Review – Is a Scam or Legit Company? Read this first!

If you are reading this review, likely you are either looking to have some audio transcribed to text. Or perhaps you among those that want to make more some extra cash from home & wondering is a scam or a legit company? On any note, please keep reading the truth that I discovered about! review

Disclaimer: This is a 100% honest review of that is unbiased & not paid. No guarantees are made regarding income or transcriptions services.

What To Expect In This Review

There many reviews online that you may find. Some are good while others are not so good. In this review I will talk to you guys about the company, how it works, customer feedback, and lastly what I honest think about them. This review will give you everything you need to know before getting started with them. Watch the video below and then read this to the very end!

What Is Anyway?

Do you have audio recordings or videos that you would like transcriptions, captions or subtitles for in English or other foreign languages? If so, then may be what your business needs! Since 2010, they have been providing this very service. is a platform that basically connects 30,000+ transcriptionists that will convert your audio recordings to text. It’s a 24/7 operation that has been in business since 2010. You maybe new to them, but there are many well-known brands that already use their transcription services to capture meetings, lectures, interviews, content marketing and films.

Some brands that you may already know are:

  • PBS
  • CBS
  • The New York Times
  • Aetna
  • Amazon
  • VISA
  • Marriott Hotels & Resorts
  • Department of Justice
  • LegalZoom
  • Duke University
  • UCLA & more!

It appears that they have a trusted following of over 100,000+ satisfied customers around the world. Will you be next? Let know below in the comments area.

How I Heard About

I have always wondered how some Youtube videos have transcriptions or text captions under them while others don’t? Also, I wondered how could I get some of my audios converted to text? That’s when I discovered by default!

What Does It Costs To Use

The interesting thing that I noticed on their website is that it only cost $1 per video minute in English for captions. In you would like to have video and audio from other foreign languages, the costs for subtitles will range from $3-$7/ video minute.

When you look at some of their competitors online, this is a pretty good deal.  For some projects, they quote a turnaround time of 24 hours. However depending on the audio length, it could be way faster for you especially if you are crunched for time. Anyway, it’s a great service to work with for your business in my opinion.

Can Freelancers Really Make Money With

Yes you can! But there are some things that you know about this opportunity BEFORE getting started as a freelancer. According to their website, there are more than 40,000 freelancers with the company to supply transcriptions to over 100,000 customers. This means that there is big potential for you to transcribe audio & videos. review

The majority of transcriptions are done in English. With this said, I feel that English should be your first language. If not, then you should have a good command over the language to understand as your writing skills will tested prior to acceptance.

Second, payments are issued weekly via Paypal. So if you do not have a Paypal, then get one now. It’s 100% FREE. And speaking about FREE, it’s doesn’t cost you anything at all to work with as a freelancer. Although there is NO experienced required, I think that it would be good if you type fast. The faster you type while listening to audios, the faster jobs can be completed which means more income potential.

As as transcriptionist, you will make 0.360.65 per audio/video minute. As a captioner, 0.45 – 0.75 per audio/video minute. This doesn’t sound like a lot, but it can add up with time.

Third, as part of the review, when it comes to income, this website makes no guarantees about how much money you can or will make with the company. Your real income potential will depend on how many audio or video jobs you receive and length of these.

These are just a few things that I wanted to mentioned that you should know before getting started.

Should You Use Or Not for Transcriptions?

The purpose of this review is not to tell you what to do. However, I do feel that they are a really great company to do business with if you would like some audio or video converted to text. Also, I give them a THUMBS UP as a 100% legit money making opportunity to make some extra income from home.

When you do a little research online you will see that they actually com highly recommended by thousands of users. In fact, based on 4,893 reviews left by customers on they have earned a 5-star rating!

It seems that:

  • 82% of their customers say that their transcription service is excellent.
  • 11% say that it is great.
  • 3% say that it is average whereas..
  • 2% say that it is poor and..
  • 2% say that it was bad

I also took a look to what my boys at say about and I was very pleased see this report here. [This report will open in another tab]. It shows that the company has an amazing A+ rating.

300x250 Fiverr Pro Review Conclusion is 100% LEGIT. This is NOT a SCAM!

No matter how small or big a company it, you will always customers who don’t like something about a service rendered. The 2% referenced from Trustpilot represents that. However, when you really think about it, this could happen with ANY company that do business with. Unlike most companies out there, has maintained an amazing A+ rating with the BBB and great feedback from customers and for this reason, I recommend their service.

