Are you having problems with Bluehost and looking for an alternative? If you reading this Bluehost reviews complaints, then it means that you either have some Bluehost complaints and looking for a change today! If that is the case, then you better keep reading this review before you make another mistake you might regret later!

There are many Bluehost reviews online, but I am doing this Bluehost Review because I have been testing their services as a blogger with one of my sites and wanted to give you guys personal feedback and info on them.

2022 is here & many new entrepreneurs wonder if Bluehost is a good host or not to start a website? If this is on your mind, then today you learn both the positives and negatives that you MUST know!

As a matter of fact, I chose to get the Bluehost Plus hosting plan so I could actually write a proper review for you today…

Today, in this Bluehost review I will discuss:

  • The Company
  • Bluehost web hosting plans
  • Bluehost customer service support so you can make the right decision to use Bluehost to start your website or not..

In this Bluehost , let’s take a look at the company..

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Bluehost reviews complaints

Bluehost Reviews Complaints 2022 – The Company

In 2003 Bluehost was created by Matt Heaton and Danny Ashworth in Provo, Utah. Since then 13 years later they are running strong hosting over 2 million websites worldwide.

Bluehost is one of the largest and most reputable and trusted web hosting companies owned by Endurance International Group. It is one of 80+ sister companies such as Hostmoster,, Hostgator, and iPage.

When it comes to top premier hosting providers available globally, you can go too far online without hearing something about Bluehost.

Due to their server performance for WordPress, they come highly recommened by

They give away a lot of advertising freebies, SEO tools, and support for users.

The company operates its servers in-house in a 50,000 square feet facility with over 700 employees. All of this just equates to a company with good man power to handle the job.

So now we are going to dig a little deeper in this Bluehost review to give you more spaghetti and meatballs,lol. Check out some interesting things under the hood.

Bluehost Reviews – The Bluehost Hosting Plans?

Bluehost reviews complaints

As you can see above, there are 3 plans to choose from: Basic, Plus, and Choice Plus.

Bluehost from time to time will run specials for $2.95 per month for web hosting typically during holidays such as black friday, cyber monday, etc. However, Bluehost hosting plans start at $7.99 per month for the basic as you can see above.

What’s the trick about this cheap deal?

For pricing on Basic plan:

  • $3.95 per month for 36 months or 60 months (same)
  • $4.95 per month for 24 months, or
  • $5.45 per month for 12 month term

For pricing on Plus & Choice Plus plans:

  • $5.95 per month for 36 or 60 months
  • $6.95 per month for 24 months
  • $7.95 per month for 12 months

So obviously the benefit is in buying a longer term which means you save more money on the front-end. However, if you don’t plan on keeping a domain for a long time, then better to go with a 12 or 24 month term.

Bluehost reviews complaints

Other Interesting Perks about Bluehost:

  • Once you get started, you receive up to two hundred dollars in credits to market your website on search engines.
  • Easy add-on features with cPanel, domain redirects, website builders, 1-click installs for WordPress and other CMS platforms
  • Start building your blog or website for as low as $2.95/month which is way better than the typical $7.99/month which is still cheap for the quality hosting.
  • Get as many as 100 email accounts with the starter plans and unlimited with the business plans.
  • Good Uptime & Speed
  • 30 day money back guarateed
  • Recommended Personally by WordPress
  • cPanel (above)
  • Bluehost has Site Migration for $149.99

Now all of this looks gravy, right? Of course, but there is something that you should know FIRST before you buy Bluehost web hosting. Let’s discuss next in this Bluehost Review something that is extremely important that you should consider.

Bluehost Reviews Complaints 2022 – How is Bluehost Customer Service?

Interesting when it comes to customer service Bluehost does offer 24/7 help via chat support and their phone number 844-303-1810. You can call anytime and get help with any issues with your web hosting.

I tested their chat support service on their main page just to see how long it takes to reach a live person around 11 pm EST.  It took about 2 minutes. Is this time bad or good in my opinion? Actually when considering the company’s size and that it powers over 2 million websites, I think this response is pretty good in comparison with other web hosting services.

I can say that Bluehost customer service was very helpful, knowledgeable and professional. This is definitely a great things to look for in ANY web hosting company that you need to create & maintain your website.

They also have a ton of tutorial Bluehost videos on youtube to help with things like WordPress setup and installation for new users. These are really great especially for beginners who don’t have any experience creating websites online.

Any Bluehost Complaints? 

Keep in mind that in our Bluehost Reviews I will give you the good, bad and the ugly. What does this mean? I won’t hold anything back. I know that it hasn’t been the case for everyone, however it’s possible that you have had problems with Bluehost if you are reading review.

