What Makes Bluehost Unique? Is Bluehost Pricing Worth It? Read this first!

If you have been checking out Bluehost pricing, you probably are asking yourself..What makes Bluehost unique different from other web hosting providers and is it better? Is Bluehost pricing worth it? If so, then I am glad that you came to the right place! In this review I will tell you some things that you MUST know before getting started with Bluehost. Keep reading to discover what makes Bluehost different from literally hundreds of thousands of web hosting services online! If you don’t read this, you will regret it later!

What to Expect In This Bluehost Pricing Review?

Disclaimer: This page has affiliate links. When clicked and a purchase is made, I may receive a modest referral or credit. This lets me enjoy my delicious peanut butter and jelly sandwiches:)

Today I will share with you some things that I really love that really will you to see what makes Bluehost unique from other web hosting services. I will go over are the pricing of their web hosting plans and also make some comparison with some Bluehost competitors.

My assumption is that if you are beginner online, then you want to use Bluehost to create your very first blog or website. If so, then using Bluehost is a really great platform to do it. But why do you want to create a website today?

Perhaps you work a full time job, but want to start working for yourself. Are you interested in affiliate marketing or network marketing? Do you want to create a blog or website for your business storefront? An eCommerce to sell products online? Let me know your reason below in the comments.

I ask these questions depending on what type of website you want to create will help you decide which Bluehost web hosting plan is best. This way while considering Bluehost pricing you will know exactly what to look for and expect with their platform.

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I mention these things up to help you because you will notice that Bluehost has plans that will allow you to create just 1 website or even unlimited websites. Most people that need the ability to create unlimited websites online are typically bloggers like me who are doing some for of affiliate marketing. Is this your case?

What You Should Know About Bluehost?

Although there are literally hundreds of thousands of web hosting providers to choose from, Bluehost comes highly recommended by WordPress.org for best performance. In addition to Bluehost, Siteground and Dreamhost are the only other 2 web hosting providers that are recommended to use to use for creating WordPress websites. I will explain why shortly.

Also did you know that they current host over 2 MILLION websites online and have been in business for over 20 years?  This means that are very experienced and know what they are doing when it comes to providing web hosting services.

Also, when you get started today you will get a FREE domain and Bluehost will even install WordPress for you. I think that this is great and ideal especially for beginners who want to create their first website online.

Bluehost Pricing

When it comes to creating websites, blogs and eCommerce stores online, there are 3 shared web hosting  plans that you can select from: Basic, Plus and Choice Plus.

I think that every hosting package is great and something for everyone. However the truth is that you will have decide which one will be best for you. But don’t, that’s why I wrote this post today.

What I love about Bluehost pricing is that it is very cheap and ideal for beginners on a tight budget. They have 3 web hosting plans that are great for creating WordPress blogs and websites.

For example, if you want to create just 1 website online, then the Basic hosting is ideal to do it. The cool thing is that you will get 50GB of web space which is 5 times MORE than Bluehosts competitors online. Most web hosting providers on their 1st tier will give beginners only 10 GB of web space for $3.95/month such as Siteground which is okay.

what makes bluehost different from other web hosting providers

But what makes Bluehost unique is that they give you more than enough resources when you get started and they are much cheaper across the board.

If you want to add multiple domains, you can do this easily with the Plus and Choice Plus hosting plans in your cPanel.

what makes bluehost unique

With Plus and Choice Plus you will be able to create unlimited websites online with unmetered web space, domain privacy protection, automatic backups of your website, and spam expert to protect your website.

The cool thing about these plans with Bluehost is that they give beginners $200 in marketing credits for Bing and Google Ads. This is really great to kick off your website or blog to give it more exposure FAST with targeted web traffic from search engines. This is another thing what makes Bluehost unique from other web hosting providers online.

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Which Bluehost Web Hosting Plan Is Best For You?

This is a decision that only you can make. I am currently using their Plus hosting right now which is awesome for creating unlimited websites online. I recommend that if you are looking for the  best hosting for affiliate marketing, network marketing, or perhaps are a developer, then Plus hosting is best.

