Are looking for the best hosting for Amazon affiliates? If you are trying to make money with affiliate marketing, then the first step is getting a website. There are so many web hosting providers out there, but which one is the best hosting for affiliate marketing? This question is one that I too had to answer some time ago, so I wanted to help you today, okay?

If you want to make money online as an Amazon affiliate, a good way to do it would be to easily start a WordPress blog or simple website like this one. This way you will be able to start promoting your Amazon products using your affiliate links and banner images. This will also allow you to control your content.

best hosting for amazon affiliates

What to Expect In This Review?

Today I will not be convincing you about joining Amazon affiliate program. Why? Because you are already convinced about the power of making from home using the Amazon affiliate program. Rather, what we WILL focus in on are the best hosting for Amazon affiliates to create blogs, websites or eCommerce stores. I will talk about pricing, customer support, security, uptime and other features that Amazon affiliates like YOU need.

Why Promote Amazon Affiliate Program

There are many reasons that you might want to promote and be an Amazon affiliate. For starters, who on this planet doesn’t know who Amazon is? It’s the world’s largest online retailer that sales everything under the sun.

Second, people may not know you, but they do know and trust Amazon and know their brands online. So as you enter the affiliate marketing space you won’t have to worry about explaining who Amazon is nor convince your visitors because they are already familiar with them. This will make it easier for you to create an Amazon store or sell your Amazon products on your website.

Thirdly, the great thing about affiliate marketing are the commission structures.

best hosting for amazon affiliates

Depending on what your main focus or niche is you can make some really good money online with the Amazon affiliate program. You can good domain name for your website today and then start building it depending on what you want to sell or promote.

Things You Must Learn About Affiliate Marketing

One thing that you must do is learn SEO to be successful with affiliate marketing.  If you do this, then you will be able to market and drive targeted traffic to your website and thus make money as an Amazon affiliate. When you market online it will be a great way to connect customers with products that they are already looking to buy. But wait, you don’t have a website or blog yet right? That’s why you are here trying to figure out what is the best hosting for Amazon affiliates.

7 Best Hosting for Amazon Affiliates:

best hosting for amazon affiliates

If you are a beginner online and this will be your first time that you are creating a website for affiliate marketing, then I recommend starting off using perhaps a cheap web hosting provider. There are many cheap shared web hosting services that are great for beginners online. However, if you are more advanced and have experience marketing online, then maybe a good managed WordPress hosting provider would be better.

On any note, I will give you the best hosting for an affiliate marketing site with the best prices, unlimited web hosting, uptime performance, security and great customer support. The good thing is that as your web traffic grows over time with your websites online, then you can always scale up for more resources.

As an Amazon affiliate, it would be great for you to be able to create and build multiple websites online to promote different Amazon products. Is this what you are looking for? Be sure to let me know in the comments below.

There are 3 basic things that you will to get started online: Buy a domain name, web hosting and website builder such as WordPress. You can get each of these with any of these following recommended hosts.


best hosting for amazon affiliates

Hostinger is a personal favorite that I use currently on this blog as well as 10 others online. They have 3 web hosting plans that work great for affiliate marketing starting at only 99 cents/month. Amazon affiliates can create unlimited websites with their Premium and Business plans that start at only $2.89/month.

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best hosting for amazon affiliates

Siteground is recommended by and has 3 great hosting plans called Startup, Growbig and Gogeek. If you need just 1 website or blog, then the Startup is best being they have special running for only $0.99 for 3 months of web hosting! The Startup plan has 10 GB of web space and handles 10,000 monthly visitors. This plan is ideal for beginners online.

However, if you want to create multiple websites online, then use Growbig or Gogeek hosting plans which have more unlimited features and benefits. The Growbig gives you 20 GB of web space and handles 25,000 monthly visitors. The Gogeek handles up to 100,000 monthly visitors and gives you 30 GB of web space.

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A2 Hosting

best hosting for amazon affiliate

A2 Hosting  is another web hosting that I really love and for this included them on out list of the best hosting for Amazon affiliates. Their are 3 web hosting plans that you use to make websites online: Lite for only $2.99/month, Swift for $4.99/month and Turbo Boost for $9.99/month and Turbo Max is $14.99/month.

You can build just 1 website with their Lite plan, however with the Swift (Drive) & Turbo Boost and Max you can create unlimited websites.

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best hosting for affiliate marketing

Bluehost also comes highly recommended by also due to their high WordPress performance. With their hosting plans, as an Amazon affiliate you will have tons of resources to create WordPress websites.

For example, their Basic hosting plan that lets you create 1 website is $2.95/month and the Plus hosting lets you create multiple websites starts at only $5.95/month. It has unmetered bandwidth and is great for web traffic. You also get $200 in marketing credits for Google and Bing Ads. You could use these to drive targeted web traffic to your website FAST for affiliate marketing products.

