Best Virtual Phone System Unlimited Minutes: Why I Love Grasshopper VPS?

Are you looking for the best virtual phone system with unlimited minutes? There are so many companies that offer virtual phone systems. But which one will give the best value for your money? I asked myself these same questions and then I found the answer with Grasshopper Virtual Phone System! If you want unlimited minutes to make & receive calls plus more, then watch this brief video to discover what you may be missing!

Best Virtual Phone System with Unlimited Minutes

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Recap of Grasshopper Plans

As you could see in the video above there are 3 plans that you can choose from with Grasshopper virtual phone system:

  • Solo for $26/month [1 number + 3 extensions]
  • Partner for $44/month [3 numbers + 6 extensions]
  • Small Business for $80/month [5 numbers + Unlimited Extensions]

You can select the one that best suits your business needs. Most people may just go with the Solo plan as it allows you 1 line along with 3 extensions.

Benefits of Using Grasshopper?

One of the major benefits of using Grasshopper is that it is the best virtual phone system with unlimited minutes. This is the feature that matters most to me because it doesn’t matter how many inbound or outbound calls are made, you pay the same flat rate each month. For me as mentioned in the video means the most because there are no surprises at the end of the month with bills. You are getting exactly what you pay for.

If you have just started a small business from home and want to give yourself more of a professional appearance, then the Grasshopper Solo plan may be best for you.

Why? In the beginning you may not have many calls and have a tight budget. However, as your business grows over time and the volume of your calls increase, then perhaps you can upgrade to another Grasshopper plan to setup more numbers and extensions. The choice is yours. I just wanted to share with you guys what I felt was the best virtual phone system with unlimited minutes that would give you the most value for your buck!

Call Forwarding

If you are traveling on the road and still want to receive your calls from Grasshopper, did you know that you have them forwarded? Yup! You can have your calls forwarded to any number, anywhere you want to receive them. It really doesn’t matter where. You can even forward calls to someone else’s phone.

For small business owners and entrepreneurs, I think that this is the best virtual phone system with unlimited minutes being it is very convenient especially for those that need to take their business on the road.

Need Web Hosting?

If you want to also create a website online to place your new Grasshopper virtual phone number on for advertising, I recommend first signing up with a cheap provider like Namecheap web hosting.

Other great web hosting options that are reliable to create websites are: A2 Hosting, Siteground, Fat Cow, and Bluehost just to name a few. I recommend them being they are very affordable with great marketing tools to get you online for those on a tight budget.

I think that it’s always good to create your own website online to advertise your services and then you can add your new number to your pages. Whether you are a landscaper, flower shop, baker, etc having your own virtual number will allow to operate your business from anywhere in the world!

You can advertise online on classified websites using your new virtual phone number. There are a lot of ways that you can make great use of Grasshopper and help simplify the way you operate business phone calls.

Money Back Guarantee

The cool thing that I also love about this virtual phone system is that they offer a 30 day money back guarantee. This makes it risk free and great in the event you decide to cancel. They have great customer service.

Grasshopper Review Conclusion

With this review, hopefully now you have more of an clear idea of exactly what to expect when you get your new virtual phone number today through Grasshopper.

To get started now with the best virtual phone system with unlimited minutes on the planet, please visit here!

Which Grasshopper plan is best for your business? Let me know which one you prefer and why below in comments.