Bluehost Affiliate Program Review 2022: $5 Million Paid to Bluehost Affiliates?

If you are reading this Bluehost affiliate program review, likely you are wondering if you can really make some money with this affiliate program or not? Or if Bluehost web hosting plans are really better or not? If so, sit back and relax because what I have to tell in this review of Bluehost affiliate program will knock your socks off!

I have found that the “Bluehost affiliate program” is probably one of the hottest web hosting affiliate programs out. Why do I say this? Not only have they paid over $5 MILLION to Bluehost affiliates last year, but they have some other awesome benefits as well! Keep reading this Bluehost affiliate program review until the end to see why.

Disclosure: This page contain affiliate links. When clicked and a purchase is made, the owner of this will receive a commission. This doesn’t affect your purchase at all. You can get the best Bluehost discount by clicking on them. It also let me eat my favorite peanut and jelly sandwiches:)

NO income guarantees are made. Income is dependent on personal efforts.

bluehost affiliate program review

 What to Expect in This Bluehost Affiliate Program Review

In this review of Bluehost Affiliate Program I will tell you about my personal experience that I have had with them, what I really think about them, how much does Bluehost pay affiliates, and some practical ways you can make some extra money with Bluehost web hosting. Watch this video for a brief overview.

Some months ago, I was looking for another stream of income to monetize my website and decided to take a look at web hosting affiliate programs. If you don’t know what an affiliate program is, it’s simply a program that allows you to promote links of products on your site in exchange for a commission.

There are tons of web hosting affiliate programs, however I decided to join the Bluehost affiliate program. This decision was based largely on the affiliate payouts and their cheap web hosting plans.

 How to Promote Bluehost Affiliate Program

There are several ways that you can promote the Bluehost affiliate program. Once you signup for their program at the bottom of the Bluehost website you will see a link for “affiliates”. After creating your free account, then it’s time to put the pedal to the metal.

Bluehost does provide you with affiliates links and banners to promote. Also, once you are subscribed you will receive periodical promos for special deals such flash sales, etc.

Bluehost hosting plans normally start at $3.95/month, however from time to time your web hosting visitors can get it at $2.95/month as indicated on the banner above. During most flash sales, the Bluehost affiliate payout is raised to $100/signup! When these occur, Bluehost affiliates will receive an email notifying these sales.

bluehost affiliate program review

There are several other ways that you can make money promoting their hosting plans. There’s blogging, writing Bluehost reviews, email marketing, solo ads, banner ads on sites with high traffic such as BuySellAds, video marketing, and more.

How To Use BuySellAds To Promote Bluehost Affiliate Program

bluehost affiliate program review


If you haven’t heard of BuySellAds, I would best describe it as a marketplace where you can advertise banner ads for affiliate programs you promote. Also if you have a website that has banner space, you can also signup there as a Publisher and let people advertise their banners on your site. BSA is basically an advertising platform that connects you with website owners that get thousands or even millions of visitors to their websites.

As for the Bluehost affiliate program, you can use rent ad space on BuySellsAds for your Bluehost banners to drive targeted traffic. If you go this route, it will be best to promote on websites in their Technology or Web Design & Development categories. These will give you more impressions and exposure with targeted people looking for web hosting. I suggest selecting a website to test your Bluehost affiliate banners for 30 days to see how many sales result.


You can also promote on open forums like to people looking for web hosting services. It’s a 100% FREE to signup and they will allow you to hyperlink Bluehost affiliate links so people can click them and then buy Bluehost web hosting using your link.

After you start your Bluehost website today and join the affiliate program, jump on over to When you look under sections such as marketing, digital marketing or even technology, there you will find people asking questions like..

  • What is the best web hosting for small businesses?
  • What is the cheapest web hosting provider
  • Who has the fastest WordPress hosting?

These are mere examples of questions that beginners on quora are searching to find answers. As a contributor, you can write a meaningful answer for the person and then recommend Bluehost web hosting by leaving your affiliate link. When the person clicks your Bluehost affiliate link and buys, then you get a $65 commission for the referral. I have done this and it really works!

Create WordPress Blogs Using Bluehost

So another great way that works to make money with the Bluehost affiliate program is to create WordPress blogs. If you sign up with Bluehost web hosting, you can write articles and reviews about their services.

Bluehost offers:

  • Shared Web Hosting
  • WordPress hosting
  • Reseller hosting
  • VPS hosting
  • Dedicated hosting services.

Versus blogging about each one of Bluehost web hosting services that they offer, perhaps you could focus on just one type and then build a website around the topic using long tail keywords. Keep reading to see just how effective these are for driving targeted traffic and increasing page views.. This is a great simple method to improve your SEO rankings.

