FastComet Affiliate Program Review 2022: Make $200/Sale Really? Read This First!

If you guys are checking out this FastComet affiliate program review, then likely you want to know if affiliate marketers can really make up to $200 per referral with this cat or not? Or maybe you want to know if FastComet web hosting plans are really the best for beginners online to create websites? If you answered YES to any of these questions, then sit back and relax because this FastComet affiliate program review will knock your socks off!

I think that the FastComet affiliate program is one of the hottest affiliate marketing programs online that you will find. To discover why I say this, keep reading this FastComet affiliate program review to the very end or you might SMACK your later!

Disclaimer: You should know that this post has affiliate links. This means that if you make a purchase using these, I may receive a modest commission. This doesn’t affect your purchase at all, rather lets me eat my favorite peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. No income claims are made.

fastcomet affiliate program review

What To Expect in This FastComet Affiliate Program Review

Hey in today’s review of FastComet Affiliate Program I will go what I think about them, how much does FastComet pay affiliates, and some practical methods to make money with promoting FastComet. This will be an in depth review that will explain everything that beginners need to know before getting starting.

Unlike other FastComet reviews online, this one here will NOT have any hype in it nor make any out of this world claims about money making. This will help you make a firm decision decision about using FastComet. Ready to start? Okay, let’s dive in..

How I Heard About FastComet Web Hosting

I came across their FastComet hosting some time ago from a Youtube video I saw. To be honest, I didn’t really think too much about them initially being I have tried several of the best web hosting providers over the years & had different experiences.

Some time passed and I was exposed to them again, so I decided to look into what they offered and I’m glad that I did!

Something that really impressed me about their hosting is how affordable it is for all pockets. Also, another impressive thing was their amazing customer support, uptime performance and all of the security measures that they have in place to protect websites online.

Of course, when you try something that you love, then you must share it with others. To be honest, I can’t say this about every web hosting service. As a result of my great experience, I decided to join the FastComet affiliate program.

How To Get Started With FastComet Affiliate Program

No doubt there are many ways that you can go about promoting the FastComet affiliate program and hosting plans to others.

The first step is to get started with their program by going to very bottom of the FastComet website here at You will then see a link for the “affiliate program“. Now after you set up your free account today, then it’s just a matter of starting to share their web hosting with others.

Now if you are new to affiliate marketing, then there are some basic things that you need to know. As a FastComet affiliate you will have access to free affiliate links and banners that can be used to promote their cloud hosting online. Whenever someone makes a purchase using your links, then you get paid! That simple.

Something else that you should know is that FastComet cloud hosting plans are super affordable for beginners. This along with all of the tools, resources and value packed in them makes it easier to promote online.

Their shared hosting starts at only $3.48/month for FastCloud plan, $5.28/month for FastCloud Plus and $6.98/month for FastCloud Extra plan.

I decided to get their 2nd tier FastCloud Plus hosting plan being it allows you to add multiple domains to create multiple websites online. I love this plan and I think it’s great for those that are serious about doing affiliate marketing or want to take their online business to the next level.

Keep reading this FastComet affiliate program review to see some great ways to promote them online.

How Much Does FastComet Pay Affiliates?

Fastcomets affiliate payouts start at $50 for 1-5 sales referred. However, as you can see with this graph below, the more sales that you can send, the more money you can make with FastComet affiliate program.

For example, if you can send 20 or more sales, then the FastComet affiliate payouts increase to $125 for shared hosting, $150 for VPS hosting and $200/sale for their Dedicated hosting.

fastcomet affiliate program review

Now this is amazing and surely you can see a huge potential earnings if you hit it hard.

Although this is not the highest paying web hosting affiliate program, I highly recommend it to add additional streams of income to your blog or website.

Something that you need to learn is how to market your business online. One great way successful affiliate marketers promote online is by writing FastComet reviews.  To do this the honest way, I recommend that you tryout their web hosting services FIRST that way you can write about your experience using them. This is not required to join their affiliate program, however will increase your conversion rates for sales online.

When you write a FastComet review, you should focus on perhaps one type of FastComet hosting that they offer and use long tail keywords to promote it. For example, there are shared, cloud, VPS and Dedicated hosting plans. This will increase your SEO, pageviews and drive targeted visitors to your personal FastComet website. Of course, all of the clicks and sales generated from your affiliate links and banners can be viewed in your FastComet affiliate dashboard.


fastcomet affiliate program review

fastcomet affiliate program review

Something I wanted to highlight in this FastComet affiliate program review is that they allow you to set tracking codes for sales. This is good for any affiliate marketer, but for this I always prefer using an external url shortner to track for any affiliate program links. The one that I recommend that you checkout is ClickMeter.

Benefits of Using ClickMeter While Promoting FastComet Web Hosting:

  • Used By Over 100,000 Big & Small Businesses
  • Custom your links with your domain names
  • Get 99.99% Uptime Performance [Amazon AWS Servers Hosts ClickMeter Links]
  • Cloak Affiliate Links to Protect Commissions
  • Lets You Run Split Tests
  • Tract Sales Conversions
  • Use Vanity Links that increase SEO
  • Helps To Boost Sales & Commissions
  • Tract Sales Conversions

amazing Tracking Tool for Affiliate Marketers

FREE Ways To Promote FastComet

Another thing that I wanted to mention in this FastComet affiliate program review is that you can use video marketing such as Youtube. There are several ways how to make money on Youtube with affiliate marketing & by promoting FastComet web hosting.

You can also do FastComet reviews on video that will drive tons of FREE traffic from Youtube. When you create videos about their shared, cloud, VPS or Dedicated hosting these can appear within minutes in the search engines like Google, Yahoo & Bing. When people watch your videos and click on your affiliate links in the description, then you make money when they make a purchase.

Other FREE ways that some affiliate marketers overlook are social media platforms like Quora, Reddit, Facebook and Instagram. To help you to appreciate in this FastComet affiliate program review the true power of social media, I want you to think about something.

According to some interesting Quora statistics and facts, the platform is getting an upwards of 300 million unique visitors since the end of 2020. Why do these stats matter? This is FREE web traffic that you don’t have to pay for.

People ask questions about everything that you can imagine. People want to know what is the best cloud hosting? What is the best web hosting provider? You can answer these questions and then hyperlink your FastComet affiliate link with a url shortner like ClickMeter so that people can checkout their web hosting.

If you want to learn more how to make 6-Figure Side Income with affiliate marketing online, I recommend checking this FREE TRAINING HERE!

Things To Remember When Promoting FastComet Affiliate Program

There are several things that you should remember that I wanted to highlight in this FastComet affiliate program review. These things pretty much apply to ANY affiliate program online that you may want to join and promote.

