Pricing Review [2020] Are they too expensive or just right? Read this first!

Do you wan to create a website or blog with Siteground, but not sure which web hosting plan is for you? If so, in this pricing review I will go over all of Siteground web hosting packages. In this review

What is

If you are looking to create a website online with a very reputable web host, you can’t go too far and not hear something about Siteground. They are a European based web hosting provider with over 2 MILLION customers worldwide. WHen it comes to WordPress powered websites that have optimum performance, Siteground comes highly recommended by In fact, there are only 3 web hosting services that you will see that are recommended for WordPress websites in addition to Siteground and that’s Bluehost and Dreamhost. Both of these hosts are great, but I think that Siteground is superior being they have faster around the clock customer support.

At you will notice that in addition shared web hosting, they also have dedicated hosting, woocommerce hosting and even cloud hosting. All of these are competitively priced and great for creating both small and large websites online with different needs.

How is Pricing?

Siteground has 3 main web hosting packages that you can use their shared hosting platform. Each of these web hosting plans has its own benefits for bloggers and entrepreneurs wanting to create websites online. pricing


You will notice that the Startup hosting plan is the 1st tier that Siteground offers. This plan is ideal for beginners online who need to create or build just 1 website, blog or eCommerce site online. It gives you 10 GB of web space and can handle up to 10,000 monthly visitors that arrive to your website.

This is great for starting out online and especially for newbies that don’t need many resources. However, as your online business grows, you can easily scale up without any problem.


The Growbig hosting plan is the plan that I prefer and use. This Siteground pricing of this particular web hosting plan is only $5.95/month. The awesome thing about the Growbig plan over the Startup is that you will have more wiggle room by being able to create unlimited websites online. This can be particularly awesome for bloggers, affiliate marketers and people doing network marketing. Is this you? If so, then the Growbig hosting plan is for you!

The great thing about this 2-tier Siteground web hosting  plan is that you will get 20 GB of web space and website traffic leveraged up to 25,000 monthly visitors! It’s definitely worth the $2 extra bucks for the Growbig hosting plan.


The Gogeek web hosting plans gives 4 times the amount of monthly website visitors [100,000] and only cost $11.95/month. With Gogeek, you will get 30 GB of web space which is more than enough for most websites online.

How is Siteground’s Uptime & Service Performance?

Uptime is an extremely important factor to consider to rank well on Google and other search engines. Having a web host that has great uptime performance means a few things. One, your visitors will have a very nice user experience and this will no doubt help your brand. Think about this for a moment. Today, you searched for a honest review to learn more about pricing and web hosting. Thankfully you arrived to my website today due to great uptime.

The fact is that if a website is up online you are making money. However, if your website is DOWN, you are losing money and your potential customers will just bounce off your site and go to your competition.

How is Siteground uptime performance? Siteground maintains an average of 99.9% uptime or better. This means that they are super reliable and very dependable. pricing review


Do I recommend Using Siteground Web Hosting?

Absolutely! I have been using the Siteground Growbig hosting plan for roughly 2 years and absolutely LOVE this plan! It has everything that I need as a blogger and is great for creating multiple websites online. Of course the Gogeek will allow you to do this as well, but I prefer Growbig being provides what I need currently. With this said, when you consider Siteground pricing in comparison with other web hosting providers you will notice that they are very competitive.

In addition to all of the SEO and marketing tools that you get in your cPanel, I really admire their great customer support. Whether by phone or chat, you can always get in touch with someone fast to answer questions and resolve any issues that you may have. This is something that I feel is extremely important to look for with ANY web hosting provider online.

What Do People Think About Pricing & Hosting?

To be fair in this pricing review, I wanted to tell you about something that I did before signing up with Siteground.

I actually decided to do some research online to see how was their reputation. To my surprise, I found several awesome reports online of happy customers. You can see one of them here on Trustpilot. [This link will open in another tab to view]

On Trustpilot you will notice that people are not only happy with pricing, but also with their customer support, uptime performance and web hosting services. I thought that I would include this in our Siteground review today to help you appreciate how reliable and reputable of a web hosting provider that they are. Imagined above are just a few of THOUSANDS of positive comments left by Siteground clients.

They have a 5-star rating of out 5 and with good reason! This is a higher rating than any than their web hosting competitors and definitely worth your attention.

As a blogger and entrepreneur, customer service, performance & reliability are extremely important to me and I am quite sure that you would agree also. This is something that Siteground is known for in the industry and for this reason I highly recommend using them to create websites online.

