LegalShield Business Opportunity Review 2021 – A Scam or Legit? Read this first!

If you are reading this LegalShield business opportunity review, you probably want to know is Legalshield a legit business? Can you really make money with LegalShield or not? Perhaps a friend or family member approach you wanting to buy their legal services membership. Should you? If you asking yourself these questions, then YOU are NOT alone! Thousands of work-at-home seekers just like YOU ask these same questions. Keep reading this review to find out what you MUST know first, if you don’t then you will regret it later!


legalshield business opportunity review

Disclaimer: This is an honest LegalShield business opportunity review. This for informational purposes only and no income guarantees are made. This website is not affiliated nor a LegalShield representative. Contact your attorney for legal advice.

What to Expect in This LegalShield Business Opportunity Review

Hey guys in this LegalShield business opportunity review today I will going what you should know about the company. I will how I heard about LegalShield, how is works, the costs, and what I really think about them. The truth is that most LegalShield business opportunity reviews don’t give you the full truth because they want to sell you on it. Since we are NOT affiliates, we do care if you get started with or not. I will give you the good and bad that you MUST know BEFORE spending your hard-earned money on this opportunity.

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Who Is LegalShield?

Have you ever needed a lawyer or attorney? Have you ever felt discriminated against? Stopped by a cop and treated unjustly? Have you received a speeding ticket out of state and couldn’t return back to the state for court? Have you ever needed to prepare a will? Do you need to do estate planning? Review contracts for a lease, mortgage or other binding agreement? Have you been audited by the IRS? Do you need a divorce lawyer or one for criminal law or trial defense services? Have you been a victim of identity theft?

legalshield business opportunity review

If you answered YES to ANY of these questions, then you should definitely get LegalShield legal services today! This is precisely what LegalShield does for people just you and me every day.

You see since 1972, LegalShield [previously known as Prepaid Legal Services] is an American based company in Oklahoma. Their legal services and memberships are offered through employers as a add-on benefit or via independent representatives.

One thing that you must understand is that the independent representatives that offers sell or share these legal services are NOT lawyers nor attorneys. They do NOT offer legal advice. LegalShield representatives simple share these HIGH DEMAND legal services & savings with others.

legalshield business opportunity review

One thing that I love and admire about the company is their mission. Being that justice you receive usually depends on how much money you have in your pockets, LegalShield goal is to help bridge everyone to the legal system. This is great being it doesn’t matter the costs, you can still talk and have access to lawyers just like the rich 24/7/365. This access to the their legal network is available not only in the 50 states, but also in Canada and UK. [Terms and conditions here]

How I Heard About The LegalShield Business Opportunity

A really great friend recently told me about the LegalShield business opportunity and services. Also, I remember that my parents [now deceased] had their services years back and absolutely loved their services. So this is something that has always been on the back of mind.

As most of you who come to read this LegalShield business opportunity review today, you want to make money. Maybe you lost your job or simply looking for a legit way to supplement your income. It’s possible that you may even want to replace your current income and dump your job. Let me know below in the comments area. Whatever the case, you are here because someone told you about either the LegalShield membership or business opportunity.

The friend of mind who told me about the opportunity was simply looking to supplement his current income. He works a full time of over 25 years, but noticed that things are changing on the job scene. Is this your case? If so, then I can certainly understand why you are looking for another source of income.

Is LegalShield A Legit Business?

Yes it it! It is a 100% legit business and opportunity for any and everybody who is 100% serious about changing their current situation. Is that you? Only you can answer this question. You either want to do something BETTER with your life than what you are doing right now or will continue to spin in the same circle.

As mentioned before LegalShield is NOT a new around the block company. They have been around since 1972. Many of the work at home opportunities online try to hype people up with their products or services. However, this is NOT the case with the LegalShield business opportunity. They offer a REAL product that MILLIONS use each and everyday backed by a REAL compensation plan.

Over the years I have come across several companies that promise a lot, but don’t match up with LegalShield.