According to their affiliate terms, must have a Paypal account to participate in their programs. This is how FastComet affiliate payouts are issued each month.  You must wait until after 45 days of the sale being generated before it is approved. The reason for this is because customers receive a 45 day money back guarantee on their web hosting packages purchased.

When you purchase a domain name for a website, it can not have any trademarks or misspellings in it. Also, although you can use PPC marketing such as Google and Bing Ads, it is prohibited to bid on trademark terms or misspellings of these.

I love to use PPC marketing to send targeted web traffic within minutes to landing pages, however I prefer us to long tail or lsi keywords. These are the keywords that always appear at the end of your Google search results.

Also I like to write content based on questions people ask on Google.

For example, you are an affiliate marketer looking for a good affiliate program to make money, right? What types of things are people thinking about? See a quick example below.

fastcomet affiliate program review


fastcomet affiliate program review

You can use this same tactic to promote FastComet web hosting by thinking about keywords that people would like type or ask Google.

Again, these expressions can be centered around shared hosting, cloud hosting, VPS & Dedicated hosting. Notice that people questions like “Is FastComet good for WordPress? How to create a website on FastComet? etc. You can write content to answer their questions and then get ranked high in Google just like my blog

fastcomet affiliate program review

fastcomet affiliate review

Should You Use FastComet Web Hosting Personally Or Not?

Absolutely!! However, let me tell that here to CONVINCE you in this FastComet affiliate program review.

What I recommend that you do IF you are 100% serious is to create a website or blog using their web hosting. This way you can provide it to yourself and be convinced of the true value that they have when talking to others. Again, they do have a 45 day money back guarantee.

I must say that I can’t guarantee that you will make money sharing FastComet web hosting with others as this will depend on your own personal efforts and conversions. No one can guarantee this.

No doubt one of things that matters most to the majority of people in addition to affordability is customer support. With web hosting starting at $3.48 this is super cheap and great for all beginners online. There are nearly 1,400 FastComet reviews on Trustpilot where users rate them with a 4.6 out of 5 stars. They have excellent customer support & reputation online. You can mentioned these things also in your video or FastComet review on your blog,

FastComet Affiliate Program Alternatives

The FastComet affiliate program is amazing for affiliate marketers to join and make money online.

I mentioned earlier how the Liquid Web affiliate program pays up to $7,000 per sale. However, there are several other alternatives to FastComet that you could add to your portfolio such as:

FastComet Affiliate Program Review Conclusion

I know that you wanted to know more about how to make money with the FastComet affiliate program. For reason I put together this FastComet affiliate review for your benefit.

They have excellent customer, affordable web hosting with great uptime performance and security.

Although it’s not required, I HIGHLY recommend the new affiliates signup FIRST with FastComet web hosting before promoting them. Remember that they have a 45 day money back guarantee. If you do this, then you can convince yourself of how reliable and great their cloud hosting services are over their competitors.

Thereafter you can then start writing some awesome FastComet reviews on your blog and drive web traffic just I have done on this WordPress blog.

If you need help to learn SEO and affiliate marketing like professionals, then I recommend you take advantage of some FREE affiliate marketing training below.

After reading this FastComet affiliate program review today, will you add them to your portfolio? Which method will you to promote their web hosting online?

Accuwebhosting Affiliate Program Review 2021: Make $200/Sale Really? Read this First!

If you are reading this Accuwebhosting affiliate program review, you are likely wondering if you can really make some money with this web hosting affiliate program or not? Or if the Accuwebhosting plans are really the fastest hosting as they claim or not? If you want to know the truth, then sit back and relax because this Accuwebhosting affiliate program review will knock your socks off!

The Accuwebhosting affiliate program is one of many web hosting affiliate programs out there. In fact, with this affiliate program you could potentially make up to $200/referral! To discover how, keep reading this Accuwebhosting affiliate program review until the end to see why.

Disclosure: This page contains affiliate links. When clicked and a purchase is made, the owner of this will receive a commission. You can get the best discount by clicking on them and it let’s me make my favorite peanut butter & jelly sandwiches. Also no income guarantees are made. Results will depend on personal effects. 

What to Expect in This Accuwebhosting Affiliate Program Review

In this Review of Accuwebhosting Affiliate Program I will tell you about my personal experience that I have had with them, what I really think about them, how much does Accuwebhosting pay affiliates, and some practice ways you can make some extra money with Accuwebhosting.

Also, in this Accuwebhosting review, you won’t get any hype here. Just some straight info that you need to make a good decision before getting started…

Some months ago, I was looking for another stream of income to monetize my website and decided to take a look at some other web hosting affiliate programs. If you don’t know what is affiliate marketing, it’s simply a way that allows you to promote products or services on your site in exchange for a commission or sale. As an affiliate, you become the “middleguy or girl” between the publisher and the consumer if this makes sense to you.

There are tons of web hosting affiliate programs, however I decided to look into the Accuwebhosting affiliate program. This decision was based mostly on an email I received about Accuwebhosting affiliate payouts and their low web hosting plans. Obviously there are tons of web hosting affiliate programs online and this is another that you can add to your portfolio as another stream of income. 

 How To Promote Accuwebhosting Affiliate Program?

There are several ways that you can promote the Accuwebhosting affiliate program and web hosting services. I will give a few simple ways to consider today. 

Once you sign up for their program at the top right corner of the Accuwebhosting website at you will see a link for “affiliate program“. After creating your free account, then it’s time to put the pedal to the metal.

The great thing about Accuwebhosting is that they do provide you with Accuwebhosting affiliate referral links and banners to promote. Most web hosting providers due provider their affiliates with marketing tools of some sort as a starting point. 

Accuwebhosting WordPress plans normally start at only $2.99/month for Personal plan, $9.99/month for Small Business and $199/month for the WordPress Enterprise + VPS and $549/month for WordPress Scale + VPS plan.

For more on plans, checkout this Accuwebhosting WordPress review. In that review you will learn more about the hosting plans and see a step-by-step tutorial then show beginners how to install WordPress using Softaculous.

With the Accuwebhosting affiliate program, affiliates have the potential of making up to $200/new customer signup! This is not the highest paying web hosting affiliate program that I’ve see, but it’s a nice one to add as an additional income stream for your blog or website for beginners!

When it comes to promoting Accuwebhosting I recommend that you create some Accuwebhosting reviews based on your personal experience using their services. Why? The affiliate marketers who have the most success and conversions are those who actually use the products. I want you to marinate on that for a quick second.

Think about the last time someone recommended a product or service to you. Perhaps they told you about what they liked most about it and how it changed their lives. This is also true when you share Accuwebhosting services with others. People follow people, not just products. So as an affiliate, it’s important to try them out to be able to share your experience with others. 