However, if you are a complete newbie online and this will be your 1st website online, then I recommend that you get started today with the Basic hosting for only $2.95/month.

But if you are looking for some unlimited features and resources such bandwidth, then Plus hosting is better for you. Remember that you will get a FREE Domain which will you will be a $15 savings off. Most domain names at places like Godaddy costs about $15 for .com TLDs. So as a beginner online Bluehost will save you this money online when you get started today.

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Bluehost Security

Having a website that is secure is exactly what your website needs online. This aspect of your business online is so important that if you overlook this it could costs you BIG. Websites that are not protected often are exposed to malware, viruses, data breaches and even hackers. Thankfully I am happy to say that Bluehost web hosting is a rock solid WordPress hosting provider with awesome security.

Google in 2018 on their blog mentioned the importance of having SSL certificates for websites. These are great to protect and encrypt info on your website such as debit/credit card. For websites that have SSL certificates, Google will mark them “unsecure” in search results and will affect your SEO rankings. Again Bluehost has you completely covered to secure your websites online. This is another thing what makes Bluehost unique.

There are only short few of web hosting providers out there that give FREE SSL certificates such as Siteground and GreenGeeks. Bluehost understands how important this is for entrepreneurs. I can appreciate why they are recommended by WordPress.org as best web hosting.

How Is Bluehost Uptime?

So another thing what makes Bluehost different from other web hosting providers is their uptime performance. They maintain a 99.99% uptime or better for their web hosting which is quite impressive. I say this because in my experience online creating websites, there are not too many shared web hosting providers who have such as consistent uptime performance.

The uptime of your website is really important for entrepreneur online. When your potential customers search for you online in Google and your website is down or not working, then they will abandon you and go to your competition.

what makes bluehost unique

what makes bluehost unique

Your web hosting needs to have good uptime performance like Bluehost, if not then you could be losing money online and sales online.

Let me explain the power of uptime performance and how it will benefit your blog or website when you get started today.

When you started searching online, you were likely looking for info trying to compare “what makes Bluehost unique & different from other web hosting providers?”

This is necessary because there a several web hosts out there and you want to make sure that you partner with the right one. You landed on my website and are now reading this Bluehost review. However, if you clicked on this website and it was down or you got an error message, then you would have bounce off and gone to another website in the search results, right? Of course! That’s what most people looking for a product or service online would do. But look you are still here reading this Bluehost review due to the awesome uptime performance.

Let me cut in on a little SEO secret that is between me and you and the 4 corners of your house. When a visitor from Google clicks on your website in search an abandons your website for whatever reason, a light bulb goes off telling Google that your website is not good for xyz keyword. As a result Google and the search engine will tank your SEO rankings and ultimately this kills your sales and income.

Why do I tell you this? Because I care about you and your success online. You should know that having a dependable web hosting provider with awesome uptime performance like Bluehost is essential to increasing your business exposure, sales and better user experience.

This is another BIG reason why I highly recommend using Bluehost today to create your websites. The Bluehost pricing is just right and makes it easy for beginners to get started online the right way.

So when you sign up here with Bluehost this is one area that you leave in their hands that you will not have to worry about in your business.

Money Back Guarantee

Before you get started today with Bluehost, you should know that they have a 30 day money back guarantee. This means that at anytime that you feel that Bluehost is not for you, then can request a 100% money back guarantee from customer support. They have really great 24/7 customer support to help you with anything that you need for your web hosting.


So I realized that you came to my website because you wanted to know..how Bluehost is unique from other web hosting providers? But as with any review on blog, I always try to give you more. Having more info always helps to make better decisions about the things that will affect your business most.

In this review we have covered all of the major benefits and advantages of using Bluehost web hosting versus other web hosting services. They have been around for over 20 years in the web hosting industry and know what they are doing.

Bluehost is one of 3 top web hosting providers that comes highly recommended by WordPress.org. They have a really awesome cpanel hosting platform that makes really easy to create WordPress websites and blogs online. Whether you want to create just one website or multiple websites on Bluehost, then I highly recommend using them.

I hope that this brief review has helped you to see how great Bluehost is for helping beginners create websites online today.