Bluehost WordPress Pro Review 2020: Good Managed WordPress Hosting or Not?


When it comes to finding WordPress hosting, Bluehost is definitely on our list. However, how is their new Bluehost WordPress Pro Managed Hosting? Read this Bluehost WordPress Pro Review first to see what I think about using them! If you don’t, you will regret it later!

Bluehost WordPress Pro Review


Disclaimer: This page has affiliate links. If used, learnanet may receive a modest referral. This doesn’t affect your purchase at all, rather gives you a discount on your Bluehost WP Pro hosting. This also lets me buy my favorite peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.

Millions of new entrepreneurs and small business owners just like YOU every month are looking for ways to get online. Being that WordPress doesn’t require any experience with html or coding it’s great for beginners online. However, according to some web hosting stats, there are literally THOUSANDS of web hosting services online. This might make it hard or somewhat of a challenge to find one that is really dependable, trustworthy with great customer support.

I have been using Bluehost for some time being they allow you create multiple websites. So I decided to write this Bluehost WordPress Pro review to show you what I think about them. Although there are many Bluehost reviews online, this one will give you the good bad and ugly that you MUST know BEFORE getting started.

What To Expect With This Bluehost WordPress Pro Hosting Review?

Today, we will talk briefly about the company, their WordPress hosting plans, uptime performance, customer support, and what makes Bluehost unique. Hopefully with this info you will know what to expect before starting to create your WordPress website today.

Bluehost WordPress Pro Hosting Review: The Company

Bluehost at has been around for 20+ years offering web hosting services online. In fact, there are not too many places that you will go online and not hear something about Bluehost online.

They are personally recognized for their high WordPress performance by Also, they have pretty great 24/7 customer support that is very helpful for creating websites online.


Bluehost WordPress Pro Review

Which Bluehost WP Pro WordPress Hosting Plan Is Best For You?

I must tell you that this is one decision that YOU and only YOU can make today. If you are a beginner online with Bluehost I think that you should get started with the plan that fits your budget. The Build plan would be great. Then of course later you can easily scale up when you are ready and have a need for more resources.

I have had a Bluehost account for a couple of years and really love using them. The Build hosting plan normally goes for $29.99/month, but today you can get it for only $19.99/month. This is the best hosting plan for newbies online.

Some Additional Features:

  • Get a FREE domain name
  • Can add multiple domains and create unlimited websites with unlimited domains
  • Get unlimited web storage
  • WP Auto Updates
  • Spam Protection
  • Get verified on Google My Business
  • Instant Installation of WordPress
  • SSD Disk Space
  • FREE CDN for fast page loads and speeds
  • Use a Staging Environment to test your website BEFORE publishing it live
  • Website Builders
  • Reliable Fast Hosting
  • cPanel
  • $200 in marketing credits [Google & Bing Ads]
  • Easy to Use for Beginners & Advanced
  • Domain Privacy Protection 

Note: You can use the $200 in marketing credits for Google & Bing Ads. They are great for beginners to use to setup campaigns to drive targeted web traffic to websites. You can do the same to promote your business website or brand online.

How Is Bluehost WP Pro Security?

This is a very important area of your website that you should know about. Why? If you have a web hosting with great 24/7 security, then it will protect your websites from malware, DDos attacks, data breaches, and other cyber intrusions. This is something that you should expect with Managed WordPress hosting providers and Bluehost WP Pro does an awesome job in this area.

You should also know that Google’s blog mentioned in 2018 talked about how important it is to have SSL certificates for websites. Why should you have them?

One, they are really especially if you want to create websites that accept debit/credit card or sell products. Second, Google will not flag your website as unsecure. Also they will help to increase SEO rankings which in turn will boost your page views.

The great thing that I love about Bluehost WP Pro is that they already have you covered in this area. You will get FREE SSL certificates with your WordPress websites online. So if you want to create eCommerce stores or websites that sell products online, then will again reassure your clients that their credit card info is secure and info encrypted.

Bluehost Refund Policy

When you look online you will notice that most web hosting services offer a 30 day money back guarantee. This is quite standard in the industry and what you can expect. In fact, some of the best WordPress hosting like WPX Hosting, Kinsta, GreenGeeks, Flywheel, Javapipe, and Siteground, and A2 Hosting all offer 30 day money back guarantees to clients.

Bluehost offers a 30 day refund policy on their WP Pro WordPress hosting. 

However, just to be fair and transparent in this Bluehost WP Pro Review some of Bluehost competitors have longer money back guarantees policies. 

For example, Hostgator offers clients a 45 day money back guarantee.

Some other WordPress hosting providers like Pressidium and Hostwinds offer a 60 day money back guarantee. 

Inmotion hosting gives you a 90 day while Dreamhost offers a 97 day money back guarantee. 

However, one host that beats them all in this area is Mochahost who knocks them out with a 180 day refund policy!  