Of course they have WordPress hosting, VPS Hosting, Windows hosting, Dedicated, Cloud & Reseller hosting. You can do this by starting a website today with one of their web hosting and then write content to drive targeted traffic. What do I mean by driving target traffic? 

If you are a beginner online, then you need to learn SEO and how to market your business online. You made it here to my blog due to my awesome SEO and the use of what I call long tail keywords. What are they? An example of a long tail keyword is “accuwebhosting affiliate program review“. This is likely what you searched for to find this blog in the search engines. When you start to market online, it will helpful for you to also use these terms as they are more targeted for your audience. You can use long tail keywords centered around different types of web hosting services that Accuwebhosting offers that people are looking for online to create websites.

Think about your market and who would be looking to use a web hosting like Accuwebhosting. You will be marketing to beginners online who want to build websites on tight budget for cheap or to those who want to migrate to another host..

There are tons of people who are not content with their current web hosting providers. Perhaps they have experienced many problems with customer support, downtime and costs and would like to make a change today. Millions of people search for affordable web hosting services everyday and are looking for a reliable service like Accuwebhosting. As an Accuwebhosting affiliate, you can share and promote it on your website and get PAID for it!

Being that Accuwebhosting provides FREE site migrations, these are ideal for entrepreneurs who would like to make an easy transition to a new platform.

You can start blogging right now or create Youtube videos online to also drive target traffic to your affiliate links and banners provided by the company in your dashboard. I do this also with my Youtube channel and I get tons of clicks and conversations. So I recommend that you do the same if you really want to make some good money with the Accuwebhosting affiliate program. 

Think for a moment about the real power of SEO and how you made it here to read this Accuwebhosting affiliate program review today. There are many other ways to promote Accuwebhosting online, but these are some simple ones that you can apply today. 

If you have not created a website using Accuwebhosting already, then I highly recommend that you do so today to really see if you can stand behind their affiliate program.

How Much Can You Really Make With Accuwebhosting Affiliate Payout?

The real breakdown of the Accuwebhosting affiliate payout is as follows for shared hosting packages:

  • 1-10 sales: $25/sale
  • 11-20 sales:$40/sale
  • 21-30 sales:$50/sale
  • 31+= $65/sale

However, you can also see the affiliate payouts for other products sold such as the Reseller, VPS and Dedicated Server hosting.

accuwebhosting affiliate program review

So by this you can see the real potential that you could make with promoting the Accuwebhosting affiliate program.

But let me be real with you for a second…

Of course, with ANY affiliate program there are NO GUARANTEES. Remember that any sales generated will be solely dependent on your own personal marketing efforts.

In my opinion, the payouts of the Accuwebhosting affiliate program are much higher when comparing them to other competitors such the iPage, Dreamhost, Bluehost, Hostinger, or SiteGround affiliate program.

NOTE: If you are looking for a way to make “passive income” or even earn residuals with your blog, then I recommend looking at the Cloudways affiliate program. With Cloudways hosting, they even had a FREE trial on their hosting & when you promote them, you could make up to $200/sale!

The highest paying web hosting affiliate program that beats them all is the Liquid affiliate program. It can payout up to $7,000!

On any note, I highly recommend that if you get started with the Accuwebhosting affiliate program or ANY affiliate program that it’s extremely important to track your clicks and conversions.

The truth is that if you don’t track your affiliate links and traffic sources online, then you will not know if your marketing is really working or not. That’s why I know that my marketing works and the suggestions that I give you today will definitely work for YOU!

One awesome way to track your affiliate marketing clicks and conversions that I highly recommend is using ClickMeter

There are several other ways that you can make money promoting Accuwebhosting web hosting plans. As mentioned briefly earlier, blogging, email marketing, solo ads, lead capture pages, placing banner ads on sites with high traffic, video marketing, and more. 

However, rather than bore you with a boat load of marketing tips, I will tell you in this Accuwebhosting affiliate program review exactly what to do to make money with this program! I thought I would run a test campaign using my blog to see if the Accuwebhosting affiliate program was legit or not. I decided to run a marketing campaign for a specific article on another site to determine if it could be used to monetize my other websites.

It is true that you can make money blogging about this, however I thought I would set up a quick campaign online to drive traffic to one post on another site. While using some long tail keywords, I was able to get a 50% conversion on the 2 first clicks received. Not typical. 

Things To Keep Mind When Promoting Accuwebhosting Affiliate Program

Now, let’s be real. Marketing can be expensive if you don’t know what you are doing. What I learned by this small test convinced me that the Accuwebhosting affiliate program is 100% legit and is not a scam. But there are some things that concern me…

Some people ask..when does Accuwebhosting pay affiliates?

Although highlighted briefly above, before you join, you should know that according to the Accuwebhosting affiliate terms, an Accuwebhosting affiliate gets paid on the 1 of the month via the Paypal on file. However, the affiliate must reach a $200 threshold first in commissions before the monthly payout. I think this threshold is a lot higher than most competitors online who normally payout at $50.

Also being that Accuwebhosting offers a 30 day money back guarantee on their services to clients, the client MUST remain for 90 days prior to your commissions being approved. Something else that I noticed is that per their terms & agreement, once the withdrawal request is placed, you will receive the commission 80-90 days to your Paypal. This is way too long wait for affiliates in my opinion! 

Dreamhost has a 97 day wait being they offer their clients a 97 money back guarantee. However, they automatically pay their affiliates and there is no addition waiting for commission.  

Being that Accuwebhosting pays affiliates for their website traffic referred even if the visitor doesn’t buy web hosting, you can’t use any paid traffic to your affiliate links or traffic exchanges. However, if you send traffic to a blog post, this is different. Also, be aware of not bidding on any trademark terms even the misspelled ones. This is expected with most web hosting affiliate programs online.

I have been generating commissions with several web hosting providers online so I thought these were just some things to highlight in this Accuwebhosting affiliate program review that you should know.

[NOTE: SiteGround affiliate program has a weekly payout of $50/referral with no threshold]

Also, you should know that it’s against their affiliate program agreement to bid on trademark or misspelled terms in your PPC marketing nor use these in domain names. If you use these, you may lose your commissions and no longer be able to participate in the Accuwebhosting affiliate program. This is typical for just about ANY web hosting affiliate program online that I have seen. So please abide by this and you should be okay.

Also, it is important to have a disclaimer page and always list your disclaimer in posts and outlets that you use to promote Accuwebhosting. This is in accordance with FTC. See my disclaimer page. I also found a page the reviews commonly asked affiliate questions

Should You Use Accuwebhosting Services Personally Or Not?

accuwebhosting affiliate program review

This is completely up to you. Please understand that I am not here to CONVINCE you in this Accuwebhosting Affiliate Program Review. If you sign up with Accuwebhosting and create a website today, you can experience their WordPress web hosting for yourself! They are pretty cheap for their Personal WordPress plan at only $2.99/month and worth a try. 