Although I mentioned that my personal experience was positive with Bluehost customer service, you will find some Bluehost complaints online on sites like

Also, if you glance at respected websites like, you will see that their profile reflects a 3.2 rating out of 5 stars. There people have complained about the web hosting, billing issues, downtime, and customer support.

However, when you look at the Bluehost BBB report, they have maintained an A+ rating although they do have complaints by clients. These are just a few of the reputable places online where you find Bluehost reviews complaints. What problems with Bluehost have you had personally? Let me know below in the comments area. I would love to hear your feedback.

How do I view online reviews and complaints?

As a blogger & website owner, you should know that EVERY company will generate some sort of complaint from customers. That simply comes with the playing field and is something that is to be expected. You can research ANY COMPANY online that you have purchased products or services from and you WILL see complaints or things that customers didn’t like about the company.

Web hosting is no different. However, I think it’s important to consider the size of the company when comparing the complaints. The truth is that every web hosting company has had some customer complaints or problems. You don’t have to look too hard to prove this. Simply google in a separate tab for example keywords like “xyz company + complaints”, etc and see what pops up in search results.

If you are looking hard for Bluehost complaints, then you will find them. If you are looking hard for the good experiences that others have had using Bluehost web hosting, you will find these also.

The lesson? EVERY web host has someone who doesn’t like something that they do or supposedly did. Although I like using Bluehost web hosting services and never had any issues with them, they are included under this umbrella.

Bluehost Reviews Complaints 2022 – Any Bluehost Competitors?

Although Bluehost is a great and rated #1 recommended host for WordPress, there are many Bluehost competitors and alternatives that may give them a run for their money. Take a look at some of their Bluehost competitors: (Click to visit the official websites below for more information on these non-EIG providers)

Hostinger is probably one of the cheapest web hosting providers that you will find online with excellent customer support. This very blog is hosted on Hostinger and I have been using them for about 5 years. They have web hosting plans with a discount of up to 90% OFF today! Plans start at only $0.99.

(Visit Hostinger Official Website for Up to 90% OFF Here)

Dreamhost is another great WordPress hosting provider that has been since 1997. They have really great performance, security and excellent customer support. Their web hosting starts at only $2.59/month and they offer a 97 day money back guarantee! 

(Visit Dreamhost Official Website Here)

Namecheap is another Bluehost competitor that is known primarily for their cheap domain names. It’s is true that Bluehost will give you a FREE domain for year, they have nothing on Namecheap deals. In fact for domain name purchase, you will free domain privacy protection. Bluehost offers it also, but they charge for it.

Namecheap web hosting starts at only $2.88/month

(Visit Namecheap Official Website Here)

A2 Hosting is known primarily for the turbo speed servers and they really do live up to their name. I have been using their Drive hosting plan and really love their great customer support. Their web hosting plans starts at only $2.99/month

(Visit A2 Hosting Official Website For 66% OFF Here)

Siteground  is another Bluehost alternatives that comes HIGHLY recommended by due to its performance. The HUGE difference is that Siteground actually more reliable with fast page loads, security, and excellent customer support. They have a Startup, Growbig and Gogeek hosting plans. Beginner plan starts at only $6.99/month

(Visit Siteground Official Website For 60% OFF Here)

Cloudways is a cloud based managed hosting provider that starts at $10/month and offers a FREE Trial. They are really great for more experienced users online who already know how to build websites. They also excellent customer support for users.

(Visit Cloudways Official Website Here)

As you can see above, there are many Bluehost competitors that provide similar features and perks. You can discover more about by clicking the “visit official website” link above.

Hostinger is a small web host that will save you some money that starts at only $0.99/month. They have good customer service and easy setup. For more details on how to start your website using Hostinger, visit here at

Why Choose Bluehost Web Hosting?

Despite their web hosting competitors, I personally love Bluehost because they are great for beginners to create websites. Also, they are recommended by as the one of the top 3 web hosting providers to create websites with!

Wrapping Up this Bluehost Reviews Complaints 2022..

Bluehost is a very reliable, reputable and dependable web hosting company servicing over 2 MILLION websites. I would not discredit them simply because they have complaints by customers online. All web hosting providers including non-EIG companies have complaints.

Bluehost hosting plans come with a 30 money back guarantee with 99.9% uptime. When you take a look at the $2.95/month basic plan this is really affordable for all budgets. Although the prime hosting comes with all the perks and gives more for your buck, the basic plan is great if you only need to main 1 domain.

Anyway, all of their plans offer really good value and the site building features that make it simple to easily create websites for beginners.

Well, I think that’s enough info to handle for our Bluehost Reviews Complaints 2022. I hope that have you enjoyed what I dished out to you today.

Now it’s your turn, what are your thoughts on Bluehost web hosting? What type of site do you have or want to build? Are you looking to migrate your website? Have you ever used Bluehost before today? If so, what are your thoughts? Comments below please and don’t forget to share!