Refund Policy

You will happy to know that Siteground has a 30 day money back guarantee on their web hosting services. This means that if you are not happy with their service, then you can request a 100% refund within the 30 day period.

Site Transfers

Do you currently host with another provider that you don’t like or have been having problems with? If you so, then you can migrate your website today to Siteground for FREE! The awesome thing that I love about Siteground is that they have a WordPress plugin that does all of the work for you and migrates your websites easily to their platform.

How to Get Started With Today?

Getting started with Siteground web hosting is super easy to do. If you are a complete beginner and have never created a website or blog online, then I highly recommend going with their Startup hosting plan. You can get 65% OFF by using this special link here. With it, you will be able to create 1 website with 10GB of webspace and handle up to 10,000 monthly visitors.

However, if you are wanting to do affiliate marketing or network marketing and need the ability to create unlimited websites, then I recommend using either their Growbig or Gogeek web hosting. Across the board guys you will realize that pricing is just right for beginners to get started online in business. Pricing Review Conclusion

After taking the time to read this pricing review, what do you personally think? Which of their web hosting packages do you think is best for you to create your website online today?

As you could see, Siteground web hosting is an awesome provider to put your website online today. They are super reliable with great performance and customer support. They have all of website building tools that you will need to create and support your website and also are super affordable. I even like that they have a step-by-step guide where they walk you the process of installing WordPress, themes along with plugins. This is something that Siteground does that no other web hosting provider does for its clients. This is why I feel that Siteground pricing is ideal and great for ever business solution.

Get started creating your website right now! pricing


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How Does This Siteground Hosting Sale Work?

If you check out their official website for this September Siteground coupon code 2020 sale here, you will notice that Siteground web hosting typically runs starts at $11.95/month.

However, for a limited time, Siteground web hosting plans will start at only $3.95/month! What does this mean for you? This means that you are saving up to 70%. Second, whether you are a beginner at creating websites you will be able to put your website online for under $4 bucks! If you are currently hosting another provider, then you can easily transfer or migrate your website today to Siteground!

Although I personally use Siteground GrowBig hosting and have used it to create 12 websites online, I recommend using their Startup hosting plan if you are a beginner. The Startup plan will ideal if you just need to to create 1 website online for your business. I have been using Siteground for about 2 years and absolutely LOVE their web hosting, security and amazing customer support!

Keep in mind that this this sale will only run for a limited time and then the prices will increase! So take full advantage of our Siteground Coupon Codes 2020, you can use this special link here!

See an overview below of the Siteground Startup plan. As you can see it normally goes for $11.95, but will be only $3.95 per month! 


Siteground Hosting Coupon Code 2020

As mentioned above the StartUp plan is ideal for beginners who would like to create just 1 website online. However, the GrowBig and GoGeek hosting plans are ideal for entrepreneurs that need to create multiple websites online & require more unlimited features. GrowBig & Gogeek are great if you are doing affiliate marketing, network marketing, a web developer, etc.

Also you get:

  • 24/7 Customer Support
  • Free Cloudflare CDN
  • FREE SSL Certificates
  • Daily Backups
  • WordPress Staging
  • Free Sitebuilders
  • SuperCacher for Speed
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
  • Cpanel
  • 1-Click WP Installation & more!

To discover more details about creating your website today with Siteground web hosting, simply visit the official page right HERE or click below & the Siteground coupon code will automatically give your discount at checkout!

Siteground Hosting Coupon Code 2020


Siteground Affiliate Program Review: Can Bloggers Make Money? Read this first!

If you are reading this Siteground affiliate program review, likely you are wondering if you can really make some money with this program or not? Or if SiteGround web hosting plans are really better or not? If that is the case, then sit back and relax because what I have to tell will knock your socks off!

siteground affiliate program review

The Siteground affiliate program is probably the one of the hottest web hosting affiliate programs online that you will find. Let me explain why.

Disclosure: This page contain affiliate links. When clicked and a purchase is made, the owner of this will receive a commission. This is how I pay the bills. This doesn’t affect your purchase at all. You can get the best discount by clicking on them.

What to Expect in This Siteground Affiliate Program Review

In this Siteground Affiliate Program Review I will tell you about my personal experience that I have had with them, what I really think about them, and some practice ways you can make some extra money with Siteground.

Some months ago, I was looking for another stream of income to monetize my website and decided to take at web hosting affiliate programs. If you don’t know what an affiliate program is, it’s a program that allows you to promote links of products on your site in exchange for a commission.

There are tons of web hosting affiliate programs, however decided to join the SiteGround affiliate program. This decision was based not only on my personal experience using their web hosting services, but also on the weekly affiliate payouts  on their web hosting plans.