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WPX Hosting

best hosting for affiliate marketing

WPX Hosting is probably of the best WordPress hosting providers that affiliate marketers can use today. They specialize in turbo speeds and page loads and have a malware removal guarantee. With plans starting at only $20.83/month you will enjoying the great benefits of using a fast managed WordPress platform with data centers in both the US & UK.

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best hosting for affiliate marketers

Kinsta is fully managed WordPress hosting platform that’s works on Google Cloud with plans starting around $30/month. With some 22 data centers worldwide they also specially in fast page loads and are great for Nginx with websites that up to 1 million monthly visitors or more. They make it really easy to scale with web traffic and add resources when needed.

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Cloudways is managed cloud hosting with lightning fast performance. Their 5 different servers that you can select from to create your website and also have staging environments. With some 60 global data centers they make it really easy for your website to serve visitors wherever they are located. What’s different is unlike Cloudway’s competitors, they offer a FREE Trial HERE that will let you tryout their web hosting with entering a credit/debit card.

The Ultimate Managed Hosting Platform

Which Web Hosting Should You Choose?

Now which of these web hosting providers should you use to create your websites online to promote Amazon? Only you can decide this and not me. All of them are amazing web hosting for Amazon affiliates to use.

However, if you are new to affiliate marketing and are worried more about costs, then perhaps Hostinger would be great. Although their Single shared hosting is the cheapest at 99 cents per month, it only allows you to create just 1 website online. So if you go today with Hostinger, then I recommend that you signup with Premium or Business hosting here.

However, if you are not cheap or worried about costs, then any of the web hosting above should be great for you. As an affiliate marketer myself I have accounts with all of these providers above and really love their services.

Site Migrations

Do you currently host with another provider and would like to move your website today? If so, then you can do a FREE site transfer to one of our recommended web hosting for Amazon affiliates above. The process is super easy and hands off.

Money Back Guarantees

All of our recommended hosting above offer you a 30 day money guarantee. This means that if at any moment that you feel that your web hosting provider is not for you, then you can request a 100% refund. But honestly these are very reputable and have great 24/7 customer support and are there to help you.

Uptime Performance

As an affiliate marketer, you will be marketing products on different websites that you create online. One thing that is extremely important is to use a web hosting service that has great uptime.

What is uptime? Uptime performance in short is basically how much time your website is visible or appears online. This is important because if your website is experiencing downtime, then it means that you are losing money online and people searching Google will go to your competition.

I mention this point in this review because I have worked with each of these web hosting providers mentioned above. Although many web hosts online have an average hosting uptime of 99.5%, these all have an uptime performance on their servers of 99.9% or better! This is why I have included them on this list of the best hosting for Amazon affiliates to use. I am also an Amazon affiliate and promote products online on my other websites so I know and understand how important it is to have a reliable web hosting provider.

CDN [Content Delivery Network]

According to gtmetrix, a content delivery network is great for handling high volumes of web traffic. They prevent your website from crashing with spikes in web traffic. This is important especially for affiliate marketing. Why?

Because when you start creating content for your Amazon website or any affiliate program, you will receive lots of web traffic from the search engines. Think about how you made it here today. This blog receives thousands of web traffic from several countries around the world. This traffic is processed and handled with a CDN.

To ensure that you get a CDN for your website today and not lose future potential sales, I have provided this list of the best hosting for Amazon affiliates above.

Best WordPress Themes for Your Amazon Affiliate Site

In addition to selecting a reliable web hosting provider to create your affiliate marketing site you will need a great WordPress theme. When you get started with one of the recommended web hosts above, you will notice that there are literally well over 11,000 WordPress themes to select from in the WordPress directory of your cpanel dashboard. Which one should you choose?

I have come several great WordPress themes over the years and I continue to test others to see how they perform with search engines. There are 3 things that I have seen that seem to matter most in addition to functionality. When creating an affiliate marketing website, it needs to be: SEO friendly, mobile friendly and customizable.

Of the thousands of WordPress themes that you will have at disposal, the following 3 these are some great ones to start with that have great ratings by users also. Let me know what you think about these suggestions below and which theme you will use to create your affiliate marketing website for Amazon.

  • Astra is fast, fully customizable WordPress theme that is great for personal blogs, business website, and WooCommerce. It is already build for SEO and Google loves being it has code & Native AMP.
  • Freddo  is a multi purpose and fresh WordPress theme that has all the features you will need to build a complete affiliate marketing website. I have used this theme for several other websites and blogs that I have created online.
  • Retro Blog is another high quality mobile optimized WordPress theme created for influencers and infopreneurs.Retro Blog - WordPress theme |



As an affiliate marketer promoting Amazon products or ANY affiliate program, selecting the best web hosting for affiliate marketing will be key to having success online.

There are many web hosting providers, some good, some not so good. If you want to start making a solid income online, you need to pick a reliable web hosting provider that has a long track record of great uptime and customer support. Today I have provided you just that. Now it’s time for you get started right now creating your website!