A2 Hosting Bandwidth Review 2023: How Much Bandwidth Does A2 Hosting Have?

How much bandwidth does A2 Hosting have? Which web hosting plan is best to create your website, blog or eCommerce? How much bandwidth do you need for a your website? These are all really great questions that you may be asking yourself. This A2 Hosting Bandwidth Review today will answers all of these questions using simple to understand language. This way you will appreciate why you should signup with A2 Hosting today due to their speeds that are up to 20 times faster than competitors!

A2 Hosting Bandwidth Review

Disclaimer: This A2 Hosting Bandwidth Review contains some affiliate links. This means that if you make a purchase using these links, we receive a modest commission. This will let me continue to eat my favorite peanut and jelly sandwiches. Thanks for your support!

What is A2 Hosting? 

A2 Hosting is an Ann Arbor, Michigan based web hosting company that has been around for since 2003. Before it became popular within the web hosting industry it was called Iniquinet. Of course, the rebranding was a great idea and since then it has become a well known and respected host internationally due to its performance.

A2 Hosting has over 110,000 clients in 223 countries around world with a customer support team of over 200. They offer all types of hosting solutions for all budgets including shared, WordPress, VPS, Dedicated, Reseller hosting and more.

Like most that make it to my site you are curious about creating maybe a blog, website, or eCommerce to make money online. A2 Hosting is a really great web hosting that is super affordable for beginners to launch site online. They have really great uptime performance, page loads, solid security and fast customer support. I will discuss more of these benefits later in this A2 Hosting Bandwidth Review. Hopefully this will help you to get started launching your website today!

What Is Bandwidth?

When it comes to creating a website, blog or eCommerce you will need to have a web hosting provider that has great website speed performance. This is a really extremely important and will definitely affects your SEO rankings.

Bandwidth in short is a simple way to allow people to easily access your website and have a great user experience with fast page loads. Some web hosting providers online may set a specific limit of how many visitors you can receive while others don’t care. So your bandwidth is the total traffic, site loads or page views that can be transferred over the internet.

Now when you create a site online, some providers have shared web hosting with cpanel and unlimited bandwidth. These types will allow you to upload, download or transfer as much data as you need. This means essentially that you do not have to worry about monitoring your website hits. However, in many cases you may not need to have all unlimited resources as a beginner. So how much bandwidth do you really need to power and run your site?

When searching online, you will notice that bandwidth is measured in Gigabytes (GB). Each gigabyte will allow your website to load or receive a specific amount of monthly visitors. It could be for example 1,000 visitors per month, 5,000 per month, 10,000 month, 50k and so on.

The idea with most web hosting providers is to get exactly what you need right now. If you are a beginner online and this will be your first website, then you don’t need much because you don’t have any visitors yet. It’s typically recommended that beginners just use a Starter hosting plan in the beginning. These StartUp packages tend to have all of your basic needs, resources and are cheaper. However, as your business website grows over time and gains more traction like Learnanet, then you can easily scale up for more resources to manage your ongoing web traffic.

How Much Bandwidth Does A2 Hosting Have On Shared Hosting Plans?

So how much traffic or data transfers can you do with A2 Hosting shared plans? All of their shared hosting plans come with unlimited transfers! This is great being that you will never have to worry about your website crashing or going offline due to traffic overload.

I love this because I receive literally hundreds of thousands of monthly impressions and visitors from Google, Yahoo, Bing and Youtube. If I didn’t have this particular feature and benefit, it would virtually impossible to process all of this web traffic.

So what does it costs to get a shared web hosting plan today? A2 hosting has 4 plans that beginners can select from when building sites online: StartUp, Drive, Turbo Boost and Max.

When it comes to web hosting, A2 Hosting has the best deals online for both introductory pricing and renewals. This definitely makes it really worth getting their shared web hosting with unlimited bandwidth. These start at $8.99/month, however if you get started right now using the links below, then you can get it for only $2.99/month!

The StartUp hosting plan is ideal for beginners or newbies online who have never created sites online. It will allow you to create 1 website online with more than enough resources.

How Much Bandwidth Does A2 Hosting Have

Now if you are someone who needs to create unlimited websites using multiple domains in cpanel, then I recommend using the Drive or Turbo hosting plans. I am currently using the Drive hosting plans and I really love it! When I first got started with A2 Hosting years ago I signed up for their StartUp plan. Then a few months later I decided to upgrade to get more resources and flexibility for my business online.

Now the Drive hosting plan normally goes for $11.99/month, however when you get started right now, then you can get it for only $4.99/month.

Keep in mind that all of A2 Hosting plans come with an ANYTIME money back guarantee! This is means that you can contact customer support anytime you want to get your money back. Click below to start taking advantage of unlimited A2 Hosting bandwidth in just a few moments!

A2 Hosting Bandwidth VPS

So how much bandwidth does A2 Hosting have on VPS hosting plans? Now with the virtual private servers, you will not have unlimited transfers.

A2 Hosting has 3 types of VPS hosting plans offered: Managed, Unmanaged & Core VPS.

There are Unmanaged VPS hosting plans that are only $2.99 per month with 66% OFF. There are 4 Unmanaged plans: Runaway 1, Runaway 2, Supersonic 8, and Supersonic 16.

