4 Best WordPress Hosting Services for 2022: Read this First!

Are you searching online to see “what are the best WordPress hosting services for 2022” to create WordPress websites? If so, then I am glad that you arrived to this site! Why? Millions of people just like YOU ask what is the best WordPress hosting service for bloggers to get online. To answer this question I did some research and wanted to share my top 4 recommendations for beginners! So keep reading this review to end to how to save the most for your business and take advantage of some HUGE DISCOUNTS!

Whether you are a beginner online or you want to migrate a domain from your current host that you HATE, then I’m hear to help you up and running with one of our top recommended WordPress hosting providers.

I guess that if you are reading this it obviously means that you recognize the true power and value of using WordPress over website builders. If my experience online, I have also created websites using other CMS platforms like Joomla. But I must say that I prefer WordPress being it’s far superior and more user-friendly for beginners. It’s also great for SEO and Google loves this WordPress blog.


best wordpress hosting services for 2022


Disclosure: This page contains affiliate links. When clicked and a purchase is made, the owner of this website may receive a modest commission. This doesn’t affect your purchase price at all. Rather it allows you to get the biggest discount by using them and also lets me eat my peanut butter and jelly sandwiches 🙂

What To Expect in This Best WordPress Hosting Services Review?

So with so many web hosting services online, how do you find the best WordPress hosting services for 2022 to create your website today?  This is a question that MILLIONS of people who open businesses just like YOU ask each and everyday. Since I have been online, there are 3 basic things that I recommend that you look for when picking out the ideal WordPress web hosting for your needs..

  1. 24/7 Customer Support to Answer Questions
  2. Benefits/Features
  3. Costs/Pricing

In today’s review of the best WordPress hosting services for 2022 I wanted to share with you guys 4 super affordable and cheap web hosting provider for great WordPress performance. Although you can create a WordPress website or blog with ANY provider out there, these 4 have great reputations with the online community and also offer all of the major tools and resources that ALL beginners and advanced users need.


First in our review for best WordPress hosting websites in 2022 is Rocket Hosting.

What does Rocket Hosting costs?

Rocket Hosting specializes primarily in WordPress hosting & comes in 4 different pricing options with data centers in US. You can get started right for only $1.00 on your first month! I HIGHLY recommend getting started with today!

best wordpress hosting services 2022

  1. Their Starter plan is the cheapest hosting plan which runs $30.00 per month (only $25.00 if paid yearly) It allows you to create up to 1 websites with a bandwidth of 10 GB storage and supports 250,000 website visits.
  2. The Pro plan is their 2nd tier and it runs $60.00 per month (only $50.00 if paid yearly) and you can host up to 3 websites with a bandwidth of 20 GB and handles up to 1,000,000 website visitors.
  3. The Business plan from Rocket hosting runs $100 per month (only $83.00 if paid yearly). You can create up to 10 websites with this plan. It supports up to 2,500,000 website visitors with 40 GB disk space.
  4. The Agency plan is $200/month (166/month if paid annually). The plan will allow you to create up to 25 websites online supporting up to 5,000,000 website visitors with 50 GB of storage.

The costs of this managed WordPress hosting is higher than your typical shared hosts mentioned above, but also you are getting blazing fast speeds and performance with 99.99% uptime and HIGHER on servers. So you are paying essentially for TOP NOTCH performance with AMAZINGLY FAST customer support.  This is something you will not find with just any web hosting provider out there.

To help you save on their WordPress hosting there is a special link below that you MUST click below to get a huge discount.

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What features are included?

Here’s what you’ll get with this hosting.

  • 1-Click WordPress Installs
  • 99.99% Uptime
  • WAF/Malware Scanning and removal service
  • Unlimited SSL Certificates
  • FREE CDN [CDNs promote super fast page loads & delivery of content globally; they also support traffic spikes to avoid crashes and can protect against malicious attacks and DDOS attacks]
  • Extremely fast (average 30 seconds) customer service
  • Unlimited Website Migrations (Completed under 24 hrs!)
  • Excellent 24/7 customer support with 5-star rating on Trustpilot!

Is Rocket hosting customer support good?

Yes! Their 24/7 support staff is super duper fast as their average response time is less than a minute. So rest assured that if you have any issues or questions about your website that you can always reach someone to assist you.

What I love about them also is that if your website is infected with malware, Rocket hosting will remove it for you! No other web hosting provider does this for their clients. This in itself is true peace of mind. This is another HUGE reason why they are included in our list of best WordPress hosting services for 2022 review today.

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best wordpress hosting services for 2022

A2 Hosting is another cheap WordPress web hosting that is great if you’re on a tight budget.

How much does A2 Hosting WordPress hosting costs?

A2 Hosting offers you 4 plans for their WordPress web hosting environment which are mentioned below.

  1. Startup hosting plan is the cheapest shared hosting plan from A2 Hosting and it costs you only $2.99 per month and lets you create 1 website with SSD disk space, storage, and unlimited transfers.
  2. Drive hosting plan is the most recommended shared hosting plan from A2 Hosting which costs you only $4.99 per month where it supports unlimited storage, bandwidth and can create unlimited domains.
  3. Turbo Boost & Max hosting plan starts at $9.99 per month and it offers you features like unlimited storage, email address, bandwidth and domain names along with Free SSL certificate, 20x faster turbo speeds etc.

A2 Hosting is not only super fast with server performance, but also maintains an average of 99.9% uptime which means it’s super reliable. Also, I really like that A2 Hosting does what’s called hardening which adds an additional layer of security to your WordPress websites online to protect against hackers and malware.

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What features are included?

A2 Hosting offers the following features.

  • Free website setup and transfer
  • 24/7 Support
  • SSD Storage
  • Unlimited email accounts, unlimited databases
  • Free website builder with thousands of templates
  • cPanel access
  • Free SSL Certificate

Is A2 Hosting customer support good?

