14 Best Free Anti Spam WordPress Plugins 2024: Pay Attention Bloggers!

When you start a Wordpres blog online, you will inevitably get tons of SPAM in your blog posts comments. So what are the best free anti spam WordPress plugins that you can use for 2024 to block it and protect your website?

As bloggers, we work really hard to put out great content, but having to moderate 1,000’s of spam-related comments can be exhausting. Keep reading this review to discover the 14 best free anti spam WordPress plugins 2024 to see what works best to get the job done!



Best Free Anti Spam WordPress Plugins

What To Expect In This Review?

Our time as bloggers is very valuable and I ‘m sure that you don’t want to waster, right? One time waster with bloggers is moderating comments on your blog. Some comments can be great and really complement your blog posts and articles. However, many of the comments that you may receive need to blocked to save time with moderation.

Today I wanted to share 14 of the best free anti spam WordPress plugins that can be used to protect your website. These anti spam WordPress plugins will save you lots of time and frustration that way you can focus more time on your business.

What Are Spam Comments?

First off, it’s obviously not the meat that you love that’s in the can above,lol. Spam is a blogger’s enemy. Why? Because it can not only waste your time, but also pose a threat your website. How?  Spam related comments are those types of comments that have relation to the topic you have published on your blog. Without the right protection, your blog could receive tons of these each and everyday.

The spam comments often have malicious links in them that can cause malware and damage to your website and computer. Spam is can come from bots or even scammers who want to gain access to your website to take it over and the use ransomware to make you pay money.

Most of the times, if not always, spam comments have crazy looking emails and the senders names are very generic and don’t match the sender.


Best Free Anti Spam WordPress Plugins

So as you get these types of unwanted comments, it can be very irritating and can robe you of your valuable time while moderating them. So for this reason it’s great to an anti spam WordPress plugin. However, being that WordPress has like nearly 55,000 plugins in its directory, how do you find the best free anti spam WordPress plugins for your site? That’s what I am going to show you today.

After going through the best options, you can then select and install one today right on your website to start blocking protecting your website.

NOTE: There are web hosting services that provide 24/7/365 protection & automatically block and remove malware for FREE out of the gate. I will share a few below to consider later.

But again, you can still install a great anti spam WordPress plugin that will do this for you.

Best Free Anti Spam WordPress Plugins

5 Best Free Anti Spam WordPress Plugins 2024

Askimet Anti Spam is a super trusted WordPress plugin that has more than 5 million installations. This is more than any other anti spam WordPress plugin that you will find in the directory. Automatic is the creator behind Askimet as well other awesome WordPress plugins like Vaultpress, Jetpack and Crowdsignal.

  • check you comments and contact form submissions against their database of spam to prevent your website from publishing malicious content
  • You can see the amount of approved comments for users
  • To speed up your website and preserve disk space, there is a discard feature that outright blocks the worst spam
  • They have free version that is great for personal blogs.
  • The paid version [$5/month USD] is better for businesses and commercial websites.

For more details on getting Askimet, go here.

best free anti spam WordPress plugins

Cleantalk is another free anti spam WordPress plugin with over 200,000+ installations that is also a great option for protecting your websites.

  • It stops spam comments, registrations, contact emails, orders, bookings, subscriptions and more.
  • It checks to remove existing spam comments and spam users
  • It’s compatible with GDPR
  • It has mobile friendly anti spam and firewall

For more details on getting Cleantalk, go here.

best free anti spam WordPress plugins

Anti Spam Bee, created by pluginkollektiv which is a group of WordPress experts from Europe. This anti spam plugin per my last check has over 700,000 WordPress installations and is the second most installed after Askimet.

It will:

  • Blocks spam and trackbacks without captchas, nor with use of 3rd parties.
  • GDPR compliant
  • Search their local spam databases to find previous spam comments
  • Can block or allow commenters from certain countries
  • Notify admins via email about incoming spam
  • Display spam statistics on your dashboard

For more details on using Anti Spam Bee, go here.

Cerber Security, created by WPCerber has over 100,000 installations by users.

  • This plugin automatically cleans up spam comments
  • Blocks malware before it harms your data
  • Mitigates brute force and code injection attacks
  • Uses a global list of IP addresses known for malicious activity
  • Will restrict access to REST API and XML-RPC
  • Protects WooCommerce forms and checkout page

For more details on using Cerber Security anti spam plugin, go here.

Anti Spam

[Previously by Webvitaly [Now Rebranded Titan Anti Spam& Security by CreativeMotion]

  • Over 200,000+ active installations
  • It includes anti-spam, malware scanner, security threats and website audits, and firewall
  • Titan has a database of malicious IP addresses to protect your website
  • No need for captcha and this plugin checks previous comments for spam.
  • providers logs of all processed requests that allows you to check the spam filter results.

I have this anti spam WordPress plugin before, but I switched recently due to their rebranding. However, I would still rate it as one of the best free ant spam WordPress plugins to use on your blogs or websites.

For more details on using the Titan Anti Spam & Security plugin, go here.

9 More Best FREE Anti Spam WordPress Plugins

  1. WP Armour – Honeypot Anti Spam
  2. Zero Spam For WordPress
  3. Stop Spammers Security by Trumani
  4. Captcha By BestWebSoft
  5. Wordfence Security
  6. All-In-One-Security (AIOS)
  7. Gravity Forms Zero Spam
  8. Maspik – Spam Blacklist
  9. Block Bad Bots Protection by Bill Minozzi

Which Anti-Spam WordPress Plugin Should You Use?

This is a question that only you can decide for your blog or website that you are creating online. One of the things that I like to consider before installing ANY WordPress plugin is to see what other users think about it. You can do this by checking out the reviews and ratings that each WordPress plugin receives on the directory. WordPress uses a 5-star rating scale and user actually do leave feedback about how the plugin has worked for them.

Although the Askimet has been viewed as the best anti-spam WordPress plugin, I actually don’t use it on any of my websites or blogs online. I have been Anti Spam Bee for a while and it has worked great to block spam, malware and off-topic comments. I have been recommending them in many of my videos on my Learnanet Youtube channel. But again, it really depends when it comes to which anti-spam plugin that you will install on your website. However these that I have shared with you today are the best free anti spam WordPress plugins out there.

Most managed WordPress hosting already have this protection like Kinsta, WPEngine, BionicWP, and Nestify. With this protection against spam, malware and hackers already in place, then this means that there is no need to install anti spam WordPress plugins on websites.

However, if you are using a shared hosting provider, then this is an area that is not already covered so this is why you need to get this additional protection on your website. Being that the majority of beginners online are using some form of shared web hosting I thought that this review would be of some help.

Best Free Anti Spam WordPress Plugins 2024 Conclusion..

I hope that you know and understand how important it is to provide continuous protection for your website. Having a secure website is essential to protect not only your data, but also that of your visitors and customers.

Today we are bombarded in a number of ways each and every day and website security is huge one. Due yourself a BIG favor. Take the time out to protect your website. This is why I have taken out the time to research and share with you the best free anti spam WordPress plugins to save you time and money.

You should know that most WordPress plugins have a paid Pro version that offers even more protection and benefits. However, for now as a beginner online if you want to save money you can stick with these FREE options mentioned today.

It is not necessary to install more than one anti-spam WordPress plugin at a time. You only need one to make your website function properly to block spam.

I hope that these suggestions today have helped you see the importance of securing your website. I know that once you try one these WordPress plugins you will save yourself a lot of frustration and headache that many bloggers and entrepreneurs have experienced.

Which WordPress anti spam plugin will you try above? Which one are you currently using on your website? Let me know your thoughts below in the comments area..

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