Some examples are SkinnyBodyCare, Motor Club of America, Plexus Worldwide, Perpetual Income, 25Dollar1Up, and Valentus Coffee just to name a few.

However, LegalShield in my opinion is completely different. They have been in business for over 4 decades and are more reputable than the latter. This is why I recommend in this LegalShield business opportunity review that you get started with them today. But you are probably wondering how to make money from home when you get started today with the LegalShield business opportunity?

Can You Make Money With LegalShield?

YES you can! However, versus me explaining this to you, I like how Darnell Self breaks it all down in this video. Here you will get an overview of why the LegalShield memberships, how it works, and the costs. Finally you will learn how to get paid DAILY with the LegalShield business opportunity and why this biz opp is so HOT right now.

legalshield business opportunity

So after watching this video presentation, are you ready to start making money? If so, great! But there is a secret to success that beginners like YOU may not know. What? Although the LegalShield business opportunity is 100% legit business and will make you money, the fact is you will need training.

When you get started today with the business opportunity you will receive affiliate websites, videos with autoresponders. As you send prospects to your videos and they opt-in to your landing pages, then their autoresponders will followup with them. If prospects buy from your websites, then you get PAID!! The great thing is that the videos that they give you explain everything to prospects so you don’t have to.

But what’s the problem? The problem is that most beginners don’t know anything about how to market products and drive web traffic to websites. The more page views you can drive to their landing pages, the more exposure you get to the LegalShield membership. And the more exposure you get, then the more conversions which means more moolah in your bank account!

So how do you achieve this? You can have the absolute BEST product with HIGH DEMAND for it. But if you don’t know how to share it with others with the right resources, then you will NOT make any money with it.

Recently, I came across a really awesome FREE training called Wealthy Affiliate that shows beginners like YOU how to create a WordPress business website, email marketing, SEO, driving web traffic and marketing ANY product online! You can click below and learn more about this FREE training that even helps you make money with LegalShield.

Is LegalShield A Multi Level Marketing Company?

Now some people ask is LegalShield a multi level marketing opportunity? The answer is short is YES. The answer is yes because you can get paid daily and earn monthly residuals not only from your own efforts, but also from others.

There are 2 ways to build your business online. Your focus might be on introducing the membership to individuals or families or businesses with employees. However, some people who want to build faster will also shared the LegalShield business opportunity with people who are looking for a legit way make some extra money. Either way, you continue to get paid as long as the individual keeps the membership. You decide how many hours you want to work the home business. You have complete control of how much you make or little.

Something that I wanted to highlight in this LegalShield business opportunity review is they are not like your typical multi level marketing companies out their. Why do I say this? They don’t hype you up nor chase you down. I love this.

Many network marketing companies chase you down just for the commission, but LegalShield representatives don’t this. I think this is why they have been around for so long and have maintained their excellent reputation, unlike other companies online.

Frankly, this is the way I think ALL work at home opportunities should be. When it comes to making real money from home or online, the truth is that it’s a complete waste of your time to fool with people who are NOT 100% serious about making a change. Some people SHOULD work a JOB because they may not have what it takes to succeed nor the guts to try something new that might completely change their lives. Is this you? Only you can answer this question. Be honest with yourself.

Is LegalShield A Good Company To Work For?

Unlike most work-at-home or multi level marketing opportunities out there, non have been around for as long as LegalShield. Many come and go. LegalShield has been around for over 40 years and has maintain an awesome reputation online. You are about to partner with a very stable company that Over 4.4 million members of their legal services spread across US, Canada and UK.

To help you to really understand why they are a good company to work for, in our LegalShield business opportunity review, I wanted to share with you what some respected sources say.

Better Business Bureau

We all are familiar with the BBB. When you checkout what the BBB report says about the company LegalShield, it’s quite impressive. There they have an A+rating based on all of positive feedback from users of their legal services.

Consumer Affairs

Also with Consumer Affairs, the LegalShield reviews reveal a 3 out of 5 star rating based on feedback.


On Trustpilot, their profile reveals a 3.8 star rating out of 5 based on LegalShield reviews left.