A2 Hosting customer support is really fast. But they provide 24/7 customer support assistance by phone, email, and live chat.

How to create a WordPress Website Using A2 Hosting?

I did an A2 Hosting Review that will show you how to create a website step-by-step. If you want, check out this video to see how. I thought that I would include so you could appreciate why I consider them on my lists of best web hosting for WordPress websites. Here you will learn how to install WordPress, themes, plugins and more.

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best wordpress hosting services for 2022


Bluehost is probably the best and cheapest web host for WordPress sites as it is also the official recommended web host from WordPress itself which is used by over 2 million people worldwide.

What does Bluehost WordPress hosting costs?

Bluehost offers you multiple hosting plans in their shared hosting environment which are included below.

best wordpress hosting services for 2022

  1. Basic plan is the cheapest and starter hosting plan from Bluehost and the pricing starts at $7.99/month, but you  can today for only $2.95 per month. You can create just one website.
  2. Plus hosting starts at $5.95 per month [normally $10.99]. It will allow you to create unlimited websites, unmetered website space and bandwidth. It is great for affiliate marketing, network marketing, etc.
  3. Choice Plus is the most popular WordPress hosting plan from Bluehost. It only costs $5.95 per month [normally $14.99]. It will let you create unlimited sites with additional features of domain privacy, spam experts, website backups and MORE! It is truly worth it if you get Choice Plus! [Bluehost Basic vs Plus comparison here]

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What features are included?

Here are the features offered by Bluehost.

  • Have the ability to create unlimited websites
  • Unlimited Subdomains & Parked Domains
  • Unlimited Email Accounts and Email Storage
  • $200 Worth Marketing Offers [Great to drive targeted web traffic fast to your new Bluehost website]
  • Get unmetered website space and bandwidth
  • Free SSL certificates [Great for e-commerce stores]
  • Free domain for your 1st year [$15 savings to you]
  • Domain Privacy Protection [privatizes your personal info on whoisdirectory such as name, address, email, phone number & more that appears on public domain]
  • Spam Experts

Is Bluehost customer support good?

Yes! Bluehost has 24/7 phone based customer support access and chat support that responds very fast.

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best wordpress hosting services for 2020

This is another officially recommended web host from WordPress. Just like A2 Hosting, SiteGround is just for you if you are searching for a WordPress hosting not owned by EIG.

What does Siteground WordPress hosting costs?

SiteGround offers 3 pricing options which are listed below.


  1. The StartUp hosting plan is the cheapest hosting plan which costs normally $14.99/month, but today you can get it for only $6.99 per month. You can create one website with 10 GB of website space. It is ideal for 10,000 monthly website visits and great for beginners.
  2. GrowBig is the 2nd tier shared hosting plan from SiteGround that is most popular. It normally runs $24.99/mth, but will only costs you $9.99 per month today. It is definitely worth the extra 2 bucks in my opinion! You can create unlimited websites with 20 GB website space and ideal for up to 25,000 monthly visits. I have created 12 other websites using this plan and I LOVE it!
  3. GoGeek costs you only $14.99 per month [normally $23.99/mth]. It gives you 40 GB space & is ideal to handle for up to 100,000 website visits per month. You also get Priority support and the fastest speeds on their server with Gogeek hosting plan.

With any of their WordPress hosting plans you can always scale up easily in your Siteground dashboard whenever you are ready. Siteground  makes it really easy for you.

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What features are included?

SiteGround offers you these features and benefits:

  • Free Site migrations [use Siteground Migrator WordPress plugin]
  • Free website setup
  • 24/7 Technical Support
  • Free daily backups and website scans
  • SSH Access
  • SSD Storage
  • Unlimited email accounts, unlimited databases
  • Free website builder
  • cPanel access
  • Free SSL certificates
  • Step-by-step guide to create your websites. [After Siteground installs WordPress on your domain for you, they help beginners install themes, plugins, and configure your new WordPress websites.
  • Secure

[NOTE: There is a nice A2 Hosting vs Siteground review that might knock your socks off!]

How good is SiteGround customer support?

SiteGround offers 24/7 excellent support assistance where you can get 24/7 live chat support.

Click Here Now to Start your WordPress Website on SiteGround with 60% OFF!


WordPress Hosting Services You Should Avoid..

There are many other WordPress hosting services that you may have come across or at least have heard about online. One such web host is WPEngine. I don’t personally recommend using their managed WordPress hosting services for a few reasons. For this purpose they are listed above as recommended in this review of the best WordPress hosting services for 2022.

Some time ago I did a review about how their prices of their plans have skyrocketed! When you look at reputable outlets such as Trustpilot.com you will notice that they have a 2.5 star rating. This is due to several complaints about their increased pricing and bad customer service by its current and past clients.

Also,when you see what other respected well known bloggers and SEO Experts state such as Matthew Woodard, who conducted tests on WPEngine, he doesn’t recommend using them either.

Also, if you are new to WordPress hosting and this is your 1st website website, I would highly recommend that you AVOID like a plague free web hosting. As a beginner you may be trying to save money, but don’t really realize that it actually costs you a lot when you don’t pay for having a secure self hosted website or blog.

With Free hosting, it’s actually dangerous and more prone to attacks being they don’t have any protection. I mean think about, why would a free web hosting worry about securing your website 24/7 for FREE? It’s also common that websites can be deleted at any moment without notice on free platforms especially when you publish specific content, exceed web traffic, bandwidth, web space, etc. Free web hosting provider have no obligation to you or your website.

That’s just my 3 cents that I have learned personally by experience. I simply recommend using one of the 4 above to create a self-hosted WordPress blog or website. This way you will maintain complete control of your website. Believe me, you will thank me later and be glad that you clicked on this learnanet.com site today.

Best WordPress Hosting Services for 2022 Conclusion

I know that you came here to my blog to learn about the best WordPress hosting websites to create and host your WordPress website or blog. Keep in mind that all of these providers mentioned above are great and also provide site migrations as well.

