105 Best Free Advertising Sites to Promote Affiliate Marketing (2024)

Are you looking for the best free advertising sites to promote affiliate marketing online? If so, then you have come to the right place! If you are a beginner doing affiliate marketing, then you know that you must promote your products and services in order to make money online. Your products and services may be awesome, but if nobody knows about them, then it will not help them at all.

But how can you do it for FREE? I have come up with an amazing list of the best free advertising sites to promote affiliate marketing online. These are all free advertising sites and tools that you can use today without any money out of pocket. Keep reading this article to discover how to advertise affiliate links for free today!

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What Is Affiliate Marketing?

best free advertising sites to promote affiliate marketing

With affiliate marketing, you will be promoting or marketing products or services that someone has created. When you a person clicks on your affiliate links or banners and makes a purchase, you will receive a commission.

For example, on this blog we help entrepreneurs and small business owners like you to create websites, blogs and eCommerce sites online. To do this, you must purchase a domain name and get the best hosting for affiliate marketing. Once you get your site online, then you can start blogging about products to drive sales. If you want to know which web hosting this blog uses right now, then check this review.

However, if you do not want to build an affiliate marketing website, then there are still free ways to make money online. The true key to gaining more exposure and page views is to find some popular advertising sites where you can place your affiliate links or ads. When I say popular, I’m referring to websites that get MILLIONS of visitors each day.

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Benefits of Using Free Advertising Sites vs Paid 

Some free advertising sites in USA or globally allow you to place classified ads without spending any money. This is great for beginners or those on a tight budget who want to learn how to advertise affiliate links for free.

In some cases there may be some restrictions with how frequent you can post, but again it’s still free to use and very effective for getting targeted traffic.

However, some of the most popular advertising sites offer some paid features that may give you more exposure to larger audiences. Or perhaps they may allow you to automate your postings every day, week, etc so that you will always stay on top of results. This is great because when people search this will always give you more exposure and increase potential sales.

What Are The Best Free Advertising Sites To Promote Affiliate Marketing

Here is our list of 100 websites & tools below that you can checkout to promote your business online. Many of these will be free classified ad sites to promote affiliate marketing products and services.

  1. Youtube Video Marketing
  2. Aweber Email Marketing [Highly Recommended Using Pro Version]
  3. Get Response Email Marketing
  4. Quora
  5. Reddit
  6. Twitter
  7. Pinterest
  8. Linkedin [Network & Publish Content for B2B]
  9. Start A WordPress Website
  10. Facebook Marketplace and Shops
  11. geebo.com
  12. AdPost
  13. Medium.com
  14. Best of the Web [botw.org]
  15. Craigslist
  16. Backpage
  17. US Free Ads
  18. OLX
  19. Kijiji.com
  20. ClassifiedAds
  21. Classifieds for FREE
  22. Yahoo Local
  23. Local.com
  24. Sales Spider
  25. Oodle
  26. Google My Business
  27. Bing Places for Business
  28. HARO
  29. Thumbtack
  30. Locanto
  31. Find Us Here
  32. Gumtree
  33. The Business Journals
  34. Foursquare
  35. Manta
  36. CitySearch
  37. Kudzu
  38. Better Business Bureau
  39. Slideshare
  40. Find It Now Directory
  41. Use Forums
  42. Hoobly Classifieds
  43. Hubbiz Small Business Directory
  44. Jasmine Directory
  45. Trustpilot
  46. Juxtapost
  47. EZ Local
  48. Buffer Social Media Toolkit
  49. Hootsuite Social Media Marketing
  50. Metafilter Community WeBlog
  51. Wikipedia
  52. Akonter
  53. Flipboard
  54. Product Hunt
  55. Buzzfeed Community
  56. Blogger.com
  57. 24-7 Press Release
  58. DexKnows
  59. eBay Classifieds
  60. Canva

Best Social Media To Promote Affiliate Marketing 2024

So as you could see above with our list of the best free advertising sites to promote affiliate marketing there are more than enough places to promote your links. The only thing that you have to do is take out some time to start placing from free classified ads to get traffic.