Why do I share all of these Bluehost competitors with you in this Bluehost WordPress Pro Review today? The reason is simple. I LOVE using Bluehost, but I also want to be honest and give you the good, bad and ugly. This will help you to see where Bluehost excels or falls short in some areas.  But overall, I know that Bluehost is an awesome web hosting for newbies online and definitely worth getting started with them today. 

Something to Know About Bluehost

If you currently host with another provider and want to migrate it, you should know that Bluehost has FREE and PAID Site Migrations [$149 USD]

This is the only thing that I don’t like about Bluehost in general. However, this in itself is NOT a game change being there are web hosting providers that don’t offer it either such as Hostinger and Dreamhost referenced above. FREE or not, site migrations are easy and can be done manually by yourself with great WordPress plugins to move your data, files, etc.

Again, I mention this point today in the event you currently host with another web hosting provider that you hate and want to leave. 

How is Bluehost Uptime Performance?

When it comes to reliability, uptime performance can make or break your business online. Thankfully Bluehost has great server performance and maintains an average of 99.98% or better which is great. 

Why should you be concerned about your uptime performance? When potential clients Google using terms that you are competing for, if your website is DOWN or unavailable when they click it likely they will abandon your website. This means that you just lost a customer or potential sale and they will go to your competition.

Bluehost WordPress Pro Review

Bluehost WordPress Pro Review

When you really consider what I am saying, then you will recognize why uptime is important.

However consider this also. Today you searched online for a good Bluehost WordPress Pro Review wanting to know more about Bluehost WP Pro hosting. Thankfully you made it to my site and are reading this review. The mere fact that you made it here and are still here is proof that uptime performance is important. If this website was under maintenance, offline or simply unavailable, you would have left and gone to then next Google search engine result, right? Of course! But obviously that didn’t happen and you here reading this Bluehost WP Pro Review.

Let me tell you something that you may or may not know about web hosting and how it affects your SEO rankings. This is something simple that I learned some time back that I am glad I understand. It’s a little small secret, so don’t tell anybody. It’s between me and you and these cyber walls.

When an awesome person like YOU clicks on X website and then decides to leave quickly, this sends a quick signal to my good ole friend Google that X website is not so hot. It basically tells our friend Google that your website is not the right fit for a specific keyword or keyword phrase searched.

How does this affect your website? Your website will lower in the search engines which in turns plummets your page views and essentially potential sales.

Why do I share this with you in my Bluehost WordPress Pro Review? Because when you have an awesome web hosting provider with super duper reliable uptime performance like Bluehost, then you are ahead of the game.

This is why I recommend signing up here with Bluehost not only because it’s recommended by, but also due to their uptime performance. Your uptime performance DOES matter and really makes or breaks your brand online.

Bluehost WordPress Pro Review

Should You Use Bluehost WP Pro To Create a Blog, Website, or eCommerce Store?

Absolutely! However, let me tell you outright that the purpose of this Bluehost WP Pro Managed WordPress Hosting Review is not to tell you what to do. What I am saying is that I am not here to CONVINCE you about how awesome Bluehost WP Pro is. You are an adult and can decide for yourself. I, along with MILLIONS of other entrepreneurs, bloggers, and small business owners are recognize how good their are for creating websites online.

To convince yourself of this, it would great if you just get started right now creating your website. They have a 30 day money back guarantee so you have NOTHING to lose!

Bluehost web hosting has been around for 20+ years and has very knowledgeable 24/7 customer support that is FAST!

There are not too many other web hosting providers online that have higher uptime performance. The only exception is Liquid Web which pushes 100% uptime guarantees.

You can get 33% OFF Liquid Web today by clicking here!

Also, I love that Bluehost has domain privacy protection which will protect your domain and personal info such as name, phone number, email, physical address from hackers and spammers that access the whois directory.

If you don’t know what the whois directory is, it is basically like the whitepages for websites. Having this protection prevents unsolicited sales phones calls or spam related emails.

Web hosting providers like Godaddy charge for this protection, but you can get it with Bluehost. Bluehost is a better Godaddy alternative to use for creating websites. Bluehost gives you a FREE domain whereas Godaddy does not. Enough about Godaddy.

Get started right now with Bluehost here at!

Bluehost WordPress Pro Review 2020 Conclusion

Bluehost WP Pro is an awesome web hosting platform that is really affordable to use for creating your WordPress websites online today. Bluehost has 24/7 phone, email and chat support in the even you have any questions or need help along the way. They also have really great security to protect your websites online and all of off the tools to start building today.

Bluehost is currently providing web hosting to over 2,000,000 people. The question is…will you get started today?

After reading this Bluehost WordPress Pro Review, what do you think? Which of the Bluehost WP Pro Managed WordPress  hosting plans will be best for you? Will you get started today with the Build, Grow or Scale plan?  Let me below in the comments area.