000webhost Alternatives 2022: 4 Best Alternatives to 000webhost for WordPress

Are you looking for 000webhost alternatives? If you are reading this 000webhost reviewlikely you need a 000webhost alternative because you are either experiencing problems with them or looking for something more reliable. If that is the case, then you are not alone. Millions of people just like you who want to start a website online. Keep reading this 000webhost review below to discover what you absolutely need to know first!

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What is 000webhost? 

000webhost at www.000webhost.com is one of the most well known providers of free web hosting services since 2007. According to their website they have over 16 million users globally. Likely you are trying to save a buck or on a shoe string budget and thinking about using their free web hosting platform. But, is it really a good idea or not? What you will discover today will open your eyes to the reality!

What To Expect from this 000webhost Review?

All free web hosting services including 000webhost promise all that and a bag funions, but don’t really deliver all that most users expect for web hosting.

As the research shows in this 000webhost review below, this host has gotten a lot of attention by the online community. But before we get into all the bad, let’s highlight a few good things about this free web hosting company. Hopefully in this 000webhost review we will answer all of your questions and clear up any doubts that you may have regarding this hosting provider. Also, you will discover 4 of the best 000webhost alternatives for creating websites online today.

The Good Thing About 000webhost?

  • Free Domain registration
  • Free Website Builder
  • In Business Since 2017
  • cPanel with PHP & MySQL
  • Access to WordPress, Drupal, Joomla scripts..
  • Offers Free & Paid Hosting Services

The Bad Thing About 000webhost? 

Should You Use 000webhost free web hosting? 

The purpose of this 000webhost review is not to tell you what to do. Some have people have nice experiences with their free web hosting whiles others outright hate it. I could probably say this is 4 other languages, but English is good enough. I think you get the point. The negatives above far outweigh the positives and it’s look way too risky to use this free web hosting company. This the obvious reason why you are here looking for 000webhost alternatives.

But to shake things up a bit, I have noticed that on very popular and reputable websites like Trustpilot.com, 000webhost has 4.6 rating out of 5 which is pretty high based on 2023 users. You will also notice a few complaints and negative comments as well. This comes with any web host. But I think more so with many free web hosting providers.

Have you used 000webhost? If so, what has been your personal experience with their platform? Let’s me know below in the comments area. I would love to read your feedback and 000webhost review.

000webhost trustpilot

Do we recommend 000webhost free hosting?  

Although 000webhosting web hosting is FREE, I must say that I can not recommend them to others for creating websites. Sorry. Why? As mentioned before,they have way too many complaints and negative comments online by its users regarding fraud, 13 million passwords being hacked and security breaches which for me outweigh the good.

As mentioned above, some have had accounts canceled without notice. This is quite common with free hosting services. This is the case because the domain, although free is NOT self hosted rather belongs to 000webhost. Also, with free hosting you don’t have complete control over the platform, nor the content that is posted. If a free host doesn’t like your content, they can delete your site. If you use too much bandwidth and receive too much web traffic, they can delete your site without notice. This kind of thing happens a lot online with people that use free hosting. All of your hard work deleted and lost.

Something Else To Keep in Mind..

Also, although it is great that 000webhost don’t place ads or banners on users’ websites as most other free hosting providers do, many users complain about the downtime & customer support. So if this is something that doesn’t bother you too much as a newbie and you don’t mind being disappointed, losing money because your website is down, then free is okay. But the reality is that uptime is important and it should really matter to you. Why?

When a website is down online this means people can’t access your website and this hurts your good name and brand online. And as mentioned before it consequently causes you to lose money and potential sales if you offer products and services.

When your website is up and running, then you are making money with your business website. I mention this because if you are really SERIOUS about making money online and reaching customers for your business, it it extremely important for you to protect your brand today by having a web hosting provider that is running all the time, every time. This is something that you can not always rely on with free web hosting services like 000webhost because they are giving something for nothing.

If you are starting a website for “personal use” and don’t intend to make money money or sell products that require customers imputing their info, then free may be okay to use. However, if you are selling products and collecting sensitive info, then you need a web host that is more secure and stable that your potential customers can trust. In my opinion and experience online as a blogger and entrepreneur, getting paid web hosting even if it’s cheap would work way better for business purposes.

These reasons alone move me to just get “PAID WEB HOSTING” from a quality hosting provider that is inexpensive.

Why Use Paid Web Hosting? 

Paying a little bit out of pocket and not being so cheap is actually worth wild if it means that you can have the peace of mind and have a secure website that is reliable. Website security should be your top priority when online according to Google and using free web hosting is something that doesn’t always provide this all necessary feature!