Now I wanted to share with you the best social media to promote affiliate marketing and small businesses.

Although there are several different platforms to use for video marketing, the absolute most popular one is Youtube. I mentioned this one as the #1 because once you upload videos on Youtube they become readily viewable within seconds. According Statistica, there are 2.3 billion users on Youtube. This means that more than enough people that you can promote to for FREE on the platform.

Something that you should know is that Youtube is owned by Google. Whenever you published videos on Youtube they can also appear in Google, Yahoo & Bing search with minutes if optimized correctly. All of this just translates to more FREE web traffic and more potential sales using your affiliate links. The key is to upload more video content and this way you can gain more exposure online.

While YouTube is a fantastic platform, the competition for viewers’ attention can be fierce. To stand out, consider using video editor websites to create high-quality, engaging video ads or tutorials that showcase the affiliate products you’re promoting. These websites, like Adobe Express, offer user-friendly tools to edit footage, add text overlays, and incorporate background music.  This extra effort can significantly increase audience engagement compared to static ads. You can then upload these polished videos directly to YouTube or embed them within your content on other social media platforms or even your blog.

61. TikTok

This is another great video marketing platform that is really hot right now. You can use this to promote affiliate marketing with short videos. Why? According to some statistics, there are 1 billion TikTok users that use this platform.

There are also many TikTok alternatives that are some of the best free advertising sites to promote affiliate marketing.

Other Social Media Platforms to Promote Affiliate Links

62. Socialoomph

63. WhatsApp

64. Instagram

65. Weixin/WeChat

66. Sina Weibo

67. Snapchat

68. MuStar

69. Video Star

70. Firework

71. Likee

72. KWAI

73. Vigo Video

74. Cheez

75. Lomotif

76. Funimate

77. Byte

78. Dubsmash

79. Triller

80. Clash

81. Flipsnack

Email Marketing

You can start building a list of people that visit your website to continue to advertise to them later. There are several email marketing platforms that have free plans for entrepreneurs to build an audience.

For example, Aweber and GetResponse mentioned above can be used to create and send newsletters, sell products and services, create video landing pages and more! All of this can be started for FREE to drive more traffic and promote your affiliate links.

Checkout this video below to learn more about the power of using email marketing.

To tryout Aweber right now, click here: www.aweber.com

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Guest Blogging

According to some 2022 blogging stats, nearly 600,000 blogs are created every day. With this said, this means that one awesome way you can drive traffic and sales for affiliate products is by doing guest blogging. What is guest blogging?

Guess blogging is another great way to connect and network with other like-minded website owners who need content writers. Depending on your niche, you can find people who have audiences who maybe interested in what you sale. You can write an article for the site owner and in return ask to have a backlink or an affiliate link placed in the content. Why?

When a person reads your content and clicks on your backlink they will be redirected back your affiliate website or offer. If a purchase is made, then you make money! This is a great way how to advertise affiliate links for free and also to increase targeted web traffic and SEO rankings.

To do this, you will have to perform a search online to find some guest posting sites. A good source would be these 54 guest posting sites to submit to for organic traffic by Writing Cooperative.

Get your business online with free website builder (en)

Free Affiliate Marketing Tools & Ad Platforms

In addition to the various free advertising sites for affiliate marketing provided above, you can implement some tools.

As a beginner online, there are many great free affiliate marketing tools online that will help you to get the word out and gain more exposure to your business. Just like with any tool that you have in a toolbox, you must know how to use it to get the best benefit from it. With that said, I wanted to share also some great ad platforms that allow you to setup campaigns to generate traffic, leads, and sales.

82. Voluum

83. TapAffiliate

84. Offer18

85. TUNE

86. Everflow

87. Refersion

88. Affise

89. ClickInc

90. AffTrack

91. AnyTrack

92. LeadDyno

93. Trello

94. Dropbox

95. Evernote

96. Tweetdeck

97. WaveAccounting

98. My eCoverMaker

99. Content Idea Generator

100. Free Ahrefs Keyword Generator

All of these sites are ideas for places where new entrepreneurs can go to promote affiliate links online. Of course the more content you put online, the more exposure you will get to your links and as a result more conversions.