To find out more details about using their service today, go here to

After this personal review, what do you guys think about their transcription service? Have you tried it before, and if so what was your experience? Tell me below..

Or are you currently a freelancer thinking of possibly supplementing your current income with If so, I hope you much success while working from home with them.

Another great personal recommendation for making money from home for freelancers is below is Fiverr…check out the banner to learn more…

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Motor Club Of America Review 2020: A Scam Or Legit? What Beginners Must Know About MCA First!

If you are reading this Motor Club of America review 2020, likely you are either interested in using the towing services or making money with the business opportunity. Some ask:

  •  Is MCA legit or a scam?
  • Is Motor Club of America a pyramid scheme?
  • How Does MCA Work?

These questions and more will be answered for you today in this Motor Club of America review. So keep reading!

DISCLAIMER: The owner of this site is NOT an affiliate nor distributor of MCA. Furthermore, no income guarantees are made in this MCA review.

What To Expect In This MCA Review (Motor Club Of America)?

You will read 100% unbiased research here. This will be the case because we are not affiliates nor MCA representatives. This means that we don’t receive any compensation at all for this review that you are reading today. We are writing this to give sincere work at home seekers a fair chance to make a good decision based on complete information.

As a blogger, I know that this can be hard to find being most marketers of a company are just trying to sell you on why you should join Motor Club of America or MCA as it is also called online.

motor club of america review 2019

What is Motor Club Of America (MCA)?

Have you ever had AAA before? If so, then this it is basically what they offer in a nutshell, but cheaper! In addition to 24 hour roadside assistance & towing, MCA provides:

  • Emergency lockout services for automobiles, trucks, motocycles, rvs and trailers.
  • Legal Defense Coverage
  • Emergency Travel Expense Reimbursement
  • Medical Expense Benefits
  • Worldwide Travel Assistance

motor club of america review 2019

I am very surprised that the company has been in business since 1926 and that I haven’t heard prior to a YT video I saw some time ago. I have used AAA in the past, but now thinking of trying this service so I did some research on Motor Club of America before getting started with the membership.

Things To Keep In Mind When Promoting MCA Business Opportunity

If you are new to marketing online and thinking about making some money from home, then there are a few things to know BEFORE you getting started!

People say that it’s FREE to get started, but it actually costs you $39.90 USD and then $19.95/month going forward to see the benefits of the opportunity.

Every newbie should know that the MCA business opportunity made some changes in their compensation plan recently. With the previous compensation plan the company paid out an amazing $80 USD for each referral that buys the $40 service. This payout was based on 17 months of service with the membership.

Now, the pays $35 per referral based the customer’s 7 months having the membership. This is what’s called an advance.

It is also important to know that NO COMMISSIONS are paid UNLESS the referred person gets the membership. So with this in mind the main focus should be acquiring new customers. Payouts are weekly for commissions generated through affiliate links provided by company.

This video explains really good the changes that occurred with the comp plan:

So these are the changes that Motor Club of America has made with their compensation plan. The pay is much less than before and this change has provoked some thoughts..


After watching this video, perhaps you may not be interested in staying with Motor Club of America as some previous reps. Or if you are new and thinking about giving it a try anyway there are some things that you must know. I personally think that MCA lowered its compensation to weed out people who were simply flashing money ($100 bills) in videos perhaps promising people the world. This in my opinion may give a good company a bad rap.

How Do You Get More MCA Customers?

Marketing. There are many ways to market effectively online and get real results with any product. It doesn’t matter if it’s MCA or another company that you thinking of switching to. Everything will rest on your marketing.

Think about how you made it to this blog. You made it here from the search engines seeking info about the “MCA business opportunity” and wanted to find an honest “Motor Club of America Review 2020” right? Today, I have exposed the good and bad that you must consider.

What I have showed you is a quick flash example of how to do SEO.  Search Engine Optimization in short is the art of driving targeted traffic to websites like from major search engines using long tail keywords. This is something that you will NOT learn from MCA when getting started. You must learn this BEFORE getting started.

If you decide to get started with Motor Club of America, then you should start first by learning how to market locally to grow your business. A really awesome program that helps you to master local SEO is

One thing that will really help you to separate yourself from all of the other MCA representatives and the competition is to have your very own website. I recommend starting a blog or website today for your business.

Checkout our resources page.

You can get a personal domain name and start creating a simple blog to attract customers looking locally for towing services, etc. Having a personal domain & website is way better than promoting a super long affiliate by Motor Club of America! Example:

This website is called which is really short and easy to remember. I can promote or market whatever I want on it. You can do the same if you have your very own website or blog centered around Motor Club of America services. On your blog you can write about different ways that you have benefited from their towing and other services using reviews.