Let’s be real and state that I, nor anyone on this planet can guarantee that you WILL personally make money promoting Accuwebhosting plans. It’s probably more accurate to state that nobody can guarantee that you will make money with ANY program online for that matter. I just want to be honest as I am with all of my reviews.

They do have some decent web hosting and a lot of feedback and reviews from people just like me and you that have tried them. But again your earnings and commissions will be solely dependent on YOUR personal SEO efforts and marketing strategies. If you need help let me know below.

What I can say is that if you have a blog or website with lots of targeted traffic like my websites, then this is a great benefit for you.

However, if you are new to affiliate marketing, then you need to learn SEO & how to advertise using various methods to get the most exposure everything that breath to your Accuwebhosting referral links, banners and lead capture pages if any.

Accuwebhosting Affiliate Program Review Conclusion

I hope that this review of the Accuwebhosting affiliate program helps you to make a rock solid decision about promoting it or not.

They are a very reputable provider with reliable web hosting services. They are definitely worth your time if you would like to supplement your blog’s income:)

But I must say that Accuwebhosting doesn’t have one of the highest paying web hosting affiliate programs online. In my opinion for the price point in comparison with many of its competitors, they pay LESS for web hosting plans. 

For example, they only payout $25/shared hosting account referred whereas most competitors payout AT LEAST $50 for the same price points on shared hosting. So this is something to consider before jumping on board. Also, most Accuwebhosting competitors make you make 30 days before payout versus 90 days. 

To get the absolute most out of the Accuwebhosting affiliate program, I recommend that new affiliates sign up FIRST with Accuwebhosting to see for yourself how fast and reliable their service is. This way it will be easier for you to share it with others & then start promoting your affiliate links and banners to make some extra money with your site.

Don’t worry, they have a 30 money back guarantee on their web hosting! Accuwebhosting has nice customer support, uptime and marketing tools in their cPanel to get your website online fast. It’s really easy to build websites online with WordPress using their platform.

So after reading this Accuwebhosting affiliate program review, what do you think? Do you think that Accuwebhosting will be a nice stream of income for you or not?

Your comments below please:)





Scala Hosting Affiliate Program Review 2021: How Does Scala Hosting Affiliate Program Work?

Wondering how does Scala hosting affiliate program work? Wondering if it’s a good additional income stream for bloggers or not? Is Scala Hosting good web hosting or not? If you are scratching your head asking yourself these questions, then you better keep reading this Scala hosting affiliate program review! Believe it or not, this is a question that I asked myself also.

Scala Hosting just like most web hosting providers online that you will find have affiliate programs. What is a web hosting affiliate program? A web hosting affiliate program is basically where the provider will pay you a sale or commission of each new client you refer to them. On their website, they detail how does Scala Hosting affiliate program works and how you start making money from home. But something that is really good is that you will have access to marketing tools, banners, and affiliate links to help you promote.

scala hosting affiliate program review

Disclaimer: This page has affiliate links. When clicked and a purchase is made, the owner of this website will receive a modest commission. No income claims are made. Income is dependent on personal efforts.

Why I am reviewing how does Scala Hosting affiliate program work today?

  • I am an affiliate of the Scala Hosting affiliate program.
  • I have made money online promoting their web hosting and I would like to help you do the same.
  • I also would like to share some things that I learned promoting the Scala Hosting affiliate program.

What to Expect in This Scala Hosting Affiliate Program Review

Today, in this review of Scala hosting affiliate program you will learn about my personal experience using their web hosting services. Also, you will learn about how does the Scala hosting affiliate program work, and finally some proven ways to promote them.

Don’t worry. I will not hype you up with any crazy money claims in this Scala hosting affiliate review. What you get here is some straight up honest info that you will confirm if Scala hosting services are for you or not.

However, before you get started with the Scala hosting affiliate program, let’s go over first how their web hosting services will benefit you and your audience.

Scala Hosting Plans

I have been using Scala hosting services and I must say that they are super affordable and reliable. I am sure that you will love using their web hosting also when you get started today.

There are 4 hosting packages that you can select from: Mini, Start, Advanced and Managed VPS.

If you are beginner online and just to create 1 website, blog or eCommerce store, then their Mini plan should be all you need. But if you are like me and would like add multiple domains to build unlimited websites, then you scale up to either Start, Advanced or Managed VPS.

I am currently using their Advanced hosting plan. The cool thing that I love about all of their web hosting plans is that they allow you to do a 1 Month Trial for only $0.99! This is great to allow you to test out their services first today.

scala hosting affiliate program review


Click Here Now to Get 33% OFF Scala Hosting! 

Before I decided to write this Scala hosting affiliate program review, I got their Advanced plan to checkout the performance. Being I was really happy with the results, I decided to start sharing their web hosting services with other entrepreneurs to them create websites online.

How Does Scala Hosting Affiliate Program Work?

If you are a newbie to Scala hosting and have never promoted a web hosting affiliate program, they all work pretty much the same way. As an affiliate, every time you share your web hosting banners and links and someone buys using them, then you get a commission. That’s affiliate marketing in a nutshell.

You can get started for FREE with Scala Hosting affiliate program on their official website, or via Shareasale platform. You will receive marketing tools to promote them online. As mentioned earlier, they provide you with affiliate links and banners that you can hyperlink or embed on your website or blog.

Your Scala Hosting affiliate link will look something like this:

My affiliate link is

If you signup through the Shareasale platform, then your Scala hosting affiliate link will look a bit longer. Being that all of the affiliate links at Shareasale are longer, I prefer to use bitly to shorten them for promotion.

The xxxx in the link would be your username that is used to track all of your referrals and sales that you send to Scala Hosting. A good way to promote them in addition to blogging would be with video marketing, social media platforms, and ppc marketing.

If you are a beginner online, this means that you will have to learn things like SEO and affiliate marketing.

If you want to learn more how to make 6-Figure Side Income with affiliate marketing online, I recommend checking this FREE TRAINING HERE!

How Much Can You Make With Scala Hosting Affiliate Program?

When you get started with the Scala hosting affiliate program you will have the opportunity to make up to $200 per sale. However, you should know that the payout for most sales is $50.