Overall Benefits:

  • 0.5 TB – 6 TB Transfers (Bandwidth)
  • Root access
  • Can choose your operating system
  • Expert managed hardware & network
  • 24/7 Network monitoring
  • SSD Storage
  • Nginx
  • 1-Click CMS Installer

A2 Hosting has both Managed and Core VPS hosting plans that start at only $25.99/month.

How Is A2 Hosting Uptime Performance

In addition to A2 Hosting bandwidth and transfers, you will also have rock solid uptime performance. What is this important?

Think about how you found this “A2 Hosting Bandwidth Review” today. You did a quick search online with Google, Yahoo or Bing. In the first 10 search results you saw this page and decided to click thru to learn more about A2 Hosting bandwidth.

When you have a web hosting provider like A2 Hosting that can handle literally hundreds of thousands or even millions of month visitors, it’s important to have unlimited transfers. Why? Because your website content will be delivered to ever visitor that makes the request. To ensure that each of these requests are served, you need rock solid uptime performance on servers.

Solid uptime performance will allow visitors to access your website anytime they want from any country without crashing. So when you create a website online, your business depends of reliability. If your website is NOT online, then your business will LOSE money. When is it online, then your brand gains more exposure, expressions and essentially sales for your business.

This is why having A2 Hosting gives you unlimited transfers, content deliver network and awesome uptime performance to keep you online 24/7/365.

There 4 SSAE16 certified A2 Hosting data centers. Data center security is strong just as with other reputable web hosting providers online. Your data is kept safe 24/7/365.

  • Michigan [USA]
  • Arizona [USA]
  • Amsterdam [Europe]
  • Singapore [Asia]

What I love is that when you get started and signup with A2 Hosting, they will allow YOU to select which data center you want to build your website. This is important especially if your visitors are coming from a specific location or country that is different from where you are actually located. The overall benefits of being able to select your data center location is that it will promote faster page loads and delivery of content along with a super visitor experience.

How Much Bandwidth Does A2 Hosting Have

When you get started with A2 Hosting today you will enjoy rock solid uptime performance each and every day. This level of dependency is super important especially when people are searching for you online.

People that are searching right now and ready to buy need to have the ability of easily accessing your website within seconds. Your data and files should be easily transferred from any endpoint, location and super low latency. Having A2 Hosting bandwidth makes all of this possible for your visitors and potential customers.

A2 Hosting Money Back Guarantee

Another cool thing that I love that I wanted to mentioned in this A2 Hosting Bandwidth Review is their ANYTIME money back guarantee on web hosting services. Most web hosting that I have found online and tried will over let you test them out for only 30 days. This is okay, but

Fastcomet offers clients 45 days on their web hosting plans.

Hostwinds Hosting and WP Engine offer you 60 days.

Dreamhost gives 97 days with unlimited bandwidth and transfers. Their web hosting starts at only $2.59/month.

However, Mochahost which only $1.95/month also offers unlimited traffic and transfers. They offer their customers a whopping 180 day money back guarantee! 

Mochahost is a little cheaper than A2 Hosting if you want to check them out. But again, in the case of A2 Hosting they will give an ANYTIME refund policy.

For more details on trying Mochahost, click here: www.mochahost.com

How To Create A WordPress Website Using A2 Hosting Bandwidth

Of course there are tons of different CMS platforms that you select from to build a site online using A2 Hosting. However, if this will be your very first site, then it’s recommended to use WordPress software. It’s really user-friendly and doesn’t require any knowledge of html or coding.

a2 hosting bandwidth review

This is a video that I created on my Youtube that shows you how to create a simple WordPress business website using A2 Hosting.

This video tutorial will show beginners how to purchase a domain name for a website, install WordPress, themes, plugins, and more! Once you gain access to your A2 Hosting cpanel, you will be able to monitor and check the amount of A2 Hosting bandwidth used for your websites hosted on their servers.

A2 Hosting Bandwidth Review Conclusion

I know that you came to read this A2 Hosting Bandwidth Review to learn more about their performance. I also wanted to discuss the pricing of their web hosting along with some great benefits of using them. As you learned today, your websites will be able to handle unlimited transfers and bandwidth with A2 Hosting. This means in a nutshell that you will NEVER have to worry about web traffic limits or caps.

Some web hosting providers online will throttle your speeds if you hit certain traffic or data limits, but A2 Hosting doesn’t do this to customers. This is another BIG reason why I highly recommend them to my visitors and beginners who want to create sites with reliable web hosting providers.

Now the next step is to start creating your website today. When you get started today, you can receive up to 75% off your web hosting plan: Starter, Drive, Turbo Boost or Turbo Max.

It is really easy to setup your account and launch your first website. A2 Hosting even has a step-by-step tutorial wizard that walks your through the process. I also have video tutorials on my Youtube channel showing how to create a WordPress website using A2 Hosting services.

I want to thank you so much for reading this A2 Hosting Bandwidth Review today. I hope that it was helpful to you as with others on my channel. I have a question for you. Have you ever created a website, blog or eCommerce store before? If so, what was your experience and which web hosting provider did you use to do it? Drop your comments below please. I absolutely love A2 Hosting and I know that you will too!

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