If you wish to get started with any of the web hosts mentioned above, simple follow the links above and it will take you to the official website to receive your discount.

I know that picking a web host is not an easy task being that there are so many options at your finger tip. I understand because I was in your shoes at one point. However, today I have done my best to bring to you the most reputable and best WordPress hosting providers to create your next site.

Tell me, after reading this review of the best WordPress hosting services for 2022, which of the 4 listed above do you personally think will be best for your personal web hosting needs? Have you had any experience with any of these mentioned on our lists today? If so, I want to hear what you think in the comments below please. Again, select your preferred choice above and get started today!


Bluehost WordPress Pro Review 2020: Good Managed WordPress Hosting or Not?


When it comes to finding WordPress hosting, Bluehost is definitely on our list. However, how is their new Bluehost WordPress Pro Managed Hosting? Read this Bluehost WordPress Pro Review first to see what I think about using them! If you don’t, you will regret it later!

Bluehost WordPress Pro Review


Disclaimer: This page has affiliate links. If used, learnanet may receive a modest referral. This doesn’t affect your purchase at all, rather gives you a discount on your Bluehost WP Pro hosting. This also lets me buy my favorite peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.

Millions of new entrepreneurs and small business owners just like YOU every month are looking for ways to get online. Being that WordPress doesn’t require any experience with html or coding it’s great for beginners online. However, according to some web hosting stats, there are literally THOUSANDS of web hosting services online. This might make it hard or somewhat of a challenge to find one that is really dependable, trustworthy with great customer support.

I have been using Bluehost for some time being they allow you create multiple websites. So I decided to write this Bluehost WordPress Pro review to show you what I think about them. Although there are many Bluehost reviews online, this one will give you the good bad and ugly that you MUST know BEFORE getting started.

What To Expect With This Bluehost WordPress Pro Hosting Review?

Today, we will talk briefly about the company, their WordPress hosting plans, uptime performance, customer support, and what makes Bluehost unique. Hopefully with this info you will know what to expect before starting to create your WordPress website today.

Bluehost WordPress Pro Hosting Review: The Company

Bluehost at www.bluehost.com has been around for 20+ years offering web hosting services online. In fact, there are not too many places that you will go online and not hear something about Bluehost online.

They are personally recognized for their high WordPress performance by WordPress.org. Also, they have pretty great 24/7 customer support that is very helpful for creating websites online.


Bluehost WordPress Pro Review

Which Bluehost WP Pro WordPress Hosting Plan Is Best For You?

I must tell you that this is one decision that YOU and only YOU can make today. If you are a beginner online with Bluehost I think that you should get started with the plan that fits your budget. The Build plan would be great. Then of course later you can easily scale up when you are ready and have a need for more resources.

I have had a Bluehost account for a couple of years and really love using them. The Build hosting plan normally goes for $29.99/month, but today you can get it for only $19.99/month. This is the best hosting plan for newbies online.

Some Additional Features:

  • Get a FREE domain name
  • Can add multiple domains and create unlimited websites with unlimited domains
  • Get unlimited web storage
  • WP Auto Updates
  • Spam Protection
  • Get verified on Google My Business
  • Instant Installation of WordPress
  • SSD Disk Space
  • FREE CDN for fast page loads and speeds
  • Use a Staging Environment to test your website BEFORE publishing it live
  • Website Builders
  • Reliable Fast Hosting
  • cPanel
  • $200 in marketing credits [Google & Bing Ads]
  • Easy to Use for Beginners & Advanced
  • Domain Privacy Protection 

Note: You can use the $200 in marketing credits for Google & Bing Ads. They are great for beginners to use to setup campaigns to drive targeted web traffic to websites. You can do the same to promote your business website or brand online.

How Is Bluehost WP Pro Security?

This is a very important area of your website that you should know about. Why? If you have a web hosting with great 24/7 security, then it will protect your websites from malware, DDos attacks, data breaches, and other cyber intrusions. This is something that you should expect with Managed WordPress hosting providers and Bluehost WP Pro does an awesome job in this area.

You should also know that Google’s blog mentioned in 2018 talked about how important it is to have SSL certificates for websites. Why should you have them?

One, they are really especially if you want to create websites that accept debit/credit card or sell products. Second, Google will not flag your website as unsecure. Also they will help to increase SEO rankings which in turn will boost your page views.

The great thing that I love about Bluehost WP Pro is that they already have you covered in this area. You will get FREE SSL certificates with your WordPress websites online. So if you want to create eCommerce stores or websites that sell products online, then will again reassure your clients that their credit card info is secure and info encrypted.

Bluehost Refund Policy

When you look online you will notice that most web hosting services offer a 30 day money back guarantee. This is quite standard in the industry and what you can expect. In fact, some of the best WordPress hosting like WPX Hosting, Kinsta, GreenGeeks, Flywheel, Javapipe, and Siteground, and A2 Hosting all offer 30 day money back guarantees to clients.

Bluehost offers a 30 day refund policy on their WP Pro WordPress hosting. 

However, just to be fair and transparent in this Bluehost WP Pro Review some of Bluehost competitors have longer money back guarantees policies. 

For example, Hostgator offers clients a 45 day money back guarantee.

Some other WordPress hosting providers like Pressidium and Hostwinds offer a 60 day money back guarantee. 

Inmotion hosting gives you a 90 day while Dreamhost offers a 97 day money back guarantee. 

However, one host that beats them all in this area is Mochahost who knocks them out with a 180 day refund policy!  

Why do I share all of these Bluehost competitors with you in this Bluehost WordPress Pro Review today? The reason is simple. I LOVE using Bluehost, but I also want to be honest and give you the good, bad and ugly. This will help you to see where Bluehost excels or falls short in some areas.  But overall, I know that Bluehost is an awesome web hosting for newbies online and definitely worth getting started with them today. 