I just wanted to share these ratings with you that way you will have a bigger picture of their legal services. Again, the LegalShield company has been business over 40 years and has maintained a great reputation.

LegalShield Business Opportunity Review Conclusion

So what’s my final verdict on them?

I know that you came here today to learn more about the company and how to make money with them. Although there are many multi level marketing, network marketing and direct sale companies out there, LegalShield is definitely one that I can say is 100% legit business. This is is not something that I can say about all companies. If you are looking for a legitimate means to work for yourself, but not buy yourself, then they have great customer support, teams and network to assist you.

However, I wanted to be frank with you in this LegalShield business review. You should join today ONLY if you are SERIOUS about changing your current financial situation. I say this because some people complain complain complain about not having money, but they don’t do anything to change their broke state. If you are serious about doing some different this year with your life and want to get paid DAILY, then I highly recommend using their legal services & business opportunity.

It’s not often that you will come across a 100% legit business opportunity that has everything under one umbrella. A great product backed by a great compensation with a reputable company. The decision is yours.

To close out this review today I have a few questions for your guys. How did you initially hear about LegalShield? When you get started with the membership today, how will start using it? Are you getting started with LegalShield business opportunity to supplement or replace your current income? Have you ever tried a home based business in the past and if so, how did it go? Drop your comments below as I would love to hear your thoughts!

Thanks for reading this LegalShield review today. I hope that you guys have amazing success in your business this year! Also, I hope that you and your families stay safe and well during this pandemic!


LegalShield Review 2021 – A Scam or Legit? Read this first!

Do you need a lawyer? Have you felt discriminated against? If you are reading this LegalShield Review 2021, you are likely looking for a way to get legal services for problems you are facing. Or maybe you where approached by a friend or family member promoting LegalShield member services and wondering is LegalShield legit or just a SCAM? Thousands of people just like YOU have asked these same questions, so you better read this review to see what I discovered! If you don’t read this, then you will regret later!

legalshield review 2021

Disclaimer: This honest LegalShield review is unbiased & for informational purposes only. No legal advice is offered here. Contact a lawyer for legal advice. No income guarantees made. Not affiliated at all with LegalShield member services.

What to Expect in This LegalShield Review 2021

In this LegalShield review 2021 today I will tell you about the company LegalShield, how it works, customer feedback, and then give you my final verdict based on my research. Unlike other LegalShield reviews, this one will give you the good, bad and ugly about their legal services. Also you will learn is LegalShield legitimate or not.

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What is LegalShield Anyway?

According Wikipedia, LegalShield [previously Pre-Paid Legal Services] is an American corporation that sells legal services through employer groups and multi-level marketing. Initially the company was founded by Harland Stonecipher in Ada, Oklahoma, USA on August 8, 1972.

Currently members can use their legal services if they reside in the USA, Canada and United Kingdom.  The mission of the company is to basically close the gap between families wanting to talk to lawyers without having to worry about the costs. This mission has been the same since inception and has contributed to well over 4.4 MILLION users of their legal services.

The idea of being able to speak to a lawyer anytime is quite attractive being that most people feel that they will break the bank with some of the most simplest issues. This is where LegalShield comes in creating an equal playing field for all to have equal access to the legal system no matter their economic status.

legalshield review 2021

How I Heard About LegalShield

One day I was riding my bike in the neighborhood when suddenly I was stopped by a police officer. I asked the officer how could I help him and he proceeded to say that I fit the description of someone that they were looking for. Interesting I said to him…and what “description” officer would this be? The officer told me something generic like an African American about your height and complexion. I responded respectfully..Officer I think that you have just described a 1/3 of the men that live in this city. I think that he realized his mistake and let me go.

Thereafter I imagine that could have gone totally different considering all of current climate that has been seen in the country. This taught me a lesson that I needed to have legal protection in the event something like this occurred again.

Thankfully a good friend told me LegalShield, then called Pre-Paid Legal Services. I got the membership and began to use it immediately.