You can get a FREE Bluehost domain that includes targeted keywords that you want to focus on such as “best dedicated hosting”  for example. You can then write content around those keywords and then point your web traffic to Bluehost with your affiliate links and banners that they provide you.

If you want to host multiple websites on Bluehost, then I recommend that you get their Plus hosting to be able to add multiple domains. Their Basic hosting plan is great for beginners online, but it only allows difference is that you can only create 1 website.

When it comes to affiliate marketing, these are just some basic things things that you can do right now to build your niche and focus area.

Checkout this video tutorial that shows you how to create a simple WordPress website using Bluehost.

But keep reading to see something else that I did that got some quick results with the Bluehost affiliate program.

A Quick Bluehost Affiliate Program Test I Did..

Rather than bore you with a boat load of marketing tips, I will tell you in this Bluehost affiliate program review exactly what I did to make $65! I thought I would run a test campaign using my blog to see if the Bluehost affiliate program was legit or not. I conducted this test in January 2017 to see if it would work to monetize my site or not.

It is true that you can make money blogging about this, however I thought I would setup a quick campaign online to drive traffic to one post using a specific source. While focusing on some specific long tail keywords or phrases, I was able to get a 50% conversion on the 2 first clicks received.

Click Here To Learn More About Longtail Keyword Pro Tool!

bluehost affiliate program review

I used a video along with an ad and surprisingly made my first $65 commission in January! All of this with a simple video and post that included my personal Bluehost affiliate link.

Things To Keep Mind When Promoting Bluehost Affiliate Program

Now, let’s be real. Marketing can be frustrating and expensive if you don’t do it the right way. What I learned by this quick small test convinced me that the Bluehost affiliate program is 100% legit and not a scam. It’s not wonder that they have paid out over $5 MILLION to Bluehost affiliates last year alone! This is a great affiliate program to join that will definitely help you to make money online.

Many much does Bluehost pay affiliates?

Before you join, you should know that according to the Bluehost affiliate terms, an affiliate gets paid $65/referral and that you must reach $100 threshold in commissions before the monthly payout.

[NOTE: SiteGround affiliate program has a weekly payout of $50/referral with no threshold]

Also, in this Bluehost affiliate program review, I want to highlight some other important things you should know.

For example, you should know that it’s against their agreement to bid on trademark or misspelled terms in your PPC marketing nor use these in domain names. If you use these, you will lose commissions and no longer be able to participate in the Bluehost affiliate program. So if plan on using some form of PPC marketing with Google Adwords, Bing Ads, etc, then it’s very important to remember to stay compliant with the Bluehost affiliate program terms. If you don’t, then you may lose your affiliate commissions and be removed from their affiliate program.

If you are a newbie online doing affiliate marketing, then please remember this. This rules are the same for ANY web hosting affiliate program that you will come across online.

Also, it is important to always list your disclaimer in posts and outlets that you use to promote Bluehost. This is in accordance with FTC. See my disclaimer page.

When promoting the Bluehost web hosting on your website, customers should know that they purchasing Bluehost using a referral or affiliate link. Actually customers can get the best discounts by using your referral links!

Should You Use Bluehost Web Hosting Personally Or Not?


But let me tell you that the purpose of this Bluehost Affiliate Program Review is not to CONVINCE you. There are over 2,000,000 people that already host their websites on their servers. Bluehost has been around for over 20 years and is a super reliable web hosting provider that is awesome for creating WordPress websites online.

No matter the web hosting package you get started with today, they have really great performance with 24/7 phone, email and chat customer support.

Another reason to use Bluehost is because is recommended by for great performance. Also over 2,000,000 people use Bluehost web hosting to power their websites.

bluehost affiliate review

Following Bluehost, there are 2 other web hosting providers that come highly recommended by which are Siteground and Dreamhost.

Other Perks of Using Bluehost

When you and your visitors get started Bluehosst will give you a FREE Domain.

You will also get FREE SSL certificates which be great for securing your websites and selling products.

Also, Bluehost has their own CDNs [content delivery network] which promote fast page loads that are equipped for handling daily high volumes of web traffic.

Also, when you get started today with their web hosting you will get $200 in FREE marketing credits! These can be used on Google Ads and Bing Ads to drive targeted web traffic from the search engines FAST to convert and make you sales! NO other web hosting provider offers this to its clients.

They do have a 30 day money back guarantee so that you can test out their web hosting services for yourself. You can mention this to your visitors so that way they feel comfortable to buy Bluehost web hosting from your website.