Something to Know About Bluehost

If you currently host with another provider and want to migrate it, you should know that Bluehost has FREE and PAID Site Migrations [$149 USD]

This is the only thing that I don’t like about Bluehost in general. However, this in itself is NOT a game change being there are web hosting providers that don’t offer it either such as Hostinger and Dreamhost referenced above. FREE or not, site migrations are easy and can be done manually by yourself with great WordPress plugins to move your data, files, etc.

Again, I mention this point today in the event you currently host with another web hosting provider that you hate and want to leave. 

How is Bluehost Uptime Performance?

When it comes to reliability, uptime performance can make or break your business online. Thankfully Bluehost has great server performance and maintains an average of 99.98% or better which is great. 

Why should you be concerned about your uptime performance? When potential clients Google using terms that you are competing for, if your website is DOWN or unavailable when they click it likely they will abandon your website. This means that you just lost a customer or potential sale and they will go to your competition.

Bluehost WordPress Pro Review

Bluehost WordPress Pro Review

When you really consider what I am saying, then you will recognize why uptime is important.

However consider this also. Today you searched online for a good Bluehost WordPress Pro Review wanting to know more about Bluehost WP Pro hosting. Thankfully you made it to my site and are reading this review. The mere fact that you made it here and are still here is proof that uptime performance is important. If this website was under maintenance, offline or simply unavailable, you would have left and gone to then next Google search engine result, right? Of course! But obviously that didn’t happen and you here reading this Bluehost WP Pro Review.

Let me tell you something that you may or may not know about web hosting and how it affects your SEO rankings. This is something simple that I learned some time back that I am glad I understand. It’s a little small secret, so don’t tell anybody. It’s between me and you and these cyber walls.

When an awesome person like YOU clicks on X website and then decides to leave quickly, this sends a quick signal to my good ole friend Google that X website is not so hot. It basically tells our friend Google that your website is not the right fit for a specific keyword or keyword phrase searched.

How does this affect your website? Your website will lower in the search engines which in turns plummets your page views and essentially potential sales.

Why do I share this with you in my Bluehost WordPress Pro Review? Because when you have an awesome web hosting provider with super duper reliable uptime performance like Bluehost, then you are ahead of the game.

This is why I recommend signing up here with Bluehost not only because it’s recommended by WordPress.org, but also due to their uptime performance. Your uptime performance DOES matter and really makes or breaks your brand online.

Bluehost WordPress Pro Review

Should You Use Bluehost WP Pro To Create a Blog, Website, or eCommerce Store?

Absolutely! However, let me tell you outright that the purpose of this Bluehost WP Pro Managed WordPress Hosting Review is not to tell you what to do. What I am saying is that I am not here to CONVINCE you about how awesome Bluehost WP Pro is. You are an adult and can decide for yourself. I, along with MILLIONS of other entrepreneurs, bloggers, and small business owners are recognize how good their are for creating websites online.

To convince yourself of this, it would great if you just get started right now creating your website. They have a 30 day money back guarantee so you have NOTHING to lose!

Bluehost web hosting has been around for 20+ years and has very knowledgeable 24/7 customer support that is FAST!

There are not too many other web hosting providers online that have higher uptime performance. The only exception is Liquid Web which pushes 100% uptime guarantees.

You can get 33% OFF Liquid Web today by clicking here www.liquidweb.com!

Also, I love that Bluehost has domain privacy protection which will protect your domain and personal info such as name, phone number, email, physical address from hackers and spammers that access the whois directory.

If you don’t know what the whois directory is, it is basically like the whitepages for websites. Having this protection prevents unsolicited sales phones calls or spam related emails.

Web hosting providers like Godaddy charge for this protection, but you can get it with Bluehost. Bluehost is a better Godaddy alternative to use for creating websites. Bluehost gives you a FREE domain whereas Godaddy does not. Enough about Godaddy.

Get started right now with Bluehost here at www.bluehost.com!

Bluehost WordPress Pro Review 2020 Conclusion

Bluehost WP Pro is an awesome web hosting platform that is really affordable to use for creating your WordPress websites online today. Bluehost has 24/7 phone, email and chat support in the even you have any questions or need help along the way. They also have really great security to protect your websites online and all of off the tools to start building today.

Bluehost is currently providing web hosting to over 2,000,000 people. The question is…will you get started today?

After reading this Bluehost WordPress Pro Review, what do you think? Which of the Bluehost WP Pro Managed WordPress  hosting plans will be best for you? Will you get started today with the Build, Grow or Scale plan?  Let me below in the comments area.







Flywheel WordPress Hosting Review 2022: Best Web Hosting for Agencies?

Is Flywheel the best web hosting for agencies to create websites online? If you searched for a Flywheel WordPress hosting review and made it to this website, then it means that you are curious about using Flywheel managed WordPress hosting for designers and agencies. Read this review FIRST before spending your hard earned money! If you don’t, you might SMACK yourself later!

Millions of small business owners just like YOU are wondering is Flywheel any good or just a lot of hype. I have searched for quite some time to find reliable managed WordPress hosting that delivers all of the essential feature and benefits. Finally I found it and this Flywheel WordPress hosting review for 2022 will share with you what I discovered.

When you get started today, you will get 3 Months OFF your Flywheel hosting!

Before you signup with Flywheel, keep reading this review below to find out the good, bad and ugly that you must know first. By doing so, you will save both your time and money. Also, you will see personally why this is the best web hosting for agencies and designers.

What to Expect In This Flywheel WordPress Hosting Review

I wanted to mention out the gate that I became a new member of Flywheel recently to try out their services. Although Flywheel is not the most popular brand name out, I chose them due to their great customer support and reputation online.

Also, I noticed how affordable their managed WordPress hosting is in comparison to others. This may be part of the reason why you are curious about them and wanted to checkout this Flywheel WordPress hosting review.

Flywheel as I learned is known primarily for their great web hosting for agencies, designers and developers.