Some time passed and I decided to visit my parents in their in their city. Guess what happened? You guessed it. A cop decided to stop me in a residential area. I was not speeding at all so I wasn’t sure why. This time I gave him my LegalShield card along with my driver’s license. He looked at the LegalShield card and gave me back my license and then apologized. I tell you that it felt like I was flexing a muscle that I didn’t know I had.

The point? LegalShield membership works and is definitely worth the money! I thanked my friend for sharing it with me. LegalShield legal services have helped me to save lots of money! Will you try it for yourself today?

LegalShield Membership Perks List

There are over 400 LegalShield membership perks offered to families for only $24.95/month.

legalshield review 2021

A few legal services that I wanted to mention this LegalShield review 2021 are:

  • Do you have issues with landlords and tenants?
  • Need a contract or LegalShield document review? [up to 15 pages each]
  • A divorce lawyer?
  • Need help with estate planning?
  • Living will or power of attorney?
  • Uncontested adoption representation
  • Want help to start a business?
  • IRS audit legal services?
  • Do you have traffic violations? Speeding tickets?
  • Did you have car accident?
  • Collections, guarantees, and warranties
  • Need help with criminal law/trial defense services?
  • Demand letters & phone calls
  • Residential loan document assistance & MORE!

legalshield review 2021

Is LegalShield A Pyramid Scheme? 

No. Legalshield is a MLM opportunity that provides work-at-home seekers a way to make some extra money by sharing their legal member services with others. An associate earns a referral upfront and also annually for as long as the client keeps the LegalShield member services. Now some people that hear this may call LegalShield scam. But this is NOT the case. Why?

Well, ask yourself when was the last time you bought a product or service that you loved and told others about it? Perhaps your friend, family or coworker bought the same product or service and like it too. The only difference in this equation is that you DIDN’T get paid for it, right? Right.

The LegalShield [Prepaid Legal] has been around since 1976 offering their legal services and now count with over 4.4 million families covered. LegalShield is a 100% legitimate company and is NOT a pyramid scheme NOR SCAM.

However, being that we live in the era of BEWARE, I decided to some extra research online to find out more about LegalShield member services at

LegalShield Reviews Better Business Bureau

I decided to stop by the LegalShield BBB to see what they thought about the company and to my surprise I saw this report here. [This link will open up in another tab for you]. The report shows an A+rating on the LegalShield BBB profile. You will notice that some of the complaints are regarding issues by some users. When you look at the feedback provided by LegalShield, you can see that the issues were resolved and customers were satisfied.


Also, when you checkout reputable outlets Trustpilot who give them a 3.8 star rating based on their 371 LegalShield reviews from customers.

It appears that:

  • 70% of clients that used their LegalShield member services say its Excellent
  • 5% of their clients say the the service is Great.
  • 5% rated them as Average
  • 2% stated it was Poor whereas..
  • 18% said it was Bad.

What do you think? Let me know below. At the end of the day this will be a decision that only YOU can make about using LegalShield legal services or not. On the Trustpilot cited above, you will notice TONS of positive feedback from users. On the other end you will also see some negative comments by previous users of the LegalShield member services who call a SCAM.


Another great place that I checked out for you was ConsumerAffairs. There will find comments seem to love their legal services also and they have 3 out of 5 stars.

Why do I shared all of these stats with you today in this LegalShield review 2021? Because although I love using LegalShield member services, I think that you should hear the good and bad. Also, the reality is that no matter how big or small a company is, you will ALWAYS find someone who doesn’t like something. This is just life. But overall, I think that they are an amazing company and that everyone should try them out!

Can You Make Money With LegalShield Business Opportunity?

Yes you can! To do this you need to become an associate with the company to be able to start making money from home. The way you will get started is by sign up through a LegalShield associate. So if you heard about this from a friend, family member or someone else you will need to contact that person. This way you will become part of a team that will work together to help each learn the business and make money from home.

There is a really nice video from one of the 7-figure top LegalShield producers Darnell Self that explains the product and business opportunity.