The main thing to remember with ANY free affiliate marketing tools is to test them and always measure your results. This way you can see how well the tool is working for you and if it’s helping to achieve your goals.

Are there any other free affiliate marketing tools that you know about that work to get conversions? If so, please drop a comment below to share it!

All-in-one software

Free Affiliate Marketing Advertising Using Solo Ads

Some other great free advertsing sites for promoting affiliate marketing or network marketing businesses is using Solo Ads. What are Solo ads? In short, Solo Ads are a simply way to gain access to a large email list of loyal subscribers. Influencers and long-time marketers have built huge list of targeted readers who have purchased products over and over again. As the old saying goes “the money is in the list“. This means that you can promote affiliate marketing products over time with people that have suscribed to your list.

With Solo Ads, you can submit your emails or newsletters to marketers that have a list either for FREE or for a low-super affordable price. Below are a few FREE advertising sites for promoting affiliate marketing. However, if you are 100% SERIOUS about using Solo Ads, then I think you should try my #1 recommended Solo Ad site by clicking this special link here!

101. List Joe

102. Bweebie Solo Ads

103. Herculist Solo Ads

104. State of the Art Mailer

105. Udimi Solo Ads [Absolute Best Solo Ads]

Buy solo ads - Udimi

Conclusion: Best Free Advertising Sites to Promote Affiliate Marketing

I know that you came here because you were looking for ways how to advertise affiliate links for free. As you can see there are tons of free adverting sites to promote affiliate links online. Now that you know about these sites and ideas, what should do?

Although these are the best free advertising sites to promote affiliate marketing, there are some things that you should do to increase your marketing efforts. I think that the key to this would be to choose a strategy that works for you. It would great to establish a schedule for times and days that you will post your free classified ads. It’s about being consistent with what and when you publish online.

Also, it would be a great idea to track your affiliate links that you publish online. It is great that you can post ads on these classified sites for free. However if you don’t track what you do online, how will you know which site is generating sales?  For this I recommend an awesome url shortner like Bitly which will track all of your clicks and sales. It’s ideal for affiliate marketers to use online.

Using free advertising sites are great way to get the word out and gain more exposure online. However, would you like to learn more about how to do affiliate marketing? Do you want to learn how to drive targeted traffic to your websites and have people buy your affiliate products? If so, then I recommend getting started with Livegood! It’s great for beginners online and the FREE weekly Livegood training shows you step-by-step how to advertise, how to make money online with fully automated systems that do all of the selling for you.

With our list of best free advertising sites to promote affiliate marketing mentioned above, which sites will you tryout first with your affiliate links? Let me know in the comments below.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Promoting Affiliate Links

How to promote affiliate links for free without a website?

You can use social media platforms like Quora. There you can answer questions that people have and if the products or services that you sell offer a real solution, then you can promote affiliate links. Once people see that you are really interested in them and they like your answers, they will most likely click on your affiliate links to learn more.

Where can I promote my affiliate products for free?

So how to get free traffic traffic for affiliate marketing for free? One thing amongst others that you can do is write on pages using Medium.com affiliate marketing. There you can create mini bloglike pieces of rich content that people want to read that get tons of free traffic for affiliate marketing and other topics. You can build an audience on the platform and engage with readers that follow you.

Also, depending on the quality of your affiliate marketing Medium content, it could also picked up quickly from Google. This means that you could potentially benefit from hundreds or even thousands of free visitors directly from the search engines. These targeted visitors will read your content and will click on your affiliate marketing links and buy products. What I love about Medium affiliate marketing is that in many cases your article can reach the #1 position for competitive keywords being Medium domain authority is 95! This means that your article appears on an authoritative website and that you can also use it to promote and link to your websites online.

Similar to Medium are WordPress.com or Blogspot that allows you to create free blogs online to promote content. There are also free web hosting providers that will let you create a site that you can use to promote affiliate products for free.

How do I promote my affiliate links without social media?