Web Hosting

How to Promote the Siteground Affiliate Program

There are several ways that you can promote the Siteground affiliate program. Once you signup for their program at the bottom of the Siteground website here you will see a link for “affiliate program”. After creating your free account, then it’s time to put the pedal to the metal.

Siteground does provide affiliates with links and banners to promote. Also, once you are subscribed you will receive periodical promos for special deals such flash sale, marketing ideas, etc. See an example here.

Siteground hosting plans normally start at $3.95/month, however from time to time your web hosting visitors can get up to 70% off!

There are several other ways that you can make money promoting their hosting plans. There’s blogging, email marketing, solo ads, banner ads on sites with high traffic, video marketing, and more.

However, rather than bore you with a boat load of marketing tips, I will tell you in this Siteground affiliate program review exactly what to do to make your first $50!

You can start by running a test campaign using your blog to see if the Siteground affiliate program is legit or not. I conducted a test using a web hosting review in January 2017 to see if it would work to monetize my site or not.

I thought I would setup a quick campaign online to drive traffic to one post using a specific source. While focusing on some specific long tail keywords, I was able to get a 50% conversion on the first 2 first clicks received.

I used a video along with an ad and surprising made my a commission! All of this with a simple video and post that included my personal SiteGround referral link here.

Things To Keep Mind When Promoting As A Siteground Affiliate

Now, let me give you the truth in this Siteground affiliate program review.

Marketing can be expensive and also time consuming if it’s not done the right way.

What I learned by one of my campaigns convinced me that the Siteground affiliate program is 100% legit and not a scam. This is a great program to join:)

However, before you join, you should know that according to the SiteGround affiliate terms, an affiliate gets paid $50/referral. The more sales, the more commissions paid.

However, something that is very interesting & unique that I wanted to mention in this Siteground affiliate program review that unlike competitors such as Dreamhost, A2 Hosting, Cloudways, Hostinger, Namecheap and even Bluehost , Siteground affiliate program has weekly payouts every Wednesday! The former are great also, BUT only payout on a monthly basis!


Although the Bluehost affiliate program has a higher payout of $65/referral that Siteground, you must reach a threshold of $100 in commissions. But with Siteground, they will pay affiliates when they reach a $50 threshold! Having weekly payouts is one feature that its competitors don’t offer & also one of my top reasons why I also love using Siteground web hosting.

Siteground Affiliate Program Review: The Affiliate Terms

As with all web hosting programs agreements, it’s against Siteground affiliate terms to bid on trademark or misspelled terms in your PPC marketing nor use these in domain names. If you use these, you will lose commissions and no longer be able to participate in the Siteground affiliate program.

PPC marketing is a great way to drive fast traffic to your blog posts and articles, but you can not “direct link” to any affiliate links.

Rather, it is better to use long tailed keywords for campaigns, write SiteGround hosting reviews and use some form of video for affiliate marketing.

Also, I don’t want to forget to mention the importance of always displaying your disclaimer in posts and outlets that you use to promote the Siteground affiliate program. This is in accordance with FTC. See my disclaimer page.

Should You Use Siteground Web Hosting Personally Or Not?


But please note that the purpose of this Siteground Affiliate Program Review is not to tell you what to do. Nor is it to guarantee that you will personally make money promoting Siteground web hosting plans. Your earnings will be solely dependent on your personal efforts and marketing strategies.

I have been personally using Siteground web hosting services for quite some time and I really LOVE them! I know that once you get started with and create websites yourself, then you will be more in a position to share your experience with others. Their pricing is great and they have awesome 24/7 customer support, security, and website building tools.

What I can say with out a doubt is that if you have a website with lots of targeted traffic, then this will definitely benefit you. However, if you are new to affiliate marketing, then you need to learn how to advertise using various methods to provide the most exposure to your Siteground affiliate links and banners. It also helps a great deal to use Siteground web hosting personally FIRST to be able to recommend it to others.

I hope that this Siteground affiliate program review helps you to make a decision about promoting to make extra money. They are a very reputable company with super reliable web hosting services. I wrote a Siteground Growbig review some time ago to relate how much I love using this hosting plan. I also wrote a Startup review to show how to create websites online for beginners..

They are definitely worth your time if you would like to supplement your website’s income:)

I recommend that you first signup with SiteGround web hosting here to see for yourself, then start promoting their affiliate program to make some extra money with your site.

After reading this Siteground affiliate program review, what do you think? Do you think that Siteground is a good stream of income or not? Your comments below please.

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