Now the great thing about LegalShield compensation plan is that you get paid DAILY for your efforts. This is different from your 9-5 job where you might get paid weekly or bi-weekly. Also you get paid recurring residual income for clients who renew and continue to use the LegalShield member services year after year. This concept of getting paid DAILY is quite unique and different from ANY MLM or affiliate marketing company online.

The great is thing about the LegalShield business opportunity is that it only costs a one-time $99 to start your own business. You will receive weekly training to be able to generate a lifetime residual income. Thereafter you will only pay $19.95 per month. for your LegalShield Advantage membership with your first month FREE. This also gives you websites with autoresponders, CRM tools, video hosting, online business support. I love autoresponders like GetResponse being they followup with your prospects when they visit your websites. But it’s nice that the company has this in place for its associates.

What’s awesome and unique also is that this business is portable and willable. This means that you can work it from ANYWHERE. Being willable means that if something happens to you, then your income will continue to be paid to your family. This is something that NO other work-at-opportunity offers online. I think that this itself is attractive because the day you begin to receive your retirement you will receive it as long as you are living. When you pass, it stops. However, with LegalShield it continues paid to your loved ones.

But again, if you want to make money from home with LegalShield, then get back to the person the initially told you about it.

The Problem With LegalShield Business Opportunity

Although LegalShield is 100% legitimate, there is one problem that all newbies run into that will lead to them quitting. What? Well you can the most high demand product or service backed by an awesome compensation. However, if you don’t know how to market and position yourself online as leader, then you WILL fail.

This unfortunately is something that most beginners online that cause to quit before they actually experience success online. I learn this online the hard and I don’t you to experience the same. If you are 100% serious about making money online sharing LegalShield member perks, then you better listen up.

Some time ago I came the best FREE training that shows you how promote ANY product or service without bugging your family and friends. In it you will learn the fundamentals of making money online, how to create website for affiliate marketing, and how to drive target FREE web traffic and page views to your websites. If you decide to join the LegalShield business opportunity, then it’s extremely important that these things or else you WILL fail online.

When I found that this training was FREE, I decided that I MUST share with you!

LegalShield Review 2021 Conclusion..Final Verdict? 

Although the LegalShield has been for decades, there are some things that you MUST consider BEFORE joining.

Is LegalShield legit? YES they are, but there is something that you should consider before using LegalShield member services.

All over the internet you will find TONS o positive of feedback from users that love their low costs legal services. However, you will also see a few complaints about the service. May you have some concerns yourself and this is why you googled today searching for good LegalShield reviews and found this website.

Something that I have come to appreciate over the years is that no matter how large or small a company is, there will ALWAYS be someone who doesn’t like something a company does or doesn’t do. This is obviously not the exception with LegalShield.

The process that they use to charges users is straight-forward and is a monthly low-cost for their legal services. For the low monthly payment some people might think that EVERY legal under the sun is covered, but this is not the case. The LegalShield member perks list detail items that are included versus those that are not. I think the issue enters where some people just don’t read FIRST and want to call it scam, but this is NOT the case.

Consider for example a AAA membership. They give a customer a specific amount of tows and additional services for nominal fee. What a certain limit of tows is reach, you are not covered. Should one call AAA a scam or pyramid scheme? Of course not! Having LegalShield is no different. I think for what a really costs you to go to a lawyer today for ANY legal issue, you can’t afford UNLESS you have a service like LegalShield.

I have used their legal services in the past and I highly recommend using them to others. But again this is my opinion expressed here in this LegalShield review 2021 today. What is yours?

If you simply curious about using their legal services before arriving to this site, then I hope that this review has opened your eyes to true value behind their membership.

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Skinny Body Care Reviews – Legit Business in 2020 or Scam? A Complete Review!

Welcome to my Skinny Body Care Reviews!