Selecting a good web hosting provider that is reliable should be your #1 priority when creating a website. Don’t be cheap! You can have a pretty website, but if it’s not secure and visible online when customers are searching online for what you offer, then people will just go somewhere else, right? Right. That’s why it is well worth spending a few bucks on a reliable web hosting provider that is 100% secure and provides great uptime 24/7/365 for your website.

Next, we will discuss what are some alternatives to 000webhost that will work for you.

000webhost Review: Best Alternatives to 000webhost? 

Although 000webhost free web hosting has its good and bad sides as seen today, there are many AWESOME alternatives to 000webhost that I wanted to share with you guys.

These 000webhost alternatives are not only super duper reliable, but also have awesome uptime performance with great security and 24/7/365 customer support. All of these combined make great recipes for creating rock solid websites that your potential customers depend on each and every day.

Think about this for moment. This very blog was created using WordPress hosting. You know it’s 100% reliable because it’s ranking on Google’s 1st page for exactly what you are looking for today. That’s the power of a good web hosting provider something that you can’t get with free hosting.

Being that 34% websites online have been created using WordPress, I decided to write another awesome review that provides an exclusive list of the TOP 4 BEST WordPress Hosting that I have seen to create websites today for people on super tight budgets:

  1. A2 Hosting [$2.99/month] 66% Off by visiting here: www.a2hosting.com
  2. Bluehost [$2.95/month] 60% Off by visiting here: www.bluehost.com
  3. Siteground [$3.95/month] 60% Off by visiting here: www.siteground.com
  4. Kinsta Hosting [$20.83/month] [Managed] 2 Months FREE on Annual Plans by visiting here: www.kinsta.com

Why Should You Use These 000webhost Alternatives?

A2 Hosting, Bluehost web hosting, SiteGround and Kinsta Hosting all offer 100% secure platforms and provide daily backups of your websites with money back guarantees.

They protect around the clock against malware, DDOS attacks and hackers. These hosts perform a process called WordPress hardening which provides an additional layer of security for websites. It’s like having a double set of latex gloves on your hands for extra protection.

Something that I really love also about these WordPress hosting providers is that they also provide SSL certificates for your websites. Why do I mention this in my 000webhost review? Because Google made a huge important announcement in 2018 about the importance of having them on websites. These help to not only encrypt website browsers, but also help with SEO rankings and visitor trust. Unfortunately, ooowebhost doesn’t offer all these things to its customers. I think that this part of the reasons of many why so many people have complained about their experiences and look for reliable alternatives to 000webhost.

Again, if you are serious about business and really want to create a blog or website online, then this merits your complete attention. Your business deserves the best hosting and you shouldn’t settle for less. Sometimes when you get something for FREE it can really hurt your brand online and this is another reason why in this 000webhost review I must give you the complete picture that you MUST understand BEFORE selecting a web host for your business.

If you need to run and operate a website that collects a customer’s personal info such as credit card info, etc..a SSL certificate is a MUST HAVE that you don’t get with free hosting services. Also, if you like you with have the ability yo create unlimited websites with unlimited disk space, bandwidth using cPanel.

These are features and benefits that you don’t get with free web hosting services being they have so many limitations. Also, being that your blog that make will be self hosted, you will be able to control any ads or banners that appear on your website. Also, you will control the type and amount of content published on your website. Think about this blog that you are on right now. I can place my own banners and ads when I want wherever I want for as long as I want to being I own the blog and it’s content. Also, I don’t have to worry about any web traffic cap offs and restrictions.

When you start your own self hosted website today there is so much more flexibility, control and wiggle room considering all of SEO features and perks you will get for marketing and advertising your website. That’s why I recommend using hosts like A2 Hosting, Bluehost, SiteGround and Kinsta Hosting in this 000webhost review versus using FREE WEB HOSTING any day!

000Webhost Alternatives Conclusion

After reading this 000webhost review, what do you personally think about their web hosting? Are you still stuck on being cheap & using free web hosting? Or do you see the real dangers and disadvantages of using free web hosting like 000webhost?

On the other hand, which of our 4 top recommended WordPress hosting alternatives to 000webhost mentioned above will you select today to create your website?

I currently have about 30 domains that I have purchased to date and I only recommend using web hosting that works. I have learned the hard way in the past when I was beginner of using free web hosting sources. They just don’t work for the long haul my friend. This is why I just simple recommend my visitors to just go ahead and stop being cheap and invest in a really reliable web hosting company that won’t let you down. The top 4 web hosting providers that I recommend for beginners are A2 Hosting, Bluehost, SiteGround and Kinsta Hosting.

Again all of them offer 100% 30 day money back guarantees on their hosting. Also, they all have really great chat and phone based customer support that is fast and very knowledgeable on web hosting matters. Which 000webhost alternative above do you think will be best to create your website today? Let me know what you think below in the comments area please. I hope that you much success online with your business.

To get starting building your website right now, simply click your preferred web hosting provider above for more information and get your website started today!