WPX Hosting Review (2019) Over Priced or Just Right? You Decide!!

If you are wondering about how WPX Hosting Pricing competes with its competitors, then this WPX Hosting Review is for you! WPX Hosting has been catching the eyes of many including you when it comes to WordPress hosting providers. Keep reading to discover what you should before getting started!

wpx hosting review

Some time I go I was blogging about another managed WordPress hosting service called WP Engine. Likely if you have heard of them or probably host with them now, you are wondering if it’s worth switching to WPX Hosting or not. If that is the case, then you are not the only one. Thousands of people just like are looking for better WordPress hosting.

WP Engine Pricing for most bloggers is expensive and doesn’t really give you all that you need. But I think that you will get far more for your buck with WPX Hosting vs WP Engine or other managed WP providers.

What To Expect In This WPX Hosting Review

Today I will share with you not only my personal research on this WPX Hosting review, but also what they really have to offer for today’s bloggers. I will also highlight some things that you should know about this host BEFORE getting started and if they are really the best provider.

Disclaimer: I’m an affiliate of WPX Hosting. There are affiliate links on this page. When purchase is made, I receive a modest referral commission.

WPX Hosting Review: The Managed WordPress Plans

When it comes to buying providing premium managed WordPress hosting, there are mainly three that quickly come to mind: Pressidium, WP Engine and WPX Hosting. But today in this review we will focus more on WPX Hosting pricing and why they excel over their competitors.

As you see below, WPX Hosting has 3 managed WordPress hosting plans that bloggers can choose from and they are very competitive: Business, Professional and Elite.

wpx hosting pricing review

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What I think About WPX Hosting Pricing

When it comes to creating blogs & website with WPX Hosting, I think that their pricing is just right for what they offer as for managed WordPress hosting. I say this because when it comes to finding dependable WordPress hosting that’s fast, they really deliver.

When compared with competitors like WP Engine, you save lots of money on both monthly and annually plans.

View the graph below:

wpx hosting review

WP Engine Startup is $35/month versus WPX Hosting Business is $24/month = $11 monthly savings!

WP Engine Growth is $115/month versus WPX Hosting Professional $49/month = $66 savings!

WP Engine Business is $290/month versus WPX Hosting Elite is $99/month = $191/month savings!

So far in this WPX Hosting Review, you can see that WPX Hosting knocks WP Engine’s socks off and gives far more value for your buck!

Which WPX Hosting Plan is For You?

The purpose of this WPX Hosting Review is not to tell you what to do. However, what I can say is that as a blogger, I know that nobody wants to pay too much for web hosting. So after considering this WPX Hosting review, it’s best to select the hosting plan that best suits your blogging needs and pockets. Most beginners just go with the Business plan for only $24.99/month.

But I think that as a blogger, the Professional plan gives you more value for your buck. For example, you will be able to host 15 websites versus just 5 with the Business plan. This is great for creating multiple websites for things like affiliate marketing, network marketing and home-based businesses.

But again, although their Professional plan seems to be the best value at $49/month, the starter Business plan might be best for you. The Business plan lets you host 5 websites which may be all the resource you need.

However, the Elite plan at $99/month lets you host 35 websites, but is probably great if you want to build several websites. It’s all up to you! All in all, I think that WPX Hosting is great to host your site.

For more details, you can visit their official page here: www.wpxhosting.com

Free Site Migration

Do you currently host with another web hosting provider and ready to leave? Then WPX Hosting will transfer your website for FREE within 24 hours! This is great because its hands off and let’s you focus on whats more important.

WPX Hosting Money Back Guarantee & Refund Policy

Along with their 24/7/365 customer support, WPX Hosting plans offer a 30 day money back guarantee on their web hosting plans. This refund policy is right at average with just about all other web hosting companies like SiteGround, A2Hosting, and Bluehost.

However, other WPX Hosting competitors like Hostgator cost $2.75/month offers 45 days. Details here at www.hostgator.com

Pressidium, a managed WordPress host at $42/month mentioned above offers 60 days. Details here at www.pressidium.com

InMotion hosting offers you a 90 day window for refunds and starts at $4.99/month. Details at www.inmotionhosting.com

But I think that Dreamhost takes the cake knocking all of their socks off starting at $2.59/month with a 97 money back guarantee! Details here at www.dreamhost.com.

As you can see WPX Hosting doesn’t have the longest money back guarantee. However, they do have faster customer support, better server performance & customer feedback than these previously mentioned.

How To Get Started With WPX Hosting?

The best way that you can get started creating your website with WPX Hosting today is to visit their official website here www.wpxhosting.com. [Will open another tab]

There you will simply have to select which of the 3 managed WordPress hosting plans are best for your needs.

If you already host your website with another web hosting provider, again WPX Hosting will transfer your website FREE. Again, they have a 30 day money back guarantee and give you 2 months for FREE web hosting!

All Plans Include:


wpx hosting pricing


I hope that this online research that I have done to put together this WPX Hosting Review was very helpful. If so, I would love to read your comments and feedback below. Also, tell me which of the 3 WPX Hosting plans do you think is best for you above and why.

Of all of the managed WordPress hosting companies online, I can say personally that I have not seen any negative feedback from WPX hosting customers. This is something that is very important to look for before buying web hosting. If there are a lot of complaints and bad reviews, then you likely will experience the same. Not the case with WPX Hosting 🙂 They have top notch web hosting services and their great reputation speaks for it.

WPX Hosting Pricing is accompanied by true value with its managed WordPress hosting services which make it worth a try today. Will you?

To get started with WPX Hosting, visit www.wpxhosting.com!