The Pricing of Flywheel Managed WordPress Hosting:

There are 3 Flywheel managed WordPress hosting plans that work great for agencies to create websites online: Starter, Freelance & Agency hosting plans.

The package you select will depend on your agency’s needs. Hopefully with this Flywheel WordPress hosting review, you will know exactly what is best for you today. I personally LOVE Flywheel’s performance and commend them for their hard work.

If you need to create just 1 website for your agency, then the Starter plan should be ideal for your needs. However, if you need to add multiple domains and create several websites, then perhaps their Freelance or Agency plans may be best for your needs.

flywheel wordpress hosting review



flywheel wordpress hosting review

The Starter hosting plan is great for beginner agencies, developers and designers to create 1 website. It handles up to 25,000 monthly visitors & comes with 50 GB of Flywheel bandwidth and 5 GB of storage. It starts at only $25/month.

The Freelance is for larger websites that will have up to 100,000 monthly visitors. It runs only $115/month and will allow you to create up to 10 websites online with 20 GB of storage & 200 GB bandwidth for your business. I think that this package is great if you are a freelancer who wants to manage a handful of clients.

The Agency hosting plan is for growing freelancers, developers, and agencies for only $290/month. You get 50 GB of storage & 500 GB of Flywheel bandwidth. It handles up to 500,000 monthly visitors and let’s you create 30 websites online.

Now that you have an overview of what Flywheel offers, not it’s time to put your website online. This video will show how to create a WordPress website in about 15 minutes using your Flywheel hosting plan.

Customer Support: How is It?

The good thing about Flywheel is that they have great 24/7 customer service via phone, chat and email.

I find that the Flywheel reps are very knowledgeable and helpful with solving problems and answering questions. This is very important to look for with ANY web hosting provider. You never know when you may have questions or need additional help.

I don’t consider myself as a expert with Flywheel as I am with other hosts. But that is the case with any platform that is new to you. But it’s good to know that I can chat anytime I need with a representative to answer questions.

Flywheel Hosting Money Back Guarantee

Flywheel offers a 3 day money back guarantee on 1 month of service and a 30 day refund on annual hosting plans. This is quite standard in the web hosting industry when considering some competitors such as Siteground, Scalahosting, Javapipe, GreenGeeks, and A2 Hosting just to name a few.

However, to be fair and honest there are many web hosting services that have longer refund policies.

For example, both Pressidium and Hostwinds offer a 60 day money back guarantee to their clients.

Dreamhost starting at only $2.59/month offers a 97 day money back guarantee.

However, Mochahost at $1.59/month blows them all out of the ballpark with a 180 day money back guarantee!

Why do I share this with you in this Flywheel review? Although I LOVE Flywheel managed WordPress hosting for designers and agencies, I wanted you to know the good and bad.

Also, this review is honest and unbiased and helps you to make a solid decision about what is best for your needs. Let me know what you think about this below.

Uptime On Flywheel Servers

Their uptime is really awesome for being a managed WordPress hosting provider. They maintain a 99.99% average which works out to be roughly 4.38 minutes. But sometimes 100% as seen below.


Strong uptime performance is extremely important to have with any website because you always know that your website is online and visible to people searching for your products and services.

If your website is down when people search for you online, then they will go somewhere else. And on top of that you will be losing money.

However, if your website is up and running when visitors find you in the search engines, then you will be making money. It’s just that simple.

Today, you searched looking for a good Flywheel review wanting to know more information about their web hosting before getting started today. Thankfully you made it to my blog and are getting the info you were researching to make a solid decision. This means that my website has great uptime and that is exactly what you want for your Flywheel website.

The Truth…

The truth that most people (marketers) won’t tell you online is that ALL web hosting providers have a small percentage of “downtime“. And this includes Flywheel hosting. But overall, they do an AWESOME job in this area maintaining websites on their servers. I think that they are very dependable for agencies and designers.



Best Flywheel Alternatives?

To be honest, although they are the best web hosting for agencies, there are many Flywheel alternatives and competitors that also offer rock solid server performance and pricing.

flywheel wordpress hosting review


For example, Rocket Hosting is a managed WordPress hosting has super fast page loads and amazing customer support. With WordPress hosting starting at only $30/month to create 1 websites with them.

You can get started for only $1 Your First Month if you click this special link here!


flywheel wordpress hosting review

If you want even faster servers and page loads, then Kinsta Hosting maybe a great alternative to Flywheel. To create 1 website it costs $30/month.

I have access to a good discount that will also give you 2 Months FREE if you click this special link here!

flywheel wordpress hosting review

A2 Hosting is another Flywheel alternative that has managed WordPress hosting for only $2.99/month. They are known primarily for their Turbo server speeds and performance. On costs they give Flywheel a run for the money and are great alternative to consider.

To get 66% OFF A2 Hosting, click this special link here!

flywheel wordpress hosting review

Liquid Web is another awesome alternative to Flywheel that provides cloud managed WordPress hosting. They have been in business since 1997 and have a 100% uptime guarantee which is higher than Flywheel hosting. There are no overage fees nor metered page views which is a HUGE benefit for higher volumes of web traffic. Liquid Web managed WordPress hosting plans starts at only at $19/month.

Liquid specializes in Nginx hosting which handles tens of thousands and even MILLIONS of visitors per day.

Some companies that use Nginx are Airbnb, Target, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Zappos, VISA, Wikipedia just to name a few brands.

To get a 14-day FREE Trial on Liquid Web, click this special link here!

Highlights of Using Flywheel

  • Easy to Use
  • Free SSL Certificates & Content Delivery Network
  • Fast Page Loads on Servers
  • Great WordPress Security
  • Uses Google Cloud Platform
  • Free Malware Removal
  • 30 Day Automatic Backups of Website
  • SSH Access
  • BluePrints
  • Great web hosting for agencies, designers, developers & resellers
  • 1-Click Staging Environments
  • Free Site Migrations
  • DDos Attack Protection
  • FlyCache
  • Local by Flywheel [lets you manage all of your client’s WordPress websites]

Flywheel WordPress Hosting Review Conclusion

I know that you searched hard online for an honest Flywheel WordPress hosting review and that’s why you clicked thru to my blog.

