WebRank Seo Toolbar Review: Good Free SEO Tool Or Not? Read this first!


Welcome to My WebRank SEO ToolBar Review!

Hey guys! Are you wondering if the WebRank SEO Toolbar from Google Chrome is any good or not? Well read this brief WebRank SEO Toolbar Review to see why I think it’s the best free SEO tool to use in my opinion for beginners.

What is Webrank SEO toolbar?

The Webrank SEO toolbar is a Google Chrome extension. If you have Google Chrome, then you should check out this add-on extension right now. You can easily enable it on your settings as a toolbar. The cool thing about the WebRank SEO toolbar is that it provides Google Pagerank, Alexa & Compete Rank, Social Stats, Whois Lookup, Pages Indexed and Backlinks in Google & Bing and much more!

How does the WebRank SEO Toolbar Work?

With one simple click on the WP on the far upper tight of the toolbar, you can view all these stats about any site online. The below example is take from Facebook just to get an idea of how it works.

If you would like to where on Google or Bing these backlinks are from, you can simply click under the Website Backlinks and it gives a list of those sites for Facebook.

webrank seo toolbar review


How this Simple WebRank SEO Toolbar Has Helped Me

Some time after starting this blog , I have tested this SEO toolbar myself to see how effective it was. I was able to measure my own backlink building and also find other sites online that are related to mine. It’s a given that it does take time to improve things like your Alexa ranking, backlinks and site performance. However, I think that it is great to have a simple free seo tool to check your stats at a glance.

Although the WebRank SEO toolbar is free and provides a lot of information for webmasters to track website activity, I have also found 5 other very effective SEO tools online that improve website performance. You can click on each SEO tool to learn more about how they work:

Thank you for reading this brief Webrank SEO toolbar Review. I hope that this one helps you to monitor and improve your website SEO.

Now that you learned how this tool works in my Webrank SEO Toolbar review, what do you think about it? Will you try it? Also, what other SEO tools have helped you to improve your website rankings?

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