Web Hosting Commission Structure:

  • 1-5 = $50/referral
  • 6-10 = $80/referral
  • 11-20 = $100/referral
  • 21+ with Custom payouts

VPS Hosting Commission Structure:

  • 1-3 = $120/referral
  • 4-9 = $160/referral
  • 10+ = $200/referral

So how much can you really make promoting Scala hosting? Your income potential depends solely on you and your marketing efforts. The more you promote, the more conversions you can get. It’s up to you. You can see that you can make higher commissions by promoting their VPS hosting services that start at only $9.95/month.

Other web hosting affiliate programs to monetize your website or blog.

Dreamhost affiliate program and Cloudways pay out commissions up to $200/referral.

A2 Hosting affiliate program pays out up to $125/referral.

Hostwinds affiliate program will pay you up to $135/referral.

Namecheap affiliate program will pay up to $300/referral.

Liquid Web affiliate program pays up to $7,000/referral. They are probably the highest paying hosting affiliate program you will come by online.


Things To Never Forget With Scala Hosting Affiliate Program

As with ANY affiliate program online, there are some things that you about the Scala hosting affiliate program. If you follow and abide by these things, you will keep Scala hosting smiling.

To make money as an affiliate, you will need to promote their web hosting to new clients. There are various of marketing that you can implement to achieve, however with some minor restrictions.

For example, some web hosting affiliate programs may allow pay-pay-click advertising on platforms like Google, Yahoo, Bing and other search engine. Scala hosting permits this, but affiliates may not bid on any trademarked terms according to their terms of service.

What does this mean for you? It means that you can NOT bid on terms like “Scalahosting”, “Scala hosting”, “SPanel“, “SShield“, or SWordpressManager” or any misspelled keywords.

What I recommend that you do if you really want to use PPC is to first build a landing page. This is better than trying to link directly with affiliate links. Also, I recommend that you use long tail keywords for this this of online marketing. This way you can get more click-thrus that are more targeted for less ad spend and less competition.

Scala hosting offers a 30 day refund policy to clients.  This means that you don’t get paid until after the 45th day. Payouts are through Paypal between the 5th -10th of the following month. There is a $100 minimum threshold for payouts.

[NOTE: Siteground affiliate program has a weekly payout with no threshold]

Should You Create Website Using Scala Hosting Personally or Not?

Absolutely! I HIGHLY recommend using their web hosting services to create websites online. However, I want you to know that the goal of this Scala Hosting affiliate program review is not to CONVINCE you about what to do. Over 700,000+ websites are currently hosted on their servers. More than 50,000+ customers use their web hosting services today.

Unlike most of their web hosting competitors, Scala Hosting reviews by users confirm their excellent customer support. They have great phone, email and chat support in the event you have questions.If you make the right decision today, you will be partnering with an strong provider with all the tools and resources.  They actually allow affiliates to try the web hosting FREE for a month!

However, the truth is that nobody can promise that you will make money online with Scala hosting. Just like with any product or service online your success will depend completely on your website traffic, page views, marketing methods, and conversion rates.

As you noticed above, Scala hosting has some really affordable web hosting packages. If you don’t already have an affiliate marketing website or blog, then you can create one today!

I want you to check out this video tutorial below. If will show you step-by-step how to start a simple blog online.

Scala Hosting Affiliate Program Review Conclusion

I have worked really hard to put this Scala Hosting affiliate program review together for you. I hope that all of this info is very resourceful and helps you to see how to make money with the Scala Hosting affiliate program.

Scala Hosting has been around for a very long time and is an amazing web hosting provider for both beginners and advanced users.

Millions of new entrepreneurs and small business owners just like YOU are looking everyday for ways to get online and make money. As a Scala Hosting affiliate, you could become the bridge between new clients and their platform. Every time someone that you share their web hosting with buys through your affiliate links, you get a commission. Simple.

I have been using the Scala Hosting Advanced plan and really love it for creating websites online. They are super affordable for beginners online and have all of the resources and tools that you will need to build websites.

If you really want to maximize your income potential online, then I recommend trying their web hosting services. This way you will be in a better position to promote them online with how to tutorials, video reviews and blogging.

As you guys could see above with the video, I did a Scala Hosting review showing people how to create WordPress websites using their services. People search for these types of videos on Youtube all of the time and by creating them you become the expert. This is why I say that it’s great to try their web hosting services because you can’t sell something that you have never tried. What do you think?

After reading this Scala Hosting affiliate program review today, how much money do you want to make this year promoting Scala Hosting? Have you ever tried their web hosting services before? If so, what was your experience? If not, why not get started with them right now? You have absolutely nothing to lose!

Liquid Web Affiliate Program Review 2021: Up to $7000/Referral? Really?

Can you really make money promoting Liquid Web WordPress Hosting? If you are reading this Liquid Web affiliate program review you are probably wondering also how reliable are their managed WordPress hosting services? I also wanted to know so I decided to open an account with them to run some tests. Read this Liquid Web affiliate program review to discover some surprising things you should know FIRST! If you don’t, then you may regret it later!

Disclaimer: This page has affiliate links. When a purchase is made using these links, I may receive a referral commission. This doesn’t affect your purchase at all, rather gives you discount and lets me eat my favorite peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.

NOTE: No income guarantees or claims are made. Results will depend on your own personal efforts.

liquid web affiliate program review

What To Expect in This Liquid Web Affiliate Program Review

There are a few things that I really wanted to cover in this review of Liquid Web affiliate program. I have been promoting Liquid Web managed WordPress hosting for quite some time. During this time I have had some great experiences with their customer support & also the affiliate program.

I wanted to go over Liquid Web affiliate program commissions and how affiliates get paid. There are a lot of money making reviews online, however this review will NOT make ANY claims nor hype you up. I don’t have time for that and you don’t either! But it really is true that you can potentially make up to $7000/referral. I will show you how later.

As an entrepreneur and small business owner myself I understand that to be successful with affiliate marketing it’s important to learn how to improve SEO Rankings. So today I will not only tell you what Liquid Web hosting offers, but also some simple effective ways to share their services with others searching for them online. This way you will not be left in the dark once you get started with them today, okay? Does this sound like a plan? Alright, let’s get started!

Liquid Web Managed WordPress Hosting

You should know off back that you are about to partner with one of the top managed WordPress hosting providers on the planet. I say this for a number of reasons. Liquid Web since 1997 has become the top leader for Virtual Private Servers, Cloud hosting, Dedicated hosting, eCommerce & Woocommerce plans that provide an all-in-one solution with premium plugins and tools.

I must say that Liquid Web works really hard on providing fast & high quality customer support. Top companies that we know and use such as FedEx, ESPN, Audi, Red Bull and Motorola all use Liquid Web hosting. Will you? You should!

It is a fully managed platform in every sense of the word. I say this because they keep everything up to date including plugins. The awesome thing that I really like is that they run checks on them before updating. This ensures that no plugin or software breaks a website.