You can buy domain names that include keywords like “towing services” or even attract customers in your city with local seo marketing.

As as a beginner, you should realize how important it is not to follow the conventional ways of marketing which includes bothering family & friends. Things like Youtube, email marketing, solo ads, banner ads are also other effective methods to drive web traffic.

On my Learnanet channel, I have put up videos there to drive traffic to this blog. You can do the same, but to sell Motor Club of America memberships or make money with ANY business opportunity.

What The Motor Club Of America BBB Report Says

MCA currently holds an A+ rating with the BBB which is impressive. With any company will be complaints and the Motor Club of America has 31 reported. These range from issues about the service, billing and sales problems. For the most part all of the complaints were answered and resolved which is great.

I mention this aspect in the MCA review because you will always have customers that complain or experience problems with services. However, the way the company handles them determines how long they will stay in business. In this Motor Club of America review we must say that they have done great job in this area for customer service.

If you decide to join MCA as a customer or affiliate, then good customer service should be to the forefront.

Should You Use Motor Club Of America Service?

The purpose of this Motor Club of America review 2020 is not to influence or tell you what to do. Remember, that we are NOT affiliates and don’t make money from this review. However, if you are thinking of trying the MCA business opportunity, wouldn’t it be best to use the service first yourself? How can you promote or share something with others that you yourself don’t use?

We all have and do experience unforeseen troubles with our vehicles so having a good affordable towing service is a plus. If you like the product and can stand behind it, then the business should be easy to share.

I personally think that MCA has a great product that everyone needs. But that’s just my opinion. I suggest that you be fooled by the hype and see the MCA business opportunity for what it is. It’s a real business that requires real work to make money. I definitely recommend using their membership and service.

However, how is MCA service different than AAA?

First of all, it has an affiliate program or business opportunity that pays its affiliates a $35 advanced commission for each referral. AAA doesn’t have an affiliate program like this where it pays for referrals. Also you get unlimited towing PLUS tons of other benefits that AAA doesn’t offer its clients. Although is good, they only let you have up to 3 tows per year, but its unlimited with yout Motor Club of America membership!

Motor Club of America Review 2020 Conclusion

One of the main reasons of doing the research for this Motor Club of America review was to clear up what people online call a SCAM. This company is NOT a scam. There are scams that you do want to avoid like Skinny Body Care, PocketMoneyCash and others.

But MCA  is 100% legit and recommended for anyone looking for decent biz opp to work from home. It doesn’t pay as much as before, but still good.

MCA, like many other multi level marketing companies requires real work to see any real results. Don’t believe the hype! Just learn how to market effectively online.

Motor Club of America has been in business for very long time and has maintained a great reputation online with the BBB. There are too many MLM, network marketing or work at home opportunities that can say that. So some may like it, while other hate it, but this doesn’t make it a SCAM. They have a real product that actually works!

Companies make changes all the time for different reasons that affect their workers. But not for this should we declare it a SCAM. Some have left the company due to change, will you?

However, on the other hand,if you are that person who is seriously thinking about joining the Motor Club of America business opportunity, I think it would better to buy the membership FIRST as a customer to get a feel for the product first-hand. Then consider the biz opp if you really like the service and THEN start sharing it with other people.

After reading this Motor Club of America review 2020, what do you personally think? Will you try the membership or biz opp? If so, why? How did you hear about MCA in the first place? Guys, let me know your thoughts below and of course share this post with others online:)

TakeEasy Review 385-244-4646: A Scam or Legit? Read this First

So if you are reading this TakeEasy Review, likely you are received a call or two from 385-244-4646 wanting you to use their lawn services for supposed properties that they have. At least, that was my case this past Saturday! If you have gotten a call from TakeEasy and wondering if it’s legit for lawn care services or not, then keep reading this TakeEasy Review!!

What to Expect In This TakeEasy Review

In this review, I will tell you more about what about TakeEasy and the company, how I heard about them and if you should or not use their services.

How did I hear about TakeEasy?

Actually this past Saturday October 13th 2018 I received an unsolicited call from a David who has some “local properties” that apparently he thinks that I am interested in maintaining. This David called from 385-244-4646. I am guessing that if you are this review you got a call from this same phone number or one similar, right? What was your personal experience? Tell be below.

What To Do?

