Best Managed WordPress Hosting for High Traffic Websites in 2021

So on my Youtube channel, reddit and Quora, people often ask what is the best managed WordPress hosting for high traffic websites? So based on my personal experience dealing with several web hosting services over the years, I wanted to give some suitable recommendations.

This blog along with several others that I have built online have generated lots of web traffic. This web traffic is driven by a number of ways, but the most important thing is that websites can handle it.

What To Expect In This Managed WordPress Hosting Review?

If you have a website or blog right now that is getting lots of traction online, then its time to migrate from shared hosting to managed WordPress hosting provider. Why?

Likely you are sick and tired of your website going down and crashing? You are tired of the long waits for customer support? Maybe you have been also experiencing security issues? Whatever the case, you are here because you want something more reliable. You are here because you want to know what is the best managed WordPress hosting for high traffic websites? Learn my best recommendations below!

Best Managed WordPress Hosting For High Traffic Websites

Of the 12 websites that I have running online right now, the one with the highest traffic gets over 100,000 visits. It was initially on a cheap shared web hosting provider. Shared hosting is not bad for beginners, but we all have to grow up at some point and the same goes for websites. If you have lots of downtime with shared hosting, then this will no doubt affect your SEO rankings and cost you lose money. This is how I recognized that I too needed to make a change this particular website in question. I looked all around and finally found the right platform.

I saw one managed WordPress hosting provider that charged $100/month on their 1st tier. Although I could afford it, I thought to find another that was more reasonable. This way I could save more money overall and invert it back into the business.

I think that when you find a reliable Managed WordPress hosting, then you can focus more of your attention on what matters most, your content.

Rocket Managed WordPress Hosting

I am thankful that I discovered Rocket Managed WordPress hosting! They have a Starter Managed WordPress plan that is only $30 per month that is ideal for beginners. With this hosting plan it will handle up to 250,000 visitors! Also, it doesn’t hurt that it is a huge savings of $70 per month!

What do you receive with the Rocket Starter plan?

  • Free site migrations
  • Automatic daily backups of websites, themes, plugins, cores, etc
  • 200+ Edge Locations
  • SSL Certificates
  • 24/7/365 phone, email and chat support
  • Blazing fast page loads
  • Amazing uptime performance
  • 10 GB storage
  • Website Firewall
  • Full Page Caching & More!


best managed wordpress hosting for high traffic websites

Uptime Performance

best managed wordpress hosting for high traffic websites

Uptime performance was something that I was searching in addition web hosting that supported Nginx. As I mentioned before, if you have a web hosting provider with lots of downtime, then your business loses money. So this is why it’s so important to migrate to managed WordPress hosting. It’s more reliable and they keep your website secure, up and running especially when visitors are searching for you online.

Think about how you made it to this blog today. You wanted to know what is the best managed WordPress hosting for high traffic websites? You landed on this page for a reason. It’s because of the awesome uptime performance. This is what you can expect to experience when you get started today.

Rocket does an amazing job in the area and I am very happy I opened an account with them. I recommend that you also you them today to create and host your website.

In my experience online, I think that this is the absolutely best managed WordPress hosting for high traffic websites. For the pricing, value and customer support, you will not find any other managed WordPress hosting that can handle more page views than Rocket.

If you have a website or blog that is exploding with traffic, then I think you should migrate for FREE now! They even have special deal where you can get started for only $1.00 on your first month!

Checkout this video that shows you a quick look at the Rocket WordPress hosting interface.

Click Here to check out Rocket Managed WordPress hosting plans, especially their super affordable Starter plan.

Of course, there are many Rocket competitors online such as BionicWP, Nexcess, Pressidium, Nestify, and Cloudways just to name a few. However, in addition to blazing speeds, automatic backups and updates of plugins and security, all of the best high traffic WordPress hosting providers also have these..

SSL Certificates

Whether you are thinking of selling products or not on your website, you need to have a ssl certificate. These will reassure your visitors that your website is secure. You should also that Google’s blog mentioned that they are requiring them on all websites or else they will marked “unsecure” in the search engines. This may be a deterrent to click on your website and can hurt your search engine rankings. Rocket will provide you with FREE SSL certificates for your websites online.

Content Delivery Network

Every website online needs a content delivery network. Why? According to Gtmetrix, a CDN helps to reduce latency of your website being delivered to visitors. When someone request your website by entering your domain name in their browser, it allows your website to load quickly by reducing the stress and number of requests made to the original server. The end result is that it improves your website speed performance and also your visitors will have a better page experience while accessing your websites online. Also, your page speed improves and this helps your website’s overall performance.

Also, a CDN can provide additional security and firewall to block malware, DDoS or brute attacks to your website. This will the extra security that every website needs online to stay safe. All of the best managed WordPress hosting for high traffic websites provide these for FREE.

This website uses a content delivery network also being it get thousands of visitors. I have learned that when you have a CDN integrated on your website, then it will prevent it from crashing due to spikes of web traffic. This is something could potentially happen with many shared web hosting providers who don’t always give your this with web hosting packages. However, a managed WordPress hosting provider will provide it.


Selecting the right web hosting solution for your website may seem like a daunting task. This maybe the case because there are so many options available online. Most people who are beginners online creating their first website tend to go cheap. Being cheap is such a bad if you are just starting our online. However, every website will increase in web traffic and thus will need additional resources designed to handle these visits.

I have tried several web hosting providers over the years that promise a lot, yet fall short in this area. This essentially causes your business to lose money online versus make money. I know this firsthand and this is why I wanted to share with you the best managed WordPress hosting for high traffic websites Rocket.

You deserve to have web hosting that is 100% reliable and will always be online with your website experiences spikes or increases in web traffic. If you are currently hosting with a provider that you don’t like, today is the day to make a change. Do yourself a favor and get started by taking advantage of their FREE site migration! You can start your website right now for only $1.00 on your first month!


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