Notice some other benefits of using Liquid Web:

  • Automatic SSL
  • DDos Attack Protection
  • Root Access
  • Easy Scalability
  • Free Site Migrations
  • cPanel/WHM or Plesk
  • Cloudflare CDN
  • Staging Sites
  • No Overcharges for Pageviews/Traffic Limits
  • Automatic Daily Backups
  • Amazing Speed with PHP7, Nginx
  • Can Handle HIGH Volumes of Web Traffic
  • Developer Tools [Git, Wp-CLI, SSH]
  • 99.999% Uptime Guarantee
  • and MORE!

These are just some of the many benefits that you and your audience will enjoy when getting started with Liquid Web managed WordPress hosting.

To help you to appreciate more their web hosting services in this Liquid Web affiliate program review I want you to check out this video I created. It ranks #1 on Youtube for a good reason. See why is this brief video.



As you can see with Liquid Web you will have 1 or multiple websites depending your specific web hosting needs. It doesn’t matter if you are just doing affiliate marketing, a web developer, small business owner, or corporation you will have all the flexibility, scalability and tools to manage your websites.

How Much Money Can A Liquid Web Affiliate Make With Liquid Affiliate Program?

I want to state off back that the purpose of this Liquid Web affiliate program review is not make ANY guarantees on income. Although you can make some serious cash with their affiliate program referring their web hosting to others, there are a few things that you should keep in mind.

Whether you are new to affiliate marketing or not, you should know that it takes REAL WORK to make money online. Obviously, this is the case also with the Liquid Web affiliate program. With this said, I think that it’s a great idea to FIRST familiarize yourself with Liquid Web hosting BEFORE promoting.

Although it is NOT required to buy Liquid Web managed WordPress hosting plans to participate in the affiliate program, I think it’s good to have more success promoting it to others. Why? Well you can’t sell or promote what you don’t know, right? They actually started offering a FREE Trial that allows you to test their services before buying. But again, that’s just my opinion to help you make money online.

The Liquid Web affiliate commissions starts at a minimum of $150/referral and go up to $7,000/referral!! I think that the Liquid Web affiliate program has the highest paying affiliate program of ALL of web hosting affiliate programs I have seen! Why do I say this? The Liquid Web affiliate program initially pays out more than Hostinger, Bluehost, Dreamhost, iPage, A2 Hosting, Hostwinds, Namecheap, and Siteground just to name a few.

If you were to refer a client who buys a $29/month managed WordPress hosting plan, you would earn $150 commission. However, if your focus is to promote their dedicated hosting and a client buys a $400/month dedicated hosting plan, then you as the affiliate will get $600! Another awesome thing that I love is that they offer a 50% bonus for plans that are pre-paid which is sweet!

Here is the breakdown of the commission structure for the Liquid Web affiliate program:

liquid web affiliate program review

As you can clearly see above in the graph, if you promote their dedicated hosting you could earn up to $7,000! If you promote their Cloud hosting, then you could potentially make up to $5,000! With their Managed WooCommerce up to $3,000 and up to $2,000 on their managed WordPress.

Are you ready to get started promoting with Liquid Web right now? If so, there are 2 affiliate networks through which you can promote the Liquid Web affiliate program: Impact Radius &

Both of these are 100% FREE to join and just take a few moments to get going online. As a Liquid Web affiliate, you will get access to affiliate links and banners that you can use to promote their web hosting services online to others.


liquid web affiliate program review

Whichever platform you get started with today, payouts are once per month on time every time. Both platforms have a minimum threshold of only $50 USD. This means that you only need 1 sale to receive payout being that Liquid Web has a minimum commission paid to affiliates of at least $150. I have been promoting for quite some time and get my payouts every month without ANY problems. They ALWAYS pay on time and have amazing customer support!

Click Here Right Now To Get Started With Liquid Web Managed WordPress Hosting!

The Reality Most Marketers Don’t Talk About

When it comes to making money online with ANY affiliate program including “Liquid Web”, you MUST have a marketing strategy. What do I mean by this? I mean that you have to have concrete goals and proven ways to achieve them.

There are several proven ways how to make money with Liquid Web affiliate program. There is NO charge for what I about to share with in this Liquid Web affiliate program review. So put your wallet and credit cards away!

PPC Marketing [Google Ads, Bing Ads]

Whether you have experience or not with search engine marketing, PPC marketing it’s the absolute FASTEST way to get targeted eyeballs to your website to buy products. With pay-per-click-marketing, you can easily setup a blog post or landing page where you can send visitors that are looking for way to creating a website, blog or eCommerce website online.

For this there are several platforms online that will allow you to advertise before massive audience looking for managed hosting products like Liquid Web. Of these, the most popular are Google Ads and Bing Ads. The both offer some great benefits and can be used depending on your advertising budgets.

Video Marketing

Another great avenue to take advantage of is video marketing. The truth is that you will encounter online that many people prefer to read content, whereas others prefer to watch it. With this mind, as a Liquid Web affiliate you can tap into platforms like Youtube and VimeoIf you want to get the most exposure online to your website and Liquid Web affiliate links, then I recommend using Youtube first. The reason is because Youtube is owned by Google and this makes it really easy to rank videos in Google search results. Also, unlike PPC marketing, video marketing creates 100% FREE web traffic that is very targeted.

Something that you can do once you get started below is to create some Liquid Web reviews on video. In the description’s portion of the video you can place your affiliate links so that your viewers will click to buy web hosting from Liquid Web. This really does work and I have used this very method with video marketing not only for Liquid Web managed WordPress hosting, but also for other web hosting providers.

Use Forums & Social Media

Next, in this Liquid Web affiliate program review I wanted to tell you about some other FREE places to make money with Liquid Web. Did you know that people use social media and forums to find answers to their questions? Yeah it’s really true! It’ likely you already have a Facebook, Instagram or Twitter account. However, have you created accounts with Reddit and Quora? If not, then what are you waiting for?

When it comes to web hosting, both beginners and advanced go to these 2 forums for great suggestions. Some may ask..what is the best WordPress hosting service? Is Liquid Web reliable? How is their customer support? These are really great questions to answer for these users and then leave a backlink to your website or an affiliate link on the thread or post. This will allow not only the person to visit your site or link, but also tons thereafter that are also searching for these same questions.

The truth is that it was reported that Reddit had 1.5 BILLION visits in September 2020 and Quora over 300 MILLION.  What does all of this mean for you as a Liquid Web affiliate? It’s quite simple.

There are tons searching forums for everything under the sun. This is another AMAZING way for you to tap into all of this 100% FREE web traffic when you join Liquid Web affiliate program today.