Well the first thing I did was go over to my good old friend Google to see what he had to say. It turns out that there’s not too much info online about TakeEasy outside of some remarks from and the 68 complaints filed on Better Business Bureau.[Referenced links will open another tab]

According to the Better Business Bureau, TaskEasy provides:

“SaaS-based intelligence applications to deliver a fixed price-based platform for purchasing common residential services such as lawn care, snow removal, house cleaning and more. These online tools assist customers to audit the quality of the work and for contractors to reach a larger customer base and to be paid more quickly”.

When I checked out their official website at, it looks like pretty straight forward one page website. Not my cup of tea though. And being that I didn’t order anything from these guys nor understand why this “Davis” is calling me from a Utah phone number saying that he has some local properties that he needs help with? No, this is not for me.

What you can do if you have not already done so is block these guys on your phone. Also, signup for the Do Not Call List if you have not done so already. If they don’t respect your privacy you can file a complaint here.

Should You Use TakeEasy Lawn Service or Not?

The purpose of this TakeEasy review is not to tell you what to do. But being that we live in the era of beware, it is something to think about.  I personally would expect that there should be more information and reviews online for a company that has been in business since 2013.

This company specializes in paring contractors with individuals looking of lawn care services. Although this idea and concept is not new, I don’t think it is a SCAM. This type of service can be done by yourself. If I needed lawn care services, I could look at my local classifieds or even get recommendations from friends or people that I personally know. This idea kinda reminds me of Once Driven.

Even if you are a person that has a lawn care service and need leads, you can generate your own leads by placing ads in local classifieds or even by starting a website to attract customers online. I don’t personally see any real reason for paying a third party to find me a local contractor when I can do this myself.

But looking at feedback on the BBB, some people speak very favorably of TakeEasy lawn services and have really benefited from their referrals. Has that been your case? If so let me know below.





















JustAnswer Expert Review – A Scam or Legit? Read this first!

If you are reading this JustAnswer Expert review, likely you have received a charge from these guys on your account or simply curious to see if it really works or not. Perhaps you have real questions that you need answers to, but can’t afford to go to a professional. If this is the case, then please keep reading to see what I discovered about this JustAnswer Expert service!

Disclaimer: This is an independent 100% honest review of the JustAnswer service. No medical, legal or professional advice is given on this website for users, nor shall be taken as such.

What to Expect in This JustAnswer Expert Review:

In this JustAnswer Expert review I will tell you about the company JustAnswer Expert, how it works, customer feedback, and finally what I really think about them based on my research.

What is JustAnswer Expert Anyway? 

According to WikipediaJustAnswer AKA is an online expert question and answer website that connects visitors with over 11,990 verified experts in several categories including medical, legal, automotive, veterinary, electricians, plumbers, tech support, network issues, software & technology and more.

On their official website you will see a list of experts, how many questions they have answered, and also how users have rated them. They have been in business for some 16 years.

If you are new to JustAnswer, popular brands online like CNN, NBC, Good Morning AmericaThe Huffington Post have mentioned them. You can even find them on Youtube where they discuss the many benefits of their service.

JustAnswer Expert is a basically a 24/7 operation where people from all over the world can ask questions. The main concept is to shorten and eliminate personal visits to these professionals which ultimately saves you time and money.

How I Heard About JustAnswer Expert

Recently, an older woman that I know told me about a $5 & $52 charge on her account that she didn’t recognized from JAE. She asked me to research it and I did for her. This Just Answer Expert Review is the gist of what I shared with her. There was a phone number 800-509-5721 that we called to contact the company direct. There were additional contact numbers on their website for customer service.

The good thing is that the company refunded her both amounts in 24 hours!

Has this been your experience or something totally different with these guys? I am guessing that if you are reading this JustAnswer Expert review, then you may have similar concerns.

What Does It Costs To Use JustAnswer?

There is no definite answer to this question. The honest answer per my research is that it will depend on the question and the type of expert in which field your answer stems.

On their website in my research, they clearly state that it initially costs $5 when submitting credit/debit card info to ask a question during your first 7 day trial period. If you do not cancel during the 7 day trial period, you will automatically be enrolled into the monthly membership and charged. I don’t personally like this idea at all, but that’s what their website says after reading it.

According to their website, JustAnswer promises that you can communicate back and forth until you get the answer you need and are satisfied. The cost is a mere small fraction of what you would pay versus going face to face to visit a professional.

Should you use JustAnswer Expert or Not to Answer Questions? 

The purpose of this JustAnswer Expert review is not to tell you what to decide. This is a personal decision that only you can decide.