Maybe you need to create 1 website, 2 or multiple websites for your agency or company. Whatever the case you are here to see if they are the best web hosting for agencies and designers. That’s why I wrote this brief review for you. I wanted to put together some straight forward info that help you to learn more about signing up with Flywheel.

Are you using shared web hosting and want to upgrade to a faster or more reliable web hosting today? If so, then you can migrate from your current web hosting provider NOW. Flywheel hosting offers FREE site migrations which takes the headache out of moving websites to new servers.

As a blogger and small business owner myself, I understand how important every decision is for your business. Good decisions can really make your business just like bad web hosting can make you lose money in your business. So choosing the right web hosting provider for your agency is an important task that should be taken seriously. Why?

It doesn’t matter if this will be your FIRST website online or you are simply creating a new one. Web hosting will be the absolute MOST important decision that you will EVER make for your agency or company.

Also, I think that it’s a given to have awesome 24/7 customer support to answer all of your questions when you need help. Thankfully I can say that Flywheel has you 100% covered in this area. I LOVE Flywheel and I know that you will too when you get started today!

I want to thank you so much for reading this Flywheel WordPress hosting review. Now that you have what you need to get started, now it’s the time to take action to create your website for your agency online today.

Get started right now creating your website by clicking below. I hope that your business has lots of success online this year and beyond!




Hostinger WordPress Hosting Review 2022: Is Hostinger Good for WordPress? Yes, But Why?

If you are reading this Hostinger WordPress hosting review, you probably want to know if it’s the best web hosting for beginners or not? Is Hostinger good for WordPress or not? There are thousands of web hosting services out there that can be used to create WordPress blogs or websites. Why should you use Hostinger? Is it really reliable? Keep reading this review of Hostinger WordPress hosting to discover why I think they are the best web hosting for beginners! If you don’t then you will SMACK yourself later!

What To Expect In This Hostinger WordPress Hosting Review

Today I will talk to you guys about the company, their customer support, pricing and what I really think about their web hosting overall. You will basically the good, bad and ugly that I have experienced with them.

Disclaimer: This page contains affiliate links. If used and a purchase is made, learnanet may receive a referral commission. This doesn’t affect your Hostinger pricing at all, rather gives you the best discount on Hostinger WordPress hosting today. It also lets me eat my favorite peanut butter and jelly sandwiches:)

Who Owns Hostinger?

I wanted to start off this review by stating that Hostinger International LTD is NOT owned by Endurance International Group or EIG as commonly known. It seems like many of the cheap web hosting providers out there that you will come across online are own them, but that’s not the case with Hostinger.

Hostinger is actually an European based web hosting provider who has been in business since 2004. They have over 29 MILLION users across 178 countries around the world with an average of 15,000 new users signup each and everyday. Will you be next to create your website or blog with Hostinger today?

You will be happy to know that this simple blog that you are reading this Hostinger WordPress hosting review was created using Hostinger.

They are also the creators of companies like Hosting24 and 000webhost. Something amazing is that they have maintained rock solid reputation online of not only being a super cheap web hosting provider, but also reliable.

In addition to their awesome WordPress hosting platform, you will be pleased to know that they also offer:

  • Shared web hosting
  • VPS hosting [Dedicated, Windows & Minecraft]
  • Cloud hosting
  • Email Hosting

When it comes to buying WordPress hosting, what should you look for in a web host? As a blogger, I love to focus in on the real costs of web hosting, uptime and customer support. These are 3 of many things that you should be concerned about to make a good decision about buying web hosting.

Today in this Hostinger WordPress hosting review, I show you what it costs to get started with Hostinger, how reliable is their uptime and also my experience dealing with their customer support.

Watch this Hostinger video below so that you can watch learn more about how to create WordPress blog using Elementor.

To get started right NOW with up to 90% OFF  Hostinger web hosting, click this special link here!

Hostinger WordPress Review: Hostinger Pricing

As you see in the video above guys, there are 3 Hostinger hosting plans that are great for creating WordPress websites.

Single starts at only $0.99/month USD. This plan in my opinion is the absolute BEST one for beginners to use for creating WordPress websites. Why? It’s cheap as you see and great for tight budgets. You can create 1 website online with 10 GB of SSD disk space and also has access to some limited resources. It’s doesn’t promise you the world, but it’s exactly what you beginners need to get started online quick.

Don’t worry if your web traffic grows. This is expected with ANY website that publishes awesome content online and you can easily scale up as needed. I started with the Single hosting plan in the beginning, but as this learnanet.com blog continued to grow, I decided to upgrade as my business needs changed. I am glad that I did!

Premium starts at only $2.59/month and allows you to addon domains to create multiple websites online. It comes with 20 GB of SSD diskspace and unlimited bandwidth.

The Business plan is only $4.09/month USD and also allows you to create multiple websites online with your cPanel. Some of the bigger advantages of having this is that it has way faster server speeds, page loads and gives you FREE daily backups. You also get FREE SSL certificates for your WordPress websites which is really great especially if you would like to create an eCommerce store to sell products. This is the plan that I currently use for learnanet.com.

NOTE: In my opinion, I think that if you are doing affiliate marketing, network marketing or developer, go with either the Premium or Business plans. These will give you the best value for your buck. Prices may change. Click the banner to get the discount available on Hostinger Right NOW! It’s Risk-Free!

What You Should Know About Hostinger Web Hosting

Although Hostinger is the absolute cheapest web hosting provider that you will find online for WordPress, there is something that you should know about them BEFORE getting started. There customer support is super fast with responding in chat sessions and tickets.