If you want to know if Skinny Body Care is a scam or legit, you will definitely find out after reading this review! Well, I was asked to write a review on Skinny Body Care products and its business model. This review is based on my research and opinion.

l will not receive any compensation from Skinny Body Care for writing this review. The purpose is to inform those who would like to join Skinny Body Care what they are getting into before joining. In our Skinny Body Care reviews, l will answer the following questions briefly:

DISCLAIMER: Skinny Body Care products have not been evaluated by the FDA. The products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease or condition. The information on this site is intended for informational purposes only. It is recommended to consult with your doctor or medical provider before using any dietary supplement. No income guarantees are made.

  • What is Skinny Body Care all about?

  • Is Skinny Body Care a Pyramid Scheme?

  • What are the products offered by Skinny Body Care?

  • Do Skinny Body Care products really work?

  • What is Skinny Body Care’s Compensation Plan?

  • Are there any marketing resources offered by Skinny Body Care?

  • Can you really make money with Skinny Body Care?

  • Conclusion…. Is Skinny Body Care a scam or legit company.

Lets get started.

What is Skinny Body Care all about?

Skinny Body Care was formed in 2011 by Ben Glensky. It manufactures health and wellness supplements which  are sold through its independent distributors. There are 2 ways that distributors can make money from home with this MLM opportunity.

Distributors sell Skinny Body Care products to customers for a profit or generate fast start commissions after recruiting distributors. The SBC products have had good feedback from users. Some have either lost weight or earned money by sharing them with others.

Is Skinny Body Care a Pyramid Scheme?

According to my research, Skinny Body Care is a weight loss product based multi-level marketing opportunity. Being that it does offer real products to customers I can not call this a pyramid scheme. The reason is because a pyramid scheme does not offer real products to people.

The independent distributors are the lifeline of the company who earn money when customers buy the products. However, you can make money from home selling Skinny Body Care products without recruiting distributors through fast commissions.

Skinny Body Care Products Prices and Ingredients

All of the ingredients are said to be all natural which might explain the high end prices.

Skinny Fiber – $59.95/bottle

skinny fiber
This product has glucomannan (tuber) Powder, Caralluma fimbriata (whole plant) Powder, Cha de Bugre (leaf) Powder which are said to be good for weight loss, digestive enzymes, and supports metabolism.

Skinny Body Max – $59.95/bottle

Is said to have a mixture of Konjoac glucomannan, oligofructose-enriched inulin, caralluma extract (whole plant), cayenne pepper, raspberry ketones, Garcinia cambogia extract (fruit rind), and Lactobacillus plantarum for weight loss.


It is made from nitric oxide, helps in repairing body cells and  fending off pathogens. It has aloe vera leaf gel, melatonin, Garcinia cambogia dried fruit rind extract, Chamomille flower extract, Lemon balm leaf extract, Ginseng root extract, and Licorice root extract. These are said to be a sleep aid, relieve stress, and weight loss.


Is said to contain more ingredients than the original Nitro. It is also reported to produce quicker results than the other products.

The company offers are different bonus packages that you can purchase with prices ranging from $119.85 to $179.70. The costs of the products speak for themselves. SBC encourages customers to sign up for auto-shipment of products and then become independent distributors.

You can compare these prices with how much Skinny Body Care products are sold online for example on Amazon.

Instant Youth – $59.95 
instant youth

Ageless – $59.95 


These 2 products have ingredients that are said to make you look and feel younger.

Skinny Body Care Products Reviews … are they really effective?

For starters, Skinny Body Care Products are weight loss supplements which are not medicine. There are many scientific studies conducted about the ingredients found in their products.

But weight loss products are not required to undergo rigorous trials. The result is that you may notice that representatives and companies make claims and sometimes hype up products.

Although the vast majority of Skinny Body Care testimonies are positive reviews for weight loss, there are a couple of not so hot Skinny Body Care products reviews at One person mentioned the price. Another said that they didn’t lose any weight at all. To each its own. Only you can decide by trying it for yourself. With any product, one must following the directions and take as directed.

Skinny Body Care Reviews – Compensation Plan?