Bluehost has really great 24/7 customer support via phone, chat and email. This is great in the event you or your visitors have questions about their web hosting account. I have usually connected with a rep within 30 secs or less which is pretty fast in my opinion comparing other web hosting providers that I have used.

Also another perk about partnering with the Bluehost affiliate program is that they payouts are a lot HIGHER than most web hosting affiliate programs out there.

For example, when you look at most affiliate such as Siteground, Dreamhost, Greengeeks, Inmotion Hosting, and Hostgator they only payout $50/referral. This $50 is just for 1 sale referred. You have send at least 5 or more sales to really see an increase in your affiliate commissions.

However, with the Bluehost affiliate program all affiliates get paid $65 per referral out of the gate! This means that you are getting $15 more just to promote Bluehost web hosting. No prior experience required.

And again, they come highly recommended by to use for creating WordPress websites due to their great performance online.

This is a great reason in itself to join Bluehost right now and start monetizing your website to make money from home. 

What Other Web Hosting Programs Pay Affiliates

This keep this Bluehost affiliate program review honest and transparent, I wanted to share some of Bluehost competitors. Although Bluehost is very unique and I LOVE their web hosting, some of their competitors pay affiliates more money.

For example, Hostinger has web hosting that starts at only $0.99/month with an affiliate program that payout 60% of all sales.

A2 Hosting which starts at only $2.99/month with an affiliate program that pays affiliates up to $125/referral!

WP Engine which has expensive managed WordPress hosting starting at $30/month has an affiliate program that pays up to $200/referral.

But Cloudways who offers a FREE Trial on their managed hosting has an affiliate program that pays up to $200/referral.

Why do I share these competitors with you in this Bluehost affiliate program review? Although I love Bluehost web hosting, I also love the payouts of their competitors. I also promote them and make really high commissions.

What I getting at is when you start a blog or website online, the more streams of income you have, the better. Having several income streams will help to diversify your marketing online to different audiences wanting to create websites online. They will not be an audience that you will not be able to target.

Most beginners getting starting with their very first website will be looking for some really web hosting. Whereas some who has been online for quite some time who has higher volumes of web traffic may be looking for managed, VPS or dedicated hosting services. So the Bluehost affiliate program is awesome and great to promote for affiliate marketers like yourself.

What You Should Know..

This Bluehost affiliate program review makes NO GUARANTEE that you will personally make money promoting Bluehost web hosting plans. It is true that Bluehost has paid over $5,000,000 to affiliates last year. However, your piece of the pie and earnings will be solely dependent on your personal efforts and marketing strategies.

What I can say is that if you have a site with lots of targeted traffic, then this is great for you. If you are looking for great web hosting for affiliate marketing, then I think that Bluehost is deal for it.

However if you are a beginner online, you will need to learn affiliate marketing & how to advertise using various methods. This way you will be able to provide the most exposure to your Bluehost affiliate links and banners. A good program to learn about affiliate marketing is AFFILORAMA.

Bluehost Affiliate Program Review Conclusion

I hope that this review of the Bluehost affiliate program helps you to make a decision about promoting it or not. They are a very reputable company with reliable web hosting services. They are definitely worth your time if you would like to supplement your current job or replace it entirely online.

I HIGHLY recommend that you signup FIRST with Bluehost web hosting here to see for yourself, then start promoting the Bluehost affiliate program to make some extra money. This way you can speak about Bluehost first-hand because you have actually used their web hosting services. They have a 30 day money back guarantee on their web hosting so you have NOTHING to lose.

It’s is true that the Bluehost affiliate program is 100% FREE and does not require that you purchase their web hosting. However, I think that marketers who actually use products are more successful promoting them online to others. But at the end of the day it’s completely your decision to get their web hosting or not.

When you start creating your website, then you can prove to yourself how great Bluehost web hosting are. Then you will be a way better position to promote and share them online with others to make money online right now!

After reading this Bluehost affiliate program review, what do you think? Do you think that Bluehost is a good stream of income or not? Are you currently promoting other web hosting programs? If so, which ones? I would love to read your comments below please.

2021 is your year and taking advantage of the Bluehost affiliate program is an awesome way to monetize your website and make money online. If you are a beginner online, you can start off supplementing your current income. However, if you are SERIOUS and willing to learn affiliate marketing, then you can potentially replace your income. The decision is completely yours. Bluehost paid its affiliates over $5,000,000 last year! How much in affiliate commissions will you make this year? You are just 1 step away from partnering with Bluehost. Get started below right now!

I hope you that enjoyed this Bluehost review today. I also hope that you have much success this year going forward online with your business!


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