Write Liquid Web Reviews Using Long Tail Keywords

What are long tail keywords and why should you use them? Think about how you made it to this blog. You wanted to know how to make money with Liquid Web affiliate program, right? Right. So you went over to my friend Google and searched for a good “Liquid Web affiliate program review”. Due to this very specific search, you made it here to this blog.

Long tail keywords are typical 3-5 words or more that people use to search for very specific things that they are looking for online. The very specific keywords have less competition online & often have buying intent. This is why you should use them for things like PPC marketing and also while writing Liquid Web reviews online. You could perhaps write content centered around “managed WordPress hosting” for example being that people are actually searching using these very terms. If you want more effective ways to promote them online, drop me a comment below.

What To Remember Before Promoting Liquid Web

I know that by now you are really excited about making money online with Liquid Web. However, there are a few nitbits that you do NOT want to forget while promoting online It doesn’t matter whether you join through or Impact Radius you must remember that you can NOT bid on trademarked terms or keywords with PPC marketing.

This would include common keyword expressions like LiquidWeb, Liquid Web, Liquid WordPress hosting, etc. You get what I’m saying? You can drive traffic by bidding on any keywords for your PPC marketing campaigns, but these terms are the only exception. If you do this as an affiliate, you might get removed from the Liquid Web affiliate program and rick losing your commissions. So if you respect this with any paid traffic platforms, then you should be good. This is a common rule that applies for any web hosting affiliate program.

If you really want to use PPC marketing, then I think it is a great idea. I think that you should build a page on your website or blog with a url or permalink that doesn’t include trademarked terms. For example the permalink for this blog post is “liquid web affiliate program review“.

You could create a piece of content with a permalink focused on dedicated hosting, VPS hosting, cloud hosting, etc. You can then use long tail keywords that your targeted audience are using to find products like Liquid Web to create their websites.

This is probably the only important thing that I think you should remember while promoting Liquid Web hosting services online.

Liquid Web Affiliate Program Review Conclusion

In today’s review of the Liquid Web affiliate program we have covered the types of web hosting they offer, customer support, benefits, and uptime performance. Also, I shared a ways practical ways to how to make money with Liquid Web affiliate program.

What should you take away from this review today?

One, if you are new to things like affiliate marketing, remember that you will not see results overnight. If you do have experience with affiliate marketing and promoting products online, then you know that it takes skill and duplication to get real results. Although there are many web hosting affiliate programs that you can join to make money online, you will not find one that pays more than Liquid Web.

To make up to $7,000/referral you have to promote their dedicated hosting services. However, you can still make BIG money online by promoting ANY of their managed WordPress hosting services online. The key to it all will depend solely upon your marketing and SEO efforts. When you produce content that your audience wants to watch or read, then it means that they will more likely to purchase Liquid Web hosting using your affiliate links and banners.

After reading this Liquid Web affiliate program review, what you think? How much money would you like to make online by partnering with Liquid Web? Thoughts become goals and when you take action on your goals, then they become a reality. If you can see and appreciate the true value of Liquid Web managed WordPress hosting, then you get started promoting them online today.

I hope that you guys have lots of success in your business online this year and years to come!




Hostwinds Affiliate Program Review 2021: Up to $135/Referral? Really?

If you are reading this Hostwinds affiliate program review you are probably wondering if you can really make money promoting their web hosting, right? Or maybe you want to know if Hostwinds web hosting services are really all that and a bag of Lays chips to create websites? I too wanted to know the truth so I opened an account with them. Read this Hostwinds affiliate program review to see what you MUST know BEFORE getting started!

Disclaimer: This page has affiliate links. When clicked and a purchase is made, I may receive a referral commission. This doesn’t affect your purchase at all, rather gives you a discount and lets me eat my favorite peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. NOTE: No income claims are made.

hostwinds affiliate program review

What to Expect in This Hostwinds Affiliate Program Review

Guys in this review of the Hostwinds affiliate program I will share with you my personal experience dealing with Hostwinds. I really like their affiliate program, web hosting services and awesome customer support. I will be going over how the Hostwinds affiliate commission payouts work, and some effective ways that I have used to make money with them.

Also, in this Hostwinds review I will NOT hype you up nor make any crazy claims because frankly I don’t have time for that. Rather, the info in this review will be so straight-forward and transparent that anyone with a pulse can apply it and get results. Hopefully after reading this review you will know if the Hostwinds affiliate program is for you or not. Does that sound fair? Good! With that out of the way, let’s dive in!

As a blogger, affiliate marketer and entrepreneur, I think that it’s important for you to know first what Hostwinds web hosting offers like minded individuals. This way you will know what makes them unique from other web hosting services and also from what angle you will promote them to others.

Hostwinds Web Hosting

I want to kick things off by mentioning that I have been using Hostwinds for quite some time and that they have really awesome uptime performance for shared web hosting. I have never had any problems with them to date and recommend them for anyone wanting to create websites online.

Now when it comes to their web hosting plans, they offer different types such as dedicated hosting, managed hosting, VPS hosting, and even reseller hosting. However, for most beginners getting started online with their websites the shared web hosting is best to look at first. There are 3 major plans that one can select from: Basic, Advanced & Ultimate.

The Basic shared hosting package is ideal for creating just 1 site online. However, for things like affiliate marketing, network marketing and those with several projects, then their Advanced and Ultimate are better. They will provide you with more flexibility and wiggle room to add multiple domains and create unlimited websites.

This is a great for a number of reasons. One, as an affiliate marketer promoting the Hostwinds affiliate program you can create different websites to promote to different audiences.

hostwinds affiliate program review

Some time ago I got an email from one of their affiliate managers inviting me to partner with Hostwinds. After doing my due diligence and testing out their web hosting FIRST, I must say that I was really impressed with their services. As a result of this, I decided to promote them online to others looking for reliable cheap web hosting.

Obviously, as a blogger and affiliate marketer myself, adding Hostwinds web hosting to the mix monetizes my websites even more. So if you are looking for another solid income stream to monetize your blog, website or eCommerce store, then they are great guys. Is that your case? If so, then thanks for reading this Hostwinds affiliate program review today.

Check out this Hostwinds review 2020 below I uploaded on Youtube that is #1 in search results for a reason. See why and then get started with them today!


How Much Can A Hostwinds Affiliate Make With Hostwinds Affiliate Program?

If you are a newbie online, you should know that there tons of web hosting affiliate programs out there that will be happy that you promote them. Although this is the case, not ALL of them are worth your time and energy. The Hostwinds affiliate program is different and that’s why I jumped on board to partner with them online.

Right now the Hostwinds affiliate commission starts initially at $65/referral. Depending on your volume and referral efforts, the Hostwinds affiliate payout could go up to $135/referral.

