Anjelah Johnson Youtube Reviewed: Anjelah Johnson Stand Up Live Funny Bone Comedy Club!

When it comes to the best and funniest comedians out, you can’t go too far without seeing Anjelah Johnson Youtube channel! I have found a lot of comedians over the years both on and offline. However, of all I think that she is like the cleanest that keeps you so engaged with her jokes! This is something that is sometimes hard to find for good family entertainment. Finally we got our chance to see Anjelah Johnson Stand Up Live!!

anjelah johnson youtube

The Anjelah Johnson Youtube channel is watched by the masses, but watching a live show was totally out this world this July 30th! We didn’t stop laughing..See why below..

This week, I saw a newspaper ad that Anjelah Johnson would be performing at the Funny Bone Comedy Club Virginia Beach. I couldn’t believe my eyes that she was coming to my old stumping ground to perform! Although just a few hours away driving distance, I confirmed it on google & jumped online at the Funny Bone website to book 2 tickets super quick. She did a 3 day show and we caught the Sunday one being the Friday & Saturday shows were SOLD OUT. For $25 a pop, it was worth every dollar spent!

My Experience Watching Anjelah Johnson Youtube Channel

We have been watching Anjelah Johnson Youtube channel for a couple of years and this girl has got to be the absolute funniest comedienne in my opinion. Hands down! She is not only beautiful, natural, but always delivers clean jokes which are a plus. Many said the same at the show. Whenever we need a good laugh, we always tune into her channel.

I don’t know personally what’s your favorite performance by AJ, but I personally love all of them that she has on her channel. Tell me below in the comments area which act makes you laugh most.

This video is probably one the first that I saw her Youtube channel that had us laughing so hard! Let me know what you think about this one.

Funny Bone Comedy Club Restaurant

anjelah johnson youtube

If you didn’t get a chance to go this weekend to check her show, I noticed that on her official website, there are listings of different locations that she will be doing tours which is cool. Check it out!

I must say that watching the Anjelah Johnson Youtube channel online and actually seeing her live was totally worth it and we enjoyed every second. Being that it was prohibited to record videos or take pictures during the show, below I put together a quick YT video to let you guys know what we thought of the entire show at the Funny Bone comedy club restaurant..She did a totally new act with all fresh jokes which kept us floored.

In the 8 years that I lived in Virginia Beach, Virginia I have never been previously to the Funny Bone Comedy Club Restaurant in Towne Center. Although this was the first visit, it won’t be the last..The experience there was great and would definitely repeat in the future.

I just wanted to thank Anjelah Johnson for coming to Virginia to give us this show! Keep us laughing!

Now it’s your turn to talk. Did you get a chance to see Anjelah Johnson’s show this weekend (July 28-30) at the Funny Bone Comedy Club? If yes, what did you think? If not, which tour are you catching next?

Of all of the videos that you have seen on the Anjelah Johnson Youtube channel, which would say made you laugh the most? Do you think that she is the best comedienne that you have found? Were you able to go to different Anjelah Johnson Stand Up Live venue somewhere else? How was it? Talk to me below:)


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