There is only one thing that you should know regarding Hostinger. There is no phonebased support.

I have been using Hostinger web hosting for several years and NEVER had any problems contacting their customer support. They are all very nice, professional and knowledgeable. I think on average they usually resolve issues pretty fast [under 2 minutes] considering they have over 29 MILLION users on their platform. That’s pretty impressive and that’s why I recommend them to you to create WordPress websites and blogs. This is why I think they would be the best web hosting for beginners.

Dreamhost at www.dreamhost.com is another WordPress hosting provider that also offers ONLY chat support for its 400,000+ clients. But again it’s NOT a game changer to just have email or chat support. It’s really all about having good speedy customer support and that is exactly what you will receive when you get started.

As mentioned in the video above Hostinger web hosting has a 5star rating on Trustpilot. Although there are many competitors for WordPress, they have a rock solid reputation and are the most affordable web hosting provider that you will find online. However, let’s take this Hostinger review to next level & share with you some of their competition.

Hostinger WordPress Hosting Review: Any Competitors?

How is the competition? Can anyone really compare with Hostinger when it comes to pricing? No in my opinion, but there are a couple that come pretty close that I will share with you guys in this review briefly. Again, I do this so that you will get the big picture and see not only what Hostinger WordPress offers, but also their competitors.


hostinger wordpress hosting review

Bluehost has 3 plans that can be used to create WordPress websites. It is recommended by WordPress.org and is cheapest alternatives to Hostinger  with a their Basic plan starting at $2.95/month.

Their Plus Hosting allows unlimited web hosting for WordPress. Their Choice Plus in particular gives you additional FREE features like Bluehost Domain Privacy Protection, automatic backups, spam guard and more.

To try out Bluehost web hosting right now, click here: www.bluehost.com


hostinger wordpress hosting review

A2 Hosting is another one of Hostinger’s competitors who lets you create WordPress websites.

Starter plan is only $2.99/month and allows you to create 1 website with 100 GB SSD storage and is. awesome for beginners wanting to start a blog.

Drive Plan [previously called Swift hosting] is only $4.99/month allows you to host unlimited websites with unlimited databases, transfer, and storage.

The Turbo Boost & Turbo Max which start at $9.99/month also allows users to create unlimited websites, but difference is that there are 20x faster page loads and performance. The great thing that I love about creating websites with A2 Hosting is that they have unlimited bandwidth with cpanel with tons of great resources for website building.

When it comes to customer support, they do have 24/7 phone, email and chat support which is better and was faster than Hostinger in my opinion.

hostinger review

If you want, you can watch a brief tutorial that helps beginners learn how to make a WordPress website using A2 Hosting.

To try A2 Hosting right now, click here: www.a2hosting.com


Siteground is another web hosting recommended by WordPress.org for great performance. They have 3 plans that are also great for WordPress hosting:

Startup is only $6.99/month 1 website, 10 GB space, handles up to 10,000 monthly website visitors

Growbig is is $9.99/month and I have used this plan to create 12 websites online. It allows you to create multiple websites with 20 GB of web space and supports up to 25,000 monthly visitors.

Gogeek is $14.95/month and also allows you to create multiple websites online. The difference is that it gives you 40 GB of web space supporting up to 100,000 website visitors. The speeds are the fastest and this comes with priority support and other exclusive perks.


hostinger wordpress hosting review

Siteground is great on security also and does 24/7 scans on your websites to block malware, DDos attacks and hackers.

Something that you will be happy to know is that Siteground also has great 24/7 customer support with excellent Siteground reviews.

hostinger wordpress hosting review

To try Siteground right now, click here: www.siteground.com

Hostinger Money Back Guarantee

You will happy to know that Hostinger gives a 30 day money back guarantee of its hosting. When you look around you will notice that this refund policy is right in line with the industry standard.

For example, some of the best WordPress hosting providers offer the same refund policy such as GreenGeeks, Kinsta, Liquid Web, Rocket Hosting and even Namecheap EasyWP offers 30 days.

However, some like WordPress hosting providers extend a little longer than Hostinger.

For example, some premium WordPress providers like Hostwinds & Pressidium give clients a full 60 days while Dreamhost gives 97 days and Mochahost 180 days!

Why do I share these with you in this Hostinger WordPress hosting review? I know that you are looking for the best web hosting to create your website & the reason I wrote this review is show how to save the most online. Also, you should know that all of my reviews are 100% honest. I always strive to give my viewers the good, the bad and the ugly that way you can consider the big picture.

Hostinger is great and offers a solid 30 day money back guarantee, but just in case you were curious about some of their more expensive competitors, you can see that they outweigh them in this area.

Is Hostinger Good for WordPress?

Yes they are and I HIGHLY recommend using them to create WordPress websites for beginners online on super tight budgets.

Let’s look at some areas that make Hostinger good for WordPress websites. I have created several blogs and websites online and I absolutely LOVE them!

FREE Domain Registration

So the very first step to creating a website is buying a domain. As for Hostinger domains, they are FREE if you have either the Premium or Business hosting packages. You also have to purchase at least 12 months of hosting to get your domain for free. This is not a bad idea because ALL web hosting services that offer it for FREE require the same thing.

The reason for this is because when you register your brand online with a domain registrar, it’s registered for the entire year.

Most .com domains for example costs about $15 – $20/year. So with this mind, if Hostinger web hosting or ANY provider out there gave you a FREE domain for less than 12 months, it would be a loss to the web host. So if you purchase your domain at Hostinger or ANY web hosting provider and then decide to cancel your hosting, you can still keep your domain and migrate it to another provider’s nameservers. However, you would get a refund of your web hosting charged LESS the costs of your domain being you will keep it. However, if you buy at least 12 months of web hosting, you get the domain for FREE.

The awesome thing about Hostinger web hosting is that you can pay month to month, yearly or even buy several years upfront. You decide which payment plan will be best for you.

