRST to use EasyWP to use them.

But now, that’s not the case. You can use ANY domain you want to create WordPress websites with their managed cloud platform which is better. You can simply point the nameservers to Namecheap and you are good to go. I LOVE this!

But other than that, it is awesome to use to create websites and only cost a $1 for your first month! This is super cheap hosting for a tight budget and to test the waters.

Next let’s talk about the refund policy in this Namecheap review…

Namecheap Money Back Guarantee

Namecheap’s refund policy when comparing it to other competitors is 30 days! Providers like Bluehost, Siteground, Kinsta and WPX Hosting also give 30 days. InMotion offers 90 days. Dreamhost gives customers 97 days to try their service. However, Mochahost knocks them all out of the ballpark by doing a 180 day money back guarantee beating them all!

Although Namecheap is known more for being the cheap domain leader, their refund policy is not as long as others. But although this is the case, I still HIGHLY recommend them for beginners for web hosting.

Uptime On Namecheap Servers

Their uptime is really awesome for being such a cheap web hosting provider. They maintain a 99.9% average on their servers with great performance which is great. But sometimes 100% as seen below.

namecheap review

This is important to have with any website because you always know that your website is online and visible to people searching for your products and services. If your website is down when people search for you, then they will go somewhere else.

Today, you searched looking for a good Namecheap review wanting to know more information about their web hosting before getting started today. Thankfully you landed on my blog and are getting the info you were researching to make a decision.

Outside of normal maintenance scheduled, I think that Namecheap does a great job in this area.

The Truth…

The truth that most people (marketers) won’t tell you online is that ALL web hosting providers have a small percentage of “downtime“. And this includes Namecheap web hosting. But overall, they do a great job maintaining websites on their servers and are very dependable.

What About Namecheap Competitors?

Namecheap just as any other web hosting provider has competitors in the field. But I think that Namecheap stands out not only with the lowest domain & web hosting prices, but also in other aspects. For example, when you get started, you can buy a domain for as low as .88 cents! Where else can you buy domains that cheap?

Also, besides web hosting at Hostinger being only $.80, Namecheap web hosting is the next cheapest that you will find online at $2.88/month.

But when it comes to turbo speeds, A2 Hosting knocks Namecheap out of the box!

Get details about A2 Hosting by going HERE!

But, Namecheap gives you free domain privacy for life! This is the best way to protect your information online on the public domain from spammers, hackers and unsolicited sales calls. Most companies charge for this service, but it’s included with them.

Visit here:

Namecheap Hosting Review 2020 Conclusion

I realized that you searched today for a good Namecheap hosting review and that’s why you clicked on my website. So today, I wanted to give you just that along with some honest straight forward information that will help you to learn more about signing up with Namecheap.

Perhaps you currently host somewhere else and considering to migrate your website over to Namecheap for free but needed more info before putting on your training wheels.

As a blogger, I understand that it is a big step and NC makes it super easy to migrate your website from other hosts. If you are totally new to web hosting & looking for a really affordable way to create your website, then Namecheap web hosting is a good fit.

I realize that choosing a web hosting provider is a task that should be taken seriously. It’s absolutely the most important decision that you will EVER make for your website. I say this because as a blogger, I recognize that having a dependable web hosting provider that’s affordable & reliable 24/7 when your visitors are searching for you on the web is a MUST have.

Also, it goes without saying that good customer support is key in the event you experience issues with your site or just need some help. Thankfully, Namecheap has you covered on this. I LOVE Namecheap and their web hosting services and I’m sure that you will love too!

Thank you for reading this Namecheap hosting review 2020. Now that you have all the info that you need to get started, now it’s time to take action to get your website online in minutes.

Get started right now creating your website by clicking below! I hope you much success in your business online!!

Shared Hosting - from $2.88/mo