However, being that we live in an era of BEWARE, I decided to do some extra research online to find out more about Just Answer Expert at Also, I stopped by the BBB site to see what they thought about the company and to my surprise I saw this report here. (This link will open in another tab to view). The report shows an A+ rating with the BBB.

Also, when you search online you will see reputable websites like who give JustAnswer a 4.5-star rating based on their 12,398 reviews from customers.

It seems that:

  • 88% of clients that have used their services say it is excellent.
  • 7% of their clients say that the service is great, whereas
  • 1% say average and
  • 4% said it was bad.

JustAnswer Expert Review Conclusion…

In my opinion, there are several things that you need to consider that are of great concern before using a service like JustAnswer.

Although they seem to have a good rep with the BBB & Trustpilot, you will find lots of negative comments and complaints online by past users. You probably have some of your own..

No matter how big or small a company is you will always find complaints or someone who doesn’t like the service and JustAnswer is not the exception.

If you decide to use their services, keep in mind what we have discussed today in this review! If you don’t use them, then that’s good too. Today you just got my personal take on these guys.

Finally verdict? I do NOT recommend using this company. If you have any personal concerns or complaints, you should contact the company directly on their page here.

Thank you for reading this JustAnswer Expert Review.


EPS Prosperity Hotline Review – A Scam or Legit? Read this first!

If you are reading this EPS Prosperity Hotline review, likely you have seen a small business ad on CL or somewhere on the web. Perhaps you are wondering is EPS legit or just a another SCAM to avoid? If so, then you better read this entire EPS Prosperity Hotline review to discover what I found!

eps prosperity hotline review

What to Expect in This EPS Prosperity Hotline Review:

In this review of EPS Prosperity Hotline I will tell you about some deep research I conducted on EPS Prosperity Hotline, what I really think about them and some things that you should to avoid a tremendous headhache!

Recently, I was looking on Craigslist under their “small biz ad” section when I came a small classified ad titled “Work At Home In Your Spare Time!!” Of course, this is not the first time that I have seen headlines like this, but the first that I encountered this EPS Prosperity Hotline. This scam sort of reminds me of a Review.

The ad is just like all the others where they try to appeal to heart quickly by asking questions…

If you are unemployed? Out of options? Do you have a plan B? Get Paid Daily! This Works Like Crazy!”

Do these words sound familiar to you? Was this or something similar what you have seen regarding EPS followed by a redirect link pointing to “

What is

EPS Prosperity Hotline, at is a very catchy site that offers a money making opportunity “processing emails for cash”. Supposedly, when a user gets started, they must send $25 via Paypal to the referrer or sponsor on whose page they arrived. They offer what appears to be “email processing jobs” that require posting 3 ads per day on CL.

Should you use EPS Prosperity Hotline or Not to Make Money? 

The purpose of this EPS Properity Hotline review is not to tell you what to do.

As a blogger, I have seen several money making opportunities online. However, although this not technically MLM, it does encourage you to signup other people to make money.

However, remember that ALL legitimate work at home gigs require REAL WORK using REAL PRODUCTS that actually benefits people. Is that what EPS Prosperity Hotline provides and promises? No! Their website doesn’t really provide any real information about what exactly you will doing.

It appears that your job is to repost the same 3 spammy ads that they are doing. They call it a “email processing system” that you will be paid supposedly $25 each. They claim that you can make 1,000’s per week just processing email 4 cash? Per the website, you can make a potential of $273k+ per year? Really? This smells like a scam!

Being that we live in the era of BEWARE and scams are abundant, you should stay clear of this email processing for cash.

Also you should know that their website clearly states that there is NO REFUND POLICY.

You are placing ads over and over again basically encouraging work at home seekers to send “YOU” $25 dollars via Paypal. This is their business :((

This company doesn’t have a real product that truly benefits people and is just another ripoff as other email processing 4 cash scams.

EPS Prosperity Hotline Review Conclusion

Although the idea of processing emails 4 cash sounds like a lot of fun and easy money, the only one that will be making money in this equation are the scammers behind EPS Prosperity Hotline.

Think about this for a second..

Can you really make $25 per email you check? $273k+/year doing nothing but posting 3 ads/day pointing to the same website that provides absolutely no information about real products or how this really works??  It doesn’t even sound logical, right?

Remember that the old saying still applies. “If it sounds too good to be true, then it isn’t true”. Real money making & work-at-home opportunities always offer real products and services that truly benefit others.

Has this EPS Prosperity Hotline review helped you today? If so, let me know in the comments below. I hope that this review saves you a headache. You should save your $25 and invest it in something else that really works.