CleanTalk Anti Spam Review 2020: The Best Free Anti Spam WordPress Plugin or Not? Read This First!

An Honest CleanTalk Anti Spam Review For Bloggers..

Are you thinking about using CleanTalk Anti Spam, but wondering if it’s really the best free anti spam WordPress plugin for your blog?

If so, then I think that you should read this CleanTalk Anti Spam Review first to see why I highly recommend you install it today!

 cleantalk anti spam review

What To Expect In This CleanTalk Review?

When you start a WordPress blog, you will receive tons of spam related comments to moderate. In this review guys I want to talk primarily about what is CleanTalk, how I came across this free anti spam blocker, and finally why you need absolutely it to protect your website.

Over the years, I have been able to create several websites online using different web hosting services. There are some that I prefer over others such as Siteground, A2 Hosting, Scala Hosting, and WPX Hosting. This is due largely to their speed, uptime & customer support.

However, something that you will notice when you create a website with ANY web hosting provider is that you will encounter spam comments in your blogging career. To fix this problem, versus eating SPAM, you need to install a great anti spam WordPress plugin!

Whether this is your very 1st website online or you have several like me, then you understand exactly why you are here reading this CleanTalk review –ย SPAM!

We all hate it and know how irritating it is to have inboxes flooded with it everyday:(

What Is Spam?

cleantalk review

You know what I talking about. And no, I am NOT talking about the SPAM you buy in your grocery store ๐Ÿ™‚

You write a blog post or article on your website and there it comes. Crazy comments from either robots and spammers that have absolutely NOTHING to do with our content! Has this been your case? I imagine so if you are here today. Let me know your thoughts below.

How can you stop or block spam comments on your blog(s) using WordPress? The best way to do this is to start by installing the best anti spam WordPress plugin – CleanTalk!

This spam blocker has blocked over 10,000 spam since installing it on this very learnanet blog! That’s a lot ofย  spam! The result? In short, it has saved me not only a lot of time moderating comments, but also frustration. It will do the same for you ๐Ÿ™‚

As a beginner online, you should know and understand clearly what is spam and how it affects your blog’s performance. Spam comments are generated sometimes robots or even humans. Most spam have malicious links that contain malware. Hackers may use these links to cause damage to your computer or even take it over. Also, these links if clicked may take you to websites that are questionable???

cleantalk anti spam review

Again, spam related comments are ALWAYS off topic and non coherent. They NEVER have anything to do with the article or posts in question. Sometimes the comments may appear to contribute to your blog’s conversation, however will bring down your site. That’s why you need to get a spam blocker!

A WordPress Anti Spam Plugin I Used In The Past…

AS I mentioned before there are tons of WP plugins that can be installed. Some are okay, while others are better. My very first anti spam WordPress plugin I used on my blog was WP SpamShield.ย  I must admit that WP Spamshield was great! When I install that bad boy it blocked everything! I never got any spam related comments at all which was awesome! But as the song goes…all good things must come to an end. WP SpamShield was removed from

Mixed reviews were shared online about why, but at the end of the day, I had to make a decision as a blogger. Find another reliable anti spam plugin that I could depend on to protect my websites. That’s when I came across CleanTalk!!

Checkout the official CleanTalk website here:

This new plugin has saved me tons of hours (over 50 hrs) in moderating comments by blocking tons of spam! I am totally glad I found this cool plugin for WordPress websites! You should get now to start protecting your websites!

How To Get The Best Free Anti Spam WordPress Plugin?

In these graph above you will see your cpanel for your WordPress website. Once you login, it’s pretty easy from this point. You will notice that when you search for spam blockers that there are tons of anti spam WordPress plugins them available for install.

click on “Plugins“, then on “Add New” tab. On the text screen, you will type in the words “CleanTalk“. It will be the first plugin that pops up. You will next click Install, then Activate to start using the CleanTalk.

cleantalk anti spam review


Just as with any WP plugin it is really easy to install and only takes like 5 seconds to do. Or 10 seconds for some, lol. But you get the picture.

CleanTalk Anti Spam Review Conclusion

When it comes to creating websites and blogs online, I don’t typically install too many plugins. Some people that you need to have a lot of plugins installed to get better performance. This is a lie. The truth in this CleanTalk anti spam review is that I have learned over the years is that the more plugins installed, the slower a website’s performance.

Also, it is possible that some WordPress plugins may not even be compatible with others which could in some cases cause a website to crash:{

The lessons? More is not better. You don’t need more than 1 spam blocker installed. Just get 1 good reliable that works.

What I’m getting at is that you only need to worry about installing plugins that will directly affect & improve your website today.

Spam is something that ALL website owners including you will have to battle, why not do it with the best free anti spam WordPress plugin – CleanTalk!

For more details on how CleanTalk works, checkout their official website here:

Now let’s hear from you below..Will you install CleanTalk today for your website? Also, what anti spam do you currently use on your website? What results have you experienced with the security of your website? Your thoughts below guys..