Some think that the Skinny Body Care compensation plan is a pyramid scheme. The company introduced their comp plan in 2011 and have made changes to it since. All commissions paid are based on Business volume (BV) and Skinny Body Care products sold.

  • Fast Start Enroller Bonuses
  • Infinity Matching Bonuses
  • Monthly Enroller Bonuses
  • Residual Commissions
  • Pay Gate Accumulator calculates commissions  based on you down line.
  • Fast Start Infinity Generational Overrides
  • Placement Tree Commissions

The comp plan is difficult and depends on many various factors and spillovers. You can also view the whole Skinny Body Care compensation plan.

Skinny Body Care Reviews – Can you really make money with Skinny Body Care?

  • As with all multi-level opportunities, you must work hard to really make money from home. Although the weight loss industry is saturated, you must learn how to brand yourself. Learning SEO and video marketing are great to share the products and business.
  • The business model can not consist of simply getting SBC distributors because you will burn out.
  • Statistically, if you expose your products to 100 targeted people, then 1-3% will convert to Skinny Body Care distributors. Teach your team to do the same and your biz will explode. This MLM company is in over 100 countries so their markets are wide open.


skinny body care reviews


  • Competitors such as Kyani and Plexus Worldwide have dominated similar markets and may give Skinny Body Care a run for its money.
  • Why should a consumer buy marked up Skinny Body Care products from you directly when they can get the same products online for a slashed price? Although you want more distributors, all of your customers will not cross over …. however some will if they see a need.
  • The objective is to expose as many people to your business to make money. With SBC, you can earn money by spillover. Many pyramid schemes promise this, however as mentioned before, Skinny Body Care is not a pyramid scheme.
  • Depending on high volumes and huge qualifiers, some have reached levels where they can get a Hawaiian vacation, dream car or dream house. These are NOT typical for most and should NOT be the reason nor motivation for joining.
  • If you having a hard time making money, you must learn how to market yourself online.
  • You can read about the program that taught me how to create free leads and drive traffic  to any product of your choice. You can get started today.

 Skinny Body Care Reviews – Marketing Tools.

  • SBC gives you about 10 free affiliate websites that have lead capturing ability. The stem does followup and encourages visits that opt in to join the business before their Thursday cutoff. There are few problems that I see with this. One, the marketing sites don’t have good SEO. If they did, you would have arrives directly to a distributors page versus to this blog. Secondly, although you drive traffic to these landing pages, you don’t own the leads, Skinny Body Care does. So if you got started with Skinny Body Care then you might consider using an email system that allows you to build a lists to keep these leads whether they buy from you or not.
  • I have seen that the company does training calls on Thursday and some Saturdays.
  • Their back office keeps track of your commissions and checks are issued weekly.

Skinny Body Care Reviews – Is it a Scam?

  • NOT A SCAM, But not a good company to stand behind. There is a lot of negative feedback from unhappy customers online.
  • In my opinion, Skinny Body Care just as with any other weight loss products do not treat, diagnose or cure.
  • The company does not tolerate spamming others (so they say..) when marketing Skinny Body Care products.

Unfortunately, in every Multi-level marketing opportunity, you will find a few bad distributors who overlook this which makes it bad for a company.

Skinny Body Care Reviews – Better Business Bureau (BBB) Accreditation.

Skinny Body Care is not accredited by BBB.  Most Skinny Body Care reviews and complaints on their BBB report are about its products and services which in its great majority have been resolved.

Also when checking, you can see a lot of mixed opinions about the Skinny Body Care products and biz. Some cry scam while others think that it’s a great legit company. Some users say the products didn’t work for them while others did get results.

For instance, one complain is by a customer turned distributor who opened the products and still wanted a refund. A good reason why you must never base judgments of programs using BBB ratings.


I hope that our Skinny Body Care reviews will help you make to make an informed decision about joining or not. l NEVER said that was a pyramid scheme, or that the products do not work, nor if you will or won’t make money off this MLM company. I have simply shared you today my research about the company to help you decide.

Next, I want you tell us your opinion or experience below with Skinny Body Care Products or business..l have started the conversation!