If you want promote affiliate links without social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tiktok, then I recommend that you some sort of either video content or blogging. With video marketing you can take advantage of FREE platforms like Youtube and Vimeo. Being that Youtube is owned by Google and FREE to use, it allow you to create short or long videos about whatever you want to promote. You can mention your products or services in the videos and then place an affiliate link in the video description. This way viewers can click on the links and be directed to your page and if they make a purchase, then you get paid.

Another great benefit of using Youtube is that you even do faceless videos if you want. Once your videos are published, then can appear in the search engines within seconds. This means that you can exposure directly from people searching outside of Youtube performing these same inquiries for your products. This would make Google and Youtube the best free sites to promote affiliate marketing links.

How to promote affiliate links on social media?

So, how to promote affiliate links on social media? Most people use multiple platforms of social media for both personal personal and business purpose. Literally billions of people use social media platforms to ask questions about everything under the sun. This means that you will be in a position to answer specific questions that people ask about certain topics. If your product answers and provides a true solution to their problem, the you can promote your affiliate links on a the thread.

Keep in mind that it’s always a good idea to hyperlink and use actionable words to get people to click on the affiliate links. Also, it’s recommended use url shorteners to shorten really long affiliate links that are messy. Some platforms may allow you promote affiliate links freely while others may set certain limitations on the frequency. It’s good to find out what each platform expects and this way you can avoid getting banned due to what some may call spamming.

How to promote affiliate links on tiktok?

Over 1 billion people user Tiktok today per some stats online. If you setup a free Tiktok account, then you will be able to tap into the boat loads of free targeted traffic. Tiktok as we know is a social media platform that will allow you to create short videos. Within your videos you can promote your products and services to your audience. You can also place your links below your video in the description’s portion of the video. For this I recommend always using an url shortner such as Clickmeter or Bitly which will make it a lot easier to for visitors. This way you can build a following & promote affiliate links on tiktok and get people that are looking for what you sell to purchase and make conversions.

How to promote affiliate links on google?

One of the best ways to promote affiliate links on Google is by starting a WordPress blog online. Every time you post or publish an article on your WordPress blog, it will be sent to Google and other search engines. This happens by what is called pinging which basically alerts them about your new content. If you write content that is centered or focused on questions that people have about your products, then you will get free web traffic from Google. You can embed your affiliate links on your posts that way when people click-thru they will be able to purchase your product or service.

Another way to promote affiliate links on Google is by setting up a Google Business page. This is free to do and will allow you to promote your business in search results when people search for your business.

Where can I advertise my network marketing business?

Just like with affiliate marketing, there are several places to advertise you network marketing business. You can simply create a simple blog and write reviews about the products or services offered by your network marketing business. Think about things that people would most likely search for on Google, Yahoo and Bing to find your network marketing products. These would make great topics and titles for your blog articles that could win you free targeted web traffic in the search engines.

Another great way to advertise your network marketing business is will pay-per-click adversting. This is where you can setup simple campaigns on platforms like Google Ads or Bing Ads using targeted keywords that center around your products. This method is not a free advertising site for promoting affiliate or network marketing, but is high effective for conversions. Long tail keywords are always better and more cost-effective than bidding on generic keyworks. You could get traffic to your site or affiliate links within minutes that generate tons of qualified leads and sales conversions.

To help simplify and save you lots of time with advertising your network marketing business, I recommend using keyword research & SEO Optimization tools. The best tool for this in my opinion that I highly recommend using is RANKIQ. It’s a real lifesaver for creating campaigns for ads, driving targeted web traffic and ranking higher on Google! Think about how you found this post today on the best free advertising sites for promoting affiliate marketing online. It definitely works and you should give it a try! Get started with their SEO tool by visiting their official site is here www.rankiq.com

Affiliate marketing forums such as Warrior Forum will give you an opportunity to advertise your network marketing business to nearly 2 millions marketers. It’s has been around since 1997 and proven to be a rich resource for promoting products and finding marketers to grow your business.

These are just a few questions that people typically ask when it comes to finding the best free advertising sites to promote affiliate marketing. What other questions do you have regarding affiliate marketing? Drop your comments below please 🙂

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