NOTE: As a beginner, it is HIGHLY recommended to buy more web hosting in general with ANY web hosting service to save the MOST money in the long run. You can month to month, but I think you should buy 24 or 36 months of hosting. But again, you can decide this at checkout.


I think that in the time that I have been hosting with Hostinger I have never had any issues with their platform. I mention this because it is a common fact that websites get hacked everyday. I think that Hostinger does a great job to protect its client’s websites from breaches and the like.

Recently on their blog they published an article about a security incident that occurred. They responded very swiftly by resetting all client’s passwords. This kept all client and Hostinger financial data safe. I love and respect this because it shows that Hostinger cares about security & works hard to keep their platform safe.

Google of course made an announcement about having SSL certificates on websites. I mentioned earlier about SSL certificates and how Hostinger providers for FREE. Although not required on every website, they are particularly great for eCommerce websites that sell products. and collect debit/credit card information.

When you get started today with your Hostinger WordPress hosting, you can have your website files and content backed up. This is something Hostinger has in place, but there also WordPress plugins that will do this that can accessed in your Hostinger dashboard.

More Ways Hostinger Protects You..

Also I have domain privacy from Hostinger on all of my domains. This is a feature that you can buy from other web hosts, but I have it for FREE with them. Domain privacy protects your personal information from being exposed on the public domain.

The whois directory is like the whitepages for websites online displays your complete name, physical address, email, phone and more. If you Do Not have domain privacy you will get tons of unsolicited sales calls and spam-related emails. Thankfully since day 1 of registering this learnanet.com domain I have it on it from Hostinger. This is a great security feature that you can get with your Hostinger WordPress hosting today.


How fast are my Hostinger WordPress websites? This very website learnanet.com loads at about .064 milliseconds! This is super fast considering considering websites like machmetrics.com, averaged website page loads & speeds should be under 3 seconds. Users that have to wait longer than that for a page to load tend to bounce off of a page quickly and go to their competitors. If this happens it means that you will lose money online.

Why do I mention these stats in this Hostinger WordPress hosting review? For the obvious, you are still reading this review for a good reason.

One, you are interested in saving money on web hosting and considering Hostinger. Second, you are because my page ranks high in the search engines and also loads under 3 seconds. This is one factor that Google uses for ranking websites. Google mentioned on their very blog why site speed in web search ranking is so important. This is why I continue to use Hostinger WordPress hosting to this very day because it is so fast and really delivers!


This website learnanet get THOUSANDS of visitors every month from all over the world searching for great web hosting just like YOU. The way all of this web traffic is processed is due to a Content Delivery Network. Having a CDN has many benefits.

Now if you are beginner online, you just need to know that a CDN helps to promote fast page loads giving a better user experience. Page speeds are important because in turn they will help to improve your SEO rankings of your website.

A CDN also helps to prevent your website from crashing especially when it gets spike of web traffic online. It distributes your website content faster so that your visitors can access your website no matter their location. This is important as you create and publish more content on your website, it will naturally grow in web traffic. This is expected with any website online.

Hostinger has 7 data centers globally in Indonesia, Lithuania, Brazil, United States, Singapore, United Kingdom, and The Netherlands. This makes it great to host your website from any of these locations to server your visitors and customers accessing your website online.

When you get started today with Hostinger today, you will have a CDN included in your web hosting plan. I HIGHLY recommend getting started your WordPress website started now.

How is Hostinger Uptime Performance?

So another thing that I wanted to talk about in this Hostinger WordPress hosting review is their uptime performance.

Uptime is extremely important because it can make or break your business online. When your website is up and available, then you are making money online. However, if your website is experiencing downtime, then this means that you are LOSING money in your business.

Thankfully the websites that I created online using Hostinger have maintain rock solid uptime performance.

Think about why uptime is super important for your business. Think for a moment in how you made it to this blog. You wanted to create a website today and needed more info about Hostinger web hosting BEFORE getting started right?

So what did you do? You searched to find a great Hostinger WordPress Review online and you made it here being this blog was in Google’s top 10 results. But ask yourself why is this blog in the top results of Google and search engines? It’s not rocket science. It is true that SEO is extremely important. But in addition to SEO factors, it also ranks higher in search results due to Hostinger’s high uptime performance.

You see when your website has downtime, this means that your visitors have a bad experience and you are LOSING money online. It also sends a signal to Google that your website is not good for a specific keyword if a user bounces off your website.

However, if your website has great speed performance such as this Hostinger WordPress website, then it means that it makes money and users are having a good experience. The truth is that if your web hosting provider is not reliable, then your potential customers will just go to your competition in the search results. Thankfully you don’t have to worry about uptime with Hostinger being they are super reliable. You can thank me later for giving you these FREE tips.

Hostinger WordPress Hosting Review Conclusion

As you guys can clearly see in this review of Hostinger web hosting, they are a super reliable provider for WordPress. Although I have used other providers to build websites online for both personal and clients, Hostinger in my opinion is the cheapest web hosting with the best consistent deals for beginners.

Yes, there are many competitors that offer packages for WordPress hosting. But I sincerely believe that if you want to start a blog or create a website for your business and on tight budget, then Hostinger is great provider to use! They have great uptime, 24/7/365 customer support and solid performance on their servers. I invite you to get started with them right now to get your business off to a great start!

In this Hostinger WordPress Hosting Review, I have given you everything that you need to know before getting started online. I have given you the good and the bad to help you to have the complete picture of what to expect with Hostinger going forward. If you have any questions or comments, you can drop them below for to read.

I have one job for you to do before you get started today with Hostinger below. Tell me what type of business you want to create with Hostinger today? Also, if you are currently hosting a website with another provider mentioned above, Let us know how it’s been for you in the comments area?

I hope you guys much success with your business online and hope that you found this review very helpful to make a decision today. If so, be sure to share it with others and also to link to it as well. Have an awesome day!

Get started by clicking the Hostinger banner below!