The reality is that your income potential is unlimited and there is nothing that holds you back except you. What I recommend is that you work on your SEO rankings by focusing on ONE aspect of their web hosting versus ALL at once.

For example, you could build a simple website centered around their VPS hosting or Dedicated hosting. Or you can fixate your energies on their shared web hosting which is better for beginners online.

When you compare the Hostwinds affiliate program payouts with others, they do have a lot to offer. However, they are not the highest paying web hosting affiliate program online. Consider some of their many competitors online.

For example:

  • Siteground affiliates have an initial payout of $50/referral, but could go out to $100/referral. Unlike Hostwinds, Siteground affiliate program doesn’t have a threshold.
  • Bluehost affiliates make $65/referral just Hostwinds with the same $100 threshold for payouts.
  • Dreamhost who has a 97 day money back guarantee on hosting offers affiliates initially $15-$50/referral. However, there is a potential to make up to $200/referral for some packaged sold.
  • A2 Hosting is another all time favorite of mine that allows you to make up to $125/referral.
  • Rocket Managed WordPress hosting pays $150/referral.
  • Hostinger which has web hosting starting at only $0.99/month pays affiliates 60% of sales.
  • Both Cloudways and WP Engine offers affiliates up to $200/referral.

This is just scratching the surface guys! I just want to show you not only the power of your income potential with Hostwinds affiliate program, but also with others.

Things You MUST Remember While Promoting Hostwinds Affiliate Program

As with ANY affiliate program that you sign up with online, there are some things that I think you keep in mind. If you do, then you will do very well with the Hostwinds affiliate program.

First off, you should know as an affiliate that Hostwinds offers a 60 day money back guarantee on their web hosting services. This is awesome for your clients or audience, but also means that you don’t get paid until AFTER the 60 day period. Thereafter, the payout is on the 10th of the month for corresponding commissions.

This is for the obvious to protect commissions and also give customers a full 60 days to tryout their services. This waiting period is common for ANY web hosting provider online depending on their individual refund policies.

As a Hostwinds affiliate you will paid by check or Paypal depending on your preference. You must click the “Request Payout” button in your dashboard to receive payouts per their website.

Marketing Dos and Don’ts

When it comes to making money online with Hostwinds web hosting, there are several ways to do it. Your main goal out of the gate will be to use every method to drive page views.  As a middleman or lady you will be driving targeted web traffic to your affiliate links and banners provided to you in your dashboard.

One quick way to do this is by creating a Youtube channel and creating videos of Hostwinds reviews. This is 100% FREE web traffic coming directly from Youtube that can be pointed to your affiliate links placed in the description’s portion of the video. This is what I did and my video is #1 on Youtube!

Another way to promote Hostwinds web hosting is by writing Hostwinds reviews on your own blog. If you do not have one already, I HIGHLY recommend starting one right now here at

Once you do, then you can write some awesome Hostwinds affiliate program reviews like this one. You can also use strategies like long tail keywords that small business owners are using in Google search. These are basically 3-5 keyword phrases that get TONS of web traffic, but have far less competition than generics like “web hosting”.

This is what I do with all of my websites online. You don’t believe me? Think about how you made it here today to my blog and why it is on Google’s first page! It’s because my SEO is awesome and it works. Your SEO will work too if you do what I say.

PPC Marketing

So Hostwinds does allow affiliates to use PPC marketing to drive web traffic to banners and affiliate links. However, there is only ONE simple stipulation. You CAN NOT bid on ANY trademarked terms or keywords like Hostwinds, Hostwinds web hosting,, you get the point, right? Basically nothing that has Hostwinds anything in it.

But again, as an experienced affiliate marketer this is something that you should expect & know that EVERY web hosting provider prohibits. If you do, then you will lose your affiliate commissions and be removed from their program. So don’t do this and you should be okay, alright? Good!

But again, you can still use long tail keywords on platforms like Google & Bing Ads to drive targeted web traffic to your links.

Should You Buy Hostwinds Web Hosting or Not?

Of course you should! But I am not here to CONVINCE you in this Hostwinds affiliate program review. HUNDREDS of THOUSANDS of entrepreneurs just like YOU are using Hostwinds web hosting to create & host their sites. I too have an account and LOVE them! Will you?

You should know that it is not required to buy Hostwinds web hosting to promote it so this is completely up to you. But I do think that if you are 100% SERIOUS about making money online, then it just makes sense to drive their web hosting services. This way you can write about your own experience using them and thus have more success promoting the affiliate program.

Other Benefits of Using Hostwinds:

  • Free domain name
  • Latest cPanel
  • Free Dedicated IP Address
  • Unlimited Subdomains & Email Accounts
  • Free Site Migrations
  • Free SSL Certificates
  • Unlimited Databases
  • Weebly Site Builder, WordPress & other CMS platforms
  • Solid State Drives
  • Up to 500% Faster Speeds

The Reality of The Matter..

No matter if you are new to affiliate marketing or seasoned like chicken, no one can guarantee your success online. Only YOU and only YOU can do this. But the reality is that you MUST take action today & start promoting Hostwinds web hosting online to see results!

Hostwinds has the highest uptime performance of all of the shared web hosting providers that I have seen online over the years of 99.9999%. This includes shared hosting providers like A2 Hosting, Siteground and Bluehost.

And again, they offer a 60 day money back guarantee versus just 30 days.

Also, as you could see above in the video and graph, beginners can get started right now for only $3.29/month. This is very cheap and a huge savings when comparing competitors not only for yourself, but also for your audience.

Hostwinds Affiliate Program Review Conclusion

I hope that you all have received a lot of value from this review of Hostwinds affiliate program. Hopefully you have seen how reliable of a web hosting provider they are for creating websites, blogs, and eCommerce stores online. If you get started personally with their web hosting today, remember that you will have a 60 day money back guarantee. This makes it RISK FREE and you have nothing to lose.

I think that it’s great idea to test out Hostwinds web hosting services FIRST before you start promoting them online to others. This way you can understand the true benefits of using Hostwinds over their competitors. They not only have super fast speeds and page loads, they are also super affordable for beginners to create websites online.

If you currently host with another provider, you can migrate your website to Hostwinds for FREE. As a Hostwinds affiliate, you can blog and write Hostwinds reviews just like this one to share their services with your audience.

As an entrepreneur, it is also good to diversify your marketing efforts online. This no doubt would include joining other web hosting affiliate programs if this will be your focus online. But today, you should definitely give Hostwinds a solid try and start making money with their program.

After reading this Hostwinds affiliate program review, what are your thoughts? How much money do you want to make with Hostwinds this year? Do you need help with affiliate marketing? Let me know below in the comments. It’s your time to shine now 🙂

Get started right now!