7 Ways Bloggers Make Money from their blogs in 2019? Secrets Revealed!

Are looking for legitimate ways bloggers make money from their blogs? If so, then you have come to the right place! Keep reading this review to discover several legit ways bloggers use to monetize their blogs today!

This is a really good question that you are probably asking yourself if you just started a blog or thinking of making one. I had to ask myself and find the answer before I starting this blog. Today I am going to reveal to some simple ways to make money with a blog to help you get started.

Let’s start off by stating that it’s not just about throwing up a blog using platforms like WordPress or Blogspot. Anyone can pick a domain name, get web hosting for a blog & start popping out articles. But it’s not just about that.

There are some extremely important things that you must consider BEFORE you can appreciate true ways bloggers make money from their blogs online.

First ask yourself..

  • What will I name my blog?
  • Which web hosting company will I use?
  • What will I blog about?
  • Who will be my target audience?
  • How will drive traffic to my blog?
  • How will I monetize my blog?
  • How will I build my brand online?
  • How will I learn Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?

These are just a few of the many questions that should be considered before starting a blog online. Let’s talk a little bit about these questions that I have raised and how it helps you to see how bloggers make money from their blogs, okay? Alright let’s go for it!

What will I name my blog? 

This is important. One of the ways bloggers make money is by picking a good website name. Consider your main focus and determine a good simple name that visitors will remember. Also it’s a good idea to include your keywords in your domain name.

For example, if you will blog about “weight loss diets, you could buy a domain from A2 hosting that includes those keywords. This will help when people search for it online. My domain name is simple, learnanet.com. If is important to choose a simple name that is easy for your readers to remember.

To get your own FREE domain name right now, visit here: www.a2hosting.com

Which Web Hosting Company Will I Use?

There are many web hosting services, but it’s important that you get a reliable provider. There are reputable providers with great uptime such as Bluehost, Siteground, A2 Hosting, Hostgator, Fat Cow, Namecheap, WPX Hosting and Pressidium just to name a few to build your new website. They are all very affordable and come with money back guarantees.

What Will I Blog About?

What do you have a passion for doing? What do you like doing more than anything else in the world? This could provide you with solid ideas that will help you see what you will call your domain (website name) and also the material that you will blog about on your niche.

For more ideas on how to pick a good niche to blog about, check out these cool ebooks that I found online. You can checkout the Niche Marketing Kit by clicking here or Find Niches Made Easy by Christine Clayfield clicking here.

The main idea of picking a niche is finding a central them on which your blog or website focuses. This will be a field with high demand, but with little competition. This helps to not be all over the place covering so many topics that your direct audience may not be interested in.

Who Will Be My Targeted Audience?

Once you decide your passion of your new blog, then think about to whom and in which geographical areas you want to target? This also helps to come up with a more targeted domain name and identifies your brand for potential Googlers online who maybe searching for you. This is an important that helps determine ways bloggers make money with their blogs.

For example if your passion is tutoring Spanish students, your targeted audience would likely be middle to college level students currently taking or learning Spanish in school. Also if you want you can target your city, state or even go nationwide, then this helps your angle for domain selection as mentioned earlier.

Ways Bloggers Make Money: Driving Traffic To A Blog

For bloggers to make money with their blogs, they must drive traffic using major search engines like Google Yahoo and Bing.

Also, you must write very specific articles and unique content about your particular niche to help drive lots of FREE organic traffic to your site. However, another option is to generate traffic by using methods like Google Adwords or creating Youtube Videos.

There are many Youtube secrets of making money that you may not know about.. To discover one really cool one that is causing a lot of buzz online right now, visit here!

Also, this is an awesome video by Darrel Wilson that I really like about Youtube Promotion.

Ways Bloggers Make Money Using Keywords

You probably made it here to my blog by searching for “how do bloggers make money from their blogs?” This is a very specific query called a long tail keyword. These are usually 3-5 words or more that searchers like yourself may type in Google find things. Words like these will help you to drive specific visitors to blog posts to buy your affiliate products, etc. Using these types of keywords while blogging minimize your competition in the search engines.

There are some really great tools that are very effective like Longtail Pro that help marketers to achieve this goal. You can get details here at www.longtailpro.com

You can learn more about long tail keywords here and how they will help you while blogging online.

Other ways bloggers make money from their blogs is by driving traffic using email marketing, writing reviews on products, social media, video marketing, ppc marketing, backlinking, Yahoo Answers, and even writing articles on other blogs as a guest blogger. Article Marketing sites like goarticles.com, ezinearticles.com, and hubpages.com also help to drive traffic. There are many other effective ones as well.

Ways Bloggers Make Money: Monetizing Blogs

Bloggers make money with their blogs by monetizing them using products and ads.

For example, you may see sites online that have Google advertisements on the headers, above or below post titles, or even on the right shoulder of blog posts. These ads are strategically placed and targeted with the very theme of your blog. Whenever some clicks on those Google ads, the blogger gets paid. The more traffic you get to your site, the more money you can potentially make.

When bloggers make videos on Youtube and people click on those ads that are shown there, bloggers also make money from this also through Google.

Others ways bloggers make money on their bloggers is by promoting the best affiliate programs.

On this blog for example, I write about web hosting affiliate programs being my blog is primarily about web hosting service that entrepreneurs need to create websites online. These affiliate programs pay me a modest referral commission when visitors make a purchase using my affiliate links or banners.

If you are new to the idea and have never even heard of an affiliate program network, then let me tell you that there are little hundreds of them! But, by saying that I don’t want you get lost in the sauce! Simply find some with products that are related to your particular niche or hobby and promote those using their affiliate links. You can start out with affiliate programs like SellhealthClickbank.com, Shareasale.com, Commission Junction, or even Amazon.

Check out this awesome video on how to make money with Amazon’ Affiliate Program:

Amazon affiliate program is probably one of the top ways bloggers make money with their blogs. They are great to promote being that people already know and trust them online. Amazon’s products come with a money back guarantees if a customer is not satisfied with it, so this makes it a good bonus for customers to buy. You can sign up for Amazon Prime and also promote it on your new blog to make money.

Every time a visitor clicks on a link and buys something, the blogger gets paid a percentage of the sale of that product! You may see on this blog that there are banners promoting products and also Amazon related products. These are just a few ways bloggers make money by monetizing their blogs.

To Discover More Ways Bloggers Make Money On Amazon Click Here!

Learning Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Every blogger has to learn SEO. It’s basically how to make their blogs and sites lovable by Google and the other search engines using keywords in your content that viewers want to see. The better SEO, the more exposure and thus more money bloggers can make online with their blogs.

I like how Brian Dean from backlinko.com explains SEO in this Youtube video. He is a great aid to bloggers who provide SEO tips for improving SEO.

Conclusion On How Bloggers Make Money

I have given you many great ideas to get your new blog off to a good start. As you could see above, there are many legit ways bloggers make money online.

Frankly, there is so much out there that I just wanted to give a few ideas to help you see some of the many possibilities that exist.

We have reviewed things like selecting the right domain and getting the best web hosting right up to ways to promote & monetize the blog.

Hopefully by this post today you have come to see really how do bloggers make money from their blogs and found some true value with it. If so, it’s now your time to shine.

What did you like most about this post? Which methods or ways bloggers make money online will you implement on your new blog? Your comments below please 🙂


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